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January 23, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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January 23, 1986

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+ it l wer00 aval bar v L eal G_ industmU m secrel An ci5 ni 0 two- SObH earns. tween loyalty and a code of justice when it's discovered that one of them is a murderer. Kane Richmond, June Gale. 1939. 9  B Valy III Dukes of Hazzard C(a [HBO] 1st & Ten: Super Bull Sunday The lifornia Bulls beat the odds and make it to the championship game. SUNDAY 1/26/86 MQRNINq bHBO] MOVIE: "Creckers' Misfits decide to ome safecrackers. Donald Suthedand, Sean Penn, Jack Warden. 1984. Rated PG. I CNN News Q qB ( CNN Headline News g () INN News a CNN News I  The World Tomorrow () U.S. Farm Report Sacred Heart 8 Weather a Lift for Ufe Wall Street Journal or Our Times a  It Is Written ( Jimmy Swaggart Focus I1 Torn & Jerry ] Hour of Deliverance IDI Millionaire Maker [HBO] MOVIE: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark" (CC) An American archaeologist races to re- tneve the Lost Ark of the Covenant before the Germans can find it. Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman 1981. Rated PG. Darns! IDI Solemn Novena   Insight Worship Service y nng (,,^ g . Bugs Bunny and Friends s Ha appy Days [ to tr g Jimmy Swaggart he gr0t I=11 Robert Schuller t Forward Together Mr. Ro.ers" Neighborhood Methodist Hour Ctt) Bugs Bunny Payt30 lm ._What'SHoly MassHappening Now heir  IB Mail Order "IV  Sesame Street (CC) Ken Copeland 1 life   (11] The Flintstones Im Star Trek ,€rive |  James Kennedy rev IW Rev. Lovelady L Jimmy Swaggart :  g Ken Copoland dneys! 1 CBS Sunday Morning News ht Woody Woodpecker Farml30  Ho Sesame Street (CC) IW Expect a Miracle ip_r[HBO] Fraggle Rock: Sidebottom Blues ,=s an eff (B Sesame Street (CC) ,sencl m E.J. Daniels  (11) Three Stooges 35  ( Andy Griffith 00 iB Greatest American Hero )pki# ]1 Oral Roberts t CBS Sunday Morning News :C)  L4J [HBO] The Not-So-Great Moments in d  Ports These sports lowljhts include President ;O n Ford's infamous tee shot and the Stanford a in  band's trombone defense. (60 min.) Ste I1 To Be Announced ne I Lam/Jones Ministry sha!  James Robison .05 = H01 Mr. Rogers" Neighlx)dmod Good News val 30  The World Tomorrow )n, Iv I1 MOVIE: 'The Deed Don't Die' A man tries t  to prove his executed brother was framed for a n  murder George Hamilton, Ray Milland, Linda =m Cristal. 1975. te " I Oral Roberts • ! o Tv (CC) Lay  B Jerry Falwell  !) What's Happening Now t 1o 35 m-- 0) 3-2-1. Contact (CC) liil=. (, MOVIE: "Lawrence of Arabia" Young Gian -.€. Lawrence is sent to Arabia where he in- slres the. feuding Arabian chieftains to rebel =v0nst the Turks. Peter O'Toole, Alec Gu ness, Anthony Quinn. 1962. ,:oo _ Su.dav +.. ailbo First Presbyterian Church IJ [HBO] MOVIE: "2010" {CC) Despite volatile en a iJum[ical tensions, U.S. and Russian scientists try A a follow-up space mission to investigate the fate of a failed voyage to Jupiter. Roy Schel- or, John Lithgow. 