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July 4, 1985     The Ponchatoula Times
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July 4, 1985

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O Jean Shepherd America (CC) "Make School or Die." Jean Shepherd visits the Old West.  Alice (] Dance Fever (]J Undersea Worm of Jacques Cousteau 6:30 O Rocco's Star O PM Magazine  [HBO] Penny Power Family Feud Carter Country Innovation 'A New Breed." Tonight's pro- gram focuses on the area of veterinary medi- cine. Jeffersons Putt|n" on the Hits 7:00 O ( ( T.J. Hooker (CC) A group of murderous mobsters take a special interest in Stacy when she goes undercover as a mas- seuse. (R) (60 rain.) ( Dtfrrent Strokes (CC) Willis is unaware that his new girlfriend is actually an under- cover policewoman. (R)  Cover Up Henry tells Dan| of Mac's death and introduces her to Jack Striker, her new partner. (R) (60 rain.) (!) {HBO] MOVIE: 'Purple Rain" (CC) A per- former overcomes a troubled home life and fierce rivalries to become a major rock star. Prince, Morris Day, Apollonia Kotero. 1984. Rated R. S Project XX ) MOVIE: 'Riding Tall" A rodeo rider and a rich, sophisticated lady have difficulties over- coming their differences. Andrew Prine, Gil- mar McCormick. 1974. ) Fame (  Nature of Things 7:30 O O It's Your Move Matt's mother catches him at one of his blackmailing schemes. (R) 8:00 O O O Love Boat (CC) An inexperienced young man mistakes a pretty girl for his birth- day present, and Stubing mysteriously rejects a female candidate for a captain's post. (R) 0 rain.) D Gimme a Break Nell and Addy begin aalrreling over Addy's new neighbor. (R) Airwolf Dominic and Hawks are caught up in a scare involving gold bullion. (R) (BO rain.)  Return to Iwo lima 1) MOVIE: "The Big Black Pill' A private eye tries to help a beautiful young woman find her brother but winds up in a murder case himself. Robert Blake, Eileen Heckert, Veron- ica Cartwright. 1981. !-) Mystaryl (CC) "Reilly, Ace of Spies: Dreadnoughts and Crosses.' Reilly has ulter- |or motives for developing a good rapport with Russia's Minister of Marine and the man's wife. (R) (60 min.) 8:30 D D Mama's Family Mama thinks the worst when Naomi complains that she doesn't feel well. (It) 9:00 DD(D Finder of Lost Loves (CC) A success- ful woman lawyer hires Daisy to find her gone- but-not-forgotten college sweetheart. (R) (60 min.) D Hunter Hunter is wrongfully impri- soned when the drug dealer that he was inves- atin 9 meets an untimely death, (R) (60 rain.) D Mickey Spillane's Mike Hemmer The only clues to the death of Mike's friend are a torn $10,000 bill and an attache case full of artificial diamonds, (R) (60 rain.) ( [HBO] Not Necessarily the News ) Combat (0D ( High Chaparral ( MOVIE: "The High Command' A British officer kills a man he believes to be the fath- erof his child and later learns the girl is his. James Mason, Lionel Atwill. 1936. 9:30 ) [HBO] Ray Bradbury: The Crowd A car acci- dent propels a man into a strange world where all is not as it appears. 10:00 O D 8  O ID t News  [HBO] MOVIE: "Porky.s Ih The Next Day' High school students, recruited to appear in the school play, wreak havoc with their pranks. Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Kaki !:&ii::;: :!, s 9 ..... zo 0 !!:iiiil; 0 12 13 14 15 S 16 18 119 20 23 24 z'T- 2"T- 7 I"! O1 1 II o 2s W i3o 3"T-] ,',2 33 34 ] 35 36 ACROSS 1 Non-flying b=rds 5 TV movie featuring Phoebe Cases 9 Wallaba t0 Anomalous: abbr 12 Sun-rled brtck 15 He's Tom Wdhs (clue tO puzzle answer) 18 He was Klnger 20 Margosa 21 Letter from Greece 22 Charlotte Rae role 24 Host Letterman 25 "Fall Guy" co-star 28 Denhsts' org 31 Author of "Picmc'" 32 Dick or Susannah 34 "'-- Malone" 36 He's Dex Dexter 37 Actress Farrow 39 Unit of length 41 Hebrew instrument 42 Paradise 00000000 000000 7:30 D MOVIE: "The Littlest Rebel" A young girl saves her father from imprisonment during the Civil War. Shirley Temple, John Boles. 