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February 16, 1984     The Ponchatoula Times
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February 16, 1984

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What's on TV Feb. 16-22 THURSDAY " 2/16/84 , , n i MORNING 5:00 6:00 8:00 _ [HBO] Greet Whales This National Gee, graphic special captures elusive giants of the deep, [H80} MOVIE: 'Lion of the Desert" A guer- rilla rebel leads North African Bedouins in re- volt against italian invaders. Anthony Quinn, Oliver Reed, Rod Steiger. Rated PG (() MOVIE: 'That Kind of Woman' A beauti- ful woman tries to find love with a young sol- dier. Sophia Loren, Tab Hunter, George Sanders. 1959. 9:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "Stroker Ace" A race-car driver schemes to even the score with a con- niving corporate kingpin. Butt Reynolds, Lent Anderson. 1983, Rated PC. , 11:O0 '_,J [HBO] MOVIE: 'T.A.G. - The Assassination Game" An innocent game of killers-and- victims suddenly becomes real. Robert Carra- dine, Rated PG .................. AFTERNOO N .... 12:00 lIB J MOVIE: 'The Great Sioux Massacre' This is the story of Custer's Last Stand against the Sioux nation and the events leading up to it Joseph Cotton, Darren McGavin, Phil Carey 1965. ' 12:30 (J [HBO] MOVIE: 'Brainwaves" A comatose young housewife is a murderer's target after she receives brainwaves from a murdered girl. Tony Curtis, Suzanna Love, Keir Dullea Rated PG ( Ci MOVIE: 'Goodbye Cherlie" A woman- chasing playboy is shot by an irate husband and is reincarnated as a beautiful girt. Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Pat Boone. 1964. { [HBO] MOVIE: 'Missing" When an American writer disappears during a military coup in Chile, his family launches a fuihftedged inves- tigation Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, John ShaM, 1982. Rated PC, ( [HBO} Greet Whales This National Geo- graphic special captures elusive giants of the deep. C [He0] MOVIE: 'Stroker Ace" A race-car driver schemes to even the score with a con- niving corporate kingpin. Burr Reynolds, Loni Anderson 1983. Rated PG. , , ,  , ,, , , EVENING 2:00 4:00 5:00 9:30 10:00 6:00 IB IB IEII tB IBI IB t News (] Business Rapo't lOB '/ Hogan's Heroes ( 1 All In the Family !. Dr, Nho 8:30 O  I} XlV Winter Olympic Games To- night's program features merYs free program figure skating, women's short program figure skating, men's giant slalom, men's 1,500 meter speed skahng event and men's cross- country skiing (3 hrs., 30 rain.) Il (OR _', Sanford and Son PM Magazine tDI Entertainment Tonight tl People's Court 10 Untamed World jl Jeffersons ! Business Report 7:00 Il tt Gimme a Break First of 2 parts, Netl and Addy travel to New York Cty where they meet the mayor and accidentally comes cnto pos- session of cocaine ]1 Il Magnum P.I. C. [HBO] MOVIE: 'T.A.G. - The Assassination Game" An innocent game of killers-and- wctms suddenly becomes real. Robert Carra- dine Rated PG 10 Sneak Previews Co-hosts Real Gabter and Jeffrey Lyons take a look at what's happening "at the moVies, 10B C?] MOVIE: "Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story" Part 2 ( (11"! Gunsmoke ( (101 Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau 7:30 B It Family Ties Alex courts disaster when he winds up with two dates for the prom. deBono's Thinking Course 8:00 ID O Cheers Coach becomes distraught when his best friend dies. Eli I1 Simon & Simon AJ. and Rick take the rap for grand theft by a crook who uses a celebrity Iook-ahke serwce as a front. (60 minJ (] 1 C] Mysteryl 'Reilly: Ace of Spies." Reilly decides to become friendl wth Russia's Min- =ster of Marine whose influence could obtain for England a big military contract. (60 rnin.) osed Captioned] i+i+ MOVIE: 'Bullitt" A tough, modern-day police detective ts revolved =n the middle of Mafia dealing and potiticar intervention. Steve McQueen, Robert Veughn, Jacqueline Bisset. 