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February 27, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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February 27, 1986

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Fame SUNDAY 3/2/86 ' () 11, The Flint, stones 7:30  What's Happening Now ) Holy Mass Jimmy Swaggers Mail Order TV 8:00 8:30 MORNING {HBO| MOVIE: "Vex Dugen Returns" A struggling widow's long lost father appears with a seemingly endless supply of money to buy his grandkid's love Jason Robards, Mar- she Mason, Donald Sutherland 1983 Rated PG (D CNN News (  CNN Headline News :_j INN News (  The World Tomorrow -t U,S. Farm Report ] Sacred Heart Weather ) Lift for Life ([ New Wilderness ( For Our Times (  It Is Written () 3t Little Rascals Focus (E Tom & Jerry ]I Hour of Deliverance ) To Be Announced I Hour of Power Insight Worship Service 7. Bugs Bunny and Friends  Happy Days ]D Jimmy Swaggers 4, IHBOI MOVIE: "That's Dancing" The history of dance in the movies is traced. Fred Astaire, Shirley MacLaine, John Travolta Rated G. (lID Forward Together Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood nnethodist Hour 9:05 9:10 9:30 t) Sesame Street (CC) Ken Copeland ( tl Heathcliff Star Trek James Kennedy • ]D Ray. Lovelady (]) Ken Copeland I CBS Sunday Mornin 9 News ) !ii Woody Woodpecker i0 Sesame Street (CC) Expect a Miracle ]) In Touch () Sesame Street (CC) t EJ. Denials 1! Bugs Bunny 7 Andy Griffith I Greatest American Hero 9:35 9:50 10.'00   3-2-1, Contact (CC) _unday Journal E I'trst Presbyterian Church Essence James Robison i MOVIE: 'Dr. Who: Kinda" Power Pro Wrestling 10:25 '  Lmmie 10:30 This Weak With David Brinkiey (CC) First Baptist Church Wild Kingdom Inside LSU ,  Larry Jones Ministry i   Baptist Church I College Basketball: Iowa et Indiana Health Matters Galicwey Church (  Incredible Hulk t U- Wonderworks: Anne of Green Gables (CC) Part 2 of 4 Anne gets her best friend drunk at a tea party and is forbidden to see her (60 rain.) 11:30 (D Mid-South Wrestling IB  Meat the Press [HBO| MOVIE: "The Aviator" A mail plane pilot and his teenage passenger crashland in a mountain wilderness. Christopher Reeve, Rosanna Arquette, Jack Warden. 1985. Rated PG. __  News -- AFTERNOON 12.)0 8  College Basketball: North Caroline st Duke T his Weak With David Brinkiey A/ll.CrlNIturem Great end Smell nla week With David Brinkiey (J 11 MOVIE "You re M --' : ' y Everything" A debu- tante runs off with a dancer to become • star in Hollywood..^Dan Dailey Jr, Anne Baxter, Ann Revere. 149.  MOVIE: "it's Showtime" A canine rendi- tion of "Singin' in the Rain" is one of the fea- tures in this parade of movie animals. 12:10 (B () MOVIE: "The Chase" A convict escapes and heads for his Texas home where his wife is having an affair with a wealthy men's son. Merlon Orando Jane Fonde, Robert Redford. 1966. 12:30  MOVIE: "Duck Soup" Groucho becomes a dictator in a mythical kingdom; Chico and arpo run a peanut stand and are spies. Marx rothers, Margaret Oumont 1933. 1.d)O .1  NBA Basketboii: Milwaukee at Waah. l or I)etroit at 8colon ida LSU  IIOVIE: "lngrid" 1:30 hank Perkedl Outdoor Magazine 3:00 3.- 3:30 4:30 I 2 3 4 8 9 J 0 12 13 14 V 18 i: 2a t 25 26 27 m%. 