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July 4, 1985     The Ponchatoula Times
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July 4, 1985

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SHE'S THE BOSS -- Judith Light was the toast of daytime drama, and she's now proving she can do comedy as well. "Who's the Boss?" airs Tuesdays on ABC, What's on TV? THURSDAY -,..__ MORNING E]J Mary Tyler Moore O O O  CNN Headline News ) @ INN News :30 IDA Study in the Word I O CBS Early Morning News [HBO] The Camel Boy A young Arab boy joins his grandfather on a camel drive across the Great Victoria Desert. t PTL Club (  SuperStation Funtime 20 Minute Workout (I.1)O 8 2une In O NBC News at Sunrise News Breakfast Edition O ABC News This Morning (CC) O CBS Morning News ' Jimmy Swaggart e:30  AM Report ( B.J./Lobo Show (]  Flintstones @ Great Space Coaster  Farm Day e:4 ,, _--- (  Weather ( O I) Good Morning America (CC) O O Today J CBS Morning News ( [HBO] Yesteryear... 1969 Travel back in time and relive an exciting year of American history. m Lilias, Yoga and You t  I Dream of Jeannie ) ( Woody Woodpecker 710 (  Business of Management tB Nightly Business Report  Bewitched @ Flintatones Q:00  ( Electric Company O Phil Donahue Show 1:00 00One Life to Live O Smithsonien World (CC) "Time and Light.' Various methods used over the years to mea- sure time and light are discussed. (R) (60 rain.)  Odd Couple ( ( Magic of Oil Painting 1:30 O O Pro Tennis: Wimbledon '85 Coverage of the Men's Quarter-Finals is presented from Wimbledon, England. (3 hrs.) O ( Capitol ( Partridge Family  Romsgnoli's Table 2:00 O O I General Hospital O O Guiding Light () Denmark/Star Spangled 4th Denmark's annual celebration of the U.S.'s Independ- ence Day is highlighted,  Bugs Bunny & Friends  Fat Albert & Colby Kids  Victory Garden 2:30 ( Eagle Returns The Florida Audubon Socie- ty's program for providing solace to injured birds is examined.  Bugs Bunny & Friends ( () Untamed World 3:00 O Mark & Mindy G]} Tic Tac Dough ( [HBO] King of the Beasts O Eight Is Enough O Body Language (]D Kathy's Kitchen Rituals (UP  Flintatones  Heathcliff  Sesame Street (CC) 3:30 (B Voltron G]J Joker's Wild [HBO] The Camel Boy A young Arab boy joins his grandfather on a camel drive across the Great Victoria Desert. ID New Name That Tune (D Square Foot Gardening q What's Happening (0B  Addams Family ( [HBO] Wimbledon "85 I Morning In Louisiana I   Sesame Street (CC) ImB ( Hazel 11:30 ( Bugs Bunny ID Storyland ( ( I Love Lucy ( Heatholiff t Big va.ey tW Phil Donahue O O $25,000 Pyramid O Let's Make a [al I Phil Donahue Show iB  ( Instructional Programs Love Connection t ( MOVIE: "The Amazing Dobermans' Five doberman pinschers help a U.S undercover agent wage a war on crime. Fred Astaire, James Franciscus, Barbara Eden. 1976. () I Dream of Jeannie I Press Your Luck O Rituals O Jeopardy ( Let's Make a Deal ^ __   Andy Griffith vK) 0  Angle O ( Wheel of Fortune O Price Is Right Sally Jessy Raphael Price Is Right ( () Gilligan's Island 10'30 O O (] All-Star Blitz 4:00 S8 Super Password Young and the Restless ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Hot Stuff' Miami's light- fingered underworld is being pursued by a trio of unlikely burglary detectives. Dam De- Luise, Suzanne Pleshette, Ossie Davis. Rated PG. 8 Little House on the Prairie 11:30 0  Loving O ( Search for Tomorrow %,.( (I]) Independent News AFTERNOON 4:30 () Scooby Doo 0 Happy Days Again 0 Jeopardy O Difrrent Strokes } Dukes of Hazzard ( Reading Rainbow U Jeffersons tBB  Brady Bunch  Incredible Hulk  Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood ( Sanford and Son ]) Laverne and Shirley ]J New Name That Tune O People's Court O Threa's Company ) Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood ( Alice O  Andy Griffith (  32-1, Contact (CC) 0 ]J ( 0 News ]I Divorce Court  Capitol Fourth/1985 Leonard Bern- EVENING ( Spiderman stein conducts the National Symphony Or- O Roy Rogers chestra in this Independence Day celebration. 