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April 7, 1983     The Ponchatoula Times
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April 7, 1983

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!i What's on TV April 7-13 Daytime WEEKDAYS MORNING 5:00 8 ABC News This Morning O Mary Tyler Moore O CNN Headline News O  TBS Morning News 5:30 6 A Study in the Word 6 6 CBS Early Morning News O Early Today 1 PTL Club  News 5:45 _1 Greenlight 6:00 6 2une In ]1 Early Today 6 News O Breakfast Edition 6 ABC News This Morning 6 CBS Morning News (  SuperStation Funtime (  Jim Bakker 6:15 ( Weather 6:30 1 AM Report ) Varied Programs I} News I  I Dream of Jeannie 6:45  ( Weather 7:00 6 6 0 Good Morning America ]} O Today 6 CBS Morning News Business Report I C My Three Sons I1 Cll) Bugs Bunny & Friends ( (0 Lilias, Yoga and You 7:30 I) MacNeiI-Lehrer Report l  That Girl ) C! Jetsons ) Varied Programs 8:00 ]t Morning In Louisiana ( ( C10 Sesame Street (  Movie 11 Popeye 8:30 ]1Storyland ( (11 Great Space Coaster 9:00 6 Happy Days ]} Facts of Life 6 (]1 New $25,000 Pyramid } 0 Donahue 6 Richard Simnons 0 ( lOJ Instructional Programs ( (11; 700 Club 9:30 I Laveme and Shirley 6 Burns & Allen ]l Child's Play ) Sanford and Son 6 Joker's Wild 10:00 t 6 I) Love Boat 6 I Love Lucy g Price Is Right Wheel of Fortune ) Price Is Right  Perry Mason 10:30 1 Our Playmates Hit Man 11J Reachin' Out 11:00 6  ) Family Feud 6 I1 Just Men 11:30 6 6 Young and the Restless (  People Now With Bill Tush ) (9 Good News America ( (  Ryan's Hope 6 t Search For Tomorrow ) i1 I Love Lucy AFTERNOON 12:00 6  ( All My Children IB   (l News ? Movie (1! F-Troop 12:30 Il (} Days of Our Lives )  As the World Turns (} ii Movie 1:00 (tOne Life to Live 1:30 ]1 (1 Another World 6 6 Capitol 2:00 I  ( General Hospital 6 6 Guiding Light 7 SuperStation Funtime 2:30 ) Rockford Files (1 Sale of the Century  Flintstones ( '11 I Dream of Jeannie 3:00 ( (1 I Edge of Night 6 Tic Tac Dough (1 Movie 6 Hour Magazine ( Lilias, Yoga and You ( ) iunsters -13 Woody Woodpecker ( 10 Sesame Street 3:30 6 Pink Panther Show Happy Days Again Joker's Wild (1  What's Happening! ( Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood C_ Leave It to Beaver 4:00  O Bugs Bunny & Friends Three's Company Igl Good Times IE]} Happy Days Again (]} Soap World Sesame Street I B.J./Lobo Show ( 7 Brady Bunch ( !19 Scooby Doo lb Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 4:30 6 Jeffersons 6 Little House ) Laverne and Shirley (1 People's Court 6 Lie Detector  Bewitched ( 1 Gilligan's Island (  Varied Programs 5:00 I I 1 t I News   3-2-1, Contact I Jeffersons t  Andy Griffith  Good Times 5:30 6 ( t ABC News 6 I1 NBC News E) 6 CBS News ( Business Report (  Gomer Pyle ( Beverly Hillbillies  Untamed World 5:45 7:30 8:00 9:00 11:00 THURSDAY THURSDAY 4/7/83 MORNING C c) [HBO] MOVIE: "Treasure Island' A young boy finds a map to hidden treasure Orson Welles, Kim Bur-field. Walter Slezak. 1974 Rated G. j [HBO] MOVIE: "The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie" Bugs Bunny recalls some classic moments from his film career. 1981 RatedG I ( MOVIE: 'The Busy Body" A crime syndi- cate boss orders the body of a money collector dug up so he can recover a mdlion dollars buried with him. Sid Caesar, Robert Ryan, Anne Baxter. 1967, 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Star Trek Ih The Wrath of Khan' The crew of the Starship Enterpnse leads the wicked Khan into a lethal battle of wets. Wil- liam Shatner, Leonard Nemoy, Ricardo Montal- ban 1982. Rated PG. 4- [HBO] Strippers Film clips and dramat=c reenactment recreate the lives of six women 8:3D 9:00 (11 Simon & Simon Stowaways rob A.J. of some diamonds he is carrying for a client. (R) (60 mm.I I t  Mystery! 