31 34 0 35 O 37 38 Oral Roberts -, 5: CBS Sunday Morning News :, 4 [HBO} Fraggle Rock: A Brush with Jealousy )arry Jones Ministry James Robison .. lt Three Stooges 7 Good News  Mr. Rogers" N,ighborhood  The World Tomorrow b4 e [HAD] MOVIE: "Flamingo Kid" (CC) A plum- r's son discovers the world of the rich when he spends the summer as a cabana boy at a 5:05 Long Island Country Club. Matt Dillon, Ri- 5:30 chard Crenna, Jessica Walter. 1984. Rated PG-13 (1 MOVIE: 'Scavenger Hunt" An eccentric rail* lionaire sends his heirs on a wild scavenger hunt for the inheritance prize of $200 million .... Richard Benjamin Cloris Leachman, Robert , Morley. 197§. " -:- Oral Roberts :: ;:00 • B Owl TV (CC) L -v eelwe. 17 MOVIE: "Mister Roberts" The misadven- tures of a U.S. Navy cargo ship during World ; War II are led by its 2ndOfficer, who longs for combat. Henry Fonda, James Cagney, Jack Lemmon. 1955. "" 5 6 7 I I0 0 '=" II 00r-I- 2? 28 29 '30 j : 32 33 ' C) (3 39 40 ACROSS 1 Imitative sauna 5 Lady Blue star 9 Newhart abode 10 Expression of disgust 12 Crest 1,5 "'The Golden -- 18 Inept person 20 Protectwe chtch 2t Armed forces Org 22 On top of 24 As  Lay -- 25 Type 0  furr,,ture 28 The -- and 31 VCk Lawrence role 32 Christmas 34 -- Hope 36 Greef,ng 37 Accdentcasuahty abDr 39 Hmt 41 DayDreak 42 County of SE England ': 42 O O00OO 00000 6.5 6:30 Spanish Civil War. Ingrid Bergman, Gary Cooper, Katina Paxinou. 1943. Match Fishing I  ABC's Wide World of Sports  Golf: Honda-ic Coverage from Tournament Players Club Eagle Trce in Coral Springs, Fla. (2 hrs)  You Can Be Thinner ( i MOVIE: "Tap Roots" The advent of the Civil War destroys plans for two people to marry but enables the girl to find true love Susan Hayward, Van Heflin, Ward Bond. t948. MOVIE: "Phantom From Space' Radar equipment picks up a very strange object which spreads death and destruction to the Earth. Noreen Nash, James Seay, Ted Cooper. 1953, CBS Sports Sunday: American Cup Gym- 'rmstics Championships Coverage is featured from Fairfax, VA (90 rain.) I ABC's Wide World of Sports l[j [HBO} Fraggle Rock: A Brush with Jealousy )C MOVIE: "Balls Are Ringing" A timid girl who works for a telphone answering service takes a deep personal interest in all the clientS. Judy Holliday, Dean Martin, Fred Clark. 1960. ( ABC News DOWI 1986 Compulo 2 Belonging to Williams 3 iD for a Nelson 4 -- Upon a Family : adder step 6 Off of the Guard 7 Actress Gless 8 MTM show 11 Jack -- of Four Seasons 13 Debt vow 14 Musician Benny -- t6 Ms Coca 17 Longtude S partner abbr 19 Claude -- 23 Force through 26 Denms - 27 CatherJne Oxenberg roh 29 Radiant Iclue tO pUZZIe answert 30 Set 33 Ear part 35 Actor Shaw 36 Actor t.ggett 38 Express.on of pare 40 Evansvdle college abir J Common Ground CBS News [HBOI MOVIE: "Max Dugan Returns' A struggling widow's long lost father appears with a seemingly endless supply of money to buy his grsndkid's love, Jason Robards, Mar- sha Mason, Donald Sutherland. 1983. Rated PG. 8 NewscenterNews I Bob Boyd Show I  Portrait of America: South Carolina ((J News I  NBC Nightly News I Fight Back With D. Horowitz 0 NewsS 9  ........    II ABC News • Q - Buchenerl H.S. , EVENINQ  ( The Disney Sunday Movie: The, Un- dergreds (CC) A grandfather and grandson learn about one another when they attend col- ledge together. (2 hrs.)  Punky Brewster Pert 5 of 5 Punky is headed for Europe with her wealthy foster parents-unless Henry can,quickly raise en- ough money to open another photo studio and join custody of Punky. In Stereo• I I 60 Minutes Leo Buscaglie ( Dempsey end Mekopeace (Best of World Championship Wrestling Silver Spoons Edward suspects the worst when his ex-wife Evelyn becomes a bit too friendly during a visit. In Stereo. 