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January 2, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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January 2, 1986

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2:10 Fci- ;t 2:30 t pre 2:35 3:00 3:15 , exam- i as and 3:30 s 4:00 4:15 [HBO] The Everly Brothers Reunion Con- cart Phil and Don Evedy were reunited on stage for the the first time in ten years at London's Royal Albert Hall. (65 rain.) O Start of Something Big O MOVIE: 'Boy Who Cried Werewolf' A young boy insists he keeps seeinga werewolf -- his father. Kerwin Matthews, Elaine uevry. 1973. O MOVIE: 'To Be Announced' ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Nightmare on Elm Street" A group of friends share a common dream that they are being stalked by a long-dead child mur- derer. John Saxon, Ronee Blakely. 1984. Rated R. O ABC News Q () Big Valley O MOVIE: "Copper Canyon' A gunman helps Civil War veterans build new homes in the un- tamed west. Ray Milland, Hedy Lamarr, Mona Freeman. 1950. ) To- Army r of a se ig-  is, Jr., .abler istry's 5:30 gdies why Jes a 7:30 4ell is ) she }er of n the e he 8:00 Gene SUNDAY 1/5/86 =1,.,, MORNING :00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Curse of the Dragon Queen" Charlie Chan trails a maniacal San Fran- cisco killer. Peter Ustinov, Angie Dickinson. 1981. Rated PC. O CNN News O   CNN Headline News !it INN News O CNN News Q  The World Tomorrow ( r11; U.S. Farm Report 5:45 O Scared Heart 6:00 O Weather E]t Lift for Life O Wall Street Journal O For Our Times ( C It Is Written f11; Little Rascals 6:15 O Focus 6:30 O Tom & Jerry ) Hour of Deliverance IO Millionaire Maker [HBO] MOVIE: "Just the Way You Are' (CC) A young lady discovers that her feelings and spirits are as strong as her imagination al- lows Michael Ontkean, Kristy McNichol 1984 Rated PG O Wild Kingdom O Insight O Worship Service Q  Bugs Bunny and Friends 7:00 O Happy Days O O Jimmy Swaggart O Robert Schuller O Forward Together 8:30 tlaw, I his )!1 to )oys" oors i era- 8:35 ]hter 9:00 'othy feet' that Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood Methodist Hour !1 King Kong Cartoons IB Laveme and Shirley E]J Holy Mass O Mail Order TV Sesame Street (CC) (D Ken Copeland  The Flintstones Im  Padez-Moi IB Star Trek O James Kennedy ORev. Lovelady O Jimmy Swaggart O Ken Copeland CBS Sunday Morning News  Woody Woodpecker m  Sesame Street (CC) I1 Expect a Miracle ( [HBO] Fraggle Rock: Grapes of Generosity (cc) O Larry Jones Ministry ( Sesame Street (CC) (D E.J. Daniels  Bugs Bunny Im  An(iv Griffith O Greatest American Hero B Oral Roberts O CBS Sunday Morning News C) [HBO] The Last of the Red-Hot Dragons O Dr. D. James Kennedy 0 Millionaire Maker EB James Robison muro ated lJ S ( Three St(l es " ( Mr. Rogers Neighborhood 9:05 ( ( Good News rate 9:30 The World Tomorrow [HBO] MOVIE: 'Walk Proud' A young Chi- enge and cano gang member struggles among loyalties to och- gang, mother, and girlfriend. Robby Benson, Sarah Holcomb 1978. Rated PC. ICC) O Oral Roberts , the IB el  Od TV (CC) in.)  Jerry Falwell () What's Happening New ndra 9:35  ( MOVIE: "The Birds" A small shore town 0o. is attacked by thousands of birds. Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette. 1963. atea 10:00 OSunday ,Journal s of 0 First Presbyterian Church 0 The World Tomorrow m O MOVIE: "Bat People" A doctor and his wife o on a honeymoon where he is bitten by a bat. tewart Moss, Marianne McAndrew. 