'Limbo Connection.' Anna- belle stumbles upon evidence wJich can clear Mark of murder. 160 rain.) |Closd Captioned] 1  MOVIE: "Conrack' A young teacher finds the challenge of a lifetime when he tries to in- troduce a group of poor, isolated black children to the world around them. Jon Voight, Paul Win- field, Madge Sinclair. 1974. 6 6  It Takes Two Holly is sent to jail. (R) 6 I Cheers Diane explodes when she realizes Carla has lied about Sam. (R) C4 [HBO] Not Necessarily The News This show promises to be everything the current news is not. IB 6 I 20/20 ]} 6 Hill Street Blues LaRue tangles with a narcotics cop and then joins forces with an ambulance-chasing lawyer. (R) (60 rain.) (E) I Tucker's Witch A super psychic thief tres to find out how the Tuckers solve cases. (60 min.) ) [HBO] MOVIE: Conan, The Barbarian' A strongman Seeks revenge against the evil mas- 11:00 11:30 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:30 3:00 FRIDAY FRIDAY 4/8/83 MORNING 5:30 ( [HBO] Video Jukebox 6:00  [HBO] HBO Rock: Blondie This 'New Wave' group performs all of their hits. 7:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Evil Under the Sun' Hercule Poirot investigates murder on a deserted beach. Peter Ustinov, James Mason. Maggie Smith. Rated PG. 8:00 (  MOVIE: "Lady Takes a Flyer' A female pilot falls for an aviation ace and they have trou- ble reconciling their lives. Lana Turner, Jeff Chandler, Richard Denning. 1958 9:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "McLintock!' A tough cattle baron meets his match in a strong-willed woman. John Wayne, Maureen O'hara, Ste- phanie Powers. [HBO] Kamikaze "Mission of Death.' This World War II tactic is examined through per- sonal testimony and interviews. C [HBO] MOVIE: 'Carbon Copy' A white exe- cutive's life takes an unexpected turn when his unknown black son shows up George Segal, Susan Saint James, Jack Warden. Rated PG AFTERNOON ( () MOVIE: 'The Naked Jungle' A South American plantation owner and his beautiful bride fight billions of soldier ants eating every- thing in their path. Charlton Heston, Eleanor Par- ker. 1954. ( MOVIE: "Belle Starr' Belle Starr was the leader of bandits at the close of the Civil War in Missouri. Gene Tierne, Randolph Scott. 1941. [HBO] Vi6eo Jukebox () [HBO] HBO Rock: Blondie This 'New Wave' oup performs all of their hits. [HBO] Reptiles and Amphibians Some of the world's most fascinating creatures are ex- amined. MOVIE: 'Once More, With Feeling" The career of a symphony orchestra conductor takes a dive after he separates from his wife. Yul Brynner, Kay Kendall, Gregory Ratoff 1960, 3:30 ( [HBO] Staying Alive Samantha Eggar hosts this look at famous stuntmen. 4:30 ( [HBO] Fraggle Rock Visit the world of Frag- gle Rock underneath the basement of an eccen- tric inventor, 5:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'McUntock!" A tough cattle baron meets his match in a strong-willed woman. John Wayne, Maureen O'hara, Ste- phanie Powers. EVEIi'ING 6:00 ( ) 6 ( I1 6 ( News ( MacNeiI-Lehrer Report ( (] Carol Burnatt ( All In the Family ( Dr., Who 6:30  I1 P.M. Magazine 6 Sanford and Son Entertainment Tonight Family Feud I People's Court -- Wildlife Safari ( Three's Company ( ( Major League Baseball: San Diego at Atlanta ( Jeffersons ( MacNeiI-Lehrer Report 7:00 I I11 Baby Makes Five 6 6 Powers of Matthew Star Matthew gets involved with some Dungeon and Dragon game enthusiasts who are not aware that the referee is sinister. (60 rain.) Ell 6 Dukes of Hazzard The Dukes try to prev- ent some bosses from other counties from tak- over Hazzard. (60 rain.) [HBO] MOVIE: 'A Little Sex' A swinging newlywed finds it hard to give up women. Tim Matheson, Kate Capshaw, Edward Herrmann. 