1935. Holy Mass To Be Announced Sesame Street (CC) (D Ken Copelsnd (]B  Bugs Bunny & Friends )  Superman/Aquaman/Batman ) (] Parlez Moi 8:00 I  Pro Tennis: Wimbledon '85 Coverage of the Men's Singles Final is presented from the All-England Lawn Tennis & Croquet, Club in Wimbledon, England. (6 hrs.) i Rev. Lovelady Ken Copeland Sunday Morning () Woody Woodpecker ( Sesame Street (CC) 8:30 O Expect a Miracle [HBO] MOVIE: "Conan the Destroyer" (CC) A medieval warrior battles the forces of evil. Ar- nold Schwarzenegger , Grace Jones, Wilt Chamberlain. 1984. Rated PC. D Larry Jones Ministry ( Sesame Street (CC) ID E.J. Dan|sis I  Andy Griffith ( Bugs Bunny Greatest American Hero Sunday Morning 9:00 I World Tomorrow James Rob|son I ( Good News ( Telethon: Sickle Cell Anemia ( Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 9:30 MOVIE: "Alien Factor" An alien spaceship crashes on earth, and its inhabitants create havoc on the planet. Tom Griffith, Don Leiferx. ( Saturday Night Live Tonight's guest host Roy Scheider welcomes musical guest Billy Ocean. (R) (90 min.) D MOVIE: 'Goliath Awaits' Part 1 This Week in Country Music ( Mid-South Wrestling 11:00 ( Puttin' on the Hits Soul Train O MOVIE: "The Magus' A mystic plays psy- chological games with a young girl and an Englishman. Anthony Quinn, Candice Bergen, Michael Caine. 1968. D Alice ( ( Night Tracks 11:30 I America's Top Ten 11 World Tomorrow ( Comedy Tonight i Here's Lucy 11:45) [HBO] MOVIE: "The Amityville Horror" Ghosts and spirits infiltrate the dream house of the Lutz family,James Brolin, Margot Kid- der, Rod Steiger. 1979, Rated R. 12.'00 ( MOVIE: "Fun In Acepulco" While romanc- ing two beauties, Elvis acts as a part time lifeguard and a night club entertainer. EIvis Presley, Ursula Andress, Elsa Cardenas. 1963. Saturday Night Live Tonight's guest host Roy Scheider welcomes musical guest Billy Ocean. (R) (90 min.) Hit City Jimmy Swaggart 12:30 O America's Top Ten | ABC News (CC) 1:00 Entertainment This Week Baptist Church 1:30 MOVIE: 'Manhandled" Two men and a woman are caught in a web of violence and murder for a fortune in jewels. Dorothy La- mour, Sterling Hayden, Dan Duryea. 1949. 1:45 () [HBOI MOVIE: "Circle of Iron' Kung Fu meets Zen Buddist philosophy, David Carra, dine, Eli Wallach, Christopher Lee, 1979 Rated R 2.00  ( Movie Cont'd D MOVIE: 'Go West" The Marx Brothers hin- der and help the Western Railroad. Groucho, Chico, Harpo. 1940. Oral Roberts Hunter. 1983. Rated R. Reading Rainbow t Dr. Who Movie ( Jerry Falwell ( Night Tracks- -Chartbustere (B( MOVIE: "No Man Is an Island" This film ( ( Telethon: Sickle Cell Anemia is based on the true story of a U.S. radioman 10:15(ABC News (CC) who outwitted the invading Japanese on 10;301.(t=.D Fever .  .  ...........  Guam r 4 me@the during WWll.  Jeffrey ' '1 M A'S*H ........  " Hunten'Marshall Thompson, Barbara Perez. SUNDAY 1962. ( Today's Special 10:00  Sunday Journal (D James Roblson I Dr. Who Movie ( Electric Company 10:30 O This Week with David BHnkley First Baptist Church ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Sahara" A young woman promises her dying father that she'll drive his last creation in the first Sahara International Rally. Brooke Shields, Lambert Wilson, Horst Buchholz. 1984. Rated PC, ( Face the Nation ( Larry Jones Ministry ( Timmy and Lass 11:00 Dateline: New Orleans Perspective S Church Service MOVIE: "The High Commend" A British officer kills a man he believes to be the fath- erof his child and later learns the girl is his. James Mason, Lionel Atwill. 1936- 11:30 D Mid-South Wrestling ]1 Face the Nation I This Week with Oavid Brinkley ( New Wilderness ( Sneak Previews AFTERNOON 12:00 O MOVIE: 'Billie" A girl, superior to boys in athletics, embarasses her father who is run- ning for mayor. Patty Ouke, Warren Berlinger, Jim Backus. 