1968 8:30 ID IOI Buffalo Bill Bill and Jo-Jo become em- broiled m their cwn romantic cold war. (,i [HBO] Great Stendups Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby and Will Rogers are featured m a ghmose of the evolution of thiS comedy form. 9:00 IBI I1 Hill Street Blues Hill Street becomes even more chaot=c when extra prisoners are transferred to the precinct's holding cells and Sergeant Bates has a rocky start in her first roll call. (60 ram.) t1 Knots Landing Following his confronta- hon with Abby, Gary advises his lawyer to freeze the enhre assets of Gary Ewing Enter- ses, (60 min.) Questl (1 i TBS Evening News (  All New This Old House 14 [HBO] Video Jukebox ( l__J Opportunity: Work in Le. 0 0 Ell 0  0  [HBO] Not Necessarily The News Dragnet (j All In the Family Odd Couple  MecNeit/Lehrer Newshour 10:30 M*A*S'H I1 I Tonight Show 4_ [HBO] MOVIE: "To Catch A King" Two expa- triate Americans m neutral Portugal try to foil a German scheme to capture the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Robert Wagner, Teri Garr, It I XlV Winter Olympic Games Tonight's program features hi ghlights of the day's ac,iv- ities at the Winter Olympics from Sarajevo. Yugoslavia. g Barney Miller Dark Shadows t Cattins  Bob Newhart Show 11 :O0 I ]1 Charlle's Angels Sanford and Son t MOVIE: 'The Deadly Trackers' A peace lov- ing Texas sheriff sets off on a deadly manhunt to find the bank robbers who killed his wife and son, Rod Taylor, Richard Harris. AI Let- tiers, William Smith. 1973 I Combat I Nightline IG MOVIE: 'Pride of the Marines" A marine, blinded by a grenade after killing 200 Ja- panese, tries to adjust, John Garfield, Eleanor Parker, Dane Clark, 1945,  Starsky and Hutch ( Sneak Previews Co-hosts Neal Gabter and Jeffrey Lyons take a look at what's hap- pening at the movies. 11:30 t 1 Barney Miller I Thicke of the Night II Lucy Show ( Fawlty Towers . 12:00  Late Night with David Lett,erman ID MOVIE: 'Somebody Loves Me' uetty Hut- ton, Ralph Meeker, Adele Jergens. 1952. 1 Mannix 1I Jimmy Swaggart ( MOVIE: "The Seven.Ups" A special squad pursues cr= minals whose offenses call for seven years or more in prison, Roy Schei- der, Victor Arnold, Jerry Leon. 1973 12:15 i Thicke of the Night 12:30 ( [HgO] MOVIE: "Used Cars' In order tq get ahead in the used car world, Rudy sells rat- 11:15 11:30 tling wrecks at fancy prices, Kurt Russell, 11:45 Jack Warden. 1979. Rated R. 1:00 t MOVIE: "Best Foot Forward" A movie star accepts an invitation to a boy's prep school 12:00 (raduation dance Lucille Ball, June allyson, torte DeHaven, 1943 Laugh-in I CBS News Nightwatch 1:30 I Man About the House 1:45 I MOVIE: 'Spitfire' A young mountain girl falls in love with a young engineer who is al- ready married, Katherine Hepburn, Robert Young, Ralph Bellamy. 1934. )  Greenlight 12:15 2:00 O News )  Maverick 12:45 2:30 I1 In the Know [HBO] MOVIE: 'Forced Vengeance' An American kung fu expert seeks revenge when his family and boss are murdered Chuck Nor- ris, Michael Cavanaugh, Mary Louise Weller, 1982. Rated R 1:00 2:45 ]1 Prayer ] ( MOVIE: 'Young Men With a Horn' The 1:30 story of a jazz trumpeter's rise to the top, and the girl he married who almost proves to be his undoing. Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Doris Day, Hoagy Carmichael. 