1982. Rated R. ( Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is tined by top Washington loumalists analyzing e week's news (  At The Movies () Louisiana: St. We're In Correspondents Robyn Ekings and David Young join anchor Beth George to review significant news events of the week, 7:30 6 6 ( At Ease Sgt. Valentine helps Baker fake an illness.   Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the "80s with a weekly review of econ- omic and investment matters. 8:00  6 ( Renegades An escaped killer vows to kill at random unless Lt. Marciano surrenders to him. (60 rain.) 6  Knight Rider Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. use all their powers to try to save Devon Miles. (R) (60 min.) 6 1 Magic of David Copperfield V Magician , David Copperfield attempts his greatest illusion ever when he tries to make the Statue of Liberty dLsappear. Guest starring Morgan Fairchild and ele Lee. (60 rain.) ( N bonal Geographic Special 'Born of Fire.' Tonight  program focuses on the modern sci- ence of platemctonics. (60 rain.) [Closed Cap- tioned]  1983 Golden Globe Awards (  Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists analyzing the week's news. 8:30 (  Louisiana Legends "Rex Reed'. Nation- ally known theatre critic talks about growing up in Baton Rouge, and his life in New York City as a ssndicated theatre columnist. 9:00  (1 ( Tales of the Gold Monkey Jake stages a daring evacuation of Boragora. (60 rain.) 6  Bare Essence Lady Bobbi agrees to marry Niko and Tyger's investigation into Chase's death is stymied. (60 rain.) 6 6 Mississippi ( [HBO] Great Pleasure Hunt II Discover the leasures you can buy when money is no object. Soundstage Special ( All Creatures Great and Small 9:30 (  TBS Evening News I0:00 IB IBI I I I II I News 10:30 1:1:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 strippers AFTERNOON ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can' A Valium-addicted TV producer's lifestyle falls apart when she tries to quit cold turkey. Jill Clayburgh, Nicol Williamson, Geraldine Page. 1982. Rated R Dark Shadows  Odd Couple  Business Report 6 ) M*A*S*H ) (1 Tonight Show Johnny's guests are Suz- anne Pleshette and critic Calvin Trillin. (60 min.) 6 Soap 1 Barney Miller In Search of .... i Nightline 6  Catlins  Benny Hill Show (  PBS Late Night 6 Hawaii Five-O 6 Masters Golf Tonight's program presents second round highlights of the Masters Golf Tournament. 6 Barney Miller 6 Our Daily Bread i Invaders ( Last Word ( ) MOVIE: 'The Bank Dick' As a reward for accidentally capturing a bank robber, Egbert Souse is made a bank guard, W.C. Fields, Una Merkel, Cora Witherspoon. 1940. (  MOVIE: 'The Heroes" A group of would- be embezzlers hides a cache of two million pounds while a British Intelligence officer tries to outwit them. Rod Steiger, Rod Taylor, Rosanna Schiaffino ]1 Charlie's Angels 6 Mary Hartman SCTV Network 6 Hawaii Five-O (  Sign Off ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Carbon Copy" A white exe- cutive's life takes an unexpected turn when his unknown black son shows up. George Segal, Susan Saint James, Jack Warden. Rated PG. 6 Star Trek  Emergency Sign Off ( Saturday Night 12:15 6 MOVIE: 'Slender Thread" A crisis center volunteer tries to keep a would-be suicide on the phope while the police try to find her wherea- bouts. Sidney Poitier, Anne Bancroft, Telly Say- alas. 1966. 