6:00 ( ]J J ( O ( I News O Kid's Jamboree (go min.) () Timmy and Lassie (]B  Get Smart I C Sanford and Son 7:00 O Tom & Jerry 7:30 J ( Family Ties Alex falls asleep while )  Jeffersons O O Snorks working on a term paper and dreams that his ( , Louisiana - State We're In ]J O Biskitts family is involved in the Constitutional Con- 6:30 O ]J ( Entertainment Tonight O Superfriends vention of 1776. (R) I O Wheel of Fortune I Lilies, Yoga and You (] Stone Carver J [HBO] Video Jukebox ) Puppy's Great Adventures 8:00 O ( Cheers / O Family Feud (]B _ Cimarron Strip ]( Simon and Simon (CC) Rick and AJ. are 8 World of Survival ) ( New Home Baptist off to an island in the South Seas to help their Three's Company 7:30 ( Transformers uncle find his missing ex-business partner. (R) (]B  Major League Baseball: New York Mete ]11 Pink Panther and Sons 0 rain.) at Atlanta I O Get Along Gang Mystaryl (CC) "Reilly- Ace of Spies: An Af-   Taxi O 1 Superfriends fair with a Married Woman.' Superspy Sidney (  Baseball Greats" (] Hobby Shop Reilly finds trouble in Persia while he is inves- ) @ World of Tomorrow tigating Russian oil explorations. (R) (90 rain.) 7:00 1 O () Webster (CC) A peaceful Thanksgiv- 7:45  ( Parlez Moi  MOVIE: 'Pueblo' An American naval ing dinner threatens to be disrupted when 8:00 O O ( Mighty Orbota vessel is seized by the North Koreans in this George's father and Katherine's mother show ( O Pro Tennis: Wimbledon "8B Coverage true story Hal Holbrook, Andrew Duggan, Ri- ' f the Women's Singles Final is presented chard Mulligan. 1973. Mike Nesmith in TV Parts Tonight's from the All-England Lawn Tennis end Cro- 8:30 O ( Night Court The new defense attorney belllS are Jerry Lee Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld. quet Club in Wimbledon, England. (5 hrs.) lands in jail on a contempt charge while trying Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg shocks ]} O Muppat Babies to defend a client accused of kidnapping a everyone by being a nice guy after he is acci-  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Hot Stuff" Miami's light- cat. (R) dentally bumped on the head. (R) (60 rain) fingered underworld is being pursued by - Denmark/Star Spangled 4th Denmark's -' [HBO] MOVIE: "Blame It on Rio" A man is trio of unlikely burglary detectives. Dam De- annual celebration of the U.S's Independ- pursued by his best friend's underagedaugh- Luise, Suzanne Pleshette, Ossie Davis. Rated ence Day is highlighted, ter. Michael Caine, Michelle Johnson, Joseph PG. 9:00 (OIB 20/20 (CC) Bologna. 1983. Rated R (] Informed Sources () Motorweek J ( Hill Street Blues Frank is forced to re- ( 1 Greater St. Stephens Baptist Church lease a rape suspect due to a technical flaw in ()  Barnaby Jones (  Decorative Painting the man's Miranda briefing. (R) (60 min) (  Washington Week/Review Paul Duke 8:30 O O (] Turbo-Teen O ) Knot's Landing (CC) Greg's mother is joined by top Washington journalists in an- O (l Dungeons and Dragons shows up and puts pressure on him to take alyzing the week's news. over his late father's business. (R) (60 rain.) 7:30 (O () Comedy Factory ( Aloha China t]B  Championship Wrestling from Georgia [HBO] Hitchhiker: Lovesounds A cheating O O Spencer Spencer's big plans for New  _ Acrylic Painting wife is forced to face the music of a deadly Year's Eve go down the drain. (R) passion,  ( 0 Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser 9:00 O O I Rubik the Amazing Cube (] Capitol Fourth/1985 Leonard Bernstein analyzes the "8as with a weekly review of ) Papaya & Pals conducts the National Symphony Orchestra economic and investment matters. 