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February 27, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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February 27, 1986

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HENRY VIII "The Catholic king who drove Catholicism from England" PART TWO At the death of the Duke of Buckingham, a German Augustinian friar was nailing 95 theses to the cathedral church door at Wittenberg (now a number of historians now claim he did not). Father Martin Luther&apos;s theses were written in Latin and, despite what some historians claim, did not stir up the faithful, as most of them were illiterate not only in Latin but in their native German. Luther followed up the 95 theses with three tracts: "'The Freedom of a Christian man; .... The Appeal of the Nobility of the German Nation." and thirdly: "'The Babylonian Captivity of the Church of God:" all published ira the summer of 1520, These three tracts were a direct challenge to the papacy and a repudiation of Luther's priestly vows. Yet he remained in the church with no thought of quitting it. His challenges were not only a threat to papal authority but to all the reigning monarchs, including England's Henry Eighth Their alarm was strengthened by the German peasent revolt in 1525 pitting peasent against peers. resulting in one of the bloodiest revolutions in history+ The pope now excommunicated Luther, who retailiated by burning the Papal Bull in a Wittenburg bonfire to cheers. Luther's books were burned in London and Henry authored a book. "The Assertion of the Seven Sacraments" July 1521 in defense of Catholicism The term "Roman Catholicism" was dreamt up by Lutherans who thought themselves the true Catholic Church The Protestants to this day don't believe Henry wrote the book, contrary to all evidence. The grateful pope bestowed the title "'Defender of the Faith," still carried down to the present Queen Elizabeth II, titular head of the Church of England. The chief occupation of the royalty and the aristocracy was war so it was no surprise that France and Spain were soon at one another's throats, Henry and Wolsey launched "The Great Enterprise," Mary. daughter of Henry, would break her bethrothal to the French dauphin (crown prince) and Charles V would marry her, And both Spain and England would defeat France. In the end Charles and Mary would reign together as king and queen of England. France, Spain and the empire. If you want to get real dizzy read the negotiations at the Conference of Calais between England, France and Spain with all its intrigues and double dealings. culminating in the death of Pope Leo X and the election of the non-Roman Cardinal Adrian, Charles V's former tutor, the last non-ltalian pope until the election of Polish pope John Paul II in this century. May 23, 1522 Charles left Brussels to Calais across to Dover with his huge fleet and army on the way back to Spain. Henry now sent a herald to Francis declaring war on France. The herald returned in time to see the great parade through London town lead + by the two kings. Then they played tennis and attended mass at St, Pauls and Westminister (West Monastary) in London. Henry at Windsor installed Charles as a Knight of the Garter. July 6. 1522 Charles. in a great array, sailed for home, In the ensuing war with France an English army using scorched earth tactics marched within sixty miles of Paris but had to retreat to Calais due to winter. Surrey invaded Scotland, Charles V Italy, and the Bourbons captured Francis I and held him prisoner for a year. In February 1525 Praet. Charles V's ambassador to London was seized and his dispatches to Madrid were opened and read, breaking the law of diplomatic immunity. This hoodlum action antagonized all the governments, both friendly and those at war with England and burned Henry so badly he never repeated it again. Luther wrote a diatribe against Henry VIII so villifying that the king protested to the Duke of Saxony who was Luther's protector. Sir Thomas Moore answered by getting into the gutter with Luther and throwing the muck back at him. Wolsey seized all the Venetian galleys in England forcing Venice out of the war, September 1523 Pope Adrian died and Henry tried to make Wolsey pope but failed, Cardinal Medici was elected Clement VII. Charles broke his engagement to Mary in January 1526. France and Spain signed a peace treaty and in March Francis was released from prison. Henry blamed Wolsey for everything that went wrong and surprisingly the chumps believed him City Council pagses ordinance '+ requiring "special event" permit By EDDIE PONDS Times Reporter During a special city council meeting last night, no one showed up to speak for or against a proposed ordinance to sell a portion of city property to Tangi- pahoa Parish School Board. Likewise no one spoke for or against a special Event Permit Ordinance. Without discussion the City Council unanimously adopted Ordinance 368. authorizing the sale of property to Tangipahoa Parish School Board. Councilman Fitzmorris' moved successfully that the ordinance take effect immediately "This would allow the contractors to start immediately." Councilman-At- Large Julie Dufreche said. With