12:30 ]1SCTV Network I1 MOVIE: 'Nightmare Hotel' 1970 1:00 66SignOff I NBC News Overnight Real McCoys ( At the Movies 1:30  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Rich and Famous' Two women go through many changes during a twenty-year friendship. Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergen. 1981. Rated R. ( Andy Griffith t  MOVIE: "Red Light" An innocent man, released from prison, sets out for revenge. George Raft, Virginia Mayo, Raymond Burr. 1949. ( Greenlight 1:45  Sign Off 2:00 6 NBC News Overnight ]1 I News 2:30 6 MOVIE: 'Three Steps North" An ex-G.I, re- turning to Italy to claim hidden loot is betrayed by a beautiful woman. Lloyd Bridges, Lea Pa- dovani. 1951. 12:00 12:30 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Beyond the Reef' A pet t=ger shark helps a young man and his swee- 9:30 theart save some fabled black pearls. Dayton Ka'Ne, Maren Jensen. Rated PG, ]  MOVIE: "The Great Bank Robbery' A bogus preacher, a Mexican gang and all the local 10:00 outlaws try to break =nto a well-guarded bank. Zero Mostel, Kim Novak, Clint Walker. 1969. (i) MOVIE: 'On the Threshold of Space' A young doctor, testing equipment and preparing 10:30 fliers for outer space, runs into strange experi- ence when a jumper =s hurt. Guy Madison, Virg=- na Leith, Dean Jagger. 1956 1:30  [HBO) MOVIE: 'The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie' Bugs Bunny recalls some classic moments from his film career. 1981. Rated G. 3:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Treasure Island' A young boy finds a map to hidden treasure. Orson Welles, Kim Burfield, Walter Slezak. 1974. Rated G. 11:00 MOVIE: 'The Landlord' A rich young man tnes to convert a ghetto apartment building into his own private h'ving quarters, Beau Bridges, Pearl Bailey, Diana Sands, 1970 5:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Star Trek Ih The Wrath of Khan' The crew of the Starship Enterprise leads the wicked Khan into a lethal battle of wits. Wil- liam Shamer, Leonard Nemoy, Ricardo Montal- ban. 1982. Rated PG. EVENING i i ,, 6:00 I 6 I t1 (1  ( News MacNeiI-Lehrer Report 6  Carol 8urnett  All In the Family (t Dr, Who 6:30 6 P.M. Magazine 6 Sanford and Son 11 : 15 Entertainment Tonight Family Feud People's Court Wildlife Safari 7:00 6 Three's Company (  Bob Newhart Show 11:30 6  Jeffersons  MacNeil-Lehrer Report  ( Benson Benson is captured by guerril- las. (R)[Closed Captioned] 6  Fame The students at the School of Arts 11:45 confront kids from a regular high school and Danny encounters a pretty outsider. (60 rain.) I I Magnum, P.L Robin Masters throws a 12:00 party and one of the guests is out to kill him. (60 rain.) ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Soup for One" A television newswriter begins an obsessive pursuit of his 12:15 "dream girl' after researching a series on the sin- gles life. Marcia Strassman, Saul Rubinek, Gerrit Graham. Rated R. 6  ( Sneak Previews Co-hosts Neal Ga- 12:30 bier and Jeffrey Lyons predict who will win the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Ac- tress, ( () MOVIE: 'Will Penny' An aging cowboy falls in love with a woman who helps him after he is attacked and left for dead by outlaws. Chadton Heston, Joan Hackett, Donald Pleas- 12:45 ence. 1968. () Gunsmoke 7:30 u cnd  Great Chefs/New Orleans 8:00 ( Too Close for Comfort Henry and ter Thulsa Doom. Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones. Rated R. ) Mystery ( @ To the Manor Born (  TBS Evening News ( 1 Inside Story Hodding Carter looks at the performance of the press involving one major eO666News ( Dark Shadows ( 11 Odd Couple ( LI Business Report 5:00 6 ]1M*A*S*H ]1  Tonight Show Johnny's guest is Roy Clark (60 min.) 5:30 1 Soap 6 Barney Miller ) In Search of .... Nightline  Catlins ( Cl1 Benny Hill Show 6:00  PBS Late Night 6 Hawaii Five-O 6 Masters Golf Tonight's program presents highlights of the first round of the Masters Golf Tournament [HBO] Strippers Film clips and dramatic reen- actment recreate the lives of six women strip- pers. 0 Barney Miller ( Outdoors ( Combat ( Last Word 6 () MOVIE: 'Chuka' A grizzled gunfighter tnes to promote peace between the Indians and some undisciplined soldiers guarding a fort. Rod Taylor, Ernest Borgnine, John Mills. 1967, 1 MOVIE: 'Underground' Inside Nazi Ger- many an underground resistance team sends out secret broadcasts. Robert Goulet, Daniele Gaubert, Lawrence Dobkin. 1970 I1 Charlie's Angels I1 MOVIE: "Goodbye Mr. Chips' The story of an English schoolteacher, his rise to headmas- ter. and the tragedies and joys that touched his Jife. Robert Donat, Greer Garson, Paul Henried. 1939 6 Mary Hartman Late Night with David Letterman David's est is parrot costumer Alba Ballard. (60 rain,) Hawaii Five-O  Sign Off ) [HBO] Five American Guns The stories of five people who used guns are told in this docu- mentary. 6 Star Trek 6 Late Night with David Letterman David's est is parrot costumer Alba Ballard. (60 rain.) Jimmy Swaggart I MOVIE: "Destry' A young deputy becomes a laughing stock when he refuses to carry a gun. Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard, LyleBettger. 1955. ( NBC News Overnight 6 MOVIE: 'Last Child' A wife who becomes pregnant with her second child is in violation of a government edict limiting families. Michael Cole, Van Heflin, Janet Margolin, Edward Asner. 1971. 6 () Greenlight ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Beyond the Reef' A pet tiger shark helps a young man and his swee- theart save some fabled black peads. Dayton Ka'Ne, Maren Jensen. Rated PG. 8% " News Owrnight 00SATURDAY SATURDAY 4/9/83 MORNING I Mary Tyler Moore. CNN Headline News I ( TBS Morning News Infinity Factory ( [HBO| MOVIE: 'Excalibur' The sorcerer Mer- lin helps young Arthur gain England's two grea- test treasures, the enchanted sword Excalibur and the beautiful Guineviere. Nicol Williamson, el Terry, Helen Mirren. 1981, Rated PG. Weather Dudley Do-Right 8.Q Captain Kangaroo Health Field Bugs Sunny ( Between the Lines ( News and Weather 6:30  Lone Ranger B Jatsons i Kidsworld Dr. Snuggles Rocky and His Friends (  Romper Room 6:45  ( Greenlight 7:00 i Tom & Jerry ( Flintstone Funnies 6 Popeye/Olive Comedy Show |  Super Friends GED Course 8 ()(( Baseball Bunch Baptist Church 7:30   ( Pac Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich 0 Shirt Tales 0 Pandamonium GED Course ' ( ( MOVIE: 'Legend of Custer" The flam- boyant early career of the legendary American hero is depicted. Wayne Maunder, Slim Pickens. 1968. () Baptist Church 7:45 i 8 Parlez Moi 8:00 Smurfs Meatballs & Spaghetti ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Beyond the Reef' A pet tiger shark helps a young man and his swee- theart save some fabled black pearls. Dayton Ka'Ne, Maren Jansen. Rated PC. 1:00 I decide to repeat their weddin vows, (R) i (} Good News America John's tyranny and wooing the hand of lovely (OimmeABreakGrandpaKanmkycomes 1:15 I CBS NewsNightwatch,JIP Maid Marian, Errol Flynn. Olivia de Havilland, for e visit. (R)  ( MOVIE: My Pal Cue Basil Rathbone. 