1950 2:00 3:00  CBS News Nightwatch 2:15 I1 MOVIE: 'Case Timberlane" Deciding a case 2:30 is difficult for a judge who falls in love with a witness. Spencer Tracy, Lane Turner, Zachary Scott, 1948. 3:30  ( World/Large 4:00 ( [HBO] Video Jukebox t  Agriculture U.S.A. 4:30 (l ( Agriculture U.S.A. FRIDAY 2/17/84 MORNING 5:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "Treasure Island" A map of a buried treasure draws a young boy into a thrilling adventure. Orson Welles, Walter Sle- zak and Lionel Stander Rated G. 7:00 - [HBOJ MOVIE: "Lovesick' A married psy- chiatrist falls in love with one of his patients with the same single-minded obsessiveness he observes in the people ke treats. Dudley Moore, Elizabeth McGovern," Alec Guiness. Rated PC. 8:00 (i]B MOVIE:'Double Indemnity" Murder and life insurance enter into the picture when a blond woman plans an "accident." Fred Mac- Murray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robin- son. 1944. 9:00 4., [HBO] MOVIE: 'Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island' Daffy finds himself on a trop- ical island where the wildest dreams come true, Animated. 1983. Rated G. 10:30 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Threshold' A heart surgeon must withstand the pressure of performing the first artificial heart transplant. Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Mare Win- ningham. 1982 Rated PC. 12:00 12:30 AFTERNOON 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 lab  MOVIE: "The Maltese Falcon' Sam Spade's Dursuit of the fabulous falcon, a few murders and hard-hearted love make up this thriller. Humphrey Bogart,'Mary Astor, Syd- ney Greenstreet. lg41 [HBOJ David Bowie- Serious Moonlight This SRO special was taped at thePacific National ExhibitiOn Coliseum in VancouVer, British Col- umbia, I  MOVIE: "Not With My Wife, You Don't "- An Air Force major discovers that an old buddy =s becoming too friendly with his neg- lected wife. Tony Curtis, Virna List, George C. Scott. 1966 1:30 _4) |HBO] MOVIE: "Evil Under the Sun" Hercu|e Poirot investigates murder at an exclusive Ad- riatic Sea resort. Peter Ustinov, James Mason, Maggie Smith. 1982. Rated PC. 4:00  [-HBO} Lorax By Dr. Seuss The Lorax strug- gles to save his Truffula trees. 4:30 , [HBO} MOVIE: "Starstruck" A young Aus- tralian rock singer fabricates extravagant antics to get herself noticed. Jo Kennedy, Ross O'Donovan. 1982. Rated PC, 5:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island" Daffy finds himself on a trop- ical island where the wildest dreams come true Animated. 1983, Rated G. EVENING O Igl tB IB IB Q ti News 10 Business Report lIB  Hogan's Heroes ()  All In the Family  Dr. Who I I1 ( XlV Winter Olympic Games Today's program features me hockey, women's slalom, 4-man bobsled and the biathlon. (3 hrs, 30 rain,) 110B  Sanford and Son g PM Magazine Entertainment Tonight ( People's Court ( Informed Sources )  Jeffersons ( _ Business Report I111 Legmen Jack and David are suspected of aiding and abetting a prisoner when a man hides in their car trunk during a jail break. (60 min,) 11 Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg's nephew tries to ruin Uncle Jesse. (60 min.) ' |HBO] MOVIE: "Independence Day" An inde- pendent, talented female photographer dreams of rising above the limits of her small hometown. Kathleen Quinlan, David Keith, Frances Sternhagen. 1982. Rated R, I Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is |oined by top Washington journalists analyz- the week's news. NCAA Basketball: LSU at Alabama  Gunsmoke t  Louisiana: St. We're in I  ( Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the "aDs with a weekly review of econom=c and investment matters.  