8 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner in this Independence Day celebration. (90 8:O0 OO() Benson (CC) Benson battles a mayor Kathy's Kitchen trying to outlaw breakdancing in public )@ Charles Green ()in, Commanders places. (R) ( C1 Joy of Painting 9:15 I  Jacques Cousteau: The First 75 Years il O V Ham is tortured by the Aliens into 9:30 O O I) New Scooby Doe Mysteries (CC) John Denver hosts this special with a rare turning against the Resistance. (R) (60 rain.) ) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Touched By Love' A victim look at the life, times and accomplishments of ] O MOVIE: "White Water Rebels" A kay- of cerebral palsy corresponds with Elvis Pres- Jacques Cousteau. (2 hrs.) aker tries to keep a wild mountain river free lay, Deborah Raffin, Diane Lane, Michael 9:30 ( [HBO] Hitchhiker." Rememb/Melody A from unscrupulous developers. Catherine Learned, 1980. Rated PG. spurned lover's revenge becomes a horrifying Bach, James Broils, Michael C. Gwynn. 1982. (] Justin Wilson La. Cookin' htmare, i Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is (]B -7_ MOVIE: 'A Place in the Sun' An ambi - nzmare. joined by top Washington journalists in ana- tious young man's liaison with a factory girl 10.'O0 0 J 0 J 0 ( News Iv_zing the week's news. threatens his romance with an heiress. Mont- [HBO] MOVIE: "/'he Natural" (CC) A gifted farmboy, wanting no more out of life than to )  MOVIE: "Dynasty' A tale of jealousy, gomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Win- play baseball, must overcome his past. Robert hatred, deception and rivalry span thirty-five ters, 1951. Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close. 1984. years of a 19th century Ohio family. Harrison (  Woodwright's Shop Rated PG. Ford, Sarah Miles, Stacy Keach. 1976. 10:00 ( O (]) Scary Scooby Funnies ( Saturday Night (  Great Performances (CC) "The Life of O O CBS Storybreak (CC) ( Jean Shepherd America (CC) Verdi." Part 3 of 6, Verdi finishes "La Traviata' (] Great Chefs/San Francisco 10:30  i Jeffersone and is commissioned to write "La Forza del ) @ Impressions 00 Tennis Update Destine" while in Russia. (R) (90 min,)  ( Do-It-Yourself Show O M*A*S*H 8:30 OO1 People Do Craziest Things (CC) Seg- 10:30 O O I Littles (CC) 0 Benscn ments include a pretty woman stuck in ce- J 0 Land of the Lost ( Taxi ment, and the making of a video. (] Gourmet Cooking ( Eagle Returns The Florida Audubon Socie-  Capitol Journal 8  Puttin' on the Hits ty's program for providing solace to injured 8:45 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Educating Rite" (CC) A tutor ) Frugal Gourmet birds is examined, guides a working-class woman to the path of 11:00 ( O (])ABC Weekend Special (CC)'Horatio (] Quincy self-discovery and intellectual enlightenment. Alger Update: Frank and Fearless.' Part 1 of 2.  Louisiana. State We're In Michael Caine, Julie Waiters, Michael Wil- A young boy is driven from his rightful home 10:45 O ( Best of Carson Tonight's guests are liams, t983. Rated PG. his mean stepmother. (R) Angle Dickinson, Ronnie Shakes and Betty 9:00 O O (] Matt Houston (CC) A young boy is O Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Buckley. (R) (60 rain.) kidnapped by a man who once terrorized Matt (] Joy of Painting 11.'000 Bonanza as a child. (R) (60 min.)  @ Fame Rockford Files ]1 O Miami Vice Crockett and Tubbs team  ( Aloha China Sanford and Son up with the Feds in their investigation of a 11:30 O () American Bandstand Bsrnaby Jones dangerous illegal arms dealer. (R) (60 min.) ) ]J Saturday Supercade Second Home Three men prepare for their (] Alive from Off Center (PREMIERE) To- ( [HBO] Not Necessarily the News tour of duty at sea in this study of what life is night's program features performances by O Soul Train like for Navy men and their families (R) (60 Laurie Anderson, John Sanborn, David Van I Decorative Painting rain.) Tieghem and Sankai Juku plus a short film by   Gourmet Cooking Zbigniew Rybczniski. AFTERNOON I ABC News Nightline 9:15 I  MOVIE: 'Sword of Sherwood Forest' 11:15 ( ( MOVIE: "The Stranger" An astronaut Robin Hood and his band of outlaws defend a 12:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Tender Trap" A foot- crashes on another planet and becomes a fu- gitive from the power structure there. Glenn castle against the Sheriff of Nottingham. Ri- loose New York bachelor is fair ame for the chard Greene, Peter Cushing, Nigel Green. tender traps of the city's marrtage-mindad Corbett, Cameron Mitchell, Law Ayres. 