7.)0   Family Ties After Alex lands a teaching assistantship, he learns that his girlfriend is one of his students. In Stereo. ( Murder, She Wrote (CC) Jessica mas- quersdes as a wealthy widow at a luxurious tropical hotel in en effort to trap the murderer of her good friend. (60 rain.) dR). ) [HBO] MOVIE: "Flamingo Kid' (CC) A plum- r's son discovers the world of the rich when he Spends the summer as a cabana boy at a Long Island Country Club. Matt Dillon, Ri- chard Crenna, Jessica Walter. 1984. Rated PG-13 Explore t (]) LifeStyles of the Rich and Famous Nature: Kingdom of the Ice Bear (CC) Part 3 of 3 Man's relationship with the Arctic and its wildlife are examined. (60 rain.) 75 7:30 i  National Geographic Explorer Amazing Stories: Dorothy and Ben An old man revived from a 4D-year coma shares mental communication with a comatose 7- y_ear-old girl. In Stereo. 8.'00   ( MOVIE: 'Acceptable Risks" (CC) An American city faces devastation when a chemical plant leak threatens to create a deadly environmental catastrophe. Cicely Ty- son. Brian Dennehy, Kenneth McMillan. 1986,  MOVIE: "48 Hrs." (CC) A convict is re- leased from prison for 48 hours to help the police catch two killers. Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolle, James Remar. 1983. (R).  MOVIE: "Outrage' (CC| A father takes the law into his own hands after his daugh- ter's brutal murderer is released through a technicality in the law. Beau Bridges, Robert Preston, Mel Ferret. 1986. Nature:. Kingdom of the Ice Bear (CC) Pert 3 of 3 Men's relationship with the Arctic and its wildlife ere examined. (60 rain.) ( At the Movies (3 Netionoi Geographic Speoial: Creatures • of the Mangrove The tidal forest of Siarau is home to an amazing array of creatures.-(70 min.I ]) Tiles from the Derkside L [HBO] Whoopi Goldberg Direct from Broad. way The star of "The Color Purple" performs her own one woman show. (60 rain.) ] Championship Wrestling J MOVIE: 'The Thin Red Line" A young pri- vate s taunted by his sadishc sergeant for steahng a pstol as he lands on Guadalcanal Keir Dullea, Jack Warden, Red Daley 1964 ] Alice ) Benson ( ii Solid Gold 10:35 ) M'A'S'H J 7 John Ankerberg 10:45 t) MOVIE: "D.O.A.' A man claims he cs slowly being murdered-the victim of a poison for which there =s no cure Edmond O'8ren. Pa- mela Britton, Luther Adler 1949 11:00  Sports Final ([ Three's Company 11:05 ) Dukes of Hazzard (]B 71 Jimmy Swaggers 11:15  CBS News 11:30  (: 1 Puttin" on the Hits ) Tales from the Derkside Sports Machine I]} Perspective ( Here's Lucy 11:45 4, [HBO} MOVIE: "The Rose' A young singer struggles to survive in the harsh world of rock muSic Bette Midler, AlanBates, Frederic For- rest 1979 Rated R 12:00  Entertainment This Week Interview with ne Daly of 'Cagney and Lacey'. (60 min) Barnaby Jones () Miracle Revival Hour (  FTV 12:05 E) MOVIE: 'Slither' A man, just released from prison, tries to find the loot stashed by his partner and is followed by a pair of eerie- looking vans JamesCaan, Peter Boyle, Sally Kelterman 1973 (] 7 Tha World Tomorrow 12:30  Music City, U.S.A. (] i At the Movies 12:35 (D i Larry Jones Ministry 1:00 ] ABC News ([ CBS News Nightwatch () 11 Christian Science Monitor Reports 1".06 (J 7. Christientddren's Fund 1:30  - Tales from the Darkside 1:35 lib 7 MOVIE:'Blondie's Reward" Dagwood,s demoted to office boy because the Northside property he went out to buy turns out to be on the Southside. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms 1948 2:05 4 [HBO} MOVIE: "Beyond the Limit' A young doctor becomes involved in international ter- rorism m an effort to free his kidnapped father Richard Gate, Michael Came, Elpidia Carrillo. 1983• Rated R 2:30  CBS News Nightwatch 3:00  7 Agriculture U.S.A. 3:30  -7 It's Your Business 3:55 -4 [HBO] MOVIE: "The Initiation" A hazing m- t=ation prank becomes deadly when sorority pledges and their boyfriends are inside a de- partment store with a homicidal maniac Vera Miles, Clu Gulager, Daphne Zuniga. 1983. Rated R. 4:00  7 Get Smart 4:30 I  Beverly Hillbillies 11:00 1:00 3:OO MONDAY 3/3/86 MO,,,RNIN G 5:35  (Heel He Makes Me Feel Like Dancing This documentary features ballet star Jacques d'Amboise and 1000 New York City school children as they prepare for a performance 7:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'A Piano for Mrs. Cimino' (CC) An elderly widow fights for the right to control her own life. Bette Davis, Penny Fuller, Alexa Kenin 1982. 9:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "The In.Laws' A mild- mannered dentist becomes an unwilling co- hort in crime with his soon-to-be in-law• Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, Richard Libertini. 1979 Rated PG 9:05 (  MOVIE: "Close to My Heart" A childless couple adopt the baby of an unrepentant mur- derer and prove environment is more impor- tant than heredity. Ray Milland, Gene Tierney, Fay Bainter 1951. i [HBO] MOVIE: "Brainstorm" A scientist creates a machine enabling one human being to experience every sensation experienced by another. Louise Fletcher, Christopher Wal- ken, Natalie Wood. 1983. Rated PG AFTERNOON (  MOVIE: "House of Wax" A museum fire turns a handsome man rote a deranged mons- ter who steals bodies from the morgue to create life-like images in wax. Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk. 1953 ) [H80} Separate Tables Various relation- ships occur within a British seaside resort. (2 hrs.) J [HBO] He Makes Me Feel Like Dancing This documentary features ballet star Jacques d'Amboise and 1OO0 New York City school children as they prepare for a performance. (50 rain.) 4:30  (Heel MOVIE: "Antarctica" (CC) (Dubbed) Courageous sled dogs are abandoned to the vast and frozen Antarctic wasteland during a 2:30 i!10! b of the Not-So-Great Momentl in  Masterpie Theatre: Lord Mountbatten: blizzard 1984. Rated G. interviews and film clips illustrate The Lest Viceroy (CC) Part 6 of 6 Lord and (.60s°memin.)°f the most unusual moments in sports. Lady Mountbattan relunctantly prepare to EVENINg; leave India. (60 min:) Can You Be Thinner  6:00   ]1   News I ( Coors Sports Page  Newsline 9 I rower Pro Wrestling (D First Person I NewsCenter Boxi ABC/SIrts: Budweiser Professional 9:.10 __  Masterpiece Theatre: Lord Mountbet- I)   Lassie fie fit Wo  Fentaeie Fans ten: The Laat VICeNW (CC) Port 5 of 5 Lord  (j) Jeffersons . and Lady Mountbstten relunctantly prepare 6:05 tl  Mary Tyler Moore ovurcs oreaml in reel-life tempe- to leave India (60 rain ) titive situations. (60 rain ) B:30  I Entertainment Tonight ]) MOVIE: "The = -- -- , ,:.I0  ( Im.l" am} Sanford and Son creation, fall, survlvel of the, flood and indom- .;Ir.o j itable faith in the future is told, Geor• C. Scott. Peter O'Toole Ave Gardner 196  IHBOI MOVIE:  Aviator" A mail plane ( MOVIE: °t Boat' A -ro::- -" "- pilot and his taehage passenler crashland in ain ...............  