Master When a Senator's daughter is kidnapped by terrorists, the Master joins forces with an otd enemy to storm the abduc- tors" fortress. (60 rain.) ]t ID Dallas 10 American Playhouse "Popular Neurotics." Jeff Goidblum and Mimi Kennedy star in this special performance of Aubrey Wertheim's work about contemporary relationships. (60 min,) [Closed Captioned] (  Solid Gold Special Countdown '83 ( Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists ana- ing the week's news. Wild America 1 I New Show 1 Falcon Crest [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Amateur" A CIA compu- ter expert discovers that his girlfriend has been killed by terrorists. John Savage, Chris- her Plummet. 1981. Rated R. International Song Festival ( TSS Evening News  Battle for Cassino lO:OO 0 8 Ell O 0  1 News t  All In the Family ( Odd Couple MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour 10:30 i !( M*A*S*H Tonight Show XIV Winter Olympic Games Tonight's program features highlights of the day's activ- ities at the Winter Olympics from Sarajevo, oslavia. Barney Miller Dark Shadows lid  Catlins ( Bob Newhert Show 10:45 ) [HBO] David Bowie- Serious Moonlight This SRO special was taped at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum in Vancouver, British Col- umbia. 11:O0 ( i Chartle's Angels  Sanford and Son Outdoors Dr. Who 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:15 I; Nightline 10B - Night Tracks I J Starsky and Hutch (  Seeing Things t1 Soul Train ID Friday Night Videos Thicke of the Night Barney Miller I Lucy Show [HBO] Bedrooms This HBO Comedy Play- house special features four stories about love, sex and marriage 1 MOVIE: "Fall of the Iomen Empire" The son of Marcus Aurelius arranges for his father's murder and becomes emperor Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, Alec Guiness, 1964, t1 Mannix (  MOVIE: 'Time After Time' Jack the Rip- per steals a time machine and travels to 1979 with H.G. Wells in hot pursuit. Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, Mary SteenburgeP 1979 I Thicke of the Night 0 Rock Palace [HBO] MOVIE: 'Lovesick" A married psy- chiatrist falls in love with one of his patients with the same single-minded obsessiveness he observes in the people he treats, Dudley Moore, Elizabeth McGovern, Alec Guiness Rated PG I Friday Night Videos (1 Laugh-In I MOVIE: 'The Darker Side of Terror' A fully developed clone falls in love with the wife of its creator. Robert Forster, Adrienne Barbeau, John Lehne. 1979 )  Greenlight (  Maverick [HBO] MOVIE: 'Threshold" A heart surgeon must withstand the pressure of performing the first artificial heart transplant. Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Mare Win- ningham 1982. Rated PG 1 MOVIE: 'The Cassandra Crossing" A pas- senger on board a trans-Eur0pean express train is discovered to have the plague virus. Sophia Loren, Richard Harris, Ave Gardner. 1977, 11 News }  MOVIE: 'Dayton's Devils' An ex-Air Force officer trains a group of specialists in order to pull off a payroll robbery at a SAC base. Rory Calhoun, Lainie Kazan, Leslie Niel- sen. 1968. I1 MOVIE: "Tower of London' Richard the Third's rise to power in the 15th Century. Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, Barbara O'NeiL 1939. II News 10B  Night Tracks Cont'd [HBO] Lorax By Dr. Seuss The Lorax strug- gles to save his Truffula trees. SATURDAY 2/18/84 MORNING 5:00  LaVerne and Shirley [HBO] MOVIE: "The Wild Pony" The touch- ing story of an emotionally torn family brought together by a young boy's love for a ldoony. I CNN Headline News (0  TBS Morning News  Outer Limits 5:30 ] Infinity Factory I Agriculture In Louisiana 6:00 I Weather tD Dudley Do-Right 0 Captain Kangaroo ( Welcome Beck Kotter B  Between the Lines (] Jimmy Swaggart 6:30 t Lone Ranger 1 Jetsons ( [HBO] Freggle Rock Pop'n'Rocker 0 Children's Theatre la Lucy Show ( C) Romper ROOm end Friends 7:00 I 0 i Monchhichia/Little Rals/Richle Rich   " ]1 ( Flintstone Funnies ]1 I Charlie Brown & Snoopy _ [HBO] MOVIE: "The Pirates of Penzance" A band of fun-loving pirates, led by the Pirate King. is celebrating the 21st birthday of one. of their comrades, who reveals that he be- came a pirate because of a terrible mistake Kevin Kline, Rex Smith. Rated G. ( GED Series ( Starcade ( Baptist Church 7:30 O Tom & Jerry ( Shirt Tales  Saturday Suporcada I( MOVIE: "The Man From Laramie' A man sets out to avenge his brother's death and runs up aQainst a gang running guns to the Indians. James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Donald Crisp. 1955. ( Garner Ted Armstrong 7:45 ( Parlez Moi 8:00 I I New Scooby/Scrappy Doe I Smurfs 8:30 la victory Garden (  MOVIE: "Godzilla vs. Megalon" The peo- ple of Mu send their guardian, Megalon, to destroy earthbound mankind because of nu- clear testing, as Godzilla comes to earth's res- cue, 1976,  Square Foot Gardening 12:15 I Kids Corner 12:30 I1 MOVIE: To Be Announced I MOVIE: 'American Graffiti" Four friends spend their last night of excitement together , as teenagers in a small California town. Ri- 1 Dreyfuss, Ronny Howard, Paul Le Mat. ta Ali New This Old House I  Victory Garden 1:00 ]1 t1 NCAA Basketball: Virginia st Houston I House For All Seasons  Ocesnus 1:15 10B  MOVIE: "The Unforgiven' Two families feud with savage Kiowa Indians over the adopted daughter of one of the families. Au- drey Hepburn, Burr Lancaster, Lillian Gish. 1960 1130 [HBO] MOVIE: "Missing' When an American writer disappears during a military coup in Chile, his family launches a full-fledged inves- tigation. Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, John ShaM, 1982. Rated PC. New Tech Times ... MOVIE: 'The invlslole Man Returns' Ac- cused of his brother's murder, a man borrows the secret of invisibility to track down the real murderer. Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Vincent Price, Nan Grey 1940 (  Oceanus 2:00 t Making the Most of Micro  New Literacy 2:30 I B.J./Lobo Show ID I NCAA Basketball: Teams to be Announced I MOVIE: "Kung Fu Fury" I) Louisiana: St. We're In i Professional BowlersTour Today's pro- gram features the S 125,000 True Value Open from the Landmark Recreation Plaza, Peoria, IL. (90 min) (  New Literacy 3:00 I Fishing w/Roland Martin ]} Los Angeles Open Golf Coverage of the third round is presented from the Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, CA. (2 hrs.) NCAA Basketball: Mississippi at Mississippi State ( Supersoccer )  Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries  Soundstage 3:30 I Bill Dance Outdoors [HBO] HBO Theatre: "Vanities" This co- medy. filmed at the Westwood Playhouse in Los Angeles, traces the lives of three cheer- leaders 4:00 I I1  Wide World of Sports i  Six-Gun Heroes t  Fishin" w/Orlando Wilson  Kung Fu 4:30 ]1 Popi Goes the Courtry ( Lowery Real Estate (IB ( Motorweek Illustrated 5:00 ]1 Music City, U,S,A. Charlie's AngdS [HBO] MOVIE: "The Pirates of Penzance" A band of fun-loving pirates, led by the Pirate King, is celebrating the 1st birthday of one of their comrades, who reveals that he be- came a pirate because of a terrible mistake. Kevin Kline, Rex Smith. Rated G. ]1 News I Hoe Haw I Varsity Quiz IB  World Championship Wrestling ) () Wrestling  Matinee at the Bijou "Mystery Plane." 