1938, 10:00 10:30 11:00 Flexible Reading ( Lap Quilting 12:15 8:30  6 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show 12:30 i Lap Quilting ) Garner Ted Armstrong ( Meeting Will Come/Order 9:00 6 6 Scooby, Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour " Square Foot Gardening ( Jimmy Swaggart li Magic f Oil Painting 9:30 Gary Coleman Show The Dukes ( [HBO] Stripper= Film clips and dramatic reen- actment recreate the lives of six women strip- pers. ( Justin Wilson La. Cookin' (  MOVIE: 'The Adventures of Robin 1:00 Hood' SwashbUckling Robin is busy robbing the rich, aiding the poor, ridding England of Prince ( Victory Garden ( 6  Mork & Mindy/Laveme & Shirley/ Font Hour 6 6 Incredible Hulk and Spiderman 6 Popeye & Pals I Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show ( Great Chefs/New Orleans ( Reaching Out ( This Old House [HBO] MOVIE: 'Star Trek Ih The Wrath of Khan' The crew of the Starship Enterprise leads the wicked Khan into a lethal battle of wits. Wil- liam Shamer, Leonard Nemoy, Ricardo Montal- ban. 1982. Rated PG. ( Gourmet Cooking ( Sportsman's Friend ( Justin Wilson La. Cookin' I ABC Weekend Special "Weep No More, My Lady' Skeeter learns how to become a man when he takes a stray dog in. (R) [Closed Cap- tioned] 6 The Jetsons 6 Gilligan's Planet MOVIE: 'Tarzan's Magic Fountain" Tarzan penetrates a hidden valley which has a magic fountain in order to bring out an aviatrix who crashed years ago. Lax Barker, Brenda Joyce. Evelyn Ankers. 1949. 6 Soul Train Magic of Oil Painting  Daniel Boone  American Gov't Survey 11:30 6  American Bandstand ]1 Black Gold ) ) New Fat Albert Show 6 This Old House I  MOVIE: 'Gunsmoke' A stranger in town has to wove his worth before he's accepted. Audie Murphy. Susan Cabot, Paul Kelly. 1953.  American Gov't Survey AFTERNOON 12:00  Noon Report 6 Blackstar I]I Dimensions I Soul Train Victory Garden ) MOVIE: "Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones' In a small Eastern town during the fifties a young couple is caught up by parental pressures. Desi Arnaz Jr,, Chris Morris. 1971  Focus on Society I Kids Comer 6 Memories with Lawrence Walk t 11 th Annual Family Circle Cup Coverage of this tournament is presented from Hilton Head. SC. (2 hrs.) J Perspectives in Black () [HBO]MOVIE: "The Salamander" An intel- ligence officer and a wealthy industrialist thwart a fascist coup d'etat in Italy, Anthony Quinn, Franco Nero. Martin Balsam. 1981, Shopsmith Bill Dance Outdoors I Decorative Painting ( Wild Kingdom ( Focus on Society 6 MOVIE: 'Tanganyika" An explorer with lurrf- ber interests fights a murdering renegade in Bri- tish East Africa. Van Heflin and Ruth Roman. 1954. I Road to Los Angeles ( Hea Haw 1:30 2:00 7:00 8:45 9:00 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 6 Wrestling ( To Be Announced ( Real McCoys ( j Major League Baseball: Atlanta (G. E. D. 6 Fishing w/Roland Martin t To Be Announced Andy Griffith G. E. D. 6 Bill Dance Outdoors 0 This Week In Baseball 6 MOVIE: "Five Master= tial arts masters set out to perfect tJ challenge the Emperor after he tery burned down. David ander Fu Sheng. 1980. O Wild Kingdom ( To Be Announced li Sportsbeat ) MOVIE: "Kidnapped" Stevenson's classic adventure outlaw who knew but one love -I until a fiery girl and a valiant boy Warner Baxter, Freddie Bruce. 