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January 2, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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January 2, 1986

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5:00 7:00 9:00 9:05 11:00 12:05 1:00 2:30 4:30 THURSDAY 1/2/86 , , MQflNING _ [HBO] MOVIE: 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" A curious girl has some wonderful adventures when she follows a white rabbit into a dark hole. Fiona Fullerton. Michael Crawford. Sir Ralph Richardson. 1972 Rated G _ [HBO] MOVIE: 'American Dreamer' (CC) An American housewife finds herself embroded in foreign espionage when she assumes the identity of a famous mystery writer Jobeth Wd- liams, Tom Conti. Giancado Giannini 1984 Rated PG ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Last Time I Saw Paris" An American writer revisits Paris, the scene of his early and disastrous ruMmage to a young American girl. Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon 1954. (m  MOVIE: 'Elephant Walk' A young En- glish bride has difficulty adjusting to life on her husband's Ceylonese tea plantataon. Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews, Peter Fanch 1954 [HBO] MOVIE: "Just the Way You Are" (CC} A young lady discovers that her feelings and spirits are as strong as her imagination al- lows. Michael Ontkean, Knsty McNichol 1984 Rated PC. AFTERNQON I C MOVIE: 'Adventure in Ventana" A man roams through the back country of the Pacific Coastal Mountains in search of one of the world's most savage beasts 1974 (:4 [HBO] MOVIE: Hysterical" The ghost of a vengeful woman makes life difficult for a writer Hudson Brothers, Bud Cort, Keenan Wynn 1983. Rated PG (4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" A cunous girl has some wonderful adventures when she follows a white rabbit into a dark hole Fiona Fullerton. Machael Crawford, Sir Ralph Richardson t972 Rated G 4 IHBO] MOVIE: "The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Movie' Bugs reminasces about some of his antics with the Road Runner and his other cartoon cohorts in thas blend of new animataon and classic footage, 1979. Rated G, EVENING 6:00 6:05 6:30 6:35 7:00 7:05 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:10 9:15 10:00 10:30 10:35 11:00 a O 0 0 0 News '4- [HBO] Inside the NFL O NewsCenter O Newsline 9 IB Lassie O (11) Jeffersons 10J Timmy and Lassie ) Mary Tyler Moore t1 Entertainment Tonight Sanford and Son B O Wheel of Fortune O New Newlywed Game m World of Survival (D Newlywed Game (11 Barney Miller IlOJ Nightly Business Report  Sanford and Son O   Shadow Chasers (CC) Jonathan and Benny encounter a fresh mummy when they an- cur King Tut's curse (60 mm) (R) ]t (1 The Cosby Show Thee as horrified when Cliff mwtes has dreaded math teacher to droner wath the family In Stereo. E]t O Magnum, P.I. Magnum goes undercover as a roustaboul to mvestagate a number of ba- zarre accidents at a carnwal (60 min ) I4) IHBO] MOVIE: 'The Cotton Club' (CC) In the 1930s, a lazz musacaan saves the life of a powerful racketeer and as towed deeper and deeper into the vaolent world of gangsters and gunmen. Rachard Gere Gregory Hines, Diane Lane t984 Rated R Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau 11 Barnaby Jones 10 To Be Announced (m (Tj MOVIE: 'The Bridges at Toko-Ri' Dur- ang the Korean war, a jet pdot takes off on a dangerous masslon while his wife waits fearfully at home Wdliam Holden. Grace Kelly, Frednc March 1954 1 1 Family Ties When Steven gets his long- awaited promotion, has long hours of work leave h,n wath no tame for has family in Stereo. It0} Innovation   The Colbys (CC) Jason as torn be- tween has matraage and has self-worth; Zachary Powers creates an oal spdl, which endangers Colby Enterpnses: and Constance gains valua- ble anformaton to prove her mental stability. (60 rain ) O  Cheers Norm as reluctantly promoted to corporate kdler' -- the man an charge of firing em- toyees (R), In Stereo 1 Simon 8= Simon Rick and A.J spend tame at a chddren s summit camp an an effort to shut down a burglary rang (60 rain) Mystery: The Body in the Library (CC) Part 1 of 3 A dead garl's body as found in the library of the Colonel and Mrs. Bantry, (60 man ) ,it MOVIE: 'Outlaw Blues' The police are alter an ex-con stagersongwriter, accused of shootang the man who stole his song. Peter Fonda, Susan Saint James. 