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February 27, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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February 27, 1986

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JUSTICE ON TRIAL -- Beau Bridges (left) puts the criminal-justice system on trial in order to defend Robert Preston (right), who stands accused of killing the man who mur- dered his daughter. Linda Purl, who plays Bridges' girlfriend, looks on. "Outrage" airs Sunday, March 2, on CBS. THURSDAY 2/27/86 5:00 7:00 9:05 10:00 11:00 J 12:05 MORNING C4) {HBO] Rumpelstiltskin A beautiful queen must outsmart an evil wizard or give up her first-born son. i4] [HBO] MOVIE: 'Passage to India" (CC) A young woman and an Indian doctor defy Indian customs and the ramifications lead to turmoil. Judy Davis, Peggy Ashcroft, Alec Guinness 1984 Rated PG. (l !7! MOVIE: "Murder in Texas" Part 2 of 2 Based on a true story, Dr. John Hill, a Houston plastic surgeon, is accused of murdering his first wife, the daughter of a wealthy oilman. Farrah Fawcett. Sam Elliott, Katherine Ross 1981 (4i [HBO] Son of the Not-So.Great Moments in Sports Interviews and film clips illustrate some of the most unusuat momentS.in sports. (60 rain) C4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Empire Strikes Back' (CC) While Han Solo and Princess Leia enlist the help of Lando Calrissian to battle the evil em- pire, Luke Skywalker is instructed by the mystical Jedi teacher Yoda. Mark Hamill, Har- rison Ford, Carrie Fisher. 1980. Rated PG. AFTERNOON C7- MOVIE: "The Rover" A pirate rescues a young woman from a revolutionary mob. An- thony Quinn, Rosanna Schiaffino, Rita Hay- worth. 1967. 1:30 4 IHBO} MOVIE: 'Splash" (CC) When a disen- chanted businessman falls in love with a mermaid, he must battle scientists and the media to preserve her. Tom Hanks, Daryl Han- nah. John Candy. 1984. Rated PG. 3:30 (.4 {HBO| Rumpelstiltskin A beautiful queen must outsmart an evil wizard or give up her first-born son. 5:00 C IH80] MOVIE: "Harry and Son" A father and son try to salvage their relationship. Paul Newman, Robby Benson, Joanne Woodward. 1984 Rated PG. 6:00 6:05 6:30 8:35 7:00 7:05 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 EVENING O 8 B O  News ( NewsCenter I Newsline 9 (0 Jeff's Collie I  Jeffersons (  Lassie ( / Mary Tyler Moore  Entertainment Tonight Sanford and Son Wheel of Fortune New Newlywed Game i World of Survival () Newlywed Game ( - Barney Miller (B 0 Nightly Business Report I ._7-. Sanford and Son O  ({ Ripiey's Believe It or Notl (CC) See machines that obey the human voice, learn about an artist who transformed his car with light bulbs, and witness a dog that water skis. 60 rain.) (R). Cosby Show In Stereo. Magnum, P,I. Magnum must catch a cat burglar when he takes a job as a hotel detec- tive. (60 rain.) (R), '_4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Empire Strikes Back" (CC) While Han Solo and Princess Leia enlist the help of Lando Calrissian to battle the evil em- pire, Luke Skywalker is instructed by the mystical Jedi teacher Yoda Mark Hamill, Har. rison Ford, Carrie Fisher. 1980. Rated PG (D National Geographic (CC) 1C To Be Announced (  Wild America: Cutthroat Underwater filming exposes the spawning ritual of the cutthroat trout. (]B L--_ MOVIE: "The Glass House" This story is about a power struggle among the inmates of a state prison. Vic Morrow, Alan Alda, Billy Dee Williams. 