1984. Rated PG. to  The World Tomorrow rist, IB James Robison B MOVIE: "Or. Who: Warriors Gate'   Power Pro Wr Newton's  (CC) Host Ira Flatow XPlores the lives of dinosaurs• the causes of nbum and the predatory habits of kil m o ...... J +oi" " " P:+" O - I I 000000 00000 4:00 4:05 4:30 5:00 omic and investment matters, O 0 Super Bowl XX Charlie's Angels I1 Boy King I Firing Line I  MOVIE: "Torpedo Run • A World War II American submarine commander inadverdently sinks a Japanese prison ship on which his wife and child are prisoners. Glenn Ford, Ernest Borg- nine, Diane Brewster. 1958.  Adam Smith's Money World I  MOVIE: "Written on the Wind" An inno- cent young woman weds a millioneire and gets caught up in his tangled family life. Rock Hud- son, Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack. 1957. O Sanford and Son ( [HBO] Video Jukebox I 1 McLaughlin Group I ABC News O I1 CBS News [HBO] Fraggle Rock: Sidebottom Blues ICCl g Fight Back With D. Horowitz McLaughlin Group Bob Boyd Show I  Folks 5:30 I Eli 0 News ( (HBO] MOVIE: 'The Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Movie' Bugs reminisces about some of his antics with the Road Runner and his other cartoon cohorts in this blend of new animation and classic footage. 1979. Rated G. ID Newsline 9 I Adam Smith's Money World ABC News t () From Jumpstreet EVENING 6:00 O I I Ripley's Believe It or Notl (CC) Ben- jamin Franklin's alphabet, works of art the size of a grain of rice, and a diary valued at more than 1 million dollars are among tonight's stories. (60 min.) (R). ( MOVIE: "Agatha Christie's Murder with Mirrors" (CC} Miss Marple comes to the aid of a dear friend who's ancestral home is the scene cJ˘ a murder. HalenHayes,  Davis, Leo McKem, 1985. (R). I The Shakespeare Hour Hosted by Walter Matthau: A Midsummer Night's Dream The Fairy King frees his wife from the spell Puck has cast. (60 ms.)  Dempeey and Makepesco (: Austin City Umits: Mel Til/The Gee- zinslaws 6:05 O 03 Best of World Champinmmip WresUing 7:00 0   Pros and Cons A special unit of fraud investigators for a coastal country sheriff's de- partment uncovers a deadly insuurance scheme da high-stakes housing acam, (60 rain.) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Raiders of the Loot Ark" (CC) An American archaeologist races to re- Whales. trieve the Lost Ark of the Covenant before the p:30 ,Q Fi--r s Week With David  (CC) Germans can find it. Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, s I E irst Baptist Church Paul Freeman. 1981. Rated PG. out ase.ce O F.xpe • h I I Inside LSU  ) Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous   Jones Ministry  ( Nature: The Feathered Swarm (CC) e 1"11m  , 1"irons/and  Farmers in East Africa fear swarms of small ith "-" GLiB IO lie Announced birds almost as much as locusts. (60 man.) In Stereo. S "'lNBABaskatball: Philadelphia at BostOnMeet the Press 7:05 ()MOVIE: "Victowat Sea' A WorldWarll Galloway Church documentary with drama, tragedy, and even co- mealy, describing the effects and the men of the ( Incredible Hulk ( W: Booker (CC) The transi- r war era. Narrated by Alexander Scourby. 1955. t,,.K_ frorn sJavery to freedom is seen through the 7:30  I Super Bowl Post Game Show * T,es or looker T: Washington. (60 min.) (R}. 8:00  I MOVIE: "Single Bars, Single is q 1:30  Mid-South Wrestling Women' (CC) Several young women press the elusive search for romance, adventure and com-  Meet the Pre -: Wild KinGdom panionship at the local singles bar in their home L Neighlx)ood News town. Shelley Hack, Paul Michael Glaser, Tony EB Crime File Danza. 