1977. It0) Ireland: A Television History  Night Court Harry meets the newly as- signed legal Mad attorney and Bull =s shattered by the death of Selma (R), In Stereo (B I]1 (D 20/20 (CC) 8 O Hill Street Blues LaRue becomes impli- cated in the murder of has girlfriend's husband, Washington resigns after a rookie is dismissed for providing anformataon and the secret angre- daent an the dishes of a new Indmn restaurant is revealed (60 man.) (R), In Stereo.  Knots Landing (CC) The questaon of mur- der =s raased in Joshua's death Ben has prob- lems with Lihmae. and Val begs Gary to stay away from the twans (60 man.) m Bergerac Q It0) The Military and the News Media: Cor- respondents Under Fire The role of the press in shapang public opinions as explored. (60 rain.) (R) m LT MOVIE: 'Three on a Couch' An artist dons a vanety of dtsgu.ses to help his psychiatrist-fiancee cure three women with man obtems Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh, Mary Ann obley 1966  [HBO} MOVIE: 'American Dreamer' |CC) An American housewife finds herself embl:oiled an foreign espionage when she assumes the identity of a famous mystery wnter Jobeth Wil- liams. Tom Conti. Giancarlo Giannini. 1984 Rated PG. O B Z] O E]J O News O NewsCenter B Nightly Business Report ( ([1) WKRP in Cincinnati 0 Dad's Army t M*A*S*H ID The Tonight Show Tonight's guests are Luciano Pavarotti and Judge Reinhold (60 rain) In Stereo. Benson O Barney Miller SCTV Network Jeffersons _ Quincy I-0 Monty Python's Flying Circus M*A*S*H 0 Sanford and Son College Basketball: Vanderbilt at Missis- Television News Photography: 1984 NPPA Awards The entries shown were judged best m television news photography at this year's National Press Photographer's Associa- tion in Fargo, North Dakota. (60 rain) i ABC News Nightline 11:05 Bonanza Trapper John, M.D. [H80] MOVIE: 'Windy City' (CC) A would- be writer finds friendship and romance as he tries to cope with the hardships of living an Chi- cago. John lhea, Josh Mostel. Kate Capshaw. 1984. Rated R. 11:25 (  MOVIE: "His Kind of Woman" A prwate eye takes on a deported racketeer and a well- endowed singer at a Mexican resort. Robert Vii- chum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price 1951 11:30  Entertainment Tonight Interview with Lisa FORGET RETIREMENT Janis Paige isn't one to rest on her laurels "There's al- ways more that I want to do," she says. Given a choice, she'd rather be working, and viewers can see her on "Trapper John, M.D.. which airs Sundays on CBS 12:05 12:10 12:30 12:55 1:00 0 Mannix It Takes a Thief The Rockford Files 1 Late Night with David Letterman Tonaght's 8:00 guests are Billy Crystal and comedaan George Miller (60 ram) (R), In Stereo _4 [HBOi Inside the NFL O MOVIE: "Willy McBean and His Magic Machine' A mad professor budds a tame mach- ane so that he can scoop the achmvments of famous people 1965 O CBS News Nightwatch 1:05  Headline Chasers 1:30 O Comedy Tonight (11) Comedy Break 1:35 O News 1:55 (4-) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Razorback' A man search- ang for his missang wafe an the Austrahan outback as confronted by a gaant kdler hog Gregory Harri- son. Arkie Wh=teley 1984 Rated R 2:00 IB Love Connection I(f MOVIE: 'Stage Fright' A man suspected