1972. 1961. women. Frank Sinstra, Debbie Reyno';ds, Ca- 11:30 8 Hawaii Five0 9:30  ( Our Sacred Lend (CC) The conflict sur- leste Holm. 1955. Eye on Hollywood rounding the Black Hills of South Dakota and I)  ( Victory Garden I (11) MOVIE: "The Yazuka" An ex-G.I, returns the disputes between the American Indian (]B  MOVIE: "The Skull" A notorious French to Japan and intercedes in the kidnapping of and theU,S. Governmentconcerningthisarea nobleman's skull wields a vicious influence a friend's daughter Robert Mitchum, Takak- are discussed, on those who have it in their possession. Peter ura Naish, Mary Castle. 1957 10:000 J J 0 0 11 News Cushing, Christopher Lee, Jill Bennett. 1965. 11:4B qB Barney Miller i Nightly Business Report ) ( MOVIE: 'Angel in My Pocket" A newly 0 Love Boat  ( Saturday Night ordained minister, assigned to a problem- 12:00 ( Star Trek O MOVIE: "Walk Like a Dragon' After saving I  World of Cartooning beset church, serves as catalyst to unite feud- a Chinese girl frotthe San Francisco slave 10:30  (i Jeffersons ing factions, Andy Griffith, Jerry Van Dyke, market, a man takeS her to his hometown and | ( Tennis Update Kay Medford. 1969. soon there is trouble. Mel Terms, Jack Lord,  M*A*S*H 12:30 8 Rockford Files Nobu McCarthy. 1960.  [HBO] Hitchhiker:. Petty Thieves Perspectives in Black I The Detectives O Benson O Dimensions (B Jimmy Swaggart ]} Taxi I Pole Position 12:15 O Pro Tennis: Wlmbledon '85 Coverage of I SCTV I   Square Foot Gardening the Women's Semi-Finals is presented from  @ Quincy I Wild Kingdom the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet ( Louisiana. State We're In 1:00 ]) Inside Look Club in Wimbledon, England. (2 hrs.) 10:45 O ( Best of Carson Tonight's guests are ] MOVIE: "Boy Who Cried Werewolf" A ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Over the Brooklyn Bridge" A David Letterman, Roberts Flack and Teresa young boy insists he keeps seeing a werewolf luncheonette owner who wants to open ares- Ganzel. (R) (60 rain.) - his father. Kerwin Matthews, Elaine Devry. taurant must drop his girlfriend and find a 11:00 O New York Hot Tracks 1973, nice Jewish girl in orderfor his uncle to bank- ] Rockford Files 1 Major League Baseball: Teams to be roll him. Elliott Gould, Margaux Hemingway, O Sanford and Son Announced O Superchargers Sid Caesar. 1984. Rated R. 8 Barnaby Jones 12:30 ( MOVIE: "Perfect Friday" An assistant bank MOVIE: 'Blood Mania" The vengeful ]1 College Football 1984 manager, weary of his ordinary London life, daughter of a retired surgeon, hss hastened 8  ( Here's to Your Health decides to rob his bank of its guarded emer- her father's death to get hs money. Peter Car- Racing Pro Magazine ency cash supply. Ursula Andress, Stanley p_enter, Maria Aragon. 1970 aker, David Warner. 1970.  ABC News Nightline 1:15 ]1 Major League Baseball: New York Mete at Atlanta or Baltimore at Kansas City 12:4 O Pro Tennis: Wimbledon '85 Coverage of (B ( Night Tracks 1:30 ( O (1 USFL Football: Conference the Women's Semi-Finals is presented from 11:15  [HE0] MOVIE: "The Lady in Red' A naive Championship Game the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet farm girl moves to Chicago and becomes the Club in Wimbledon, England. (2 hrs.) moll of John Dillinger. Pamela Sue Martin, (D Superchargers 1.'00 ( CBS News Nightwatch Robert Conrad, Louise Fletcher. 1979. Rated (] Roughing It 1:15 B  MOVIE: "The Adventures of Captain R. ( This Old House (CC) Fabian" A woman uses witchcraft to avenge 11:30 e start of Something Big 2:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Hambone and Hillie" A her mother's death. Errol Flynn, Vincent Price, 8 ABC Rocks scrappy mutt takes off on a cross country Agnes Moorehead. 1951. (I]) MOVIE: "The Notorious Landlady" A journey in search of his owner. Lillisn Gish, 1:30 I (]) INN News young state department official rents a flat in O.J. Simpson, Timothy Bottoms. 