1974. ; co- film 0 James Robison MOVIE: 'Doctor Who: Meglos' () Power Pm Wrestling ( 3-2-1, Contact (CC) 10:30 IB This Weak With David Brinkkw (CC) &ng" I First Baptist Church . bail 0 Essence O Face the I Larry Jones Ministry () Timmy and Lassie 11:00 O O IVleet the Preas O Inside LSU Galloway Church (] Incredible Hulk ( MOVIE: "Gre(m Glove' An ex-G.I, re- turns to France to search for a jeweled gauntlet hidden during the war. Glenn Ford, Geraldine Brooks, Sir Cedric Hardwicke. 1952. 11:30 am Mid-South Wrestling 0 AFC Divisional Championship Game The AFC divisional championship game will be aired live. Starting teams and times were yet to be determined at press time. (3 hrs.) I 0 NFC Divisional Championship Game This event will be aired live. At press time, start- ing times and teams had not yet been deter- mined. (3 hrs.) ( [HBO) George Bums in Concert Neighbourhoole Crime File _ AFTERNOON 12:00 B All Creatures Great and Small This Week With David SrinkJey (CC) O () Laseie's Great Adventure 12:10 B ( MOVIE: 'Madame X' A young lawyer defends a woman accused of murder, unaware that she is his mother. Lane Turner, John For- svthe, Constance Bennett. 1966. 12:30 lid MOVIE: "Diary of Anne Frank" A Jewish refugee finds a diary kept by his daughter while the family was hiding from the Nazis. Joseph Schildkraut, Millie Perkins, Shelley Winters. 1959. ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Bounty" (CC) During the famous 18th-century  Seas voya,: an of- ricer of the English sailing snip "Bounty veaos a mutiny against Captain Bligh and fells.in love with a Tahitian princess. Mel Gibson, nmony Hopkins. 1984. Rated PC. O This Week h David Briniday  Lng Wh Annn=b 1:00 I Great Performances: On the Razzle (CC) This performance by the British National Theatre is based on the same play that inspired "Hello, Dolly" and "The Matchmaker'. (2 hrs.) I Credit Card Millionaire ) En Frarmals 1:30 O Inside LSU ( ( Images du Monde Fracophone 2:00 O Hawaii 1:ire-0 Ho- " t ItUra :eam 1s. ank- Ho- ura es#lB h eros. Dateline I ( MOVIE: 'Joe Panther' A Sernmole lndmn youth achieves rlrhood Iy fit_ gators. Brian Keith, Ray iracey, Ricardo MontaP ban. 1976. ( Finng Line 2:15 I  MOVIE: 'Back Street' A woman refuses to give up her love for a man who has married another woman. Susan Hayward, Vera Miles, John Gavin, 1961. 20 O MOVIE:  Tu Polnt" A tious newspaper man discovers    s father is involved with racketeers, wmmm rto den, Alexis Smith, Edmond O'Brien. 1952. The A wmba ACROSS 1 Competent 5 Johnny -- g Actor Taylor 10 -- Van Winkle (clue to puzzle answer) 12 "The Jewel in the --" 15 David on "Moonlighting" 18 -- Ono 20 Noun suffix DOWN 2 Miss Shields 3 Deholdl 4 Barbara- 5 Grouch 6 Three-toed sloth 7 Dave on "Hotel" 8 "1 Love --" 11 Sassy 13 Actor O'Neal 14 Dr. Turner on "St. 7:05 8:00 dith Baxter-Birney and Jennifer O'Neill are this week's Dractical joke victims. (60 rain,) ]10 Scarecrow and Mrs. King ,:4, [HBO] MOVIE: 'Mass Appeal" (CC) An ideahstc young deacon disrupts the peaceful parish of a comfortable middle-aged priest. Jack Lemmon, Charles Durning, Zeljko Ivanek. 1984. Rajed PG ( 0 Great Performances Live from Lin- coln Center: Pavarotti Plus ( m To Be Announced I  NBA Basketball: Philadelphia at San Antonio O O I MOVIE: 'Shattered Spirits' A fath- er's denial of hs alcoholism has a crippling ef- fect on his loving wife and children. Martin Sheen, Melinda Dillon, Matthew Laborteaux. 