of murdering the woman he loves enhsts the al of a frmnd to discover the murderer Jan Wy- man. Marlene Dietrich Machael Wildang 1950 ttt INN News 2:30 1 CBS News Nightwatch 0 NewsCenter 8:30 111) MOVIE: 'The Roots of Heaven' A man fights to obtain strong laws to protect the ele- phants. Errol Flynn. Trevor Howard, Eddie Al- bert, 195B 3:00 O MOVIE: 'To Be Announced" 9:00 News 3:35 -4|HBO] MOVIE: "The Seduction" A TV news- caster s pursued by a deranged photographer whose obsesswe devotaon turns the woman's life rote a mghtmare Morgan Fairchild. Andrew Stevens, Machael Sarrazan 1982 Rated R 4:30  ? Beverly Hillbillies 1', Gentle Ben 5:30 9:05 11:00 FRIDAY 1/3/86 MORNING 4) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Unforgivable Secret' A young girl as torn between her love for her father and step-father. Amanda Plummet Barbara Fel- don  MOVIE: 'My Friend Irma' Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis make their film debuts as a pair 9:20 of soda jerks. Dean Martin, Jerry [ ewas, Marie 9:50 Wilson. 1949 10:00 (,0 [HBO] MOVIE: "The Bostonians' A beautiful woman as torn between a militant femmast and a handsome lawyer Vanessa Redgrave, Christo- pher Reeve. Madeleme Potter. 1984 Rated PG AFTERNOON 10:30 12:05   MOVIE: 'The Wild One" A motorcycle club terronzes a town. Madon Brando, Mary Murphy, Lee Marvin 1954 1:00 C [HBO] MOVIE: 'Mass Appeal' (CC| Ar idealistic young deacon tisrupts the peaceful parish of a comfortable middle-aged priest. Jack Lemmon. Charles Durnmg, Zellko Ivanek 1984 Rated PG 10:35 4:00 4- [HBO] Inside the NFL 11:00 5:00 4- [HBO] MOVIE: "Breakin' 2 Electric Booga- Ioo' Break dancers fight to save their commumty center from the clutches of greedy developers. Adolfo Quinones. Micheal Chambers. Lucinda Dackey Rated PG EVENING 6:00 8 0 0 0 I News NewsCenter 11:05 O Newsline 9 I Lassie 11:30 It1) Jeffersons (10 Timmy and Lassie 6:05 6:30 S O Mary Tyler Moore Entertainment Tonight I Sanford and Son al O Wheel of Fortune New Newlywed Game World of Survival Newlywed Game I C!1 Barney Miller lb) Nightly Business Report 6:35   Sanford and Son 7:00 (0  Webster (CC) Webster's attempts to make friends wath an unusually tall classmate are rejected by the boy. who doubts Webster's mo- tives 11:50 12:00  Knight Rider As Michael and his long- time love plan their wedding, the mastermind 12:05 behind a break-in vows to eliminate him (60 12:35 ram.) In Stereo O The Twilight Zone A photographer alas- covers an unusual camera, an Irishman believes that a group of extraterrestrials are leprechauns. and a cruel food crmc gets his just desserts from 1:00 a Chinese restaurant. (60 man.) [HBO) MOVIE: 'The Naked Face' (CC) After his secretary and a patmnt are murdered, a psy- chiatrist comes to believe that he is the real tar- 1:05 1:35 (  10 Wall Street Week Louas Rukeyser analyzes the '80"s wth a weekly rewew of icon omac and mvestmem matters I]1 ( Diff'rent Strokes (CC} When Maggae and Phdhp have a fight. Sam and Arnold scheme to bnng them back together (R) O 1 Misfits of Science The msfats become anvolved n a hunt to find ancaent May'an trea- sures beneath the city of Beverly Hdls (60 mm) (R). O 0 Dallas (CC) Pare meets an old friend of Bobby's, EIIhe dscovers the reason for Clay- Ion's troubled state. JR suspects that Mandy as leaking information about hs business to Chff (60 man, ) Washington Week in Review (CC} Paul Duke =s joined by top Washington journahsts analyzing the weeks news. 111} MOVIE: "The New Maverick" The Mav- erick brothers join forces wllh a COUSin in ths adventure anvolvang a tram robbery, stolen gems and a corrupt ludge James Garner Jack Kelly Charles Frank. 