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January 23, 2014     The Ponchatoula Times
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January 23, 2014

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Official Journal The Ponchatoula Times CITY OF PONCHATOULA MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL A regular meeting was held Monday, December 9, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the Coun- cil Chambers at City Hall in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Council members present were Braville Leblanc, Debra Hills, Jeannemarie Pierson, Melvin Toomer, and Vergil Sandifer. Mayor Zabbia called the meeting to order. Mr. LeBlanc gave the invocation which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. There was no public input. Mr. LeBlanc motioned to accept the minutes of the November 12, 2013 meeting. Mr. Sandifer seconded the motion. Motion carried. Jeremy Peltier presented the November 2013 Fire Dept. activity report. He stated there were 25 fire calls consisting of 13 false alarms, 2 grass, 2 structure, and 8 other. There were 74 EMS calls consisting of 12 auto accidents, and 62 other emergency calls. Total calls in October were 99. Mayor Zabbia announced that the public hearing and adoption of AN ORDI- NANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE 495(ZONING ORDINANCE) CHANGING THE OFFICIAL ZONING MAP FOR THE CITY OF PONCHATOULA had to be rescheduled for the January meeting because the official journal failed to publish all of the notices required for the hearing and adoption of the proposed ordinance. Mr. Sandifer introduced AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND SECTION 2-64, "TAKE- HOME VEHICLES AND REIMBURSEMENT" OF TITLE 2, ARTICLE III, "USE AND REGULATION OF CITY-OWNED VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT" and called for a public hearing on January 13, 2014. Mr. LeBlanc motioned to adopt a resolution authorizing Mayor Zabbia to submit a grant application to the LA Gov't Assistance Program (LGAP) for funding consid- eration and further authorizing him to execute all necessary documents related to the funding. Motion was seconded by Mrs. Pierson. Motion carried with all voting in favor. Mrs. Hills motioned to reconsider the appointment of Frances Seymore to the Planning and Zoning Commission and consider the appointment of Larry Terry. Mr. Toomer seconded the motion. Mr. Drake stated that action was not appropriate at this time. Per city ordinance, a member may be removed from the Planning and Zoning Commission after a public and for cause. Mr. Toomer argued that the ordi- nance was contrary to Roberts Rules of Order. Mr. Drake stated that the council passed an ordinance stating that members may be removed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Council, after public hearing and for cause assigned in writing or upon the completion of their assigned project. The council voted to put the ordi- nance in place, and it stands regardless of Roberts Rules. Mr. Toomer argued that all proceedings are governed by Roberts Rules and you can't pick and choose which Robert Rules of Order we want to go by. Mr. Drake responded that you can't choose which city ordinances you want to abide by and which ones you don't. Mayor Zabbia stated that there would be no action taken because the motion is contrary to city ordinance. He asked if it would be proper to put a hearing on the January agenda, Mrs. Pierson asked if there was cause and shouldn't something have to be in writing before a hearing is called, and asked if the Mayor is requesting that Ms. Seymore be removed. Mayor Zabbia stated that he is not requesting Ms. Seymore be removed. Mrs. Pierson stated that if the Mayor is not asking for her removal, there should be no hearing scheduled. Mr. Drake agreed. Mrs. Hills asked if the Mayor makes the determination, the Mayor responded that he makes the recommendation and the council makes the appointment. No action will be taken at this time, Mrs. Hills asked if there would be a hearing or if the matter was just done. The Mayor stated that he has no reason to ask that the appointment be set aside. Mrs. Hills asked when someone else gets considered for a position on the board after a members term expires. Mayor Zabbia responded that it is at the time his recommendation is made. He recommended that Ms. Seymore be reappointed Mr. Toomer made the motion, it was seconded and the appointment was approved. There were no com- ments by the council, and if they didn't agree with his recommendation they should have spoken up at that time. Mr. Toomer stated that what Mrs. Hills was trying to say is that when the term ended, the council has been given the opportunity to appoint who they want to the board and Mrs. Hills was not given the opportunity to appoint who she wanted. Mayor Zabbia responded that Mrs. Hills was given the opportunity to appoint anyone she wished at the time of his recommendation. Mr. Toomer argued that the nominationProcess was not held properly according to Roberts Rules of Order. Mayor Zabbia stated that his function is to recommend an appointment and it is the council's duty to accept or reject that recommendation. If the council doesn't like the recommendation they can recommend someone else which none of them did when Ms. Seymore was appointed. Mrs. Hills stated that she received a call from Mr. Winburn notifying her that Ms. Seymore' s term was ending, and asking if she would like to reappoint her or did