1972. O  You Again A father's life is turned upside-down when his 17-year-old son moves in with him after several years" separation. flf Wilderness (I ( The Colbys (CC) A bygone indiscre- tion made public in court causes quite a shock in the Colby clan, changing Jeff's life forever. (60 min.) ]D (1 Cheers Carla decides to team with her sleazy ex-husband in an effort to win a dance contest. In Stereo. O g MOVIE: "Kojak: The Belarus File' Kojak encounters federal roadblocks while investi- gating the murders of several elderly Russian emigres in New York, Telly Savalas, Suzanne Pleshette, Max Von Sydow 1985. ( Mystery: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes seek.=,,: New Orleans et Memphis State  Northern Ireland: At the Edge of the Union This documentary takes a microcosmic view of the tensions in Northern Ireland. (60 ,,,;tn Night Court When Harry's childhood idol is hauled into court, Harry sets out to re- habilitate him. In Stereo. ttD 20/20 (CC) HIIi Street Blues LaRue finds a courier's satchel full of cash, 8untz appears on a TV courtroom drama, and another cop on the hill eis down. (60 rain.) In Stereo. OVIE: "The Secret Weapon" Holmes com- bats Professor Moriarty who has kidnapped the inventor of a new bombsight. Basil Rath- bone, Nigel Bruce, Lionel Atwill. 1942. IB :7) MOVIE: "Operation Pacific' A WWll submarine commander sacrifices everything for his crew and his ship. John Wayne, Patri- cia Neal, Ward Bond. 1951. :1) Heritage: Civilization and the Jews: Roads from the Ghetto (CC) The struggle for Jewish emancipation is examined during the period of the Industrial and French Revolu- tions. (60 min ) 9:15 (4 [HBO} Son of the Not-So-Great Moments in Sports Interviews and film clips illustrate some of the most unusual moments in sports. (75 min.) 9:30 ( 9] Benny Hill Show 10:00 (  ] e () News NewsCenter Newsline 9  Jeffersons ( _ Dad's Army 10:30  MAS*H .... ]  The Tonight Show Tomght's guests are Garry Shandling and Jason Bateman (60 rain.) In Stereo. -4 {HBO] MOVIE: 'Mischief" (CC) A nard with a hopeless crush on a popular girl gets lessons in being cool. Doug McKeon, Chris Nash. Rated R (1 Benson Barney Miller Nightly Business Report ( Jeffersons )  Quincy !-. Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35 ILl MoA*SOH 11:00 ( Bonanza O Sanford and Son College Basketball: Kentucky at Tennes- see I MOVIE: 'Brigadoon" Two Americans come across a little village in the Scottish highlands that comes alive one day every 100 years Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, Cyd Charisse t954. I) ABC News Nightline 11:05 (D Trapper John, M.D. 11:20 (0B L7+-_ MOVIE: 'The Nanny' A disturbed child and his strange nanny blame each other for the death of his sister. Bette Davis, Wendy Craig, Pamela Franklin 1965 11:30 ]1 Entertainment Tonight Interview with Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner of 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King'. (1 Love Boat ( ABC News Nightline l Eye on Hollywood (. MOVIE: 'The Man" Based on Irving Wal- lace's novel about a black senator who as- cends to the Presidency of the United States through a fluke. James Earl Jones, Martin Bal- sam, Burgess Meredith. 1971. 12:00 ( The Rockford Files ]1 Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's est is Bo Diddley, (60 min,) In Stereo. Mannix 12:05 ]t It Takes a Thief 12:15 CZ], [HBO] MOVIE: 'Songwriter" (CC) A country songwriter gives his creations to his buddy on the sly. Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Les- ley Ann Warren, 1984. Rated R, 12:30  Late Night with David Lettermen Tonight's guest is Bo Diddley. (60 rain.) In Stereo, 1:00  MOVIE: "Born Innocent" A frightened young runaway tries to adjust to the juvenile detention home where her parents have sent her, Linda Blair, Joanna Miles, Kim Hunter. 