up or enter- • mounin wilderness. Christopher Reeve, ous';)'yievl:r°ntlteMiise|PP ! in • maneal- , Roslnne Arquatte, Jack Warden. 1985 -w,uua. aunoapnere. Irene Dunne, Allan Jones Paul o-,, .... , .... Rated PG. :" ":: H " .-,,-. ,v,:   [ IIO] MOVIE: Running Elm : " "  ........ 7: 6:35 can Inaan --.., ..-,- L .An:A.-m ; .-P:.S ..... .... O,iympics ,, a runner. Robbv Benson pit M,,- '; "ZO, "-- " gle Claudia P,. tna o-,,, ,- "--'''""- * ,--,_ m uv --,--,, "'wP",-"4 ,w'w • m ;=-',.;,,.; ........ ,eo. ne ra. 11urJIU I C[ Bleke'e 7 mqJVll=: "For ........ , .... Whom the Bell Toils" A grouo 10:16. " A News -. penisn Lo el ...... JC ........ Y. S and anAmencan adven-10:.30 j  A  Caeso s • u,ur pledge to aestroy abndge during the the '" i (,r,M/IOkO at d [BO] Fraggle Rock: Wembley's Flight (CC) ew Newlywed Game ) World of SurVival Newlywed Game (  Barney _Miller L Nightly.Bus!eels Report (, Santord 8no SOn I1 Herdcastie & McCormick (CC) I Il YOU Again (Premiere)  Soarecr._and Mrs. King 4LJ rHea) MOVIE: "The In-Laws' A--mild- mannered dentist becomes an unwilling co- hort in crime with his soon-to-be in-law. Peter Folk, Alan Arkin, Richard Libertini. 1979. 10:00 10:30 10:35 11:00 11:05 11:30 11:50 12:00 12:05 12:10 12:30 1:00 Rat+,d PG Billy Graham: Sheffield, England Crusade i National Geographic Special: Land of the Tiger The behavKr of wdd tigers =s explored up cfose,nthsspecalfdmedintwo°flndla's riatonal parks (60 ram) (; 11 To Be Announced (1 10 Wonderworks: Anne of Green Gables (CC) Part 3 of 4 Anne renews her friendship wth JJana and the two attend the Annual Chrs'tmas Bail together (60 rain) 705  7 NBA Basketball: New York at Milwau kee 7:30 ]Jl[Valerie(Premiere) Valeneissh°ckedat Dawd when she learns why he wdl not introd uce hs new grlfrend tO hs friends ( 1 t College Basketball: Notre Dame at New Orleans 8:00  ) i MOVIE: 'The Children of Times Square' (CC) A teenage runaway becomes part of a hghlyorgamzed band of young drug dealers Howard E Rollins Jr, Joanna Cas sdy Brandon Douglas t986  MOVIE: 'Diary of a Perfect Murder" A father daughter attorney team defends a TV Iournahst accused of hs ex-wffes murder Andy Gr,fflth Lor Lethm, Steve Inwood 1986  Kate & Allie Kate fantasizes about a reumon wth her ex-boyfnend Ted--and pon- ders the possbdty of life 40 years later stdl hwng alone wth Alhe ( 10 American Playhouse: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (CC) Part 4 of 4 Jm s sold to slave traders, and Huck attempts to free hm (90 mm) 8:30 ]Newhart(CC) George s shocked when he meets hs tong lost cousin Eagene 9:00 0  Cagney and Lacey 4 (HBOJ MOVIE: "Passage to India" (CC) A young woman and an Indian doctor defy Indian customs and the ramifications lead to turmod Judy Davs Peggy Ashcroft Alec Gumness 1984 Rated PG 9:30 I ( 10 Penn & Teller Go Public (CC) Mag can comedians Penn and Teller perform sle.ght of hand and various routines (R) t 7 Wild, Wild World of Animals m 11 Benny Hill Show 0  ]} I)  News 0 NewsCenter Newstine 9 I in Defense of Freedom (]B 7 National Geographic Explorer ( 11 Jeffersons ( 1Q To Be Announced ) ]1 The Tonight Show Guest host Joan Riv- ers welcomes John Denver, Carrie Fisher and comedian RonmeShakes (60 mn ) In Stereo ]1 Benson ]1 Barney Miller t[ Jeffrsons ( il Quincy i0 Monty Python's Flying Circus (J ] M'A'S'H ) Sanford and Son ) Remington Steele A man with multiple dentities becomes the target of a relentless kdler, (60 rain.) dR) Nightly Business Report ABC News Nightline ( Bonanza tED Trapper John, M.D. Entertainment Tonight Interview with John Ritter. 