1978 ( ',10) Great Performances: On the Razzle (CC) Ths performance by the Brmsh National Theatre as based on the same olay that anspared 'Hello, Dolly' and 'The Matchmaker' (2 hrs ) O ( Benson (CC) The passing of Halleys Comet anspares Kraus to dream that she and Benson are the last two people left on Earth. Capitol Journal Hoddin Carter discusses assues relating to the current South African cnss on this special epasode O 0 I Our Family Honor (CC} Part 2 of 2 Frank's efforts to arrest Augae result n Auges death and Frank being charged wath murder. J60 man ) O B Miami Vice Crockett and Tubbs become involved an the antacs of an ix-cop who =s cor rectly predacting mob slayangs (60 man.) (R), tn Stereo O Falcon Crest (CC) Father Chrastopher moves rote the mansaon, whale Angela tells Lance that his anheotance wdl be affected af Christopher leaves the pnesthood. (60 mm) 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Mass Appeal" (CC) An idealistic young deacon dsrupts the peaceful parash of a comfortable middle-aged praest Jack Lemmon Charles Durnang, Zellko Ivanek 1984 Rated PG The Military and the News Media: Corres- pondents Under Fire The role of the press n shaping pubhc opmaons is explored. (60 mini (R), ( _)-Sanford and Son  Night Tracks In Stereo. IB O   I News O NewsCenter  Nightly Business Report tl) WKRP in Cincinnati (t0/Bless Me. Father ( The Tonight Show Tonight's guests are Tim Conway and Hal Linden (60 man.) In Stereo. O Benson 0 Barney Miller SCTV Network ( Jeffersons ;lt Quincy 'I0 , Monty Python's Flying Circus I  M'A'S*H [HBO] MOVIE: 'Weekend Pass' Four sadors just finishing basac training m San Daego travel to Los Angeles for fun and romance. D W Brown. Peter Ellenstein. 1984, Rated R, Sanford and SOn B arnaby Jones MOVIE: 'Doctor Who: Invasion of the Di- nosaurs" ABC News Nightline O New York Hot Tracks Trapper John, M.D. Entertainment Tonight Kenny Rogers talks about hs latest album 'Heart of the Matter I Love Boat O ABC News Nightline t Eye on Hollywood ',11 MOVIE: 'A Star Is Born' An unknown garl rases to stardom and tragedy results an her personal life as her fame continues to nse and that of her husband dechnes Judy Garland James Mason. Charles Bckford 1955 -' Night Tracks In Stereo Friday Night Videos: The Year-End Re- view In Stereo O iannix I1 MOVIE: 'North By Northwest' A Madison Avenue advertsang man s mistaken for a CIA agent Cary Grant Eva Mane Saint James Ma- son 1959 It Takes a Thief Star Trek -4 [HBO| MOVIE: 'Paradise" Two young survl  verb of a desert attack dascover nature and each other Willie Aames, Phoebe Cares, Richard Cur- neck 1982 Rated R Superstars of Wrestling e MOVIE: 'Captive" In the year 2100, the world as at war with the planet Styroha Came- ron Matchell, David Ladd, Lon Saunders 1980 Headline Chasers News 2:20 ( tt Comedy Break 2:50 } It INN News 3:00 O News 3:20 ( tt Big Valley 3:30 O MOVIE: 'To Be Announced" 3:55  [HBO] Remember When: Wheels, Wings and Whistles 4:00  Dukes of Hazzard 4:30 ( t Gentle Ben ."SATU R DAY 1"/4/86 MORNING 5:00  Mary Tyler Moore 4 [HBOj MOVIE: 'A Soldier's Story' (CC) To- wards the end of World War II, a black Army aHorney s investigation into the murder of a black sergeant at a Louisiana military base ig- n*les further rac=at strife Howard E. Rollins, Jr, Adolph Caesar 1984 Rated PG I I1 7 CNN Headline News 11 INN News 5:30 1 Vegetable Soup CNN News 6:00 6:30  Agriculture in Louisiana 7  Between the Lines 3:30 3:35 4:00 4:05 } 11 This Is the Life Weather 5:05 ]1 Hulk Hogan's Rock "n' Wrestling 5:30 World of Photography Kids Jamboree . ;'Saturday Funnies ( 11 Jimmy Swaggart I Voltron 1 Spiderman O Family Affair, The Osmonds Lap Quilting 2:10 Incredible Hulk ( More Magic Methods in Oil NFC Divisional Piayoff Game The NFC divi- sional playoff game will be aired live. Startingi 2:30 times and teams were not available at press 2:35 time (2 hrs,, 30 min.) Folks Here's Lucy  People, Pets & Dr. Marc 3:00  Fishin' With Orlando Wilson 3:15 Hawaii Five-0 [HBO] Raiders of the Lost Ark (CC| O To Be Announced Newton's Apple (CC) Host Ira Flatow exam- ines the speech capabilities of chimpanzees and 3:30 the causes of perspiration and the bends. 