1974, CBS News Nightwatch 1:05 O Headline Chasers 1:20 (]B MOVIE: 'Public Enemy' A boy, who was raised in a tenement, becomes a racketeer and is brought home dead, James Cagney, Donald Cook, Jean Harlow. 1931.  Comedy Tonight ( Comedy Break News [HBO] MOVIE: "Videodrome" This horror film revolves around a cable TV station's pol- icy of showing extreme material. James Woods, Deborah Harry. 1983. Rated R. ] A Perfect Match  INN News El CBS _ News Nightwatch (1 NewsCenter (  MOVIE: 'Hilda Crane' A young woman returns home to re-evaluate her life after two ill-fated marriages. Jean Simmons, Guy Madi- son, Jean-Pierre Aumont. 1956. ( MOVIE: 'The Great River' Tarzan goes to the Amazon country to help capture a river tyrant whose powerful tribe forces innocent natives to dig for diamonds. Mike Henry, Jan Murray, Manuel Padilla, Jr. 1967. ( World at Large [HBO] MOVIE: "Rider on the Rain' A man and a woman are pitted against each other in the intrigues of a murder case. Charles Bron- son, Marlene Jobert, Annie Cordy. 1970. Rated PG 8 All in the Family Bob Newhart (  Gunsmoke I  Beverly Hi!lbillies 1:30 1:35 1:55 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:05 3:25 3:30 4:00 4:30 FRIDAY 2/28/86 MORNING 6:00  [HBO] Emma & Grandpa 7:00 4- {HBO} MOVIE: 'Skokie' Members of the Na- tional Socialist Party of America attempt to demonstrate in Skok,e, a city whose residents number many survivors of WW II concentra- t=oncamps Danny Kaye, CarIReirer, EliWal- tach 1980 9:00 -4 [HBO] MOVIE: "]'hat's r)ancing' The history of dance ,n the movies s traced FredAstaire, Shirley MacLaine. John Travolta Rated G 9:05 ( 7 MOVIE: 'How to Stuff a Wild Bikini" A man calls upon a witch doctor to keep an eye on hs girl and divert any male attent,on An- nette Fumcetlo. DwayneH,ckman Bran Don- levy 1965 11:00 4. [HBO} MOVIE: "Last Plane Out" An Ameri- can journaliSt, beheved a CIA agent, tres to escape from Nicaragua durmg the last days of the Samosa regime Jan-Michael Vincent. Mary Crosby, William Windom 1983 Rated PG AFTERNOON 12:05 B _7 MOVIE: "The Voyage of the Yes" Two teenagers embark upon a sea journey that finds them battling the forces of nature Deal Arnaz Jr, Mike Evans 1972 1:00 4 [HBO} MOVIE: 'On the Waterfront' A water- front union bucks the efforts of a crime com- mittee to break up ,IS racket Marion Brando, Eva Mare Saint, Rod Steiger. 1954. {HBO] The Best of Farm Aid: An American Event Highlights from the 14 hour benefit concert that occurred September 22, 1985 are hosted by Willie Nelson. (60 rain ) 5:00 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Seems Like Old Times' A lawyer jeopardizes her husband's career by helping her ex-husband run from the police Goldie Hewn, Chevy Chase, Charles Grodin 1980 Rated PG. 4:00 EVENING 6:00 O ]1 ]} (1  News NewsCenter Newsline 9 (} Jeff's Collie ,'i Jeffersons ,-0 Lassie 6:05 (0B  Mary Tyler Moore 6:30 O  Entertainment Tonight Sanford and Son ]  Wheel of Fortune ]t New Newlywed Game ) World of Survival Newlywed Game 1 Barney Miller ( Nightly Business Report 6:35 B  Sanford and Son 7:00 O ] ) Webster (CC) Webster grounds his parents in a role-switching experiment. (R). Knight Rider A new, more powerful KITT is built after an encounter with a turbo-charged supercar with a battering ram. (2 hrs.) (R), In Stereo. O  The Twilight Zone A photographer takes a picture of an unusual boy, a woman is granted three wishes when she finds Alad- din's lamp, and a tormented Vietnam veteran recounts a bizarre story at a roadside diner. (60 rain.) (R). C [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Cannonball Run" A strange mix of people compete in a coast-to coast race, doing anything to win. Burt Rey- nolds, Farrah Fawcett, Dom DeLuise. 