1984. (R). . AFTER;)N   MOVIE: "The Last Precinct' (CC) Police 2:00 officers in a ran-down precinct steal a rival sher- I O coae Ba=kemall- Notre Dame iff's drug-sniffing dog in an effort to crack a drug at  " ring run by a blind mobster. Jonathan Perpich, )ff/  [HBO] MOVIE: "Yentl" (CC) A young woman Ernie Hudson• Adam West. 1986. rh Iit °.nsguuses herself as a boy and sets off to study I  60 Minutes Jt ,ewmh books forbidden to women. Barbra O Nature: The Feathered Swarm (CC) Farm- treisand• Amy Irving, Mandy Patinkin. 1983. ers in East Africa fear swarms of small birds Mated PC, almost as much as locusts. (60 sin.) In Stereo. vn | = T ls Weelk Wh David Brinkley  ( At the Movies is  J.L All Creatures Great and Small O ( Connections  This Week Weth David Brinkley (CC} 8:30  ) Tales from the Darkside  MOVIE: "Neeka' The adventures in 9:00 II  Murder, She Wrote At a book awards Alaska of an Indian boy with his Forest Ranger convention, Jessica must clear the name of a 1# father and Lassie. Jed Allen, Mark Miranda. poet frmnd accused of murdenng a famous nov- t2:30 1968. elist. (60 man.) (R). V!E: 'Eleanor and Franklin: The White ( [HBO] MOVIE: '2010' (CC) Despite volatile  --"Roose ears" The lives of President and Mrs. political tensions, U.S. and Russian scientists twd matized.veltJaneduringAlexander,his 12 yearsEdwardin offiCeHerrmann,are dra- zaunch a follow-up space mission to investigate Rosemary :00 der, John Lithgow. 1984, Rated PC. -- --ns-- 1977. the fate ofa faged voyage to Jupiter, Roy Sche+-  irat  Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Creeper A Performances: Heartbreak House fashion designer becomes terrified that she may s 11 ,(.CC) George Bernard Shaw's play is brou9ht to be the next victim of a serial killer. In Stereo. ,re. (2 hrs.} .  O ( Masterpiece Theatre: Lord Mount- Hank Parker  batten: The Last Viceroy (CC) Part I of 6 Lord D, WN 1 ViCk; t.awrence role 2 McNIcholl on "lady 5 "-- a Wild Pony" Blue" 9 Intercontinental ballistic 3 MonOgram for Butrick misile: abbr. 4 He was the Captain on 10 Food fish "Hunter" 12 Tropical trees 5 " of Paulon" 15 Actress Francis 6 Identlfl˘llon: abbr. 18 Singer Fitzgerald 7 Weaver 04" Dugan 20 -- President (clue to 8 Fool Ouzzle answer) 1 t lre Or lak 21 Orchestra leader 13 Old: Brttt0h Severinsen 14 Road surface 22 Suffix meaning action 16 Chad -- 24 Tracy on "Dynasty" 17 Hare: Fr. 25 "-- Times" 19 "Secret A" 28 Vincent on "Our Family ctaractar Honor" 23 Winners 31 Space 26 Mr. Onasskl 32 Actress Cople 27 Ster of "Bedtime for 34 Florida city (clue tO lZO" puzzle answer) 29 Adlm Jay -- 36 "'-- Dogs" 30 A Gorvin 37 Miss Gardner 33 '-- -- a M/I Ordor 39 Day preceding holldlly Bdde" 41 Soon 3S The "'Terrible One '• 42 Beginning for 14)ace or 36 Mlrk Dlnnlng on drams "Hofel" 38 Vwy o€1: mbbr. 40 Monogram for Edwards • J Reinking. 1984. Rated PC- 13. I MOVIE: 'High Risk" A group of expert jewel thieves plan to steal a national treasure to use in exchange for four American medical missionar- ies. Victor Buono, Ronne Troup, Joseph Sirola. 1976. ID Sunday Sports E Three's Company 11:05 I Dukes of Hazzerd I  Jimmy Swaggart 11:15 ICBS News 11:30 IB Puttin' on the Hits 0  @ Tales from the Oarkside I Sports Machine 0 Perspective O Here's Lucy 12:00 ]1 Entertainment This Week I Barnaby Jones Miracle Revival Hour () At the Movies 12:05 I MOVIE: "The Gids of Pleasure Island' A British gentleman and his three daughters live peac ,efully on an island until it is invaded by mar- rues. Leo uenn, Gene Barry• Else Lancheetar. 