1986 O O MOVIE: 'The Enforcer" A San Francisco police detective deals with enemy agents who steal some Army weapons and kidnap the mayor Glint Eastwood, Tyne Daly, Bradford Dill- 6:35 7:00 0 New Newlywed Game World of Survival I Newlywed Game  Barney Miller  Nightly Business Report I  Sanford and Son O O ( Who's the Boss? (CC) When Saman- tha wins a spot on her schoors drill team, she neglects her job as Angela's Saturday secretary. O O A-Team (CC) The team wages war on a brutal war criminal holding several townspeople hostage in a small Mexican village. (60 rain.) (R). 10Stir C () [HAD] M)rvI: 'Martin'a Day' (CC) An es- caped convict kidnaps a young boy. Richard Harris, Justin Henry, James Coburn. 1984. Rated PC. Nova'." Global Village (CC) India's attempts to use satellite technology are chronicled. (60 min.) (R). ( Bernaby Jones - Wild Side .....  ! 122 j 21 New: prefix Elsewhere" man. 1976. (R). 7:05 (  MOVIE: "Come September' A million- . Zl I  I ] 33L 22 One Of 50: abbr'l 1716 He wu FeltXclrrult Court of Appeals: ]10 Kate & Allie Kate is caught in a power aire discovers that the caretaker is using his villaRock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigda, San- 124 ] 24 Michael on "Knight black-out while waiting in her dentist's office for as a hotel. i ",`. J Rldar" abbr. him tO return from an errand, dra Dee. 1961. ' 25 Type size 19 "-- on Sunday"  t_) Rocker "85 7:30 00 I Growing Pains (CC) 26 2728 28 Ted McGinley role 23 CIImmx 8:30 O O Newhart (CC) When George becomes a   Risking It All 31 Esker 26 IIah: ebbr. Big Brother, his young charge becomes more 8:00 OOl Moonlighting (CC) Macldie and David  '  32 "-- Blue" 27 MacGroedy on "Charlle mpressed with Dick and his television show. make a bet aimedat changing each other's per-  Guard: Fr. & Company" 9:00  O Cagney and Lacey sonal style. (60 rain.) (R). LJ Let happen 29 Vlnnle on "Square _ [HBO] Maria's Lovers I O Riptide An attractive police lieutenant .... '36 37 Small amount Pegs" 9:20   MOVIE: 'The McMasters' A black enlists the guys" help when she is chosen as a 39 "-- Miss Brooks" 30 Nigerian Union soldier returns to the Southwest and serial killer's next victim. (60 rain.) 41 Ocean movement (clue 33 Young Women's meets prejudice everywhere. Bud Ives, Brock O O MOVIE: 'A Time to Triumph' (CC) A I I o 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 4:35 5:00 0000 0000 aired live. Startlnc, I teams and times were yet to be determined at Dress time (3 hrs.) ]10 NFC Divisional Championship Game This event wdl be ared live. At press time, start- ng hmes and teams had not yet been deter- mined. (3 hrs, 30 rain.) tg BJ/Lobo [HBO] MOVIE: "The Curse of the Dragon Queen' Charlie Chan trads a maniacal San Fran- cisco killer Peter Ustlnov, Angle Dickmson 1981 Rated PG O 1985 Rhythm And Blues Countdown O Young Peoples Special: Run Away to Glory I Louisiana: The State t10) Washington Week in Review (CC) Paul Duke is ioined by top Washington journalists analyzing the week's news. O Can You Be Thinner O MOVIE: 'To Be Announced" ( Tony Brown's Journal Tony Brown dis- cusses ssues of special interest to the black community. Essence I ,td Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser ana- lyzes the '80's with a weekly review of econ- omic and mvestment matters. ( Big Valley O Millionaire Maker  Firing Line Power Pro Wresttin 9  MOVIE: 'The Virginia Hill Story" The girlfriend of the notorious gangster, Bugsy Sie- gel, testifies at the Congressional hearings on crime. Dyan Cannon, Harvey Kietel, Robby Ben- son. 1974 I  Adam Smith's Money World [HBO] Fraggle Rock: Grapes of Generosity (cc) _ McLaughlin Group  Wild, Wild World of Animals I ABC News ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Just the Way You Are' . (CC) A young lady discovers that her feelings and spirits are as strong as her imagination al- lows. Michael Ontkean, Kristy McNichol. 