0 Love Boat ABC News Nightline SCTV )Eye on Hollywood 41 MOVIE "Never Love a Stranger" A slum boy, who's become a gangster, tries to help a childhood friend who is now an assistant dis- trict attorney. Steve McQueen, John Drew Barrymore, Lita Milan. 1958. {HBO} MOVIE: "The New Kids" (CC) When two orphaned teenagers move to a new town, they become the target for the local gang. 1985. Rated R ] Late Night with David Letterman In Stereo I Mannix ]) MOVIE: 'Charleston' Three proud and beautiful Southern women struggle for survi. val in post-Civil War Charleston, S.C Delta Burke, Lynne Moody. Patricia Pearcy 1979 ([ 7 MOVIE: 'King Richard and the Crusad- ers' Christians and Moslems battle fr the Holy Land during the reign of Richard the Lionhearted. Rex Harrison, Virginia Mayo, Laurence Harvey• 1954. ) It Takes a Thief The Rockford Files I Late Night with David Letterman In Stereo. MOVIE: 'someone I Touched" When VD. infects an expectant mother and her husband, all are forced to change their attitudes about the stigma of the disease. CIoris Leachman, Glynnis O'Connor, 1975. 1:05 ) Headline Chasers 1:25 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Evil That Men Do' (CC) An assassin is called out of retirement to per- form one final assignment. Charles Bronson, Theresa Saldana. 1984. Rated R. 1:30  Comedy Tonight CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress ]) i) Comedy Break 1:35 ]} News 2:00 ( A Perfect Match ) lj INN News 2:20 lIB ?- MOVIE: "The Chapman Report" A psy- chologist and his staff conduct a scientific sex survey on a group of typical American subur- ban wives. Efrem Zimbalist,Jr, Jane Fonda. 1962 2:30 I CBS News Nightwetch ( NewsCenter ) ! MOVIE: "The Accused" A psychology teacher is suspected by the police when she tries to cover up the accidental killing of a forward pupil. Loretta Young, Robert Cum- mings, Wendell Corey. 1948. 3:00 4 {HBO} MOVIE: "Too Scared to Scream" Ten- ants of a swanky apartment building are being murdered one by one. Mike Conners, Anne Archer, 1984, Rated R MOVIE: "Tarzan Escapes' Tarzan is taken prisoner by a big-game hunter who wants to put him on exhibition in England• Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, lan Hunter• 1936. 4:00  _1 Gunsmoke 5:00 7:00 9:00 9:05 11:00 12:05 TUESDAY 3/4/86 MORNIN( ..... [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Camel Boy' In the 1920s, an Arabic boy and his grandfather be- come camel drivers on an adventurous expe- dition across Australia's Great Victoria De- sert 1984. 4. [HBO] MOVIE: 'Give My Regarda to Broad Street" (CC) An international pop star re- counts his day when the master tapes for his new album disappear. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Linda McCartney. 1984. Rated PG. _ [HBO) MOVIE: 'G'Olel: The World Cup Chel- lenge' In this official film of the 1982 World Cup soccer championship, all the magic and atmosphere of the event rank it as the grea- test sporting show on earth. 