1984. Rated 2:00 O News the home of a mysterious woman who is SUS- PG. (] MOVIE: "Let's Make Love' A billionaire, pected of murdering her husband. Kim Novak, ]1 Greatest Sports Legends about to be satirized in a musical review, is Jack Lemmon, Fred Astaire. 1962. I Last Chance Garage (CC) not recognized by the producer and is hired to 11:45 O I Pro Tennis: Wimbledon '85 Coverage I ( MOVIE: 'Warpath" A man seeks venge- impersonate himself. Marilyn Monroe, Tony of the Men's Semi-Finals is presented from ance against three bank robbers responsible Randall, Franki Vaughan. 1960, the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet for the death of his fiancee. Edmond O'Brien, Club in Wimbledon, England. (2 hrs.) Dean Jagger, Polly Bergen. 1951. ( Kung Fu 12:00 I MOVIE: "Tarss Bulbs' 16th century Cos- @ Matinee at the Bijou Tonight's program FRIDAY tion.Sacks fight for freedom from Poland'sdomina-Kaufmann.YUl Brynner,1962. Tony Curtis, Christine 2:30 IDfeatureSsuperchargers'Danny Boy." (R)(90 mm.) (D MOVIE: "Trader Horn" A trader and his son, 2:45 i) ROd & Reel MORNING traveling in Africa, are captured by warrior ]} MOVIE: "Pocketful of Miracles' A gambler, natives. Rod Taylor, Anne Heywood, Don who believes that apples bought from s Broadway character are lucky, tries to get his next apple by impressing the character's daughter. Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Peter Falk. 1961. 5:30 ( [H80] HBO Family Playhouse: Bobby and Knight, 1973 Sarah It's almost love at first sight when a 12:30 1 ;tar Trek 5:00 15-yesr-old Amish girl meets a street smart  MOVIE: "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" Count boy from New York. Dracula digs up the Frankenstein monster 3:00 (D CBS Sports Special: National Old Timers ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Sahara' A young woman 6:30 ( [HBO] Stanley, the Ugly Duckling Stanley and helps old Dr. Frankenstein revive it in ex- promises her dying father that she'll drive his searches for his true identity, change for blood serum. J. Carrel Naish, Lon Baseball Classic Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, last creation in the first Sahara International 7:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Kelly" A girl searches the Chaney, Russ Tamblyn. 1971. Whitey Ford and others, participate in a five- Rally. Brooke Shields, Lambert Wilson, Horst Alaskan wilderness for her real father. Robert 12:45 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Exterminator' A Viet- inning game from RFK Stadium in Washing- ton, D,C. (90 min.) Buchhotz. 1984. Rated PG. Logan, George Clutesi, Twyla-Dawn Vokins. sam war veteran turns vigilante after his I Matinee st the Bijou Tonight's program ( Newscope 1981. buddy is victimized by muggers. Christopher features "Danny Boy.' (R) (90 min.) () Sesame Street (CC) 9:00 B( MOVIE: 'Flamingo Road' A carnival dan- George, Samantha Egger, Robert Ginty. (] People's Court cer stranded in a small town becomes in- 1980. Rated R.  ( Incredible Hulk (]B  Father Knows Best valved with politicians, romance and murder. 1:45 ( All-Star Wrestling 3:30 @ [H60| MOVIE: "Triumphs of a Man Called )  Good Times Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott. 1949. 8  INN News Horse" The son of the aged warrior carries on ( MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour 9:30 @ [HBO] MOVIE: "The Grey Fox" An aging 2:15 MOVIE: 'Lafayette Escadrille' The lives as defender of the Sioux Indians. Richard Her- 5:30 ( O  ABC News (CC) stage coach robber who has spent 30 years in and loves of the American flyers who served ris, Michael Beck, Rated PG. O (1 NBC Nightly News San Quentin, finds himself baffled by the new in France during World War I are dramatized. 8 (BlackPetGoldActin Line 0 Scrabble 4.'00 ( Richard Roberts Show ]10 CBS News railroads of 1903. Richard Farnsworth, Tab Hunter, Etchika Choreau, David Janssen. 11.1)0 O 0  Ryan's Hope i  Green Acres Jackie Burroughs, Wayne Robson. 1983. 