1984. Rated PC. News Fight Back With D. Horowitz CBS News I McLaughlin Group Bob Beyd Show eD Fos 5:05  ( Best of World Championship Wrestling 5:30 OONews O NBC Nightly News Adam Smith's Money World (O ABC News  From Jumpstreet EVENING I O ( Ripley's Believe It or Nott (CC) The use of pyrotechnics in conceptual art is ex- red. (60 min.) (R). O Punky Brewster (CC) Punky fears that Henry will be the next victim of an elusive neigh- borhood killer. In Stereo. O 60 Minutes Secrets of a Desert sea 6:00 I( Dempsey and Makepeace Austin City Limits 6:05 I( Best of World Championship Wrestling S:30 IB O Silver Spoons Rick and his family at- tempt to give a bag lady a new start in life. In Stereo. 7:00  O  MacGyver (CC) MacGyver matches wits with a corrupt military force w he. n he at- tempts to save a beautiful photojournalist trom a South American crime syndicate. (60 rain.) (R). I O Amazing Stories: The Sitter A Jamai- can babysitter employs the powers of voodoo to tame two mischievous boys. In Stereo.  Murder, She Wrote Jessica investigates a murder in a glamorous New York cosmetic business. (60 rain.) ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Cotton Club" (CC} In the 193Os, a jazz musician saves the life of a powerful racketeer and is towed deeper and deeper into the violent wodd of gangsters and gunmen. Richard Gem, Gregory Hines, Diane Lane. 1984. Rated R. e Explore O @ Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous B ( Nature: Emas: High Plains of Brazil (CC) A visit to a national park in Brazil yields some of the strangest animals in existence. (60 rain.) In Stereo. 7:05  ( MOVIE: 'The Savage" A man raised by the Sioux is tom between loyalties when war threatens between the Indians and the whites. Chartton Heston, Susan Morrow, Peter Hanson. 1952. 7:30  0 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Gloat- ing Place A classmate's murder leads an awk- ward, attentin-starved teenager to fake her own attack. In Stereo. B:00  O  MOVIE: "The Defiant Ones" (CC) A pair of escaped convicts--one black, one white-- chained together at the wrist attempt to over- come each other's hatred in order to survive. Robert Urich, Cad Weathers, Barry Corbin. 1986. I  MOVIE: "Blacke's Magic" A retired illu- sionist and his con artist father team up to solve the onsta9e murder of a famed magician. Hal Linden, Harry Morgan, Claudia Christian. 1986. O  Crazy Like a Fox Harry is hired to keep a matinee idol, who is about to be declared incom- petent, out of trouble. (60 rain.) Nature: Emas: High Plains of Brazil (CC) A visit to a national park in Brazil yields some of the strangest animals in existence. (60 rain.) In Stereo. S () At the Moviee () Connections 8:30   Tales from the Dadudde 9:00 I O Trapper John, M.D. Trapper performs emergency heart surgery on Gonzo when he suf- fers a stroke. (60 rain.)  ( Masterpiece Theatre: Bleak House (CC) Part 6 of 8 Lady Oedlock is threatened by her past indiscretions. (60 rain.) ( First Person 9:05  ) Coors Sports Page 9:30 D [HBO] George Bums in Concert I ( Impressions 10:00 News I GSt St () What's Happening Now (- BliP's 7 to puzzte aner) Chrtltlan ASSOC. 