5:30 8 8 News NBC News ( Dateline .,= EVENING 6:00 I I1 ID XlV Winter Olympic Games To- - night's program features women's free pro- gram speed skating, ski jumping, men's 10,000 rheter speed skating, four-man bob- sled and cross-country skiing (4 hrs.) Louisiana Living (i Good Neighbors j Solid Gold 6:30 I PM Magazine Hollywood Squares Carter Country ta  ( Sneak Previews Co-hosts Neal Ca- bier and Jeffrey Lyons take a look at what's happening at the movies. 7:00 I I Diff'rent Strokes Mr. Drummond catches up with Maggie and they decide to get married while Arnold meets his new little brother. ( Whiz Kids ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Star Trek Ih The Wrath of Khan' The crew of the Starship Enterprise leads the wicked Khan into a lethal battle of wits, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Ri- cardo Montalban. 1982. Rated PC. ( Avengers ( MOVIE: "Behold a Pete Horse" Two men who had fought on opposite sides during the Spanish Civil War continu their conflictafter the ways end. Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, 6:45 7:00 4:15 SUNDAY 5:00 O ( CNN Headline News  News ( Outer Limits 5:15 I  Week/Review ' _.Ji 5:30  [HBO] MOVIE: "International Velvet" ],-, phaned niece of the now grown-up V comes to live with her aunt in Devon. ]r.];= O'Neal, Christopher Plummer, Anthony kins. 1978. Rated PC. B  TBS Morning News 5:45 Ell Sacred Heart 6:00 ( Weather ]1 Public Affairs O Hea!thfield ( Kid's Jamboree I  World Tomorrow ) It's Your Business 6:30 O Voting for Democracy I1 Gospel Time 1 MD-TV t Caftmito Dominical I1 Directions ( Sunday Worship Children's Theatre It Is Written ( Este es la Vide ill Goodwill ( MOVIE: "Stowaway" The daughter slain Chinese missionary stows awe' playboy's yacht. Shirley Temple, Young, Alice Faye. 1935. I Jimmy Sweggert ] World Tomorrow I Robert Schuller  ward Together Reading oL .................... I ( Cartoon Carnival  Good News America 7:15 (  Pease Pertout 7:30 I HOly Mess I That Teen Show ( Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood ( Ken Copelend 10B ( Stercade 7:45  ( Perlez Moi B.0  Dr. James Kennedy Religion Rev. Lovelady () [HBO] PeeWee Herman Show Jimmy Swagge MOVIE: "Sweet, Sweet pert desperately tries to learn the person whose telepathic powers are beautiful woman mad. Alex Drier, Powers, Pat Hingle. 1971. S Sunday Morning (I Sesame Street [Closed CaptiO ( ( Leave It to Beaver ( Blackster 8:30 Oral Roberts and You E.J. Daniel== ( Don Smith Basketball () House For All Seasons 10:30  ( Amazing Spiderman/Incredible Hulk ( Justin Wilson La. Cookin" )( Bugs Sunny Yen Can Cook 11:00 O t ABC Weekend Special 'The Dog Days of Arthur Cane.' First of 2 parts, A spoiled teenager embarks on an astonishing adven- ture when he is turned into a dog. [Closed Captioned] ) U.S. National Indoor Tennis Championship ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Playing for Time" A handful of women prisoners inside Auschwitz strug- gle against all odds to spare themselves from death, Vanessa Redgrave, Jane ALexander, Maude Adams. 1981. 1 Inside LSU Basketball Biskitts Magic of Animal Painting t)ance Fever ( Justin WilsOh La, Cookin' 11:30 O   XlV Winter Olympic Games Today's program features women's free program fi- gure skating, 90 meter ski jumping, men's 10,000 meter speed skating, four-man bob- sled snd women's cross-country skiing. (3 hrs.) ]1 Black Gold IO Thundarr I Benji/Zex/Alien Prince t0B Calligraphy w/Ken Brown ) @ Gilligen's Island  Gourmet Cooking 11:45 1  MOVIE: 'Strike Force' A New York City police detective teams up with a Federal agent and a state trooper to crack a narcotics ring. Richard Gere, Cliff Gormsn, Donald Blakely. 