1965. | Spelling Bee ) All Creatures Great end Small ) This Week with David 8Hnkley | ( World of Audubon-Pert III Cliff Robert- son narrates this special from the Audubon Society.  Telethon: Sickle Cell Anemia 12:30 1 Entertainment This Week C) [HBO] MOVIE: "You Light Up My Life' A songstress struggles to make her dreams come true in the music business. 0idi Conn, Joe Silver, Michael Zaslow. 1977. Rated PC. i Superchargers 1:00 This Is the USFL Jacques Cousteau: The First 75 Years John Denver hosts this special with a rare look at the life, times and accomplishments of Jacques Cousteau. (2 hrs.) (B Great Performances (CC) "The Life of Verdi.' Part 3 of 6. Verdi finishes "La Traviata" DOWN 2 Star of 25 Across 3 --- the Down Sta=rcase" (clue to puzzle answer) 4 Secure Clarence Williams Ill role 6 ID for Rooney 7 Desired strongly 8 Page of a book 11 Fred Gwynne role 13 Skip 14 Todd or Lloyd 16 "-- -- At -- Tme" 17 Even: poetic 19 He's Capt. Stubing 23 Can be eaten 26 One number under: abbr. 27 Leshe -- 29 Component 30 Metric measure 33 Jell Munroe's siste 35 "A -- at the Top" 36 T=tle 38 Maiden loved by Zeus 40 Dogtag J 3:30 _IB SportsWorld Coverage of the United Statas Llymnastics Championships is pre- sented. (90 rain.) (B Tony Brown's Journal  Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists in an- alyzing the week's news. 4:00 tO SportaWorld Coverage of the United States Gymnastics Championships is pre- sented. (90 min.) 1 Firing Line "Has New York Let Us Down?" Tonight'sguests are author Roger Starr and attorney Mark Green. (60 rain.)  Jacques Cousteau: The First 7 Years John Denver hosts this special with a rare look at the life, times and accomplishments of Jac_ues Cousteau. (2 hrs.) C!L Telethon: Sickle Cell Anemia McLaughlin Group 4:30   Adam Smith's Money Worm 5:00 ( ABC News (CC) Essence Mary Tyler Moore (  News ( CBS News t McLaughlin Group Here's Lucy Folks 5:30 ( D ( News  NBC Nightly News [HBO] MOVIE: 'Mr. Morn' A rising young executive trades places with his wife when he is fired. Michael Keaton, Ted Garr, Martin Mull. 1983. Rated PC. (] ABC News (CC) Adam Smith's Money World . Tony Brown's Journal EVEN JNG 6.)0 i D t MOVIE: "The Bed News Bears in Breaking Training" (CC) The Bears are Astro- dome bound for a big playoff game. William Oevane, Jackie Earle Haley, Jimmy Bale. 1977. DD Punky Brewstar Part 1 of 2. A budding young thief, who is taking lessons from an clear, teen4ged rc-hber, Steals Punky's jew- elry box. (R) ,- ]J ( 60 Minutes (1  ( Austin City Limits  Best of World Championship Wrestling 6:30 I I Silver Spoons Rick bets $100 he doesn't have on a football game after his com- putar forecasts a "sure" winner. (R) 7.'00 1 ( Knight Rider Michael and KITT try to prove that the death of a thoroughbred race horse was actually a well-conceived scare. (R) 0 rain.) Murder, She Wrote (CC) Jess|ca be- comes involved in a bizarre murder while visit- her sister in England, (R) (60 rain.) [HBO] MOVIE: "Conen the Destroyer" (CC) A medieval warrior battles the forces of evil. Ar- nold Schwarzenegger, Grace Jones, Wilt Chamberlain. 1984. Rated PG. (B On the Line  World at War ( Nature (CC) "Living Together.' Tonight's program explores the relationship between thebehavior of animals and the kinds of com- munities in which they live and function. (R) i MOVIE: "Norms Rae" (CC A woman working in a textile mill finds her hfe in ruins despite the victory she achieves for organized labor. Sally Field, Beau Bridges, Ron Leib- man. 1979. O MOVIE: 'Police Woman Centerfold' (CC) Controversy shakes a small Ohio town when a woman on its police force poses for a national skin magazine. Ed Marinaro, Melody Anderson, Donna Pescow. 1983. l D MOVIE: 'Second Sight: A Love Story" A woman, through stubborn independence and a sense of humor, comes to terms with her blindness. Elizabeth Montgomery, Barry New- man, Nicholas Pryor. 1984.  Mystery (CC) At The Movies ( Tenko  Tales from the Darkside ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Up the Creek" Four college losers set out to win a raft race despite the competition with preppies and military cad- ets. Tim Matheson, Jennifer Hunyon, Steven Furst. 