1953. I  The World T 12:30 I @ Chdstlen Science Monitor Reports 12:35 I () Larryj(Jones Ministry 1:1)00D [HBO] MOVIE: "Paradise" Two young survi- vors of a desert attack discover nature and each other. Willie Aames• Phoebe Gates• Richard Cur- hock. 1982. Rated R. 0 Music City, U.S.A. CBS News Nightwatch 1:05 I ( Christian Children's Fund 1:30 I ABC News 1:35 i ( MOVIE: "Blondie's Anniveesary" Dag- wood borrows a gift intended for a client's se- retary and gives it to Blondie. Penny Singleton, rtnur Lake, Adele Jergens. 1948. 1:45 I Flair for Uvirl 2:oo e cms N,,+, N.q.,,+ 2:40 4t [HBO! M_OVlE: Four Frlemw" Three young men ana a free-spirited woman come of age auring the 1960"s. Craig Wasson• Jodi Thalen• ,Jrn Metzler. 1981. Rated R, 3:00 J  Agriculture U.S.A. 3:30  I) It's Your Businmss 4:00 B ( Get Smart 4:30 IB ( Beverly Hillbillies MONDAY 1/27/86 I MQRNIQ 7:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Martin's Day" (CC) An es- caped convict kidnaps a young boy. Richard Harris, Justin Henry, James Cobum. 1984, Rated PG. 9:00 (]D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Mumow" (CC) Edward R. Muo.w led acru .se. for integrity in the world of oaocastng. Daniel J. Travanti, Dabney Cole- man, Edward Herrmann. 1985. 9:05 O  MOVIE: 'Beach Blanket Bingo' A beach gang becomes involved in a kidnaping, with the wctim convinced it's all a publicity stunt. Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello• Deborah Welley. 1965. 11:00 CD [HBO] .MOVIE: "The Gums of the Dragon ,uueen" Clanie Chan trails a maniacal San Fran- caco killer. Peter Ustinov, Angie Dickinson. 1981. Rated PG. :TERNOQN m i 12:05  ( MOVIE: 'Beau Geste' Members of the 7:00 French Foreign Legion, in a lonely Sahara out- post, battle a sadistic commender and his ram- ing Arabs. pbYBStOckwell, Doug McClure, ie Nielsen. 12:30  [HBO]. MOVIE: '.1"he Champ" A struggling 9:00 bOXer gams strengm and inspiration from his son. Jan Voight, Faye Dunaway, Ricky Schroder. 1979. Rated PC. 2:30 (: [HBO] Elvis: One Night with You Celebrate the King's 5Oth birthday with exclusive footage 9:05 16 years a9o. (60 sin.) 3:30  [HBO] HBO Family Playhouse: Welcome Home• Jollybean A young boy's older sister is brought home after many years in an institution. 11:00 (60 sin.) 4:30 C [HBO] MOVIE: "Fire on the Mountain" A young real estate developer becomes caught up " in an aging rancher's struggle to keep his lend, which has been requisitioned by the military for 12:05 a missiue site. Ran Howard, Buddy Ebsen. 1981. EVENINq 6:00    0 O News I NewsCenter 2:00 O Newsiine 9  ( Timmy and Lassie ( Jeffersons 6:o5 am  Mar Tyler M._e 6:30 I Entertainment ionight Sanford and Son O () MOVIE: 'Uke Normal People" A true story of two young people who triumph over prejudice and ignorance when their desire to get married meets with angry resistance. Shaun Cassidy, Linda Purl, Hope Lange. 1979. 8:30   Newhart (CC) A measles epidemic at the Stratford Inn leaves Stephanie, the only survi- vor, in charge. 9:00 t 8 American Almanac Cagney and Lacey [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Champ' A struggling boxer gains strength and inspiration from his son, Jan Voight, Faye Dunaway, Ricky Scnroder. 