very little discussion the council also adopted Ordinance Number 369 governing special event permits. The ordinance was introduced by Councilman Fitzmorris, "to promote peace and harmony between the straw- berry festival board and other boards governing special events.'" According to the ordinance "special events" include the Ponchatoula Straw* berry Festival. and all parades and similar public events. It states that every "person, firm, organization, corporation, charitable organization, association or group or any non-profit organization or group or any individual shall, prior to conducting any such special event or selling any product or services and/or prior to selling, donating, displaying or adver- tising any item or any service of any kind whatsoever within the city limits of the City of Ponchatoula shall secure a permit from the city. "No such permit shall be granted to any person, firm, organization or cor- poration that intends to sell or display or have any other events on the public sidewalks or on other public property unless such person, firm. organization or corporation is a charitable or non- profit corporation domiciled within the city limits of the City of Ponchatoula or unless said such person, firm. organiza- tion or corporation is in possession of a valid and current itinerate vendor's permit." Mayor Charles Gideon said the permit would serve to "'keep us on notice at City Hall of what events are being planned." Hudson endorsed by parish Dems Harmond Schilling, Chairman of The Tangipahoa Parish Democratic Execu- tive Committee announced the endorsement of State Senator Thomas H. Hudson in his race for Congress from Louisiana's Sixth District. The motion was made by Tom Anderson of Hammond and was seconded by Jesse McClendon of Amite, Hudson was endorsed unanimously to succeed Henson Moore who will vacate his seat to run for the United States Senate. Upon the endorsement Hudson stated that he was proud to receive the endorsement and appreciated the confi- dence which the executive committee placed in him. "I pledge to run an aggressive campaign which is based on the issues," said Hudson. "Louisiana faces too many critical issues which must be solved quickly and must avoid the politics of the past which so often has resulted in factual distortions and personality attacks." "'To be the only non-incumbent Democrat endorsed by the United States Chamber of Commerce and to receive the backing of the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee" and the Tangipahoa Parish Executive Committee acids to the campaign's growing momentum and certainly increases our optimism.'" Local, man booked on sexual battery Sheriff's Report Arrested on the sexual battery charge was Warren Batiste, 37, 148 Campo St., Ponchatoula. According to reports, Batiste is accused of sexual battery on a three-year-old girl, the daughter of an acquaintance who lives in Ponchatoula also. The child was examined at Seventh Ward Hospital and evidence of possible battery was sent to the state crime lab for analysis, according to arresting deputy Kelly Gideon and detective Kerry Dangerfield Gideon arrested the suspect at Ponchatoula Police Station facilities where he was being interviewed about the situation as called in by the girl- friend, He was arrested at about 12:05 a.m+ Saturday. THE PONCHATOULA TIMES, FEBRUARY 27, 1986, PAGE TI ; Copyright IF/m  An. Original History by Bernard Vincent McMah00 "-.,, Henry. #iow peace was restored, decided to Steak the French-Scottish Mkance over the violent objections of his sister Margaret Queen of Scent!and Also she was angry at his lieutenant. Surrey. for smashing up her country: Surreu was made Duke of Norfolk by Henry, Her husband the King Angus captured Edinburgh and agreed to a year's truce But at the end of the truce hebega:fightintheStewarts and Earl Lennox In 1526 he captured the 14year old JamesV. making Angus the ruier of Scotland Margaret retaliated by appl. !ng for a di orce from him in the papal court at home Luthernism was now permeating England. part',cu!arly in the un:versities that were the Catholic seminaries in the Middle Ayes Wilham Tyndale. an ex- Cambridge seminarian converted secretly to Lutheranism and fled to Germany when the authorities wised up to him. Here he translated he new testement into English with margin notes showing, in his view the errors of the Catholic Church His obiect he said was to make the common folk knowledgeable of the Bible by reading it As most of the dear common folk ere illiterate and staved that a.' until the Labor government built schools after Wrid War One and made English children attend them. his p,.+gect was very arnbiti,us His book was smuggledint+ England by Lutheran merchants, much to the wrath f King Henry VIII September 1. 1525 Luther wrote Henrt' ap(qogzmg for the book he wrote against him. Henry waited a year and thet r<>te a long ]etter blasting Luther's religious beliefs, particulariy his marrying ap, ex nun without dispensation Henry's high taxes to pay for the French War. here he did not gain a foot of ground, was causing grumbling. His extravagm/a., at court and his unpaid ioans to his allies was depleting the treasury. Next he dreamt up the -Amicable Grant" wherein the citizens would donate money free'.v ,'o hm Wolsey :opped it ,+ff by suppressing 22 monastaries to pay for a new c+!]ege at Oxford {_]mversitv cal!