1984, Rated R. I (  Masterpiece Theatre (CC) "The Cita- del." When a grateful patient gives Andrew a gift of five pounds, he =s unprepared for the nasty turn of events that follow. (R) (60 rain.) I  Coors Sports Page ( First Person 8:00 8:30 8:00 MORNING " and is commissioned to write "La Forza del 9:30 ( ( Day of Discovery Destine" while in Russia. (R) (90 min.)   Impressions 5:00   ( CNN Headline News ID Dateline 10:00  O O ( ( News I Project XX 5:30 ) ( INN News B ( Major League Baseball: New York Mats (B [HBO] MOVIE: 'You Light Up My Life" A at Atlanta )  Jerry Falweil songstress struggles to make her dreams ) ( En Francais |  Odd Couple come true in the music business. Oidi Corm, 1:30 (  (B USFL Football: Conference 1 MOVIE: 'Painted Desert' Two men find 5:45 6.00 8:16 8:30 6:45 7:00 7:16 Joe Silver, Michael Zaslow. 1977. Rated PC. I CNN Headline News ( Worm Tomorrow 1:45 I ( U. S. Farm Report I Sacred Heart I Weather Lift for Life Wall Street Journal 2:00 For Our Times ( It Is Written [ Little Rascals Focus | Pink Panther Show I Gospel Sing | To Be Announced I Taking Advantage Insight Sunday Worship 2:30 } ( Sunday Funnies l Voice of Goodwill | Lone Ranger I ( Jimmy Sweggert | World,Tomorrow [HBO] MOVIE: 'Animaiympics' Z.O.O. TV 3.' covers the Animal Olympics from Pswprint Stadium. Animated. Voices of Gilds Radner, BillyCrystel, Harry Shearer. 1979, Forward Together Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Methodist Hour Alvin Show George of the Jungle Passe Parlous Championship ( (1 Images Du Monde Frsncophone D MOVIE: 'In Name Only" The marriage busi- ness of a young man and woman is on the rocks when they learn that several marriages they set up in the past ere not legal, Micheal Callan, Ann Prentiss, Paul Ford, 1969,  Lancer [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Right Stuff" (CC) Ameri- ca's first seven astronauts are traced from the first attempts to break the sound barrier to the the first man to orbit the earth. Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid, Scott Glenn. 1983. Rated R. Greatest Sports Legends ( Firing Line "Has New York Let Us Down?' Tonight's guests are author Roger Starr and attorney Mark Green, (60 rain,) Wild Kingdom Our Sacred Land (CC) The conflict sur- rounding the Black Hills of South Dakota and the disputes between the American Indian , and the US. Government concerning this area are discussed. Burns & Allen O CBS Sports Sunday Coverage includes the second dayof the Tour de France and the 15-round WBC Super Featherweight Chain- pionship bout between Julio Cesar Chavez and Roger Mayweather. (2 hrs.) i Wealth in America Folks (] Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser ana- lyzes the "608 with a weekly review of econ- omic and investment matters, a baby in the desert and both want to keep it. William Boyd, Clark Gable, Helen Twelve- trees. 1931. 10:30 O Hawaii Five.O El Rockford Files ] M*A*S*H ( [HBO] Detroit ComedY Jam Howie Mendel, Paul Rodriguez, Dave Courier and Mike Bin- der let loose in this comedy concert. 8 restlin 9 I News Alice ) Lou Grant 11:00 ]} MOVIE: 'Come Die With Me' A man kills his older brother when he is refused a loan and then is held in a love b.onda,9e by the hou- sekeeper. George Mahans, Eileen Brennan Char es McCauley. lg74 Star Search Sports Final i Fugitive  Wrestling ( Robert Schuller 11:15  CBS News 11:30  Puttin' on the Hits Tales from the Darkside [HBO] MOVIE: 'Class" A lustful teen has the chance to lose his innocence to an older woman, but complications arise when he dis. covers who she really is..Jacqueline isset, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthY. 1983, Rated R. Sports Machine Sernaby Jones ( At The Movies MONDAY MORNING 5:48 [) [HBO] The Camel Boy A young Arab boy joins his grandfather on a camel drive across the Great Victoria Desert. 