4:00 Dukes of Hazzard 4:15 (  Championship Wrestling ( All Creatures Great and Small I  Roland Martin 4:30 IB Living With Animals 4:35 Motorweek Illustrated 5:00  Sanford and Son O NewsCenter O Star Search Varsity Quiz Bowl shoift  Solid Gold ( Great Outdoors ( World Championship Wrestling  ABC News 0 NBC News O To Be Announced Varsity Quiz Bowl ! RockSchool Roy Rogers 6:00 Kidsworld 7 Get Smart 7:00  O  Scooby's Mystery Funhouse 1 0 Snorks I O Berenstain Bears IHBO] Raiders of the Lost Ark (CC) Lilias, Yoga and You ( . 7"' Cimarron Strip ,it New Home Baptist 7:30 O O I Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Hour IBI O Gummi Bears O The Wuzzles (CC) ( Motorweek } 11 The World Tomorrow 7:45  t0 Parlez-Moi 8:00 IEB O Smurfs O Jim Henson's Muppets. Babies & Monsters I Victory Garden ( it Greater St. Stephens ( to Mechanical Universe (CC) 8:30   Ewoks/Droids Adventure Hour ) Square Foot Gardening ( t0', Mechanical Universe (CC) 8:35 ( ,7 Championship Wrestling 9:00 ) Popeye & Pals 4 [HBO] Inside the NFL Hulk Hogan's Rock "n' Wrestling ( This Old House (CC) 11 Charles Green t0 Constitution: That Delicate Balance (CC| 9:30 I ]}  Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians O O Punky Brewster __ Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin" (CC) 9:35 I -7 MOVIE: 'The Phantom of the Opera' A vohnas! wth the Pans Opera goes mad tryang to advance hs daughter s career as a sanger. Claude Rams. Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster 1943 10:00  0 ( 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo O Alvin & the Chipmunks O Richie Rich (Premiere} 4-; [HBO] MOVIE: 'Oliver's Story" Oliver picks up the paeces after hs wife's death. Ryan O'Neal, Candce Bergen 1978 Rated PG Great Chefs of Chicago lt Three Stooges ".!0) New Uteracy (CC) 10:30  O  Littles O Kidd Video I  Dungeons and Dragons Gourmet Cooking 10, Oceanus 11:00  O I ABC Weekend Slll,iai: Co, Bar! (CC) Part 2 of 3 A boy and "his young sister encounter sweeping Massassapp flood waters, a hungry mountaan hen and a paar of ruthless kd- nappers (R) ] Black Gold ) O Pole Position OMr. T Frugal Gourmet 11 Soul Train 10 Oceanus 11:30  O ) American Bandstand I10 AFC Divisional Playoff Game The AFC davls=onal playoff game wall be aired lave. Startang times and teams were not available at press tme 13 hrs 101 O NFC Divisional Playoff Game The NFC dwsaonat ptayoff game will be aared live Startang hines and teams were not available at press time 4) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Finnegan Begin Again' (CC) An aging newspaperman dascovers It's never too late to start again when he's smitten w,th a younger woman Mary Tyler Moore, Rob- ert Preston t985 Kathy's Kitchen 11:35 t .7 MOVIE: 'The Secret War of Harry Frigg' Dunng World War II. a rebelhous pnvate ts called upon to free captured Allied generals. Paul Newman Sylva Koscma. Andrew Duggan. 1969 AFTERNOON 12:00  Pole Position O AFC Divisional Playoff Game The AFC diva- saonal playoff game wall be aared lave. Starting lmes and teams were nol available at press hme (3 hrs ) Here's to Your Health tt MOVIE: 'Against All Odds' A Scotland Yard detectwe traes to stop Dr Fu Manchu's plot to peasen world leaders Christopher Lee. Ri- chard Greene. 