1979. Rated PG. 9:20 I () Global Report '85 10:00 O I I 0  News O NewsCenter 1 Newsiine 9 I Nightly Business Report  Jeffersons I  Agony 10:30  M°A*S'H I The Tonight Show Guest host Joan Riv- ers welcomes Chicago TV personality Oprah Winfrey, Emmanuel Lewis and Betty White. (60 rain.) In Stereo. O Benson Barney Miller SCTV Network Jeffersons () Quincy i () Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35 O M°A*S*H 11:00 O Bonanza O Sanford and Son Remington Steele Laura and Remington in- vestigate a winery murder when a body is found floating in a vat. (60 min.) (R). t Lone Star: Politics Texas Style A detailed profile of Texas" most successful politician- Lyn- don Baynes Johnson- is presented. (60 sin.) I ARC News Ni9htline 11:05  Trapper John, M.D. 11:10 ( [HBO] 1st & Ten: Super Bull Sunday The California Bulls beat the odds'and make it to the championship game. 11:20 I ( MOVIE: "Portrait of a Mobster" The rise and fall of Dutch Schultz, notorious hood of the rohibition era is depicted, Vic Morrow, Leslie arrish, Peter Breck. 1961. 11:30  Entertainment Tonight Love ABC Boat News Nightline Eye oq Hollywood (- MVIE: 'F. Scott Fitzgerald in Holly- Wood" This film dramatizes Fitzgerald's tragic love life and Hollywood years. Jason Miller, Tuesday Weld, Julia Foster. 1976. 11:40 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "D.C. Cab' (CC) Two kid- napped children are rescued by drivers of a bankrupt taxi company. Mr. T, Adam Baldwin, Max Gail. 1983. Rated R. 12:00 O The Rockford Files O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests areTim Conway, basketball player Man- use 13ol and comedian Sam Kinison. (60 sin.) In Stereo. 0 Mannix (D MOVIE: 'Abduction of Saint Anne' A small town detective is hired by the Vatican to investi- ate the reported sainthood of a retired gang- and chieftain's daughter. Robert Wagner, E.G. Marshall, Kathleen Quinlan. 1975. 12:05 I It Takes a Thief 12:30  Late Night with David Letterrnan Tonight's guests are Tim Conway, basketball player Man- use Bol and comedian Sam Kinison. (60 min.) In Stereo. 1:00 O MOVIE: 'Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring' A teenage runaway returns home and desperately tries to rebuild her life in her parent's world. Eleanor Parker, Jackie Cooper, Sally Field. 1970. 1:05 I Headline Chasers 1:25 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Razorback" A man search- ing for his missing wife in the Australian outback is confronted by a giant killer hog. Gregory Harri- son, Arkie Whiteley. 1984. Rated R. 1:30  Comedy Tonight I CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress ) Comedy Break 1:36 I News 1:40 ii ( MOVIE: 'Joy of Living' A carefree globe trotter ano a cereer-minded stage star have a whidwind courtship, Irene Dunne• Douglas Fair- banks Jr, Alice Brady. 1938. 2:00 ILucy Show (]]) INN New= 2:30 CBS News Nightwatch I NewsCenter II New= () MOVIE: "Villa Ridesi' An American gun- runner• with the use of his plane, aids Villa in his fight against Mexico's revolutionary forces. Yul Byon=nar, Robert Mitchum, Chades Bronson. 3:00 I MOVIE: 'Magic" A ventriloquist finds that his dummy has a mind of its own. Anthony Hop- k ins, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith. 1978. 3:06 (.4_) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Weekend Pass • Four sailors ss finishing basic training in San Diego travel to s Angeles for fun and romance. D.W. Brown, Peter Ellensteln. 