42 Playlet 35 German rlvar 36 James on "Good Times" 38 Commercial 40 Unlted Klngdom: abbr. J 10:15  ABC News 10:30 O What's Happening Now O Gunsmoke [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Lonely Guy' Afte his sexy girlfriend leaves him, a young man faces a lonely hfe and writes a best-selling book which serves as a guide for other lonesome men Steve Mart=n, Charles Grodin 1984 Rated R O Championship Wrestling O MOVIE: 'The McMasters" A black Union soldier returns to the Southwest and meets pre- judice everywhere Bud Ives, Brock Peters, David Carradme 1970 O Alice ) America ( t Solid Gold 10:35 I MA*S*H ( ( John Ankerberg 10:45 ( MOVIE: 'They Made Me A Criminal' A champion prizefighter, believing he murdered a man in a drunken brawl, runs away John Gar- field, Ann Sheridan, Claude Rains. 1939. 11:00 O Entertainment "85 Highlights of the most influential people and events in the entertain- ment business this year, (60 min.) O Sunday Sports 11:05 E) Dukes of Hazzard t  Jimmy Swaggart 11 : 15 O CBS News 11:30 I ( :H Tales from the Darkside O Sports Machine O Mother/Daughter Pageant ( Power Pro Wrestling 12:00 IB Puttin' on the Hits ]1 Entertainment This Week A year-end re- view of the entertainment wodd. (60 rain.) tj At the Movies 12:05 I America This Week () [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Bounty' (CC) During the famous 18th-century South Seas voyage, an of- ficer of the English sailing ship "Bounty" leads a mutiny against Captain Bligh and falls in love with a Tahitian princess. Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins. 1984. Rated PC. ( The World Tomorrow 12:15 O Music City, U.S.A. 12:30 (O Miracle Revival Hour 1_1] Editor's Desk 12:35 ( ( Larry Jones Ministry 12:45 O ABC News 1:05  News  Christian Children's Fund 1:30 O America 1:35 ( C) MOVIE: 'Blondie" When Dagwood's boss sends him chasing after an important con- tract, Blondie suspects he's chasing another woman. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Gene Lockhart. 1939. 2:00 I CBS News Nightwatch 2:20 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Slayground" A professional thief goes on the lam when he accidentally kills an innocent young gid. Peter Coyote, Mel Smith, Billie Whitelaw. 1984. Rated R. 2:30 O CBS News Nightwatch 3:00 Z  Agriculture U.S.A. 3:30 it's Your Business 3:55 () [HBO] MOVIE: "Walk Proud' A young Chi- cano gang member struggles among Ioyaltms to gang, mother, and girffriend. Robby Benson, Sarah Holcomb. 1978. Rated PC. 4:00 Q  Get Smart 4:30 ( ( Beverly Hillbillies 5:40 7:00 9:00 9:05 MONDAY 1/6/86 MQRNIN ( [HBO] HBO Family Playhouse: Welcome Home, Jellybean A young boy's older sister is brought home after many years in an institution. () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Evil Under the Sun' Hercule Poirot investigates murder at an exclusive Ad- riatic Sea resort. Peter Ustinov, James Mason, Jane Birkin. 1982. Rated PC. ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Mass Appeal' (CC) An idealistic young deacon disrupts the peaceful parish of a comfortable middle-aged priest. Jack Lemmon, Chades Durning, Zeljko Ivanek. 1984, Rated PG I () MOVIE: 'Interlude' A newspaper- woman and a world famous conductor have a love affair, even though he is married. June Ally- son, Rossano Brazzi, Marianne Cook. 1957. 11:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Fire on the Mountain' A young real estate developer becomes caught up in an aging rancher's struggle to keep his land, which has been requisitioned by the military for a missile site. Ron Howard, Buddy Ebsen. 1981. AFTERNOON 12:05 I ( MOVIE: "Raid on Rommer This drama 2:00 4:00 6:00 6:05 6:30 B:35 S ( NighttYSanford BusineSSand Son Report covers the WWII infiltration of Rommel's Panzer Division in Libya. Richard Burton, John Colicos, Clinton Greyn. 1971. ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Savannah Smile=" A six- year-old gid charms the two men who have ab- ducted her and demanded a sizeable ransom from her wealthy parents. Mark Miller, Donovan Scott, Bridgette Andersen. 