1958. S OP Surfing Fishin' w/Orlando Wilson  Alice Rated PG. ) ( Wrestling EVENING 11:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Siege" A ruthless gang ter- SATURDAY 8 ,( All Creature. Great and Small rorizes a senior citizen's apartment commun- 4:30 Inquiry 6:00 O O O O O O ( News ity. Martin Balsam, Sylvia Sidney, Dorian Sports Inside Out The sports world is seen (] Timmy and Lassie Harewood. 1978. from a young person's perspective. (B ( Sanford and Son AFTERNOON MORNING  Pet Action Line  Jeffersons ,., (]B ( Motorweek Illustrated 8i1 Louisiana - State We're In 12:00 O( MOVIE:'The Brothers O'TOOle'A pair of 5:00 O Mary Tyler Moore 6:30 O Entertainment Tonight slick drifters ride by chance into the sleepy ( [HBO] MOVIE: Hambone and Hillie' A 5:00 O M*A*S'H Pumojs O O Wheel of Fortune broken-down mining town of Molybdenum, scrappy mutt takes off on a cross country Rockford Files O Family Feud Colorado. John Astin, Pat Carroll, Hans Con- journey in search of his owner. Lillisn Gish, ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Yon The Hunter from the t World of Survival tied. 1972. O.J. Simpson, Timothy Bottoms. 1984. Rated Future" A warrior from the future finds himself t Threa's Company 1.,00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Fedora' Hollywood's most PG. in a prehistoric society as a result of s nuclear 1;E00 8 t t All My Children I Major League Baseball: New York Mete beautiful movie queen retires to complete se- r)  ( CNN Headline News holocaust. Reb Brown, Corinne Clew, John Noon Report at Atlanta clusion. William Holden, Marthe Keller, Mi- ) C[ INN News Steiner. 1983. Rated PG. O O O News  (] Taxi chael York. 1979. Rated PG. 5:30 Vegetable SOup News Untamed World   Nightly Business Repo ( MOVIE: "Washington Behind Closed i CNN Headline News Start of Something Big ( MOVIE: 'The Incredible Mr. Limpet' A 7.'00 O O I MOVIE: "Moment By Moment' A Doors" Part 6 Agriculture In Louisiana I Hee Haw meek bookkeeper jumps off the dock at young man falls in love with an older Beverly 1:30 O ( Pro Tennis: Wimbledon "86 Coverage C7 Between the Lines 8 Coney Island and turns into a dolphin. Don Hills housewife in the midst of a divorce. John of the Men's Semi-Finals is presented from  C[]) This Is the Life Profiles in Nature Health Matter= (lKntts'() I CaroleLove LucyCk" Jack Weston. 1964. oTravlta'( CosbyLily ShowTmlin" 1978. 3.0 lWimbledn[HBO] Li4;eEngland'on Earth:(31nvasionhrS') of the Lend 6:00 O1 WeatherRuff n Ready U  SolidWrldGoldChampinship Wreatlir, ( Today's Special O O Magnum, P.I. Magnum receives un- David Attenborough traces the evolution of Q Bugs Bunny/Road Runner ()Evening at Popa Tonight's program fea- 1;::30 I I Days of Our Lives likely assistance in a fraud case from en aspr- fish from marine invertebrates, to sharks, to I World of Photography tures Gregory Hines. (R) (60 rain.) O ( As the World Turns ing novelist with an outrageous imagination, a_.mphibisns and, eventually, to mammals.  Joy of Gardening 5:30 8 O NBC Nightly News () [HBO] MOVIE: "The Natural" (CC) A gifted (R) (60 min.) , 4:00 ( [HBO] HBO Family Playhouse: Bobby and 1 Wonder Woman 0  ABC News (CC) farmboy, wanting no more out of life than to ( [HaO] MOVIE: "Moscow on the Hudson 841rah It's almost love at first sight when a aJ () Baseball Bunch ( ( Jimmy Swaggart Real ThinQ play baseball, must overcome his past. Robert (CC) A Russian circus musician defects while 15-year.old Amish girl meets a street smart 6:30 I Kidsworld EVENING Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close. 1984. on a U.S. tour. Robin Williams, Maria Con- boy from New York. Rated PG. chits Alonso, Cleavant Derricks. 1984. Rated 5:00 (]D [HBO] MOVIE: "Thank God, It's Friday" A O Jackson 5ire Show E Timmy and lassie R. married couple discovers the world of disco. () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Savage Harvest" Man- 6.'00 O O O O News Fame (]]) Dick Van Dyke  New Orleans Postcard Donna Summer, The Commodores, 1978. eating lions attack a Kenyan plantation. Tom 8 Ethiopia: The Nightmare Continues (] Mr. Rogers" NeighbOrhood  () Barnaby Jones Rated PG. Skerritt, Michelte Phillips. Rated PG. mm