1984. Rated R. 3:40 0 1 World at Large 4:00 O (Bob Newhart 4:30 0 () Beverly Hillbillies I () Gentle Ben 4:45 (._4.) [HBO) Elvis: One Night with You Celebrate the King's 50th birthday with exclusive footage taped 16 years ago. (75 sin.) TUESDAY 1/28/86 MQRNINQ () [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Last Time I Saw Pads' An American writer revisits Paris, the scene of his early and disastrous marriage to a young American 9ifl. Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, 1954. ( [HBO]MOVIE: '2010' (CC) Despite volatile aaOulitical tensions, US. and Russian scientists nch a follow-up space mission to investigate the fate of a failed voyage to Jupiter. Roy Schei- der, John Lithgow. 1984. Rated PG. I ( MOVIE: 'I'd Rather be Rich" A young heiress passes off a young engineer as her fi- ance to make her dying grandfather happy. San- dra Dee• Robert Goulet, Andy Williams. 1964. () [HBO] MOVIE: "Mystery Mansion' Recur- ring nightmares haunt a gad staying in a vacation house. 1983. Rated PG AFTERNOON ( MOVIE: 'Jigsaw" A scientist and a pri- vate detective join forces to discover the disap- erance of a dead gid seen by the scientist as recovered from a trip. Harry Guardino, Brad- ford Dillman, Hope Lange. 1968. (]D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Metalstorm: The Destruc- tion of Jared-Syn' A peacekeeping Ranger is dispatched to the barren desert of a distant pla- net where his mission is to strike down an evil warlord. Jeffery Byron, Tim Thomerson• Kelly Preston. 1983. Rated PG. 5:30 (]D [HBO] MOVIE: "Fandango' Five friends take IB I Wheel of Fortune one last fling before being drafted. Kevin Cost- net, Judd Nelson, Sam Robards. 1984. Rated ( [HBO] Fraggle Rod(: Uncle Matt's Discov- ery ICC) • PG. New Newlywed Game ........ EyENIN G ,,,' ( Wodd of Survival ..... II Newlywed Game 6:00 O I I O I News 00 Barney Miller 0 NewsCenter thor of a book on fishing is forced by his boss to enter a tournament, although he has never fished in his life, Rock Hudson, Pau/a Prentiss, Maria Perschy. 1964. 7:30   I Growing Pains (CC) In order to raise money for Jason's birthday present, Ben goes around the neighborhood, pretending to collect funds for charity. O I Chadie & Company Diana's Aunt Rachel offers to he!p out when Chadie and Diana find they cannot afford to pay for Lauren's class trip to Washington. D.C. ) Risking It All 8:00   ) 0  0 I President Reagan's State of the Union Address Live. Frontline: Sue the Doctor? (CC) Medical cases illustrate the costs and benefits of mal- practice suits. (60 rain.) I ) MOVIE: 'Bad Company" A young man headed West t avoid the Civil War, becomes friends with a drdter. Jeff Bridges, Barry Brown, John Savage. 1972. 10) Nova: Goddess of the Earth (CC) The Earth is portrayed as a living organism. (60 rain.) 9:00    Spenser: For Hire (CC) Spenser in- vestigates the death of a young novice nun in- volved in helping the ghetto poor battle a large power structure, (60 sin.) (R). [HBO| The Hitchhiker: O.D. Feelin" A packet of white powder leaves a trail of death and betrayal, ) Changing of the Guard: The City Council l!0 Frontline: Sue the Doctor? (CC) Medical cases i(lustrate the costs and benefits of mal- practice suits. (60 sin.) 9:30  [HBO] America Undercover: The Gift of Life Families of chronically ill children must learn to cope with the handicaps. (60 min.) 9:40 ( 7- MOVIE: 'The Ghost of Flight 401" The presence of a ghostly figure on an airliner warns the crew of engine failures and other malfunc- tions Ernest Borgnine, Kim Basinger. Robert F. Lyons. 