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January 2, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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January 2, 1986

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SOCIETY HOLIDAY GREETINGS Debbie's Cuts & Curls \\; 1HAirY NEWYEAR! the warmth be yours. & Donald HARDY'S ACE HARDWARE 386-3324 Homemakel s enjoy International Christmas Party The Tangipahoa Parish Extension Homemaker Council held its annual International Christmas Party on December 6. 1985. Elaine St. Pierre. Council President. welcomed the members of the nine clubs to the Christmas party by leading the group in the singing of Christmas carols. A film, El Salvador. was shown by Laura Lea Laurent. Association Home Economist. Sue Nelson. International Understanding Chairman had the clubs represent foreign countries: Willing Workers - El Salvador: Busy Bees and Kentwood Clubs - Ireland:"Crossroads & Westward Ho - Japan: Wednesday Homemakers and Hammond - Ecuador: Bolivar Belles and Happy Homemake-' Paraguay. "- The countries were represented by members wearing costumes of the country, displaying articles, flags and dolls, giving talks on the countries political, industrial and economic views. their locations, foods and dress. The members exchanged Christmas gifts all homemaker crafts. The luncheon enjoyed by all was the foods of the countries represented. Tap dancers to perform Feb. 5 "Austin on Tap," a dance company specializing in what it calls "the only true American form of dance--tap'" will perform at SLU on Feb. 5. The special performance at 8 p.m. in the Vonnie Borden "lheatre in D Vickers Hall is the third in the Spectrum "85-'86 Series sponsored by the South- eastern Arts and Lectures Committee. General admission is $3. Southeastern students will be admitted free with their university I.D. Advance tickets are available in the Student Union, Room 108.549-2041. Springfield Legionaires visit vets On December 15. 38 members from Tucker A. Gregoire American Legion Post. Auxiliary Unit and Junior Unit 258 traveled to Jackson. Louisiana to the Veterans Home to give the 200 veterans a Christmas party. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Alex Petho, Pat and Wayne Aubin, Kirby and Polly Chatelain. Louise Loper, Mary Sibley, Tommy and Juliana Sykes, Percy and Ethel Poche. AI and Amy Bergeron, Gregg and Joy Gregerson. David and Azale Connell, Albertine and Nelson Heltz. Michelle Dixon. Mary and Joe Vassil. Mary and Clayton Drury. Sally Martin, Goldie and V.J. Martin, Bertha and Luby Martin, Lucian Pigott. Eleanor Bates, Liz and Paul Bates. Pearl and Fred Manchac, Marie Martinez and Margie Breeland. Members from Post and Unit 258 donated $2,080.00 in qifts, $250.00 Local USL grads 177 West Pine St. II IIII I r i .............. LAFAYETTE, LA.--The University of Southwestern Louisiana awarded academic degrees to 1.205 graduates al its Dec. 15 commencement exercise* v, the Cajundme including two T:,l,ll pahoa scholars: Stephone Keith A&h,., ,,. and Bryan Th{}mas Vinyard. ALWAYS 60.70O/o OFF REGULAR RETAIL PRICE CHARTER SALVAG (Located in the Cajun Flea Market) Westwood Plaza Shopping Center Hwy. 51 North I ,,i::.. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! The Complete Inventory of Rebecca & Friends Children's Shop (Williams Blvd. & Kenner, ta.) OVER s90,O00 of the finest children s fashions I INFANTS Ill TODD00R--S i 7-14 OYS SIZES 4-1fi i This inventory will be discounted off regular retail price at cash register a big % bingo money. 26 carton of cigarettes. along with $500.00 worth of refresh- ments. The Junior Unit also donated $165.00 in candy for the event. The group spent the afternoon entertaining the veterans with bingo, giving out gifts and serving the refreshments. A good time was had by all who attended. I - i II I THE PONCHATOULA TIMES, JANUARY 2, 1986, PAGE EIGHT Mother writes Hardhide a poem Dear Hardhide, I enjoy your column very much. I would like to share an experience I had with you. "My Visit To Old Hardhide" Outside the day was beautiful, the sun was shining bright. Inside the house was gloom, my sisters kids had spent the night. And her two kid's and my two kid's, were sitting on the floor. Griping and complaining, telling me that they were bored. "What can I do?" "'What can I do?" I asked and they replied. "Let's go to Ponchatoula'" "Let's go visit Old Hardhide". I thought a while and said O'k, "Hooray .... Hooray" they shouted. But if Old Hardhide could "save my day", I seriously doubted. On the way to town. their excitement filled the air. They were jumping up and down. just couldn't wait to get there. Old worry wart herself, I felt that l just had to say, "Kids you may be disappointed" "He may not come out today". In town I parked the car and we approached his cage at last, With no sign of Hardhide anywhere, my hopes were sinking fast. Then as we were standing round the cage. so sad and brokenhearted, The water inside the pool, was suddenly parted. First one green eye. then there were two. and then a long green snout. And soon the long, long tail of Ole Hardhide came out. With blinking eyes and swishing tail, he put us on a show. Swimming up and down the pool. as far as he could go. I spent that afternoon, watching Ponchatoula's pride. A special feeling of gratitude welling up from deep inside. His magic had turned my kids world, from gloom and doom to smiles. And I knew that the joy they'ed found, would last them for a while. So if your kids are bored, no matter what you've tried. Here's a tip from me, Take a trip to see. The great green one. Ole Hardhide. Wanda Hughes How do you score on food safety? Packing food for life on the run -- meetings, school, work, picnics, -- is pretty easy. Keeping that food safe is easy too, if you know what to do, says Dr. Ruth Patrick, nutritionist with the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. She says to remember that a serious food-handling mistake can make you and your family sick. Think you're informed enough to avoid food poisoning? Dr. Patrick suggests you try the following quiz and see how you score. TRUE OR FALSE Questions 1. Food poisoning is a minor problem today since only about 5,000 cases occu, each year. 2. Food poisoning isn't that serious -- after a day or two of discomfort, you're just fine. 3. One way to avoid food poisoning - to taste a little bit of the suspected fo. ,' d throw it out if it tastes strange. 