she have someone else in mind for the position. She recommended Mr. Larry Terry. Mr. Terry's name was to be passed along to the Mayor and she never heard anything else on the matter. At the time of the meeting there was no information regarding the appointment on the agenda, and she thought that Mr. Terry would be considered or that this wasn't the appointment for her district. Mayor Zabbia stated that the appointments do not follow district lines, there are seven members on the commission and some districts have more than one member. He stated that the appointment is not just about one district, it's about the entire city. Ms. Seymore was his recommendation. Mrs. Hills asked why involve her and leave her hanging. Mayor Zabbia stated that he wasn't sure whether Mr. Winburn contacted her or not, but it is his recommenda- tion to make. It is the Councils responsibility to agree or disagree with his recom- mendation and when Ms. Seymore was recommended there was no opposition, the council agreed, and she was reappointed for another term. Mrs. Hills stated she doesn't think it was fair the way the appointment was done, and stated that she is learning. Mr. Toomer read from Roberts Rules of Order how opening and closing nominations are handled. He stated that he was under the opinion that the Mayor had spoken to Mrs. Hills regarding the nomination and she did not have anyone to appoint. If he had known that she wasn't afforded that opportunity, he would not have motioned to accept the Mayor's nomination. Mayor Zabbia stated that city ordinance supersedes Roberts Rules and states that the Mayor appoints and the council confirms the appointment. Mr. Toomer argued that we were ignoring Rob- ert Rules of Order, to which Mayor Zabbia stated that we were not ignoring Roberts Rules, they are applied when appficable. Mrs. Pierson stated that the council was not addressing elections, they were addressing appointments, which is a separate section of Roberts Rules, and city ordinances stipulate that the Mayor makes the appointment and the council can either approve the appointment or, if there is a problem, vote not to approve the appointment. It was not an election, it was an ap- proval of an appointment, which is the Mayors job to make. Mr. Toomer argued that if ygu have to vote on it it's an election, to which Mrs. Pierson responded that the section Mr. Toomer is referring to was for the election of Officers, he argued that it didn't matter. Mayor Zabbia stated that he was yielding to the City Attorney, who has affirmed that the process was proper. Mayor Zabbia called for Rights of Personal Privilege. Vergil Sandifer thanked everyone for attending, asked that everyone be careful during the rainy weather, asked that the council stay after the meeting to speak with a Boy Scout who would like to talk with them, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Melvin Toomer thanked everyone for attending, stated that it is a disservice to the public at the meetings when we pick and choose what we want to recognize in Roberts Rules of Order because it controls and directs all meetings and assemblies and he disagrees with picking and choosing. He stated that all Council members have been given the opportunity to select and appoint who they want to serve on the ( ii; We Le se, Rent, or Sell Carts We Carry New & Used Carts Bull BBQ We Can Repair and Customize Grills All Brands of Golf Carts Pool Cleaning Service is Available We Sell Above-ground Pools (Special Pricing) We Change Pool Liners We Carry Regal & Pro-Team Chemicals Pra-Team Chemicals . Polaris Your pool. Our repolalJon, Mention this ad for a Special 5% Discount on all Pool Chemicals MON - FRI. Sam-S:30pm 8AT. 8am-3pm THE TIMES, JANUARY 23, 2014 PAGE 5 --Like us at Facebook com/therhonchatoulatimes Planning & Zoning Board, not the Mayor, and now the Mayor wants to nominate someone and it should have been Mrs. Hill's appointment from the beginning. Braville LeBlanc thanked city employees for their work on the Christmas lights and decorations, encouraged local spending, reminded citizens to use caution while using heaters and fireplaces and to leave at least 3 feet between heaters and drap- eries of furnishings, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Debra Hills thanked everyone for attending, wished everyone a happy holiday season, stated no offense to Ms. Seymore and nothing personal but shewas trying to do what she thought she was doing right and stated that a burnt lesson you will learn and she was burnt on this one but she will learn. Jeannemarie Pierson thanked everyone for attending, expressed her disappoint- ment with the bad weather that caused the cancellation of the Christmas lighting, encouraged everyone to visit the merchants in town who are open extended hours on Fridays durin~ the holidays, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Mayor Zabbia thanked all who were involved in decorating and lighting the city for the holidays, stated that it was unfortunate that the decision had to be made to cancel the hghting due to weather forecasts and some merchants expressing that ~ey did not wish to participate because of the weather, announced that the Wal- art store and city water tower project were on schedule, stated that heis thankful that hurricane season ended without the city having to implement its hurricane plan, wished everyone a safe and happy holiday season,-and stated he looks for- ward to Seeing everyone during the holidays and in 2014. At 6:19 pm Mr. LeBlanc motioned to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Mr. Sandifer. Motion passed with all voting in favor. s/Robert F. Zabbia, Mayor s/Tomlyn Poche, City Clerk ORDINANCE NO. 711 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE 495(ZONING ORDINANCE) CHANGING THE OFFICIAL ZONING MAP FOR THE CITY OF PONCHATOU- LA BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PONCHATOULA, LOUISIANA, THAT: The zoning classification for the parcel described below is hereby changed as follows: E 150 FT OF LOT 3 AND E 150 FT OF N 45 FT OF LOT 4 BLK 21 PON- CHATOULA B479 P923 B557 P784 B562 P316 B852 P198 B918 P283 located at 355 NW Railroad Avenue, be changed from A-6 (Single Family Urban) to C-3 (Neighborhood Commercial) on the official zoning map for the City of Ponchatoula This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force from and after its date of publication, as required by law. A motion was made by Mr. LeBlanc to adopt the ordinance and was duly sec- onded by Mrs. Pierson. This ordinance has been introduced on November 12, 2013, by Mr. LeBlanc, no- tice of public hearing having been published, said public hearing having been held, and been read by the title at a regular meeting of the City Council on January 13, 2014 and called for final passage and having been put to a vote, the vote thereon was as follows: YEAS: LeBlanc, Hills, Pierson, Toomer, Sandifer NAYS: None ABSTAIN: None ABSENT: None s/Robert F. Zabbia, Mayor s/Tomlyn Poche', City Clerk TANGIPAHOA PARISH LIBRARY Official Journal The Ponchatoula Times Tangipahoa Parish Library Board of Control Meeting November 20, 2013. The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tangipahoa Parish Library Board of Control was held on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at Amite Branch Library at 204 NE Central Avenue, Amite, LA at 5:15 pm. Library Board members present were Cecilia Giannobile, Gloria Vinyard, Shei- la Broyles, Louis Joseph, and Katherine Yeargain. Absent were Martha Alexander, Claire Bel and Miriam Summers. Also present was Barry Bradford, Library Direc- tor, and Laura Gray White, CPA. In the audience were Bianca Roberts, Mary Battles and Ramon Wheeler. Ms. Giannobile began by calling the meeting to order and the Pledge of Alle- giance was recited. Ms. Giannobile asked if anyone in the audience wished to address the Board. No one did. Ms. Giannobile called for the approval of the minutes from the last Regular Board meeting on September 18, 2013. Ms. Broyles made a motion that the min- utes be approved as written. The motion was seconded by Mr. Joseph 'and passed unanimously. Ms. Giannobile asked Ms. White to present the financial report. Ms. White gave the annual financial report through October 31st. The library had $129,000 in its account at First Guaranty Bank as of that date. The amount in LAMP was 2,058,000. Uncollected property taxes amount to $110,000. Total assets are $2,251,000. Liabilities come to $75,000. The library is in very good shape finan- cially. Ms. Vinyard made a motion that the financial report be accepted as pre- sented. Ms. Yeargain seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Ms. White then gave the LAMP report. The balance in LAMP as of November 19th was $1,918,000. Mr. Joseph made a motion that the LAMP report be accepted. Ms. Vinyard seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The next item on the agenda was the proposed 2014 budget. Mr. Bradford re- minded the Board that there were two significant changes included in the proposed budget: The library will be ending its contract with Jani-King for custodial ser- vices, which costs the library about $65,000 annually, and hiring three part-time custodial staff to clean the six branches. The cost of hiring the three new part-time staffwould be about $38,000, saving the library approximately $27,000 a year. The library would also hire a new Community Relations Specialist whose duty it would be to develop better and more consistent outreach. This position would replace one Library Assistant position in Administration. Ms. Broyles made a motion that the proposed 2014 budget be adopted. The motion was seconded by Ms. Yeargain and passed unanimously. Mr. Bradford brought a proposed Bank Resolution to the Board. The purpose of this resolution is to allow Mr. Bradford, Ms. Roberts or any of the three authorized Board members to stop payment on a check at First Guaranty Bank without a counter signature. Stop payment on checks is rarely done. Ms. Yeargain made a motion that the proposed resolution be adopted. The motion was seconded by Mr. Joseph and passed unanimously. Mr. Bradford presented the proposed 2014 Holiday Schedule for the library. Mr. Bradford explained that the library follows the Holiday SChedule of Parish Govern- ment. Mr. Joseph made a motion that the schedule be adopted. The motion was seconded by Ms. Vinyard and passed unanimously. Mr. Bradford then proposed that the Board contract with Lee Gray, CPA as the library's accounting firm for 2014. Mr. Joseph made a motion to that effect. The motion was seconded by Ms. Vinyard and passed unanimously. Ms. Giannobile then asked Mr. Bradford for a report on the Kentwood Branch project. The Board was given copies of the Building Program prepared by the consulting firm Providence Associates. The program did not recommend specific sites but Mr. Bradford feels that a list of recommended sites can be compiled by him working with the Assistant Director, Board members, the