7:00 .() [HBO] MOVIE: 'Fedora' Hollywood's most beautiful movie queen retires to complete se- clusion. William Holden, Marthe Keller, Mi- chael Yr,k. 1979. Rated PC. 9:00  [HBO] yIE: "T.A.G.-The Assassination Game' An inhocent game of killers-and- victims suddenly becomes real. Robert Cerra- dine, Linda Hamilton, Bruce Abbott. Rated PC.  MOVIE: "The Lady Wants Mink' A young wife sets up a mink ranch in her subur- ban backyard and almost ruins her marriage. Ruth Hussey, Dennis O'Keefe, Eve Arden. 1952. 11:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "The Natural" (CC) A gifted farmboy, wanting no more out of life than to play baseball, must overcome his past. Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close. 1984. Rated PC. AFTERNOON 12:00 B _ MOVIE: "The Take" A policeman tries to appear honest while accepting bribes from the syndicate. Billy Dee Williams, Eddie Al- bert, Frankie Avalon. 1974. 1:00 (B MOVIE: "Washington Behind Closed Doors" Part 7 1:30  [HBO] MOVIE: "Siege" A ruthless gang ter- rorizes a senior citizen's apartment commun- ity. Martin Balsam, Sylvia Sidney, Dorian Harewood. 1978. 3:30 ( [HBO] The Camel Boy A young Arab boy joins his grandfather on a camel drive across the Great Victoria Desert. 5:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Grey Fox" An aging stage coach robber who has spent 30 years in San Quentin, finds himself baffled by the new railroads of 1903. Richard Farnsworth, Jackie Burroughs, Wayne Robson. 1983. Rated PC. EVENING 6:00 D  ( O ( News ( Timmy and Lassie ( ( Sanford and Son () Jefferaons " ( Louisiana - State We're In 6:30 O  ( Entertainment Tonight ( Wheel of Fortune [HBO] Fre9gle Rock (CC) I Family Feud ( World of Survival ( Three's company t ( All In the Family @ Taxi (] Nightly Business Report 7,'00 D ( I ABC Monday Night Baseball: Teams To Be Announced D ( TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes To- night's practical joke victims are Lisa Whel- chel and Mew Griffin. (R) (60 rain,) D D Scarecrow and Mrs. King Lee and Amanda pursue an elusive diamond thief and hit-man nicknamed "Mongoose." (R) (60 rain.) ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Neverending Stow" (CC) The mythical land of Fantasia is in dan- - per of being destroyed unless a young warrior can complete a quest. Barret Oliver, Noah Hathaway, Gerald McRaney. 1984, Rated PC. ( ( ) Heart of the Dragon (CC) "Creating." Tonight's program delves into the world of contemporary Chinese art, exploring the phi- losophical and historical elements that shaped it. (60 rain.) ( ( MOVIE: "Man's Favorite Sport?" The au- thor of a book on fishing is forced by his boss to enter a tournament, although he has never fished in his life. Rock Hudson, Paula Prantiss, Maria Perschy. 1964. ( Barnaby Jones 8:00 D  MOVIE: 'Born Beautiful" Two young women, struggling to excel in fashion model- ing, discover that more than ambition and ood looks are needed for success. Erin Gray, d Marinate, Lori Singer. 1985. O Kate &/Mile Allie returns to school and faces the crunch of being both s mother and a student. (R) ) American Playhouse (CC) I (i MOVIE: "Goodbye, columbus" A young man, who vacations with the family of a weal- thy businessman, has an affair with the daughter. Richard Benjamin, All MacGraw, Jack Klugman. 1969. ( ( Smithsonian World (CC) "Designs for Living." An examination of man's remarkable accomodations to life on earth, in space, un- der gound and water is presented. (60 rain.) 8:30 IW I Newhsrt George is being roasted as man of the year, but Dick's wisecracks are funny to everyone but theguest of honor. (R) 9.'00 IW I Cagney & Lacey (CC) A seemingly cut and dried suicide investigation leads Chris and Mary Beth to some startling conclusions. BO rain.) [HBO] MOVIE: "T.A.G.