1978. 10:00  I I  I News NewsCenter IJ Newsline 9 ( Nightly Business Report (!1) Jeffersons (t0) Good Neighbors 10:30 I M*A*S*H I1 I1 The Tonight Show Guest host Joan Riv- ers welcomes Mark Harmon and Tony Danza. (60 sin.) In Stereo. -" [HBOI MOVIE: '2010" (CC) Despite volatile political tensions, U.S. and Russian scientists launch a follow-up space mission to investigate the fate of a failed voyage to Jupiter+ Roy Schei- der, John Lithgow. 1984. Rated PG Benson t1 Barney Miller SCTV Network I Jeffersons 0 Quincy 00 ) Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35  M*A*S*H 11:00  Bonanza Sanford and Son Simon & Simon A.J. and Rick are hired by a man accused of murder--who can't remember where he's been for the past three months. (60 min.) (R). I Campaigning on Cue: Debates and Politi- cal Advertising The issues of debates, fund- raising, and paid candidate advertismg are ex- lored. (60 sin) ARC News Ni9htline 11:05  Trapper John, M.D. 11:30  Entertainment Tonight Love Boat I ARC News Nightline I Eye on Hollywood (t MOVIE: 'Three Sailors and a Girl' Three sailors, with eight months back pay, decide to angel a show. Jane Powefl, Gordon MacRae, Gene Nelson. 1953. 11:45  ;) MOVIE: 'Red Mountain" This adventure depicts the life and career of General Qantrill, who led his guerilla band in sacking pro-Union towns, Alan Ladd, Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Ken- nedy. 1951 /2:00  The Rockford Files ] Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's est is Mary Tyler Moore. (60 sin.) In Stereo. Mannix ]1 MOVIE: "Madigan: Park Avenue Beat' Ma- digan races against tme to prevent an old friend from cornmglling murder, Richard Widrnark, John Larch, Rae Allen. 1973, Miracle Revival Hour 12:05 ] It Takes a Thief 12:30 _() [HBO) MOVIE: "The Clairvoyant' A young art student draws sketches of three murder vic+ tiros before the murders have been committed, Perry King, Elizabeth Kemp. Norman Parker. 1983 Rated R, I Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's g_uest is Mary Tyler Moore. (60 sin) In Stereo. 1:00 I MOVIE: "If Tomorrow Comes' Before Pearl Harbor, a young girl marries a Japanese- American boy, but they are forced to keep it a secret. Patty Duke, James Whitmore, Anne Baxter. 1971. 1:05 1 Headline Chasers 1:30  Comedy Tonight I CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress 7 A Bullet for Joey f!J Comedy Break 1:35  News 2:00 I1 Lucy Show (11] INN News ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Children of the Cam' Ad- ults are sacrificed as teenage cult members war- • ship the god of corn. Peter Horton, Linda Hamil- ton. 1984 Rated R CBS News Nightwatch NewsCenter I1 News t! MOVIE: 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' A group of Spanish Loyalists and an American ad- venturer pledge to destroy a bridge during the the Spanish Civil War. Ingrid Bergman, Gary Cooper, Katina Paxinou, 1943. 