1975. , AFTERNO()N 12:00  Noon Report America's Top Ten tD Wrestling  Motorweek Omar Sharif. 1964. ( 700 Club   Fame ( ( Andy Griffith   Understanding Human Behav.  ( Nature of Things i (]) Johnny Quest I  Pac-Man/Rubik Cube Hour 7:30   Silver Spoons When Grandfather Strat- 9: Kidding Around Dungeons and Dragons Expect Miracle  Wildlife Woodcarvers ( Understanding Human Behev. 9:00 ]1 t Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Star Trek Ih The Wrath of Khan" The crew of the Starship Enterprise leads the wicked Khan into a lethal battle of wits. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Ri- cardo Montalban. 1982, Rated PG  Ftght Back () Reaching Out () Personal Finance 9:30 ( ID I Littles 8 8 Alvin & the Chipmunks Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show t Yen Can Cook t MOVIE: "Thunder Bey. Oil prospecto/s battle shrimp fishermen when off-shore drill- ing interferes with the fishin. community. James Stewart, Jeanne Dru, Gdbert Rolbnd. 1953. ( Personal Finance 10:00 I I I Puppy/Sooby Doe Show t( Mr.T Popeye & Pals Great Chefs/San Francisco 8:00 ton and Ricky go deerhunting, Ricky finds out that it's depressing to kill an animal. I We Got ltMade Micke discovers a baby left on her doorstep. I I Airwolf (0 Dr, Who Movie (] NCAA Basketbalh Tulene at New Orleans () American Playhouse "Popular Neurot- ics." Jeff Goldblum and Mimi Kennedy star in this special performance of Aubrey Werth- elm's work about contemporary relationships. 0 min.) [Closed Captioned] 8:30 ( Mama's Family Mama runs for mayor, 9:00  I Yellow Rose Chance, Roy snd Quisto come to the rescue after they discover that L,C:Champion has been kidnapped. (60 min.) 1 ( Mickey Spiltane's Mike Hammer After s young singer friend of Mike Hammer's is found dead of an overdose, he breaks into a drug investigation to defend her memory. (60 rain.) ( [HBO] Not Necessarily The News B (1 By the Sea 9:30 (: [HaO] Billy Crystal -A Comic's Line I Monty Python Flying Circus ( ( TBS Evening News 10:00  1 110 O t t News   Fewlty Towers ,, ( ( Unknown War ( At The Movies 10:30  I= ( XIV Winter Olympic Games To- night's program features highlights of the day's activities at the Winter Olympics from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.  Dance Fever M-AOSOH [HBO] MOVIE: "Fighting Sack" A devoted family man organizes a neighborhood patrol in his community to fight crime Tom Skerritt, Patti LuPone, Michael Sarrazin. 1982. Rated R, Saturday Night Live Virgil Ward Fishing t MOVIE: "Varan he Unbelievable" Experi- ments with a chemical unleash pro-historic monster which cannot be destroyed with modern weapons. Myron Healey, Tsurko Ko- bayashi. 1962 ( Benny Hill Show 11:00  MOVIE: 'Mr, Billion" An Italian auto me- chanic inherits e fortune but crooks are determined to keep him from collecting it. Ter- ence Hill, Valerie Perrine, Jackie Glesson. 1977. i Soul Train Video Trax MOVIE: "King Creole" A delinquent be- comes a singing star in New Orleans and gets involved with gangsters. Elvis Presley, Csro- Jones, Dean Jagger. 1958. Rex Humrd Mid-South Wrestling  Night Tracks Wrestling 11:30 MOVIE: "Boy Who Cried Werewolf" A young boy insists he keeps seeing a werewolf - his father. Kerwin Matthews, Elaine Oevry. 1973.  Sunday Mornin 9 [HBO] MOVIE: "T.A.G. - Tie Amsain.i Game' An innocent game of killerS-=' becomes real. Robert csr victims suddenly dine. Rated PC. E Real to Reel  Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] Methodist Hour  Good News ( I Dream of Jeannle .  ( Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood 9:30 IBI Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 1 World Wide Church/God Taking Advantage MOVIE: "Drecule vs. Frankenstein" Dracula digs up the Frankenstein and helps old Dr. Frankenstein revive it in change for blood serum. J. Carrel Chaney, Russ Tamblyn. 1971. | Miracle 0 Expect a t Jerry Felwell (  MOVIE: 'El Cid" The legendary spa hero fights to free his country from for| invaders and win the love of his led:j, ! Chartton Heston, Sophia Loren, Rsf I 1962.  Gilligen's Island ( ( Electric Company 10:00 O This Week with David Brinkley This is the Life Louisiana Living _el I James Robleon  MOVIE: 'Wily to the Stars" A flyer fsll.=4 love, but honestly believes that he has no ri(tt| to merry during wartime, Michael Regr| John Mills, Rosamund John. 1946 | ( Wild, Wild WeSt ( Adventures in Photography 10:30  Church Service First Baptist Church ( [HBO] Freggle Reck I Wall Street Journal Larry Jones Ministry ( MOVIE: "Sornething to Sing bsndleader in New York becomes a Hollywood, where Galore Pictures attemptt_ | mold snd polish the reluctant star. Jl!:! CaRney, Evelyn Dew, William Frawley. 1.'I 1 I:OO aO m xlv Winter Om.e,,-. Ti | program features men's slalom Alpine SKII'; | ice hockey plsyoffs, figure tkating, mlrl cross-country skiing and the closing cars ies. (5 hrs.) | 1 t Daytona 500 Coverage of the 26th r%=| ning of the NASCAR 0aytona 00 | presented from the Daytona Intarnatim'| Speedway, Daytona Beach, FL (3 hrs., | rain.) _ N | ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Strokerthe Ace" withA rsca --'  driver schemes to even score _i niving corporate kingpin Burt Reynolds, L Anderson, 1983. Rated PC. - Newsmekers ( MOVIE: "Abbott and Co4lio Meet Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Two American ricers studying London police methods, a search for a monster terrorizing I World Tomorrow 12:00  Saturday Night Live - ' . I America Rocks t Jimmy Swaggsrt ( NBA Basketball: Cincinnati 12:15 () [HBO] MOVIE: "Missing" When writer disappears during s military Chile, his family launches a full-fledge tigation. Jack Lemmon, Sissy Shea. 1982. Rated PC. 12:30 ( Entertainment This Week 1:30 I MOVIE: "Eeg'le end the Hawk" TwoN can lawmen discover a plot to oust Ju Napoleon's Maximilian can become EI of Mexico, John Payne, Rhonda FI 1950. I MOVIE: "Sudden Terror" An 11-yl, daydreamer living on a Mediterraneannill witnesses a political assesination but. co.,v,nce his family he's telling the truth. Lester, Lionel Jeffries, Susan George. 1 I Hoe Haw 2:00 I Movie Cont'd (] MOVIE: "Monster on the Cam sciilinti:toak::rthodbLOnd of an anci " ye turns into a .- beast. Arthur Franz, Joanna Moore, J Pratt. 1958 2:15  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Star Trek Ih The Wr Khan' The crew of the Starship En leads the wicked Khan into a lethal bst wits. William Shatner, Leonard NimOy, cardo Montalban. 1982. Rated PC. 3:15  MOVIE: "Dogpound Shuffle" A drifter an ex-prizefighter get together to save s dog from the pound. Ron Moody, David S 1975.  MOVIE: "At Gunpoint" A store who killed an outlaw during a robbery, himself a target for revenge bythe dead t brother Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Mal0 Walter Brennan. 1955. 3:30 ] News 4:00 ] MOVIE: "Moonlight Sonata' The fa  pianist/composer, Paderewski, plays hind in this romantic story behind his comiC. the "Moonlight Sonata." Charles Farm, all, nace Paderewski. 1938 [HgO} Billy Crystal -A Comic's Line