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July 11, 1985     The Ponchatoula Times
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July 11, 1985

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COMIC WITH A PURPOSE -- Tim Reid of "Simon and Simon," which airs Thursdays on CBS, has devoted his free time to an extremely serious purpose -- de-glamorizing the use of drugs in films and television. What's On T00J? 5:30 7:00 8:30 9:00 11:00 12:00 THURSDAY 7/11/85 MORNING (4) IHBOI The Camel Boy A young Arab boy joins his grandfather on a camel drive across the Great Victoria Desert. C) |HBO] MOVIE: "Highpoint' A double- crossing businessman is hunted by the CIA and the Mafia. Richard Harris, Christopher Plummer, Beverly D'Angelo. Rated PG. 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Siege' A ruthless gang ter- rorizes a senior citizen's apartmertt Community. Martin Balsam Sylvia Sidney, ian Harewood. 1978 O (7) MOVIE: 'The Hoodlum Priest' A Jesuit priest befriends young criminal offenders and tries to help them help themselves. Don Murray, Cindi Wood, Larry Gates. 1961. (4) [HBOI MOVIE: "Fedora" Hollywood's most beautiful movie queen retires to complete seclu-- sion. William Holden, Marthe Keller, Michael York. 1979. Rated PG AFTERNOON ii t Ci) MOVIE: "The Stooge' A conceited sin- ger resents his comic vaudeville partner and tries to go solo. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Polly 10:45 Bergen 1953. 1:00 I Smithsonian World (CC) 'Designs for Liv- ing/ An examination of man's remarkable ac  comodations to life on earth, in space, under 11:00 ground and water is presented. (60 min.) 1:30  [HBO] MOVIE: "Mr. Mum' A rising young executive trades places with his wife when he is fired. Michael Keaton, Ten Garr, Martin Mull. 1983 Rated PG 2:00 O Nova (CC) 'Stephen Jay Gould: This View of 11:1 5 Life.' The internationally-renowned paleontolo- gist, evolutionary theorist and author provides some surprising revelations. (R) (60 rain.) 3:00 (_) [HBO] Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn 11:30 Tom and Huck try to save their town from a 9_an] of fast-talking con men. 5:00 4 IHBO] MOVIE: 'You Light Up My Life" A songstress struggles to make her dreams come true in the music business. Didi Conn, Joe Silver, .Michael Zaslow. 1977. Rated PG. i EVENING ,, i i i 8:00 O IB O O O O O News 12:00 Timmy and Lassie C) Sanford and Son (D  Jeffersons  Louisiena - State We're In 6:30 O O O Entertainment Tonight )  Wheel of Fortune [HBO] Video Jukebox  Family Feud World of Survival Three's Company 12:30 _ Major League Baseball: Philadelphia at Atlanta (1i Taxi (0 Nightly Business Report 7:00 O I iD MOVIE: 'The Competition" (CC) A heated contest between two gifted pianists turns into a conflict between love and ambition. Richard Dreyfuss, Amy Irving, Lee Remick. 1981. t Cosby Show Clair'decides to represent 1:00 Sondra in court after she is ripped off by a sleazy 1:30 auto mechanic. (R) } O Magnum, P.I. A Department of Records clerk seeks Magnum's help in what she claims to be a life or death situation. (R) (60 min.) [HBO] MOVIE: "Highpoint' A double- crossing businessman is hunted by the CIA and 2:00 the Mafia. Richard Harris, Christopher Plummer, Beverly D'Angeto. Rated PG. i Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau 1 Barnaby Jones _ Wild America (CC) 7:30 (D Family Ties Part 1 of 2. To help Steven during pledge week at his TV station, the