3:00 1 MOVIE: 'Scared Straight! Another Story • A fictional account of the Juvenile Awareness Program, designed to jolt juvenile delinquents from the path of cnme, is told. Cliff DeYoung, Stan Shaw, Don Fullilove 1980, 3:30  C7 Get Smart 3:50 J [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Rosebud Beach Hotel" The owner of a Florida hotel plans to blow it up for the msurance, but his daughter turns it into a brothel instead. Peter Scolari, Colleen Camp, Christopher Lee. 1984 Rated R. I  Bob Newhart C7 Beverly Hillbillies Ci Gentle Ben 2:15 2:30 4:00 4:30 WEDNESDAY 1/29/86 5:30 MORNIN G  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Unforgivable Secret' A young girl is torn between her love for her father and step-father Amanda Plummer• Barbara Fel- don ( En Francais _.  G. Phoo Open I NFL Week in Review Pro Wrestm :50  ID Image= du Monde Fmnmm)hm 9:05 111 I MO@IE: "Lover Come Back" An achier- 9:30 Louis Mountbatten is sent to India to carry out his governments pledge of total independence. (60 sin.) () First Perlon I  Coors Sparta Page Alfred Hitchcock Prenta: The Creeper A 7:00  [HBOI MOVIE: "Brady's Escape" A downed American bomber pilot finds unlikely wartime allies in Hungary, including an orphan boy who comes to hero-worship him. John Savage, Kelly Reno. 1984. 8:30 ('.4 [HBO] MOVIE: •Runaway' (CC| Domestic robots turn into murdering machines when they • S  tS Report  Newsiine 9 go out of control. Tom Se]leck, Cynthia Rhodes, _agmcie.s" accou.nts, tangles with a beautiful be the next victim of a serial killer. In Stereo. 6:35 Gene Simmons. 1984. Rated PG-13. t;ompet,or. Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Ran- I To Be Announced  B () Timmy and Lassie 9:05 I ,_ MOVIE: 'A Countess From Hang Kong' :00 dell. 1962.  () Impressions 7:00 00  American Musk: Awerda Diana ROSS  () Jeffersons A oipomat enroute to a new post finds himself D  Bowl Pre Game Show 9:36 I ( Jerry Falwell hosts the 13th annual music awards presenta- 6:05 B ( Mary Tyler Moore compromised when a beautiful stowaway re-  45/85 Major world events of the years be- 10:00    0  News tion. (3 hrs,) 6:30 0  Entertainment Tonight fuses to leave his stateroom. Marion Brando,  c,ontee 1945 and 1985 are examined through  NewsCenter IMOVIE: "A Mammrple of Murder" A ISanford and Son Sophia Loren, Sydney Chaplin. 1967. m= z em[)prary and historic footage. (3 hrs.) I Newsiine 9 down-on-his-luck detective and a wealthy re- 0 ] Wheel of Fortune Joln. cM=OViE: 'Ten Gentlemen from West  Ghost Storv fireo master thief combine forces to solve a ser- 0 New Newlywed Game II II n__aclets fac.e grualing_ training with a tough  ( What's "Happening Now ies of art thefts and murders. Bob Hope, Don IB World of Survival v,,,r ,. omcer, George Montgomery,   Blake's 7 meche, Stella Stevens. 1986. 0 Newlywed Game 10:15 B ABC News r , u iring Line " " I Gummtee bMurrrO.wledacrus .ad.e. for integrity in the wortd of 6:35   Sanford and Son   :30 """F"n°ra" John utton. 1942. 0 0 Scarecrow and Mrs. King 0  Barney Miller .[EBO]-MOVlE: "Mtcki and Maude" (CC) A 10:30  Elvis: The Echo WiN Never Die 0D [HBO) MOVIE: "Munow' (CO) Edward R.  ( Nightly Business Report "°n,usmmw nusl)and learns thet boIh of his wives  Championship WrestJing oaoca.etmg. Daniel J. Travanti, Oabney Cole- 7:00 O  I Who'e the Boes? (CC) I. 5 nl_pect_. Dudley Moore, Amy Irving Ann  Ski Fever man, Eoward Herrmann. 1985. Anderson File }3  4. Rated PC-13. " into an exclusive country club, he encounters n An,,,, I The A-Team After Faceman cons his way :00  : j mr.on W (3])  Jones some dangerous counterfeiters. (60 min.)  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