1938  En Francais 2:30 6 ( Pm Bowler= Tour $110,000 Greater Hartford from the Bradley Bowl, rain.) 6 Major League Baseball: Announced 60 Master= Golf Tournament the third round is presented from National Golf Club, Augusta, CA. min.) ( [HBO] HBO Theatre: These two one-act plays show the pie who live in a seaside hotel. Major League Baseball: Angeles I Louisiana: St. We're In (  En Francais 3:00 ( Supersoccer  Personal Finance 3:30 I This Is USFL  Personal Finance 4:00 ( (1  Wide World of Sports I Six-Gun Heroes t ) This Week In Baseball  Kung Fu  Mysterious World 4:30 ([HBO] MOVIE: "Excalibur" The lin helps young Arthur gain test treasures, the enchanted and the beautiful Guineviere. Nigel Terry, Helen Mitten. 1981. ( ( Motorweek Illustrated  Bear Next Door 5:00 6 Happy Days Again Hee Haw 6 Varsity Quiz Bowl ) World Championship @ Wrestling  Matinee at the Bijou "Milliol 5:30 6 We Play Baton Rouge 6 NBC News Laverne and Shirley 0  News 6 Barney Miller EVENING 6:00 6J66 News J Obr Daily 8read 0 Wild Kingdom ( Good Neighbors I   solid Gold 6:30 6 Inside Area 2 6 PM: Special Edition 0 You Asked For It 6 Glen Campbell Music Show 6 Carter Country ) Honeymooners ( 1 Sneak Previews Co-hostS I and Jeffrey Lyons predict who will for Best Picture, Best Actor and ( I1  T.J. Hooker Sgt. sniper. (R) (60 rain.) 6 6 Diff'rent Strokes Kiml picture of Arnold in a osed Captioned] ]1 Wizards and Warriors the Caverns of Chaos seeking a cure er's illness (60 min.) ' [HBO} MOVIE: 'Sword and thel heroic young prince vows to of his parents. Lee Horsley, George Maharis, Rated R. Oppermanns ( ( Winners ( ( Airwaves  MOVIE: 'Greenwich musical set in the Village ound 1920, Gay with good Carmen Miranda, Don Ameche, Vivian Blaine. 1944 7:30 6 I Silver Spoons Ricky is Kate has fallen in love with ( ( NBA Basketball: Washington 8:00 6 6  Love Boat A mother share a secret, Gopher and a 'hip' woman falls in love. sed Captioned] Mama's Family When tl-r possessed, Vim, Buzz and Sonja Mama. (R) ]1 6 MOVIE: 'Murder Me, Mike Hammer explores the wodds  phy and international politics to daughter he never knew. Stacy Roberts, Michelle Phillips. 1983. , ( MOVIE: "Movie. Movie Hands" tells of a young man's come a boxer, and "Baxter's lampoons lavish screen musicals- Scott, Trish Van Devere, Eli 8:30 6  Teacher= Only When the end of their auto class, the sembte Principal Cooper's car. ( MOVIE: "The Scarlet land Sir Percy Blakney is a mincing' France he gallantly rescues from the bloody guillotine lie Howard, Merle Oberon, 1935. [HBO] Stripper= Film clips and actment recreate the lives of six pars. 6 6  Fantasy Island A man amends to people he hurt and agrees to be part of an min.) ]Closed Captioned] J 6 Monitor I Dr. Who ( [HBO] Envelope Please... Preview." Charlton Heston and the 1982 movie award I ( TBS Weekend News 6 1 1 0 0 6 I News [HBO] Not Necessarily The show promises to be everything news is not. Key West Picture Show _ Best of Midnight Specials I ABC News 6 Sha Na Na 6 Dance Fever 6 M*A*S'H ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Star Trek Ih Khan' The crew of the the wicked Khan into a lethal liam Shatner, Leonard Nemoy, ban. 1982, Rated PG. Saturday Night Live MOVlE:'Powder Keg' A shooting investigators is cover a highlacked train with 73 board. RcKI Taylor, Dennis Cole, sara. 1970. 6 CNN Headline News Late Night New Orleans At The Movies ( Coffee, Toast & J. Darli 10:45 ( ( Tushl 11:00  Dance Fever Soul Train MOVIE: "The ranges he husband's Goldie Hawn, William Atherton, 1974 6 Rex Humbard (f) Wrestling ( Sign Off 11:30 I  America's Top Ten Puppet Love  Doctor In the House 11:45  () MOVIE: "Mamfa" A life leads her I4. Hedran, Sean 12:00 B MOVIE: