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February 23, 2017     The Ponchatoula Times
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February 23, 2017

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THE TIMES, FEBRUARY 23, 2017, 2016 PAGE 8 Queens Essa [I YROM PAGE ONI at to eat By PROF, R&NDO]hPH M,D, Phb (EDITOR~S NOT~i Loti~iifie i~eflieal columttist for ~h~ Ttt~, the author is at] accomplished sur~eoii~ m~tlical iiiVetitO~, and COttflti-y ~ttst~ reco~itag artist. Dr. How~t~ ~w up off his p~reflts' ~ta~lta~otd~t ~tr~iW, berry farm. He is a gradtlat~ Of St. J~ph, Potl~iatotlla i4i~h School Southeastern, Tulane - tWO do~to~tte~, tb]lv~ed by a resifletiCy, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in plastic sti,mry. He s~ys he i~ "retired" n0w I. Kentwv~xi. The doctors c~hlmn appears on facebovk,cvm/thep0nchatou- latimes and on fhceb0ok,corMtheindependencetimes, It is also available online at ponchatoula,com/ptimes) Millions of American8 are diagnosed with a painful form of arthritis commonly known as gout, which is likely tied to the national obesity epidemic. Rising rates of both obe- sity and high blood pressure appear to account for most of the increase in gout. In a recent study, more than 21 percent of men and women had high uric acid levels, versus only three percent in the 1988-94 surveys. So, what can we do to curtail the ever-increasing risk of being a victim of gout? Studies have shown that consuming certain types of food can bring ona gout at- tack. Dr. Howes Substances known as pu- processed foods and refined tines are present in foods, carbohydrates. which can be turned into Contrary to popular be- uric acid in the body. Foods lief, fasting is not effective high in purines increase the in preventing gout. Instead, risk of a person develop- it can actually increase the ing gout. Certain food and chances of an attack and drink, such as alcohol and red meat, can trigger a gout attack. With too much uric acid, crystals can form in the joints, causing severe pain, tenderness, redness, and inflammation. Gout most commonly affects men, but also women who have been through menopause. A gout "attack" can come on sud- should be avoided. A healthful diet for peo- ple with gout should include all the food groups. Foods such as low-fat dairy, Veg- etables, whole grains, and nuts help reduce the levels of uric acid. the piee of paper it was wtittefi om bat this did riot t0p hee; She prfieticiiig medieitt {Jo, htmbtts Ohio, Duritig her medical p aettee, Mary ~0ntitlti~d h~t t~fl~h~ti- tional fashion, wea ng "bloomers" and what was then known as "American Dress Reform" (Mikaelian, Allen). Mary was a strong independent woman who was not going to let so- ciety dictate her choices. She was once quoted as saying "nobody would ever know what she had to go through just to step out the door each morning." (Arkin). In 1861, the Civil War began. Feeling she could be useful to the war ef- fort, Dr. Walker rushed to Washington, D.C. to join the Union Army as a commissioned surgeon. She was quickly denied based on her gender, but this did not stop her. Mary volunteered, bringing her skills to serve at the First Battle of Bull Run where she would accompany the wounded to the Patent Of- fice Hospital in Washing- ton, D.C. She then worked as an unpaid field surgeon near the front lines of the Bat- tle of Fredericksburg and in Chattanooga after the This is important, as Battle ofChickamauga. studies have shown that Mary served in the field gout increases the risk of while wearing her centre- heart problems developing. "versial attire of a union of- Dr. Walker was assigned to practice in Louisville, Kentucky at a woman's pti$0n, then later at an orphanage in Clarksville, nno see, On November !1, 1805, upon recommenda- tion of Oeneral Sherman and Thomas, Dr. Walker was awarded the Medal of Honor for her patriotic zeal in caring for sick and wounded soldiers, being a prisoner of war, and her many acts of bravery (Mi- kaehan, Allen). In 1917 her medal was rescinded along with 910 others de- scribed as being under un- usual terms. Dr. Walker refused to return her med- al and wore it proudly ev- ery day till her death. On June 10, 1977, President Jimmy Carter officially re- stored her Medal of Honor (U. S. Army Center of Mil- itary History). After the war, due to health reasons, Mary turned her focus to other endeavors. She became a paid speaker and strong voice, for women's rights, dress reform, and health- care. She he ped organize the Woman's Suffrage As- sociation of Ohio. In 1890, Dr. Walker entered into politics, declaring herself a candidate for congress in Oswego and later cam- paigning for a U. S. Senate seat in 1891. She did this all while wearing "men's" clothing, which now in- Michael Watkins Promoted to Chief Operating Officer of North Oaks Health System Michael Watkins of Hammond