_'d Cardinal College. The monastaries were use,.! as ;noteN for travelers, piacu.- fr worship, and acted as landlords to surrounding farm tenauts a very reas,uable rents. English historians refer to them as d,_,u> ,ff imqu',tv fLti <,." vce a."d corruption. Yet they can't explain the revoh of the people against th,'ir suppression. Henry VIII. having no male heir. he called hi.., six year old bastard son t(, (, urt and in rapid succession made him: Earl of Nottingham. Duke of Richm(md and Somerset, and finally. Lord President of the C+4mci! of the North His new mistress was Mary Boleyn who had a sister Anne B,>th girls and their m,ther were said to be mistresses of Henry VIII Henry said it was true of the sisters but not of their mother. The turks marched on Budapest and slaughtered its inhabitants and Charles V mercenaries from his Lutheran provinces sacked Rome All the time Henry did nothing, He started divorce proceedings against hi.-, Queen Catherine ,m the grounds their marriage of eighteen years and their child Mary was null arrd ,.od. (May 1527) Anne Bolevn. age nineteen, according To historims sympathetic to '" -[-tenry refused to become his mistress until he married her As she and her si ,Mary had been ladies-in-waiting in both the French atd English royal courts free love ,.,.:as rampant, this is unbe]ievab'+e Protestant historians citing Catholic h;storians claim W,]sey was to blame ] the divorce bm at the trim at Black Friars Henry' testified k:oise<' went on his kn to beg Henry not to divorce Catherine This could be Anne Boleyn basis f()rt" consuming hatred of Cardinal Wolsey To marry Catherine the widow of his brother Arthur required a pa dispensation from canon (church) law and was granted m 1503 by Pope Juliu[ Ra, The Bibles were gotten out and the Book of Leviticus <.as cited "If a man s Pro take hs ..... brother's w+f it i an impur..tv ..... for) he hath ucovered hs br)th T-s nakedness, they shall be chudless" This was cnumradicted by the Book{ A Deuteronmv: XA, hen bretern dwell together, and(0fthemdiethithoutciildr A-" P!ease do not come to blows i: Re to be continued 1,1 NOW OPEN Trend Setters Hair Salon No Appointment Necessary UNISEX Owned and Operated by Debra Dillon & Pam Majest. 155 S. Sixth St. Ponchatoula's 125th Birthday I I II a time for beards ' I GOOD TNRU 6" ALUMINUM LADDER 249 2401040 7" LANDSCAPE TIMBERS 19 Great for the yard. Long alsting. Resists decay and fungus. 7 foot, Good for underground use and fence ost. TREATED LATTICE 99 710340 LAWN RAKE 9 Staff Report A cookbook and a beard growing contest are two of the events recently developed by the committee working on Ponchatoula's 125th Birthday Cele- bration. Mrs. Betty Stewart has been named as the citizen in charge of publicity for the event, set for September 19-27. Night.ly historic4] extravagarzas are planned for the nights of September 22- 27. A large parade is scheduled for September 27. Members of the committee headed by Melvin Allen D.D.S. include: Mrs, Stewart, Mrs. Jeanne Zaleski. Mrs. Cindy Newton and Mrs+ Johanna Daigle. Advising the committee is a repre- sentative of the John B. Rogers Company, which stages "community extravaganzas" across the nation and produced Ponchatoula's Centennial celebration 25 years ago. Those who remember the Centennial celebration remember the beard growing contet which involved so many area men. The Gideon admini- stration which is heavily backing the 125th celebration, is apparently relying on the pleasant memories of that contest to help launch the 125th birth- day celebration. The official starting date for growing beards, according to members of the committee, will be June 19. St. Joseph tuition hits big families, others Staff Report St. Joseph School tuition has been raised for the coming school year to $85 per student, registration fees have been doubled to $100 per child, the book fee has been doubled to $100 per child, parishioners learned from their church bulletin Sunday. The discounts previously extended to families with more than one child in school have been ended and each child must pay full fees and tuition. Tuition has been set at $110 per child for out-of-parish students and at $130 per child for non-Catholic students. The school year is figured on a ten month basis. The church bulletin stated the increase was instituted to pay for teachers' salaries. Parents are organizing a meeting at the school in response to the announcement Sunday. In related news. the age cutoff date for incoming five-year-old Kindergarten students and for incoming six-year-old first graders was moved up to November 1 for the 1986-87 school year. 386-7716 B TREATED LUMBER 8" 10" 12" 1.39 1.79 2.1 9 2.$4 2.99 3.79 GALVANIZED CORRUGATED ROOFING SIDING 00379 12S,9 679 All panels hove 2 %" corrugations. 29 gauge, 26" widtl' HO. 2 GRADE YELLOW PINE PRE.CUT STUDS 95 BEIGE CARPET with foam back 99 sq. yd. PAINTER'S LATEX CAULKING 2458090 READY MiX CONCRETE 199 80 Ibs. CLAW NAMMER 89 Red fiberglass handle with black cushion grip + Permabond head Polished head, bell face