-The Assassination Game' An innocent game of killers-and- victims suddenly becomes real. Robert Carra- dine, Linda Hamilton, Bruce Abbott. Rated PG, ( War sad Peace 9:30 From/American Film Inst. "The New Wife." When a young immigrant wife is reunited with her husband, she is shocked to find he is not the manager of a Chinese restaurant that he claimed to be. (R) 9:45  ( MOVIE: "A Long Way Home" An es- caped convict ingratiates himself with a Western family, Glenn Ford, Julie Harris, David Carradine. 1975. 10:00 D O O I D D ( News ( Nightly Business Report ( Saturday Night ( (] Sneak Previews 10:30 O  Jeffersons O  Tonight Show Host Joan Rivers" guests are George Peppard, Helen Slatar andSusan Anton. (60 rain.) D M'A'S*H [HBO] MOVIE: 'Bachelor Party" (CC) A groom-to-be's scheming friends plan a party he will never forget, Tom Hanks, Tawny Ki- taen, Adrian Zmed, 1984. Rated R. O Benson ( Taxi O SCTV () Quincy ( Louisiana - State We're In 11:00 O Bonanza ] Rockford Files Sanford and Son D Simon & Simon Rick and A.J. help out a former cowboy movie star who is being ac- cused of murder, (R) (60 rain.) Rise of the Red NeW ABC News Nightiine  Star Hustler 11:30  Barney Miller Love Scat Hawaii Five-O Ee on Hollywood (JT MOVIE: 'Illegal' A former district attor- ney, who gets involved with mobsters, ends up having to defend his wife, Edward G. Rob- inson, Nine Foch, Jayne Mansfield. 1955. I  MOVIE: 'Requiem For a Heavyweight' A boxer who almost reaches the top is forced to quit after a match that spells the end. Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney. 1962. 12:00 ( Star Trek 1 Late Night with David Lstterman Tonight's guests are Brother Theodore and Mary Ellen Pinkham. (60 min.) O MOVIE: 'Little Tough Guy' When father goes to prison, the children fend for them- selves, with the son becoming involved in ang warfare. Helen Parrish, Little Tough uys. 1938 D Columbo "identity Crisis." Columbo enters the world of espionage when a spy's ex- partner is found dead. (R) (90 rain.) 12:15  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Q" Two New York police- man look for mystics who may have awakened an ancient Aztec God. Michael Moriarty, David Carrsdine, Candy Clark. 1982. Rated R. 12:30 ( Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Brother Theodore and Mary Illen Pinkham. (60 rain,) I Star Search 1:30 0 (In) News TUESDAY MORNING 6:00 ( [HBO] Life on Earth: Invasion of the Land David Attenborough traces the evolution of fish from marine invertebrates, to sharks, to amphibians and, eventually, to mammals. 7:00 D [HBO] MOVIE: "Thank God, It's FridaY" A married couple discovers the world of disco, Donna Summer, The Commodores. 1978, Rated PC. 8:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Savage Harvest' Mary eating lions attack a Kenyan plantation. Tom Skerritt, Michelle Phillips. Rated PG 9.'00 (] ( MOVIE: "The Bride Came C.O.D.' A flying delivery boy and a runaway bride have a love affair. Bette Davis, James CagneY, 1941. I0.O ( [HBO] Yesteryear... 1969 Travel back in time and relive an exciting year of American history. 11:00 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Hambene and" A scrappy mutt takes off on a cross countrY journey in search of his owner. Liilian Gish, O.J. Simpson, Timothy Bottoms. 1984. Rated PC. AFTERNOON 12:00 B  MOVIE: "The Whole World Is Watching' A team of lawyers is hired to represent the student leader of a campus riot. Bud Ires, Jo- seph Campanella, James Farentino. 1969. 12:30  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Ziegfeld: The Man and HiS Women" The life of this legendaw showman is seen through the stories of the women closest to him. Paul Shenar, Valerie Perrine, Saman" the Eggar. 1978 3:00 ( [HBO] HBO Family Playhouse. Bobby and Sarah It's almost love at first sight wllen s 15-year-old Amish girl meets a street smart boy from New York. [HBO| Life on Earth: Invasion of the Land David Attenborough traces the evolution or fish from marine invertebrates, to sharks, to amphibians and, eventually, to mammals. ( [HBOJ MOVIE: "If You could See What I Hear' A blind composer's nonchalant attitude toward life is changed when he meets a woman who sees through his bravado, Marc Singer, Shad Belafonte Harper, Sarah Torgov. 