1983. (  MOVIE: 'The Easy Way' A couple with children of their own cannot resist adopting forsaken children. Cary Grant, Betsy Drake, Lurene Tuttle 1952, [HBO] MOVIE: "Old Enough" Two teenagers from different backgrounds strike up a sum- mer friendship. Sarah Boyd, Rainbow Har- vest, 1984. Rated PG. AFTERNQQN I ( MOVIE: "The Charge at Feather Rived American Cavalrymen stop an Indian uprising caused by the rescue of two se.ttlers. Guy Ma- dison, Frank Lovejoy, vera Mime. 1953. 1:00  IHgO| MOVIE: "The Fifth Muskotaed The king of France imprisons his twin brother to hide his identity. Beau Bridges, Rex Harrison, Ursula Andress. 1979. Rated PG. 3.'00 ) [HBO] R.W. An exceptionally bright child and his mother have trouble dealing with the real world. 3:30 () [HBO] MOVIE: "The Camel Boy' In the 1920s, an Arabic boy and his grsndttather be. come camel dr!vers on an ,,a'dventurous expe- dition across Australia's L=reat Victoria De- sert 1984. 5:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Chattanooga Chop Chop' In order to collect his inheritance, a man must restore the famous train and make one final 10:00 run from Pennsylvania Station George Ken nedy Barbara Eden Joe Namath 1984 EVININQ 6:00 0 ]l ) 0 () News NewsCenter Newsline 9 I ( iQ Lassie () !ii Jeffersons 6:05 IB 7 Mary Tyler Moore 6:30  ( Entertainment Tonight ]J Sanford and Son  Wheel of Fortune New Newlywed Game I) World of Survival (][ Newlywed Game () ,1! Barney Miller ( jO: Nightly Business Report 6:35  ,17 Sanford end Son 7:00 J e ( Who's the Boss (CC) Tony cele- brates his victory in a bowling tournament• ) (J The A-Team Faceman meets an old friend at a high school reunion who involves the team m a hunt for buried treasure• (60 rain J Trapper John, M.D. Jackpot's friend re- fuses hfe support when she learns she is dying of advanced pulmonary fibrosis• (60 rain.) 4 {HBO] MOVIE: "The Star Chamber" An ideal- stic young judge, frustrated by legal loo- pholes, finds hmself becoming the instru- ment of everything he's fighting against. Michael Douglas, Hal Holbrook, Sharon Gless 1983 Rated R ([ ( !0 Nova: Skydive to the Rain Forest (CC) A remote region of southern Venezuela is known for ts spectacular waterfalls and ex- otic wildlife (60 min) 11 Barnaby Jones 7:05 (]B 7 MOVIE: 'Papa's Delicate Condition" A tpphng railroad supervisor buys a drugstore so he can have a drink on Sunday• Jackie Gleason, Glynis Johns, Charlie Ruggles. 1963 7:30 Growing Pains (CC) Jason and Mag- gie attempt to celebrate their wedding anniv- ersary, even though Maggie is about to go on one of her most mportant interview assign- ments 8:00  e () Moonlighting (CC) J  MOVIE: 'Stingray" A mysterious loner with a Corvette Stingray battles the ruthless head of the Mexican underworld. Nick Man- cuso, Susan Blakely, Robyn Douglass, 1985• dR). ]J ] MOVIE: 'A Deadly Business" (CC) An ex-convict working undercover for the FBI ex- poses corrupt business dealings in the hand- ing of lethal toxic wastes. Alan Arkin, Armand Assante, Michael Learned. 1986. ) Saving the Wildlife () i1: MOVIE: 'Love Among the Ruins' An ag mg actress being sued by a young ggolo is defended by her long-ago lover. Katherine Hepburn, Sir Laurence Oliwer, Colin Blakety. 