Ken- tons reluctantly agree to be part of the entertain- ment. (R)  Great Parks of the World 2:15 8:00 } J Cheers Sam's innocent flirtation with an attractive customer gets him into trouble when she turns out to be a member of Diane's therapy 00ou& (HI Simon and Simon (CC) Rick and A.J. are hired by an Egyptologist to find out why the 2:30 world's rarest mummy is hidden in a museum's 2:45 warehouse. (R) (60 rain.) 3:00 Q Mystery (CC) "Reilly, Ace of Spies: Dread- noughts and Doublecrosses." Nadla Massino, 3:30 wife of Russia's Minister of Marine, falls in love 3:45 with Reilly. (R) (60 rain.) m ( MOVIE: 'Foolin' Around An Oklahoma ranch hand enrolls in college, but learns more about life outside the classroom. Gary Busey, 4:00 Annette O'Toote, Eddie Albert. 1980. eil ( World War al 8:30 IW Jim Night Court Despite severe stomach 4:15 pains, Judge Stone balks at going to the hospi- 4:30 tal: (R) ( [HBO] Not Necessarily the Ne w$ 9:00 O I  20/20 (CC)  Hill Street Blues Furillo senses some- thing is wrong when an officer is lionized for the rescue of a family from a burning house. (R) (60 rain.) O O Knot's Landing (CC) Greg Sumner has to choose between his Senate Seat and the Empire Valley project; Gary threatens to pull out of his partnership with Galveston; Joshua proposes to Cathy. (R) (60 rain.) 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Losin' It' Three high school seniors take on the wilds of Tijuana where wine, women and car chases abound Tom Cruise, Jackie Earle Haley, Shelley Long. 1983. Rated R. World at War ( (10 Commanders 9:15   MOVIE: 'Embassy' A diplomatic team from America tries to smuggle out a Russian ., , defector from Beirut. Richard Roundtree, Chuck Connors, Ray Milland. 1972. 10:00 O ] ]1 q) ql q  News Nightly Business Report () 1! Saturday Night ( (!b Jean Shepherd America (CC) 10:30 O ) Jeffersons O O Tonight Show Host Joan Rivers" guest is Hulk Hogan. (60 min.) O M*A*S*H (1 Benson O Taxi lib SCTV () L!!) Quincy 1 Latenight America [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Exterminator' A Viet- nam war veteran turns vigilante after his buddy is victimized by muggers. Christopher George, Samantha Eggar, Robert Ginty. 1980. Rated R. O Bonanza E) Rockford Files O Sanford and Son O Barnaby Jones ) Glittering Prizes ) ABC News Nightline ( () MOVIE: 'The Last Dinosaur" The world's richest man, an obsessive hunter, is trapped in a pocket of time without weapons and is pursued by a primitive tribe. Richard Boone, Joan Van Ark. 1977. Barney Miller Love Boat Hawaii Five-O Eye on Hollywood (  MOVIE: 'Target Zero' A lieutenant at- tempts to lead his men during the Korean Wa. Richard Conte, Peggie Castle, Chuck Connors. 1955. ) Star Hustler Star Trek O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Grace Jones, Calvin Trillin and Bill Kirkenbauer. (60 min.) O MOVIE: 'The Southerner"A poor share- cropper and his family scratch out a living on stubborn land. Zachary Scott, Betty Field, Beu- lah Bondi. 1945. t The Detectives Jimmy Swaggart (D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Circle of Iron' Kung Fu "meets Zen Buddist philosophy. David Carradine, Eli Wallach, Christopher Lee. 1979. Rated R. ( Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Grace Jones, Calvin Trillin and Bill Kirkenbauer. (60 rain.) MOVIE: "Love Hate Love' Newlyweds find themselves living through a reign of terror brought on by a jealous ex-suitor. Ryan O'Neal, Peter Haskell, Lesley Warren. 