mayor of Kentwood and Parish officials. Mr. Bradford said that his overall concept for a new Kentwood Branch is the same as that of the new Amite Branch - one that is accessible with a creative and open children's space, a quite area, a meeting room, etc. Though the building program calls for a facility 7,400 square feet, Mr. Bradford feels that about 6,000 square feet would be sufficient. Ms. Giannobile asked about the next step in the process. Mr. Bradford said he would be investigati~ag several possibilities for land purchase in Kentwood. Appraisals would then be made of the properties and these would be brought to the Board for consideration. Ms. Giannobile then asked for the Director's Report. Mr. Bradford said he was happy to report that the library's 2.81 mil tax was renewed for another 10 years by the voters on October 19th. The vote was 61% in favor of renewal. The electrical system at Hammond Branch has been overhauled. A gas leak on the roof of the Hammond Branch was repaired by Morgan Mechanical. A plumbing problem in one of the Hammond Branch bathrooms was resolved. Hammond Branch's interior will be painted by volunteers from Lowe's in Hammond. All the labor and mate- rials for the project are being donated by Lowe's. Jani-King was notified by the library that the custodial contract will not be renewed. All library staff and Board members have completed ethics training for the year. All library staff has under- gone training in reporting child abuse. Both of these training sessions were created by the state. In 2014 all library staff will be required to watch OSHA (Oecupa- tional Safety and Health Administration) training DVDs on Office Safety and Back Safety. Family Movie nights at the branches have begun. The Tangi Library Free Book Festival did very well this year with an estimated 800 people in attendance. In January 2014 the library will begin its African American Heritage Celebration. The kickoff date will be Saturday, January 25th. Four special programs, based on four documentaries on the Civil Rights struggle from the antebellum period to the 1960s, will be held at 6:30 pm on the four Thursdays in February at Hammond Branch. An LSU professor will lead these programs. Ms. Vinyard reminded the Board that a new parking lot has been created across the street from the Amite Branch. This project was co-funded by the Parish and the City of Amite. Mr. Joseph asked for an update on the situation with a patron banned from the Ham- mond Branch for disruptive behavior. Mr. Bradford reported that a letter banning the patron in question for 6 months was delivered in person. The patron was upset but has abided by the requirements of the ban thus far. The next Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 5:15 pm. Giannobile asked for a motion to adjourn. Ms. Yeargain made the motion and it was seconded by Mr. Louis. The motion passed unanimously. Respectfully submitted, Cecilia Giannobile, Vice-President Barry Bradford, Secretary Town of Independence Official Journal The Ponchatoula Times Below is a list of subjects that has failed to appear in Court for The Town of Independence. Your signature on the citation (ticket) was your promise to appear on or before a specific date, place, and time. Since you failed to appear by the date on your ticket, by an extension date you were granted, or a date you were scheduled to appear in court, the court has taken several actions. A fine of Failure to Appear will be added to your case, substantially increas- ing your fine. The DMV will be notified of your failure to appear. The DMV will then suspend your driving privileges. In general, your license will remain suspended until the case has been fully resolved. Additionally, depending on the charges involved, other common actions are: [] Issuance of a bench warrant. This means that a warrant for your arrest will be outstanding. If you are pulled over, the police of- ricer may arrest you and take you to jail and from there, to appear before the Court. Once the DMV has been notified of your failure to appear, setting your case for court will not release your license. Paying the full fine will result in the suspension being lifted as to that case only. If you have only one failure to appear on your case and you have set the case for a court hearing, you can usually go to the courthouse and purchase a clearance abstract. This abstract will inform the DMV that you are taking care of your case and the license suspension will be lifted as to that case only. Below is a list of subjects that has failed to appear in court on January 9, 2014 at 2:00. Anthony Alexander Marty Magnani Ayonna Alexander Wanda Mashall Edward Amacker Darryl Mason Brandon Bailey Abby Mcgee Tyrieo Bates Curtis Miller David Bishop Timothy Miller Alfred Bridges James Moore Michael Brister Natalie Newton Allan Brumfield Carlos Soto-Pena Elizabeth Burgess Jerome T Pierre Dorothy Burton Sheila S Porter Herman Carter Stephanie E Rahn Patricia Cesar Ryan M Reitz Jakaylae Coston Otis Richardson Jr Ashley Daigle Johnny Robertson Ronald Davis , Nacole R Robinson Shaquille Davis Carroll Saulberry Jessie Dennis Edward D Sharp Kyle Foster Ledennis A Singleton Taylor Freeman Charles Decalb Smith Jr Edward Gordon Robert Ray Stillwell Delorse Harrison Patricia Darlene Street David Holroyd Jahnathan E Tanner Kindra Kaye Hughes Patrick R Thomas Chasity Jackson Lacey Weaver Valerie James Roy Wheat III Cylindsey Jones-Jackson Michael R. 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