1981. Rated PG. ( Golden Globe Awards ( Informed Sources )  Barnaby Jones  Louisiana: The State 7:05 (0B  NBA Basketball: Philadelphia at Dallas 7:30  ]l  Mr. Belvedere (CC) The Owens fa- mily is forced into the basement for safety when a tornado hits (R). (0  1 Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the "80's with a weekly review of economic and investment matters. 8:00 O (1 I Diff'rent Strokes (CC) Arnold gets locked in the darkroom with the girl he was paired with m a photography class. i O Dallas J R as[PJs Jack to impel'sonata' Dimtri Marinos t the Martinique shipping conference and Pare returns home from Col- ombia with a decision about her role in Ewing Oil. (60 min) Washington Week in Review (CC) Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists analyzing the week's news.  MOVIE: 'The Jesse Owens Story" Part 2 This film dramatizes the life story of Olympic hero Jesse Owens. Dorian Harewood, Debbi Morgan, Ben Vereen 1984 ( :1- Huey Long A documentary film tracing the life of Huey Long, one of Louisiana's most controversial political figures. (2 hrs.) 8:30 (  ( He's the Mayor (CC) A family tries to buy off Carl's father when they learn that Al- vin has been selected to deliver the eulogy for a wealthy woman. ( Festival 86 900 O  () The Fall Guy (CC) Colt tries to help an old Army buddy stop a ring of soldiers from stealing military equipment. (60 min) ]  Miami Vice Castillo must adopt the ways of the Bushido warrior's society in order to protect the wife and family of an American double agent. (60 rain.) (R), In Stereo.  Falcon Crest (CC) Angela disappears before a warrant for her arrest can be served, Maggie is pursued across the country by Jeff, and Terry hires a detective to spy on Jordan. (60-min.) [HBO] MOVIE: "Cannonball Run I1' (CC) This sequel features another colleotion of crazies in all sorts of motorized vehicles racing cross- country for cash. Many guest-star cameos, in- cluding Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine. Butt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise. 1984. Rated PG. () Heritage: Civilization and the Jews: Roads from the Ghetto (CC) The struggle for Jewish emancipation is examined during the period of the Industrial and French Revolutions. (60 9:20 Black History Month Special Explore black images in the entertainment media. (60 rain.) 10:00 O I  ]I  News ( NewsCenter ]I Newsline 9 (B K-9 and Company  Jeffersons  Bless Me, Father 10:20  Night Tracks In Stereo. 10:30 ( M-*A*S'H ] ( The Tonight Show Tonight's guests are Father Guido Sarducci and Charles Grodin, 0 rain.) In Stereo. Benson Barney Miller t) Jeffersons  Quincy  Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35 O M'A'S'H 10:55  [HBO] MOVIE: "The Evil That Men Do" (CC) An assassin is called out of retirement to per- form one final assignment. Charles Bronson, Theresa Saldana, 1984. Rated R. 11:00 O New York Hot Tracks Sanford and Son ( Barnaby Jones () MOVIE: 'Doctor Who: Siluriens" (B ABC News Nightline 11:05 O Trapper John, M,D, 11:20 B  Night Tracks In Stereo. 11:30 Entertainment Tonight Interview with Anne Murray. ( Friday Night Videos In Stereo. ABC News Nightline FVMovIE: 'Battle Cry" The romances, training and battles of e group of U.S. Marines during World War II are traced. Van Heflin, Aido Ray, Mona Freeman. 1955. 12:00  Friday Night Videos In Stereo. 4]1 Tears of famine ) MOVIE: 'Escape from Fort Bravo" A Con- federate sympathizer rescues her fiance and other Southern prisoners from a Union fort. William Holden, Eleanor Parker, John For- s_.yth e. 1953. 12:05  It Takes a Thief 12:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Mean Season' (CC) A Miami reporter is the only public contact with a psycopathic serial murderer. Kurt Russell, Mariel Hemingway, Richard Jordan. 