1970 (1 CBS News Nightwatch O News (  MOVIE: 'Shark Kill' A navy trained skin diver and a marine biologist become ocean ad- venturers and set sail in search of the killer white shark. Richard Yniguez, Phillip Clark, Jennifer Warren. 1976 @ INN News News MOVIE: 'Cabaret' Set in a 1931 BerSn ca- baret, this musical tells how the rising tide of Nazism affected the lives of everyone, Liza Mi- neili, Joel Grey, Michael York. 1972. ( MOVIE: 'Sergeant York' The story of Alvin York, a backwoods pacifist who became one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II, is pqrtrayed. Gary Cooper, Walter Bren- nan, Joan EesSe. 1941. (D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Up the Creek' Four college losers set out to win a raft race despite the com- petition with preppies and military cadets. Tim Matheson, Jennifer Runyon, Steven Furst. 1984. Rated R. O News In the Know ] Prayer CBS News Nightwatch Get Smart ( World at Large [HBO] MOVIE: 'Mr. Morn' A rising young executive trades places with his wife when he is fired. Michael Keaton, Ted Garr, Martin Mull. 1983. Rated PG. () [HBO] Movie Cont'd ( All In the Family () BigVelley CNN Headline News ( ( Bob Newhart Show FRIDAY MORNING 5:30 7:00 8:30 9:00 11:00 [HBO] The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park The Banana Splits match wts with an evil witch. [HBO] MOVIE: 'T.A.G.--The Assassination Game' An innocent game of killers-and-wct=ms suddenly becomes real. Robert Carradine. Lmda Hamilton Bruce Abbott Rated PG. , [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Natural' (CC) A gifted farmboy, wanting no more out of life than o play baseball, must overcome h=s past. Robert Redford. Robert Duvall Glenn Close 1984 Rated PG (  MOVIE: 'The Private War of Major Benson" A career army officer s transferred to a mdtary school for boys ages 6 to 15 Charlton Heston Tm Hovey. Juhe Adams. 1955 [HBO] MOVIE: "The Neverending Story' (CC) The mythical land of Fantasia s m danger of being destroyed unless a young warrior can complete a quest 8arret Ohver Noah Hatha- school play, wreak havoc wth thmr pranks. Dan Monahan. Wyatt Knight, KaM Hunter. 1983. Rated R O MOVIE: 'Demon' A wave of mass murders stnkes New York Sandy Dennis, Deborah RaY- fin, Sam Levene. 1977. 1:30 ]1 All-Star Wrestling ( .1!  INN News 2:00  New York Hot Tracks ( lt MOVIE: "Jubilee Trail' A ret,red, eccen- tnc judge who now runs a prwate investigation lth the ass,stance of parolees, gets a tour- to handle Vera Ralston, Pat O'Brien, ker 1954 2:15 4 [HBO]'RaV Bradbury: The Crowd A car acci- dent propelS; a man nto a strange world where all s not as t appears 2:30 O MOVIE: 'Amazing Adventure' On a bet, a mlhonmre rises from drwer to the top of a cor- poration wthout using hs money or nfluence. Cary Grant Mary 8nan 1937. O News 2:45 - [HBO] MOVIE: 'Bachelor Party' (CC) A groom-to bes scheming friends plan a party he wdl never forget Tom Hanks. Tawny K=taen, Adrian Zmed 1984 Rated R 1:45 2:00 2:45 Donna Summer. The Commodores. Rated PG. Racing Pro Magazine  This Old House (CC) (  MOVIE: 'Chuka' A grizzled tries to promote peace between the some undisciplined soldiers guarding a fort. Rod Taylor, Ernest Borgnine, John 1967. O I  U.S. Women's Open Golf O MOVIE: 'Kid Galahad' An ex-G.I. knockout punch becomes a reluctant v=s Presley, Loin Albright. 