1968 10 Frugal Gourmet 12:30 IB B J/Lobe NFC Divisional Playoff Game The NFC divi- saona playoff game will be aared live. Starting tames and teams were not available at press time. (3 hrs ) O Start of Something Big House for All Seasons I Hour of the Fifties t0 Square Foot Gardening 1:00 i MOVIE: "Night at the Opera" The Marx Brothers find some opera talent and give love their help. Marx Brothers. Allan Jones. Kitty Car- lisle 1935 ) Joy of Painting ( Millionaire Maker 1o This Old House (CCI 1:30 (4 [HBOI MOVIE: 'Brady's Escape' A downed American bomber pilot finds unlikely wartime allies an the rugged Hungarian csikos, including an orphan boy who comes to hero-worship him. John Savage, Kelly Reno. 1984 O NFL Week in Review ( More Magic Methods in Oil 10, Woodwright's Shop 1:50  17 MOVIE: "The Raiders' A group of Tex- ans get Wdd Ball Hackock, Buffalo Bill Cody and Catamty Jane to Mad them m extending the rail- road to Texas Robert Culp, Brian Keith. Judi Meredith 1964 2:00 O Millionaire Maker World of Cartooning Wild Kingdom ( tt Kung Fu t0 Yan Can Cook 2:30 ID AFC Divisional Playoff Game The AFC divi- sional playoff game will be aired live. Starting tmes and teams were not available at press hme {3 hrs 30 man) O NFC Divisional Playoff Game The NFC divi- sional playoff game will be aired lave Starting tames and teams were not avadable at press tame (3 hrs) ( Great Outdoors (CC) I Ricky Nelson and Fats Domino Live 5:00 5:30 EVENING 6:30 8:30 8:50 9:00 9:05 9:30 9:45 10:00 I 0 News O Good Times IHBO] MOVIE: 'A Soldier's Story' |CC) To- wards the end of World War II, a black Army attorney's investigation into the murder of a black sergeant at a Louismna military base ig- nares further racial strife. Howard E. Rollins, Jr., Adolph Caesar. 1984. Rated PC. Catch Phrase Newsline 9 Nature of Things ( Dance Fever 1! , Put'tin" on the Hits t0-) Sneak Previews Film critics Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons examine the film industry's fascination wath ahens tB Loyal Opposition: Buchanan H.S. O And,/Griffith O Wheel of Fortune O It's a Living ]J $100,000 Pyramid  .11 FTV (10 Newton's Apple (CC) Ira Flatow studies the mechamcs of muscles and explains why stars fall. 7:00  0 ( The Fall Guy (CC) Colt rescues a beautiful business tycoon from two stink-up men and protects her on a Caribbean island. (60 ITNn ) I10 Gimme a Break Part I of 2 When Nell is turned down for a psychology internship she wanted, she decades to become the manager of a rock group In Stereo. O MOVIE: 'Supemman" An infant from the planet Krypton journeys to Earth where he grows up to battle evil. Christopher Reeve. Germ Hackman. Margot Kadder. 1978. Austin City Limits 11 Fame (10 Nature of Things 7:05   MOVIE: 'Bend of the River" An outlaw, turned wagon-tram scout, clashes wth his former comrade who hijacks the settlers" sup- phes. James Stewart. Arthur Kennedy, Julie Adams 1952. 7:30 I O Facts of Life (CC) The gtds" decision to sell a provocahve pro-up calendar of the boys" swim team bnngs protests from the school's administration. (R). in Stereo 8:00  O  The Love Boat (CC) Passengers em- bark on a cruise to Hong Kong. (2 hrs.) (R). I O The Golden Gids When her daughter announces her upcoming wedding, Dorothy must face her ex-husband for the first time since he deserted her (R), In Stereo. [HBO] MOVIE: "Niglktma on Elm Street" A group of friends share a common dream that they are being stalked by a long-dead child mur- derer John Saxon, Ronee Blakely. 1984. Rated R The Saint (11 MOVIE: "Dallas" A former Confederate guerilla officer arrives in Dallas seeking revenge on three brothers who ravaged his home and lands. Gary Cooper, Ruth Roman, Steve Coch- ran 1950 (10] Mystery: The Body in the I.Jlra (CC) Part 1 of 3 A dead gid's body is found in the hbrary of the Colonel and Mrs. Rantry. (60 min.) O O 227 Rose is attracted to a man Sandra ervCtS as being too straight-laced. In Stereo. Ckssics O Hunter Hunter and McCall race to locate a psychotic bomb expert who is behind a series of explosaons (60 rain.) ( (1 To Be Announced () Portrait of America: North ( (I0 To Be Announced [HBO] Not Necessarily the News This co- medy series presents sketches, news and film footage satirizing current events, (75 min.) O NewsCenter O Newsline 9 MOVIE: 'One of Our Aircraft Is Missing" The story of six RAF fliers who are forced to bail out over occupied Holland. Eric Portman, God- frey Tearte. 