has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of North Oaks Health Sys- ,tern. ' qith more than three decades of management and leadership experience, Michael is well-equipped to oversee business operations of our health system," asserts North Oaks President/Chief Executive Officer Michele Kidd Sutton, FACHE WilY" FOOTLONG denly. Attacks can last for Here are foods that are ficer's uniform, pants and cluded a bow tie and top NOW THREE Locations to serve yOU anything frm ne day t recmmended: lw'fat dairy a surgen s green sash" hat" Dr" Walker' bY nw' /~ ~i/l 10 days. Certain medica- products- such as yogurt,She let it be known thathad been arrested ,several tions can be used as treat- cottagecheese;wholegrains; ment to relieve symptoms eggs; some lean meats such dresses were restmctmg," times.for so called,, imper-. and reduce uric acid levels, as chicken - approximately unsanitary and were justsonatlng a man - to this, she just laughed (M kael Another form of treatmenttwo ounces per day; somenot practical. In 1863, Dr. " " " Owners- Gary & Paige Brown is to make dietary changes fruits that are low in fruc- Mary Edwards Walker be- ian, Allen). to help prevent further at. tose,- strawberries and came the first female sur.On February 21, 1919, j~~j tacks, cherries; vegetables -a diet geon employed by the U.S. Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Now, for the bad news. rich in vegetables is good, Surgeon and was later ap- .passed away at the age of It is recommended to. such as spinach, mush- pointed assistant surgeon 86. She is buried in Ca- avoid the following foods: rooms: asparagus, and cau- ofthe52nd Ohio Infantry.(wego, New York and. in Alcohol, especially beer and liflower; vegetable oils such Dr. Walker worked under , true Mary Edwards Walk- hard liquor; Red meat andas olive, canola, sunflower; treacherous conditions, ~ter fas.hmn she was.!ald?o ~j ie[Cai i organ meat such as liver coffee; and water - at least witnessing death and de- ! res~ in a OmCK SUm ~ne or kidneys, which are high eight glasses per day. spair in her efforts to save has since had many hen- in saturated fat; Seafood In the America that I every life she could. A true ors bestowed upon her. such as lobster, shrimp,love, our main goal is to de- patriot and physician, en- Her life of sacrifice and :-ii S0n C I| sardines, anchovies, tuna, velop lifelong healthful eat- emy lines meant nothing service are memorialized i Loss Progranls H II trout, mackerel, and had- ing habits and rely on medi- to her. She often crossed on a U. S. postage stamp, foodsdCk; Sugary drinks and cations only when needed.high in fructose; and them' nt nly t treat buildings' fundatins and ~-- n Union soldiers but Con- even a war ship. ] federate soldiers and civil- Dr. Walker was a sur' [[ i Ill 1] CV, [ 1] C.ians as well (Walker). geon, alleged spy, prisoner On April l0,1864, while of war, Medal of Honor Celebra 'ngo er lOO years of ser @e to TangipahoaParish deep in enemy territory recipient, and activist for i:)u Fltness Classes Include: II Dr, Walker was captured womans rights. She is an S Bver Sneakers, Yoga, n and imprisoned by Con-inspiration to all women. ' federate troops, accusedof She proved it is possible Sp|R, Sp|nll being a spy.-She was sent that hard work and per- / Saton services now avaitabie [I to Castle Thunder, a Con- severance can change the URS I federate military prisonminds of others and, in . 7 DAYS A WEEK I in Richmond, Virginia. turn, change the world, While there, Dr. Walkermaking it a better p!ace, t330 51 North ]] witnessed the deplor- (Queen Mollie O Mally (Veterans Avenue) ]l able conditions and care is a senior attending Pen, Ponchatoula, LA II of the prisoners. She suf- chatoula High School) oos]3ee eno7 II fered weight loss and de- www.Pon hatOUlSfitness.com - II I 121 West Plne--Ponchatoula I teriorating eyesight dueto Michael To llon Owner/Operator ][ 985-386-3511 malnutrition. Four month tutus tax wlth thfs ack~e: restrictions appty. U later, she was released. OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK p,- Hours of operation: M-F 8AM - 6:30PM SAT 8AM - 3PM Closed on Sunday Mon. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. - I p.m. She returned to the 52nd Ohio and was finally con- tracted and commissioned as an assistant surgeon. Whdie you hum you're a friend & VETERINARIAN INDING AVAILABLE! Fill Your ~E HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU. Prescription Cholesterol Testing Monthly Diabetes Supplies FRE, EDELIVERY Immunizations :. : Compounding of Home Health Products * Diabetic Supplies our gift selection d Shop local, Come by and get to know us/ , Specialty Prescription COMPOUNDING . Vaccinations [Including Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles] * Order Wellness Supplements Online , Photo Kiosk [digital pictures In seconds] Dr, Comfort Diabetic 8hoes .:Ddve-Thru 8ervlce * FREE LOCAL DELIVERY i