1982. Rated PC. ( [HBO] HBO Family Playhouse: Welcome Home, Jellybaan A young boy's older sister is brought home after many years in an institution. (60 rain.) EVENING 0000 News 0 NewsCenter Newsline 9  ( Timmy and Lassie ( Jeffersons i 3 Rocky Road 00 Entertainment Tonight Sanford and Son Wheel of Fortune ( [HBO) Fraggle Rock: Sprockat's Big Ad- venture (CC) 0 New Newlywed Game 0 World of Survival Newlywed Game ( Barney Miller 7:00 I O ( Hardcab and McCormick (CC) While Hardcastle searches for a Beverly Hills murder suspect, his new hour, keeper ex, pen'- ences psychic premonitions ot MCt,onlnK s v#- oient death. (60 rain.) OW's Blooper,= & P Jokes Mere- Peters, David Carradine. 1970. 10:00 O I10 O O 1 News O NewsCenter ( Nightly Business Report ( 'it WKRP in Cincinnati ( +0 Agony 10:30 O M*A*S*H ]10 The Best of Carson Tonight's guests are John Davidson, Michael Davis and Elya Baskin. (60 mn.) (R), In Stereo O Benson O Barney Miller ( SCTV Network ( Jeffersons ( :11 Quincy ( t0 Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35 ]) M'A'S'H 10:55 ,4 [HBO] 1st & Ten: Not Quite Mr. Right Is Diane too much n love to concentrate on foot- ball 11:000 Bonanza O Sanford and Son O Remington Steele Laura and Remington =n- veslgate a murder which leads to a campus ghost and alumn who, years ago, were revolved in radical campus politics (60 mln.) (R), Lone Star: Statehood Civil War skirmishes occur n Texas, as well as naval battles off the coast (60 rain) ABC News Nightline 11:05 ) Trapper John, M.D. 11:15 I ) MOVIE: 'Iron Mistress' Jim Bowie de- velops the Bowie Knife. Alan Ladd, Virginia Mayo, Joseph Catleia t952. 11:25 - [HBO] MOVIE: 'Just Tell Me What You Want' A wealthy business magnate grooms one of the women in his secretarial pool to be- come his mistress, AIi MacGraw, Alan King, Dina Merrill. 1980. Rated R. 11:30  Entertainment Tonight Interview with Redd Foxx. O Love Boat O ABC News Nightline ( E e on Hollywood II ( MOVIE: "The Last Command' Jim Bowie and his band of Texans defend the Alamo. Sterling Hayden, Anna Maria Albergh- etti, Ernest Borgnine 1955. 12:00 I The Rockford Files Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Don King and comedian Jeff Airman. (60 min,) In Stereo. O Mannix MOVIE: 'Loving Couples' Two couples go in for some unconventional re-grouping Shirley McLaine, James Coburn, Susan Sarandon. 1980. 12:05  It Takes a Thief 12:30 O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Don King and comedian Jeff Airman. (60 rain.) tn Stereo. 1:00 O MOVIE: '1 Never Sang for My Father" A father and son attempt to open lines of com- munication severed many years ago. Melvyn Douglas, Gene Hackman. 1970. 1:05 I Headline Chasers 1:25 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Four Friends' Three young men and a free-spirited woman come of age during the 1960"s. Craig Wasson, Jodi Thelen, Jim Metzler. 1981. Rated R. CBS News rvgntwazcn 1:30  Comedy Ton ight _ , G ( MOVIE: "City for Conquest' A boxer sacrifices everything to ensure his kid brother's future. James Cagney, Ann Sheridan, Arthur Kennedy. 1940. O ( Comedy Break 1:35 IB News 2:00 tB Love Connection ( INN News 2:30  CBS News Nightwstch 3:00 3:25 3:30 4:00 4:30 NewsCenter News ( MOVIE: 'Term of Trial' A schoolmaster is accused of assault by a young student he has tried to help. Laurence Olivier, Simone Signoret, Sara Miles. 1963. MOVIE: 'The Dallas Cowboy Cheerlead- ers" An investigative reporter tries out for the squad to find out what really goes on behind the scenes. Jane Seymour, Laraine Stephens, Bert Convy. 