1985. Rated PG. 12:35  Star Trek 1:00 ( Amerioa's Top Ten I MOVIE: 'The Aliens Are Coming' A physi- cist's life is imperiled after he learns of energy-hungry at,ens who can possess hu- man bodies and minds Tom Mason, Melinda Fee, Matthew Laborteaux 1980. 1:05  Headline Chasers 1:30 ) Comedy Tonight 1:35 ]l News 2:00 "' New York Hot Tracks 2:10 ] MOVIE: 'Law and Order" An Irish-American cop leas that pohtical intrigue, ethical com- promise  family tensions are part of his job Darren tvlavin. Suzanne Pleshette. Rob- ert Reed 1976 2:15 (  Comedy Break 2:20 , [HBO] MOVIE: "The New Kids" (CC) When two orphaned teenagers move to a new town, they become the target for the local gang 1985 Rated R 2:45   INN News 3:30  MOVIE: "Bikini Beach" A group of surfers at the beach meet a British record,ng star who is attracted to one of the girls Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello. Martha Hyer 1964. 3:55 4- {HBO] The Best of Farm Aid: An American Event Highlights from the 14 hour benefit concert that occurred September 22, 1985 are hosted by Willie Nelson (65 rain) 4:00 I) 'i-1- Gunsmoke SATURDAY 3/1/86 MORNING 5:00 ] Mary Tyler Moore [HBO] R.W. An exceptionally bright child and his mother have trouble dealing with the real world. (1  .-7  CNN Headline News  INN News 5:30  Vegetable Soup {HBO} MOVIE: 'The Fifth Musketeer" The king of France imprisons his twin brother to hide his identity. Beau Bridges, Rex Harrison, Ursula Andress. 1979 Rated PG CNN News ) A=griculture in Louisiana f This Is the Life 5:35   Between the Lines 6:00 ( Weather ] Hulk Hogan's Rock "n' Wrestling World of Photography Kids Jamboree (1  Jimmy Swaggart 6:05  T Saturday Funnies 6:30 O Voltron Spiderman Kidsworld 6:35   Get Smart 7:00    Pink Panther and Sons 1 ] Snorks ] I1 Berenstain Bears B Here's to Your Health ()  New Home Baptist 7:05  _--r' Championship Wrestling 7:30  (1 I) Littles (CC) I  Gummi Bears (CC) e ]1 The Wuzzles (CC) C [HBO] MOVIE: 'On the Town" Three sailors on leave set out to find Miss Turnstiles of the Month. Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ann Miller. 1950. -- I) Motorvveek (  The World Tomorrow 8.'00   I Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour I  Smurfs ]  Jim Henson's Muppets, Babies & Monsters Victory Garden  Greater St. Stophens America: The Second Century 8:05 10B  National Geographic Explorer 8:30 O O (] Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour It ( Square Foot Gardening  America: The Second Century 9.'00 (D (I (] Laff-A-Lympics Popeye & Pals Hulk Hogen's Rock 'n' Wrestling This Old House (CC} ( Charles Green : ? Congress: We the P00pM "* 9:30 ( 1 () Ewoks/Droids Adventure Hdur ]  Punky Brewster [HBO] MOVIE: 'Royal Wedding' A brother and sister dance team who travel to England for the royal wedding find their own true loves. Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Law- ford. 1951 (] Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin" (CC) ( @ Congress: We the People 10:00 ]) I Alvin 8 the Chipmunks ]}  Richie Rich (] Great Chefs of Chicago ( - Three Stooges  New Literacy (CC) 10:05 I  MOVIE: "Derby's Rangers" The Ameri- can Ranger's part in the assault on North Af- rica during World War II is dramatized. James Garner, Etchika Choreau, Jack Warden. 1958. 10:30(  I) Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians I Kidd Video e ( Dungeons and Dragons () Gourmet Cooking - Dance Fever  New Literacy (CC) ! 1:00 ( (1 ( ABC Weekend Speiels: Horatio Al- ger Updated: Frank and Fearless (CC) Part I A young boy must outwit a group of evil kidnap- ers to rescue a young child (R). Mr.T Pole Position [HBO] MOVIE: "Bye Bye Birdie" A rock "n" roll singer, who is about to be drafted, gives a farewell TV performance. Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret. 1963. (] Frugal Gourmet )  Soul Train ( ( Personal Finance 11:30 I (1 1 American Bandstand Black Gold )  Get Along Gang ( Kids, Inc. ( Kathy's Kitchen  Personal Finance AFTERNOON 12:00 1 College Basketball: North Carolina State at Oklahoma or LSU et Kentucky ] Perspectives in Black College BesketbaU: LSU at Kentucky Greatest Sports Legends Reunion ( Winds of Everest  MOVIE: "The Oblong Box" A man af- flicted with a tropical disease seeks treatment from a witch doctor. Vincent Price, Christo- pher Lee, Alstair Williamson. 1969. (  Victory Garden 12:30 O Tom Mann Mary Tyler Moore Start of Something Big  Fabulous Fifties ( Square Foot Gardening 12:40 (  MOVIE: 'Springfield Rifle" A court- martialed Army major goes undercover to un- mask the head of an outlaw band stealing Army rifles. Gary Cooper, Phyllis Thaxter, David Brian. 1952. 1:00 ( Bill Dance Outdoors O ( College Basketball: Boston College at Villanove ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Tommy" The rock opera by The Who tells the story of a deaf, dumb and blind boy who becomes a modern messiah. Roger Daltrey, Jack Nicholson, Ann-Margret. 1975. Rated PG. An Evening of Championship Skating (} Bill Dance  This Old House (CO) 1:30 Match Bass Fishing Bill Dance Outdoors ;| Wild Kingdom  Madeieine Cooks 2:00 ( BJ / Lobo ( College Basketball: DePaul at UCLA Pro Bowlers" Tour:. Uta Beer Champion, ship Coverage of the $150,000 Lite Beer Championship from Red Carpet Celebrity Lanes in Milwaukee, Wl. (90 min.) Yan Can Cook 2:10 National Geographic Special: Sve the Panda 2:30  Hawaii Five-O ( Justin Wilson'=; Louisiana C)okJn" 2:35 () Gunsmoke 3:00 College Basketball: Illinois at Georgia Teoh 4" [HBO] MOVIE: 'Give My Regards to Bra Street' (CC) An inter, Jona pop star counts his day when the master tapes for new album disappear. Paul McCartney, Rir S,arr, Linda McCartney. 1984 Rated PG. ( College Basketball: Teams to Be  nounced  3:20 ( 1 Incredible Hulk ;! , Painting Southern Landscapes 3:30 O ]i ( Wide World of Sports  3:40 (  Cats and Dogs 3:35  7' Fishin" With Orlando Wilson 3:40 (] Survival Special: Tiger, Tiger :;:: 4:00 ]1 Golf: Honda Classic Coverage from 1" 4.'00 nament Players Club Eagle Trace in C ringS. Fla (60 rain.) Knight Rider ()  World Wide Wrestling ( 3." = All Creatures Great and Small 4:05   Roland Martin 4:35  7 Motorweek Illustrated 5:00 O Sanford and Son ( Tom Mann Fishing Show Mary Tyler Moore 4- [HBO} MOVIE: 'Without a Trace' When small boy doesn't return home from h,s mother and a compassionate cop on a seemingly hopeless search. Judd Kate Nelltgan, Stockard Channing. 191J Rated PG (1 NewsCenter Star Search ) Hee Haw Varsity Quiz Bowl () Health Matters ]  Solid Gold 5:05  T World Championship Wrestling 5:30 O (g ABC News I NBC Nightly News O CBS News () Varsity Quiz Bowl EVENING 6:00 O ]  News ] Andy Griffith ] Superstars of Wrestling (]) Newsline 9 (]) Austin City Limits: Rockin" Sidney / Neville Brothers () Dance Fever ) 11 What's Happening Now (  Great Moments With National gaphic 6:30 I Buchanan High School ] Sanford and Son ]1  Wheel of Fortune ] $100,000 Pyramid () Alice } J Puttin" on the Hits 7:00 O  t The Redd Foxx Show (CC) AI comes,an old war buddy who converts apartment into a halfway house. ]1  Facts of Life (CC) In Stereo. ] O Airwolf An evil tycoon Hawke in an effort to gain control (60 min) ,{i {HBO} MOVIE: "The Killing Fields' (CC) American journalist in Cambodia aids in evacuation of a Vietnamese family. Sam Waterston, Haing S. Ngor, Malkovich 1984. Rated R. ( Fame 7:05 (0 ' Centennial: The Sheperds Part 7 ranchers and farmers battle over the tion of the Colorado plains. (2 hrs.) 7:10  America's Music 7:30 0  ( Benson (CC) Clayton is when his father announces plans to much younger woman. ]1 Valerie Valerie's 16-year-old David, defies his mother's orders and datesl older woman. 