1982. Rated PC. 4:00 5.O EVENING 6.)0 IOIItDD)I0 News B Timmy and Lassie ( Senford end Son  Jeffersons ( Louisiana - State We're In 6:30  D (1 Entertainment Tonight (D Wheel of Fortune E Family Feud World of Survival Three's Company ( Major League Baseball: Montreal at Atlanta  Rochestarfest Parade ( Nghtly Business Report 7.'00 0 J  Three's a Crowd (CC) Jack loses Vicky's tax refund money in a bad investment- D A-Team (CC) B,A falls in love with s beautiful Kenyan game warden whoSe brother has been murdered by poachers. (R) &Oom'n, Jeffersons (CC Louise convinces Reg" pie Jackson to help her cure George's depreS" sion over dropping a home run ball in the Yankee Stadium bleachers. (R) ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Pope of Greenwich Village" After pulling off a major heist, two small-time hoods find themselves runnino fo their lives. Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourk, Gerel- dine Page. 1984. Rated R. ) Smithsonian World (CC) "Designs for LiV- ing.' An examination of man's remarkable accomodations to life on earth, in space, un- der ground and water is presented. (60 rain.) ( Barnaby Jones ( t Profiles of Nature 7:30 ( D l Foul-Ups Bleeps/Blunders (CC) T night's in-house guests are Lyle Alzado anO Iris Chacon. (R) D Rockhoplr An up-and-coming yoUn.g security agent finds his assignments comP I=" cased by his mother, who has elected to move in with him.  Innovation 8.00 ( ( Who's the Boss? (CC) Tony pushes to have the garage loft transformed into Mona'S new home. (R)  Riptide Cody, Nick and Boz discover the haunted old boat they have been hired to find is none other than their own. (R) (60 rain.) ]} I MOVIE: "Night Partners" (CC) Two hou" sewives volunteer to become the city's first Vctim Assistance Unit. Yvette MimieuX, Diana Canova, Larw Linville. 1983 D MacGruder and Loud (CC) Malcolm and Jenny step in when a man harasses his ex- wife and her new husband. (R) (60 rain.) =s ( Nova (CC) "Stephen Jay Gould: Th" View of Life." The internationally-renowneO paleontologist, evolutionaw theorist and au" thor provides some surprising revelations, (R) Solid Gold Summer Special 8:30 O  Hail to the Chief (CC) The wounded Oliver is attended to by a pretty spy posing ss a nurse. (R) 9:00 D( MacGruder and Loud (CC) Malcolm and Jenny step in when a man harasses his ex- wife and her new husband. (R) (60 rain.) rk D D Remington Steele When an out-of-we actor is sought for murder, Laura sets out to nail the real killer. (R) (60 rain.) [HBO| Hitchhiker:. Videodata A man use modern matchmaking to prey ruthlessly oP lonely women's desires. I Hail to the Chief (CC) The wounded OliVer is attended to by a pretty spy posing as s nurse. (R) I Lifeline 'Dr: Judson Randolp.h" Tonight'S program profiles the working life of the Surgeon-in-Chief of Children's Hospital N" tional Medical Center in Washington, D.C. (HI  min.) ( Windsinger The beauty of the North American wilderness and the vitality of the human spirit are captured in this documen" 9:15 *=iry MOVIE: "Three Faces West" A VienneSe doctor, a refugee and his daughter join tl, Dakota farmers in their trek from the dus bowl to Oregon. John Wayne, Sigrid Curia, Charles Coburn. 1940. 9:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Purple Rain" (CC) A pa; former overcomes a troubled home life ano fierce rivalries to become a major rock stS Prince, Morris Day, Apollonia Kotero. 1984- Rated R. ( Living Double Lives Host Colleen De" whurst explores the hopes, fears and unce r tainty of life in the nuclear age. 10:00   I ( D ( (D News m Nightly Business Report 1 Saturday Night Last Chance Garage (CC) 10:30  I Jeffersons I! (1 Tonight Show Host Joan Rivers" gueSt is Tommy Tune. (60 rain.) M*A*SH Benson Taxi SCTV (]]) Quincy (] Louisiana - State We're In