1979. D [HBO] The Everly Brothers Reunion Con- cert Phil and Don Evedy were reunited on stage for the the first time in ten years at London's Royal Albert Hall. (2 hrs., 35 rain.) ( All in the Family I() Bob Newhart O  Beverly Hillbillies ( Gentle Ben TUESDAY 1/7/86 MORNING 7:00 (]D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Cracker=" Misfits decide to become safe, crackers. Donald Sutherland, Sean Penn, Jack Warden. 1984. Rated PC. 9:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: "Martin's Day' (CC) An es- caped convict kidnaps a young boy. Richard Harris, Justin Henry, James Coburn. 1984. Rated PG 9:05 (  MOVIE: 'The Farmer's Daughter" A Swedish servant girl fights for a Congressional seat against a wealthy congressman, her boss. Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Ethel Barrymore. 1947. 11:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Yentl' (CC) A young woman disguises herself as a boy and sets off to study Jewish books forbidden to women. Barbra Streisand, Amy Irving, Mandy Patinkin. 1983. Rated PG AFTERNQON 12:05  ( MOVIE: 'Bus Riley's Back in Town' A young man returns to his hometown and re- sumes a relationship with an old flame from the high-rent district. Ann-Margret, Michael Parks, David Caradine. 1965. 1:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Last Time I Saw Paris" An American writer revisits Paris, the scene of his early and disastrous marriage to a young American gid. Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon. 1954. 3:30 ( [HBO] The Not-So-Great Moments in Sports These sports Iowlhts include President Ford's infamous tee shot and the Stanford band's trombone defense |2 hrs.) 5:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Metlstorm: The Destruc- tion of Jared-Syn' A peacekeeping Ranger is dispatched to the barren desert of a distant pla- net where his mission is to strike down an evil warlord. Jeffery Byron, Tim Thomerson, Kelly Preston. 1983. Rated PC. EVENING 6:00 O IB I O (O News i NewsCenter Newsline 9  Timmy and Lassie  Jeffersons 6:05 Mary Tyler Moore 6:30 ( Entertamment Tonight S an ford and Son 0 Wheel of Fortune 9:00 9:15 housewife joins the Army in an effort to keep her family together after her husband suffers a mas- sive heart attack and is no longer able to work. Patty Duke, Joseph Bologna. 1986. ( Rajiv's India: The Jack Anderson File Rajiv Gandhi was thrust into power in India when his mother was assassinated last year. (60 rain.) (fl) MOVIE: 'Hot Stuff' Miami's light- fingered underworld is being pursued by a trio of unlikely burglary detectives, uom DeLuise, Suz- anne Pleshette, Ossie Davis. 1979. (;10) Nova: Global Village (CC) India's at- tempts to use satellite technology are chroni- cled. (60 min.) (R). O O ( Spenser: For Hire (CC) Spenser's life is endangered when a university scientist-turned drug manufacturer hires him to track down her olo boyfriend. (60 min.) 0 Remington Steele Laura and Remington uncover a pair of disc jockeys as pnme suspects in the murder of a radio traffic reporter. (60 min.) In Stereo. C4 [HBO] Hitchhiker A struggling author fakes his own death, but his cheating wife has plans to make it real. America's Music 1. Rajiv's India: The Jack Anderson File Rajiv Gandhi was thrust into power in India when his mother was assassinated last year. (60 rain.) t 7 MOVIE: 'Scavenger Hunt' An eccentric millionaire sends his heirs on a wild scavenger hunt for the inheritance prize of $200 million. Richard Benjamin, Cloris Leachman, Robert Mor- ley. 1979. 