4. You can tell when food poisoning bacteria are present because of their odor. 5. Freezing your child's meat or poultry sandwiches the night before can help keep them safe for next day's scheol lunch. 6. Using a freeze-pack in your lunch bag can thwart food poisoners. 7, You can avoid food poisoning by making sure that foods are not left at 8. It's a good idea to thaw foods at room temperature, because food poisoning bacteria can't live in that temperature range. 9. Food poisoning comes only from fresh milk, meat or poultry. Canned foods are always safe. I0. As long as food is in a cooler,, you can leave it almost anywhere during your picnic. Answel's 1. False. Despite canning and a host of other technological advances, food poisoning is still a significant problem. An estimated 2 million cases occur each year. 2. False. Some kinds of food poisoning, like botulism, are very dangerous. And any poisoning can be serious in children, the elderly or people who are already in poor health. 3. False. Never taste food that you think mit beunsafe. Even' small amounts of some food poisoning bacteria or the poisons they produce can be very dangerous. A good rule of thumb is: When in doubt, throw it out! 4. False. Most food poisoning bacteria are odorless; colorless and taste- less. 5. True. Freezing sandwiches overnight is a good way to fight the food poisoners. But mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes don't freeze well. These can be packed separately and added at luncheon. getting soggy. 6. True. A commercial freeze-pack ir the brown bag or lunch box keeps the rest of your lunch colder. A cold drink, frozen sandwich or plastic refrigerator dish can help, too. 7. True. Food poisoning bacteria thrive at room temperature degrees Fahrenheit). Letting for more than two hours provides a fine opportunity for bacterial growth. 8. False. Thawing foods at temperature provides a perfect breedin ground for many types of because they multiply in thawed outel areas of food before the interior is thawed. Try to plan far enough advance so food can thaw in refrigerator. Or, thaw in your micro- wave or in sealed packaging under water. To thaw safely at temperature, put food in two heaw paper grocery bags and close airtk The double thickness keeps the cool while the inside thaws. 9. False. Food poisoning can from a variety of sources, includin{ canned goods. Leaking cans aren't only villains. Dented, swollen rusted cans could lead to food too. 10. False. Keep coolers in the coolest. shadiest place possible while picnicking. Try transporting your cooler inside car. such as on the rear seat. room temperature for over two hours. Spread the bread with a thin layer of it's a lot cooler than in the trunk marqarine. It keeps the bread from The most common. New Year's resolutmn -- I'll stop smoking "'I'm going to stop smoking on ation advises, friends and associates. The Association January lst" is one of the most After the physical withdrawal is elimi- says to make the true commitment, one common New Year's Resolutions says nated, then the psychological pressures should advise everyone that he plans on the American Lung Association of beginto mount; and t, h,s. ,s when many becoming a nonsmoker and wants Louisiana. and perhaps the resolution people go oacK to melr o,u b,,, ..... u everyone to give him the help and most frequently broken within 72 hours habit, support necessary to be successful. The reason. Nicotine is an addictive The Lung Association recommends Once the public commitment is made - drug, smokers are not aware of their the following for a person who is nrt of a testimony similar to an alco- pendence on the substance and preparing to make the decision to holic stating his drinking problem publicly ,t .f,refore not fully prepared to face the become a nonsmoker: 1) recognize that at an AA meeting - then the pressure is physical and psychological strains of smoking is addictive and you may have on to become a nonsmoker. becoming a nonsmoker, a serious dependency that will require For more information on the Lung Quitting "cold turkey" is the most hard work and concentration to over- Association's programs on smoking successful way to stop smoking but come; 2)if you fail, make the commit- cessation, contact the orqanization at statistically only 20 percent of the smoking population is successful. The other 80 percent, says the Lung Asso- clarion, needs help. Because learning how to become a nonsmokers is a long-term process, if one fails on the first try. the only thing to do is to go back and try again. To discover that quitting the nasty habit is difficult is not a sign of a weak faltering will, but rather that in any state of dependency relapse is common. For the dependent smoker, the first few days are the most critical, but the real challenge comes weeks, or perhaps months later. The temptation to go back. to smoking can be very strong and can continue for a long time. If you've been smoking for 20 or more years, don't expect to suddenly give it up and not ever think about smoking. This past November in the New England Journal of Medicine an article compared tobacco dependency to alcohol and drug abuse, saying that if alcoholism is treated as a truedisease that it chronic, progressive and fatal if untreated, then why should nicotine dependency be considered as something less serious. As with any withdrawal program for a drug dependency chemical, smokers will experience some temporary discomforts, reports the Lung Associa- tion. The most severe last from 24 to 72 hours and include headaches, nervous- ness. cravings, muscle cramps, nausea, dizziness, sweating of the palms and forehead, and sometimes either tired- hess or insomnia. These sometimes painful and discomforting symptoms rapidly decrease with time. the acci- ment to try again - and again: 3) if you can't go it alone, look into joining a clinic or program, the Lung Association can recommend their own. or others to suit your needs. 4) Seek the support and help of 333 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 500, New Orleans LA 70130. The organization is supported by the annual Christmas Seal Campaign and has pamphlets and literature on all lung and respiratory illnesses. I Parish Loan & Mortgage 1 50 W. Pine Ponchatoula 386-3543 IIIII