1974 ( ,10! Peter, Paul and Mary 9:00 0   Spenser: For Hire (CC) Spenser in. vestlgates when the wealthy husband of a Q0rgeous ex-model iS murdered (60 rain) !4! [HBO] Ray Bradbury Theater: Banshee An eccentric film director taunts a young writer with a ghost story ( ii Billy Graham Crusade 9:30 !4; [HBO] MOVIE: 'Moscow on the Hudson' (CC) A Russian circus musician defects to the United States and settles in New York after being saved from the KGB by a store security guard. Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso, Cleavant Derricks. 1984. Rated R. 0 0 0 IB News NewsCentar Newsline 9 lIB '7] MOVIE: 'Bullitt' A tough, modern-day police detective s involved in the middle of Mafia dealing and political intervention Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset. 1968, C11j Jeffersons ( -( Good Neighbors 10:30  ( Tonight Show In Stereo O Benson Barney Miller In Defense of Freedom ( Jeffersons Outry •   Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35 I El M'A°S'H 1.1:00  Sanford and SOn Simon & Simon Rick and AJ are hired to find out who is trying to prevent the opemng of an amusement park, (60 rain.) dR), ABC News Nightline 11:05 Bonanza Trapper John, M.D. 11:30 Entertainment Tonight Interview with Molly Ringwald. 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Repo Man' A punk rocker, desperate for money, takes a job with a car repossessor. Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stan- ton, Susan Barnes• 1984. Rated R Love Boat ABC News Nightline  Nightly Business Report Eye on Hollywood 1) MOVIE: "Bangt Bangl You're Dead" An unassuming American arrives in Morocco to find himself enmeshed in the machinations of a spy ring. Tony Randall, Senta Berger, Terry Thomas. 1966, 12:00  Late Night with David Letterman In Stereo Mannix ] MOVIE: "Once Upon a Scoundrel' A vain and ruthless land baron schemes to win the hand of a beautiful damsel Zero Vessel, Katy Jurado, Titos Vandis. 1979 I] Miracle Revival Hour 12:051i, It Takes a Thief 12:10 J The Rockford Files 12:20 t  MOVIE: 'Assault on a Queen' A woman adventurer and her ruthless companion talk an ex-submarine officer into joining them in raising a sunken German sub. Frank Sinatra, Virna Lisi, Tony Franciosa. 1966. 12:30 ( Late Night with David Letterman in Stereo. 1:00 (1 MOVIE: "The Bermuda Triangle" The his- tory of this area in the Atlantic Ucean is ex- plored, Narrated by Brad Crandall. 1979. 1:05  Headline Chasers ,4 [HBO| On Location: Buddy Hackers II-On Stage et Caesar's Atlantic City Buddy Hackett shows his true form in this uncensored spe- cial. (60 rain.) 1:30 | Comedy Tonight | CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress )  Comedy Break 1:35 ) News 2:00 | A Perfect Match ) ) INN News 2:05  {HBO] MOVIE: "Torchlight" A couple's mar- riage is threatened by the husband's eddic- lion to cocaine. Pamela Sue Martin, Steve Railsback, lan McShane. 1984. Rated R. 2:30 0 CBS News Nightwatch NewsCenter ( MOVIE: 'File On Thelma Jordan' An as- sistant district attorney becomes clandes- tinely involved with a girl who is indicted for her aunt's murder. Barbara Stanwyck, Wen- dell Corey, Joan Tetzel, 1949. 2:40   MOVIE: "Three Steps North' An ex-G.I. returning to Italy to claim hidden loot is be- trayed by a beautiful woman. Lloyd Bridges, Lea Padovani. 1951. 3:00 ( MOVIE: "Terzan the Fearless' Tarzan guides a young girl and her fiance through the perilous jungle. Buster Crabbe, Jacqueline Wells. 1933.