9:30  [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Last American Virgin' Teenage buddies try to cure their growingpams. Steve Antin, Lawrence Monoson, Diane Frank- lin. 1982 Rated R. 10:00 O IBI O O O  News O NewsCenter Nightly Business Report 1( WKRP in Cincinnati  Good Neighbors 10:30 O M*A*S*H tD The Tonight Show Tonight's guest is Sammy Davis, ,Jr. (60 rain) In Stereo. O Benson O Barney Miller SCTV Network ( Jeffersons ) Quincy 0) MOnW Python's Flying Circus 10:35 B M*A*S*H 11:00 I ( ABC News Nightline O To Be Announced Sanford and Son O Simon 8= Simon An agri-chemist's wife hires Rick and A.J. to find her missing husband who disappeared while checking out a major polluter. (60 min.) (R} , . . . . Spiritual India A retired journa ist DeciDes to give up everything and become a holyman. (60 rain.) 11:05  Trapper John, M.D. ( [HBO] Not Necessarily the News This co- medy series presents sketches, news and firm footage satirizing current events. 11:30 I The Rockford Files Entertainment Tonight Interview with Car- rie Fisher, O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's uest is comedian Bob Sarlatte. (60 rain.) In tereo. O ABC News Nightline I Eye on Hollywood I Cl!) MOVIE: 'Lisbon" An international smug- gler performs a double cross when he attempts to smuggle a millionaire from behind the iron curtain. Ray Milland, Claude Rains, Maureen O'Hara. 1956. 11:35  [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Naked Face' (CC) After his secretary and a patient are murdered, a psy- chiatrist comes to believe that he is the real tar- et. Roger Moore, Etliot Gould, Rod Steiger. 984. Rated R. 11:40 ( -) MOVIE: 'Bright Leaf' Driven from his home by a tobacco tycoon, a tenant farmer re- turns to wipe out the magnate's empire. Gary Cooper Lauren Bacall, Jack Carson. 1950. 12:000 Late Night with David Latterman Ton ght s uest is comedian Bob Sadatte. (60 rain.) In tareD. O Mannix MOVIE: 'Madigan: The Lisbon Beat' Madi- an loses a prisoner he was assigned to escort om Europe to the United States. Richard Wid- mark, Weston Gavin, Marcia Fox. 1973. Miracle Revival Hour 12:05 IO It Takes a Thief 12:30 O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's uest is comedian Bob Sadatte. (60 rain.) In tereo. 1:00 O MOVIE: 'Divorce His" The effects of a di- vorce are seen through the eyes of the husband. Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Carrie Nye. 1972. 1:05 ]} Headline Chasers 1:25  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Razorback' A man search- ing for his missing wife in the Australian outback is confronted by a giant killer hog. Gregory Harri- son, Arkie Whiteley. 1984. Rated R. 1:30 I Comedy Tonight O CBS News Nightwatch 0_ Comedy Break 1:55  ) MOVIE: 'Spitfire" A young mountain gid falls in love with a young engineer who is already married. Katherine Hepburn, Robert Young, Ralph Bellamy. 1934 2:00 I Love Connection ( I INN News 2:30 ]1 CBS News Nightwstch O NewsCenter O News () MOVIE: 'Union Pacific' The Union Pa- cific Railroad is built, linking the east and west. Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Robert Pres- ton. 1939. 3:00 O MOVIE: 'Who is Harry Kellerman?" Geor- ie Soloway's uncertainty about the good life he ads is heightened by a stranger who spreads rumors about him. Dustin Hoffman, Barbara Har- ris, Dom Deluise. 197t. 3:05 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Lassiter" (CC) A roguish jewel thief is pressed into doing spy work for the Allies in London during Wodd War II. Tom Sel- leck, Jane Seymour, Lauren Hutton. 1984. Rated R.