1941 {It) MOVIE: 'Tarantula" A giant tarantula es- capes from a laboratory. John Agar, Mara Cor- day, Leo G Carroll 1955. 10) To Be Announced 10:05 I ( Night Tracks In Stereo. 10:15 I ABC News 10:30  Dance Fever ] Dawnbuster After Dark O Saturday Night's Main Event Ill Hulk Ho- n faces Terry Funk m a WWF Heavyweight amponship match, while Rowdy Roddy Pi- per. Uncle Elmer and Jesse "The Body" Ventura are among those featured an a 6-man tag team match (90 rain.) O IB Dick Clark's Nitetime Mid-South Wrestling 10:35  M'A*S*H 11:00  Puttin" on the Hits I Soul Train ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Last American Virgin' Teenage buddies try to cure their growing pains. Steve Antin, Lawrence Monoson. Diane Frank- lin. 1982. Rated R. 11:05  The Rockford Files ( Nilht Tracks in Stereo. 11:30 I America's =op =in MOVIE: "New York, New York' A saxo- phone player and a singer bring out the aura of ronance from the big band era. Liza Mirmelli, Robert De Niro. 1977. The World Tomorrow BJ/LOho () MOVIE: "The Curse of King Tut's Tomb' Mysterious events occur soon after n archaeologist discovers the Egyptian ruler's burial site. Eva Marie Saint, Robin Ellis, Raymond Burr. 1980. 11:45 O Cinema Showcase 12:00  Entertainment This Week I Saturday NM's Main Event Ill HU Ho- gan faces Terry Funk in a WWF Heavyweight Championship match, while Rowdy noddy Pi- per, Uncie Elmer and Jesse "The Body' Ventura are amo0g - those featured in a 6-man tag team match. (90 rain.) Comedy Tmtight Jimmy Swaggart 12:05  MOVIE: 'Come Bark Little Sheba" A middle-aged coup4e's pent-up frustrations sur- face when they take m a co-ed tenant. Shirley Booth, Laurence Olivier, Jeanne Woodward. 1953. 12:35 I [HBO] MOVIE: "KGOD" When a radio station changes to religious programming, all hell breaks loose. Oabney Coleman, Paul , 1980. Rated PC. 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 7:00 get, Roger Moore, Elliot Gould. Rod Steiger 2:00 O New York Hot Tracks  to Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin' 1:00 OJoe Fore.m" Boner of the hit TV series 'The Cosby Show" 1984. Rated R 3:00 Love Boat  _ Bamaby Jone,s daughter of a famous attorney lakes on the case .a [HBO) The Everly Brothers Reumon Con- 1:30 8 /Jat Showcase ABC New= Nightline Informed Sources 2:10 I MOVIE: 'Try to Catch a Saint" The lawyer-  Charlie's Angels 4. . Baptist Church . Eye on Hollywood i ) Louisiana: The State of a phdanthrop,st charged wath murder Susan cert Phd and Don Everly were reurted on stage __ () INN N-- Clark, Racardo Montalban 1975 o(r t;e the first t,me an ten years at London's 2:00 News tcommandos () MOVIE:are'SuicideperachutedCommandO'behind GermanEnglish 7:05 .  NBA Basketball: Milwaukee at Wash. 2:15 L' [HBO| MOVIE: "Brlp,,kin" 2 Electric Booga- oya Albert Hall. (60 min) i Entooinmm This Week lines to destroy a German air base. Aide Ray. 7:30 ;it I Mr. Belvedere (CC) While Mr, Bel- Ioo' Break dancers fight to save their communaty 0 AFC Divisional Playoff Game The AFC divi-  MOVIE: 'Come Fill the Cup" A newsptP Hugh Fangar-Smith. 1967. ,vedere coaches Georgeon giving a speech to a center from the clutches rf'treedy develcpers sonal playoff game will be ared live. Starting 12:00 Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's local orgamzation, Kevin learns an Important les- Adolfo. Qumones. Machea! Chambers, Lucmda tames and teams were not avadable at press un getScagney,he(p mGigreCoveringYoung, fromphylli=alcoholk.Thaxmr. gusts are Billy Crystal end comedian George son about beauty and the opote sex Dickey Rated PG tme (60 min) " " 11. - Miller, (60 rain,)(R), in Stereo, !