8:00 O ]1 () Fortune Dane (CC) Fortune era a link between a narcotics ring, police department and the mayor's friend (60 min.) The Golden Girls While suffering from t flu, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose are mined to find dates for a charity banquet. Stereo. ] ) MOVIE: "Betrayed by ried man is charg, rape it is discovered that he had a minor. Barry Bostwick, Lee Purcell, : Kauffan. 1988... ]1 Election Co,et'ge ' ) 1 Solid Gold Countdown "85 (  A Tribute to Country Greatness 8:20 (i A Tribute to Country Greatness 8:30 ] Alfred Hi tchcock Presents: dan A woman is lured into using ancient tuals to win back her husband's love. Stereo 9:00 ( I ) The Love Boat (CC) Gopher passenger's priceless statue, a husband wife blame their breakup on Judy, and lands in trouble with two couples, (60 Remington Steele While posing as band and wife to investigate a series dents at a sensitivity spa, Remington Laura finally reveal their feelings for other. (60 rain.) In Stereo. 9.'05 t0 (. World of Audubon 9:30 - [HBO] Not Necessarily the News This medy series presents sketches, news and footage satirizing current events. 10.'00 ( |  I ( News - [HBO] The Hitchhiker: The Curse A slumlord's destiny is changed by a curse. NewsCenter ]1 Newsline 9 )  MOVIE: "The cused of his brother's murder, a man the secret of invisibility to track down the murderer. Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Price, Nan Grey. 1940. 10.'05 (0 ( Night Tracks In Stereo. 10:15 (] ABC News 10:20 (0 America's Music 10:30 O Dance Fever Dawnbuster After Dark l |HBO] MOVIE: "Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip" Pryor's wit is presented in concert filmed at the Hollywood Richard Pryor. 1982. Rated R. I Saturday Night's Main Event IV Su from the WWF battle it out in the circle in this wrestling extravag (  Dick Clark's Nitetime (] Mid-South Wrestling 10:35 O M'A'S'H 11:00  Puttin" on the Hits O Soul Train 11.'05 ]1 MOVIE: "The Conversation" A expert makes the mistake of be( volved with a murder. Gene Hackman, son Ford, John Cazale. 1974. (0  Night Tracks In Stereo. 11:30 O America's Top Ten MOVIE: "Hell River" A group of Partisans try to stop a German river completing its mission of Jews concentration camp, Rod Taylor, Xenia Gratsos. 1975. O The World Tomorrow Folk Reunion at Devil's Lake ) Dukes of Hazzard ( MOVIE: "The Cremators" A youn tist tries to understand an alien force that nerates all formsof organic life. Maria Di 9,on, Marvin Howard 1972. 11:55 4( (HBO] MOVIE: "Torchlight" A cou marriage is threatened by the husband's iction to cocaine. Pamela Sue Martin, Railsback, lan McShane 1984. Rated R, 12:00 ( Entertainment This Weak Interview (i%e Daly of "Cagney and Lecey'. (60 turday Night"s Main Event IV Su from the WWF battle it out in the circle in this wrestling extravag Entertainment This Week A f "Grammy Awards," with hosts Julian Lennon, Gladys Knight 0 min,) Jimmy Swaggart 1:00  You Can Be Thinner ( Route 66 ( Calvary Baptist Church 8 News Ebony/Jet Showcase ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Choose Me" A lovelorn hooker makes daily calls to host who unknowingly answers the ed for a roommate. Keith Carradine, vieve Bujold, Lesley Ann Warren. Rated R. Start of Something Big 1:25 1:30 2.)0  News |g.s00w INN News 2:30 MOVIE: "Stavie" An English poet