1962. O Live-Aid Concert Cont'd ( lq Kung Fu ( 10 Great Performances (CC) "The Verdi.' Part 2 of 6. The most productive in Verdi's career is chronicled. (R) O MOVIE: 'Pocketful of Miracles' A who believes that apples bought from way character are lucky, tries to get apple by impressing the character's Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Peter Falk. 196 3:00 I1 PGAGolf: Anheuser-Busch age ;s presented from the King: 12:00 Wdhamsburg, VA. (90 rain.) way Gerald McRaney 1984 Rated PG 3:30 O Sgt. Preston  (HBO] MOVIE: 'Conan the Destroyer' I AFTERNOON A medieval warrior battles the forces of t  MOVIE: 'The Kirkwood Haunting/The Wolf Pack' Spderman investigates mystenous happenings at an estate and fods a Dtot to steal valuable gems Ncholas Hammond Robert F Simon Ellen Bry 1978 1:00 4 [HBO] Yesteryear... 1969 Travel back tme and relive an exciting year of Amencan his- tory () MOVIE: 'Washington Behind Closed Doors' Part 7 2:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "Yor: The Hunter from the Future' A wamor from the future finds hmself =n a prehistoric soccey as a result of a nuclear holocaust. Reb Brown. Connne Cter¥ John Ste- ner 1983 Rated PG 3:30  [HBO] The Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park The Banana Sphts match w=ts wth an ewl w=tch 5:00 4) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Hot Stuff' M=am's hght- fingered underworld is be=ng pursued by a trio of unhkelyburglarydetectwes DomDeLuse Suz- anne Pleshette Osse Daws Rated PG EVENING 6:00 O]t]lOOOtNews t Timmy and Lassie (  Sanford and Son ] 11 Jeffersons ( 1() Louisiana - State We're In 6:30 O ]) t Entertainment Tonight O O Wheel of Fortune ( [HBO] Ray Bradbury: The Crowd A car acci- dent propels a man into a strange world where all is not as t appears Family Feud I World of Survival I Three's Company I  Major League Baseball: Philadelphia at Atlanta ) (11 Taxi ( (1()i Baseball Greats 7:00 O e]J ( Webster (CC) Bdl and Cassie's long lost daughter shows up (R) ]1  MOVIE: 'Code Name: Foxfire' A former 4:00 O Rockford Files | [HBO] Movie Cont'd Arnold Schwarzenegger, Grace Jones, ! 7 Night Tracks Cont'd Chamberlain. 1984. Rated PG. l ( 11 Big Valley ]1 MOVIE: 'Killer on Board' A cruise sh. | 4:30 4  [HBO] Yesteryear... 1969 Travel back =n swept by fear and panic when a myst[enm'-t | time and rehve an exciting year of American hs- deadly wrus hts. Claude Akins, Ben i tory - Straight, George Hamdton. 1977. _1 n t Matinee at the Bijou Tonight's prOgrl SATU RBAY ,00,00,0 "PetlncrediblerBelleswideACti°n°fworldHUlka°sarita'Line of Sports(R)(90 rain,) ,... ':0 ': -- O John Madden Special l O Live-Aid Concert Cont'd | 3:45 5:00 O Mary Tyler Moore  _ Fishin' w/Orlando Wilson l O O  7  CNN Headline News { .11" Wrestling | (D 11 INN News ( 10 All Creatures Great and Small | 5:30 O Vegetable Soup 4:30 ]t Pumoja .,=| 4= [HBO] MOVIE: 'Thank God, It's Friday' A O Sports Inside Out The sports world is serf married couple dscovers the world of dsco from a young person's perspective, i Donna Summer, The Commodores. 1978 I Pet Action Line i 4:00 Rated PG I1 L7 ,' Motorweek Illustrated i 4:30 O CNN Headline News 5:00 O Sanford and Son i O Agriculture In Louisiana ) Essence l I ' Between the Lines O Rockford Files l ) .11 This Is the Life  [HBO| MOVIE: "Space Raiders" BreaCm.,l 6:00 O Weather hijj 1 Ruff n Ready t/ralllec/;cYe °awWrSdls, °tetrrSPlClCeuu-- |nl i O Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Rated PG O World of Photography O News i O Live Aid All-Star Concert David Bowie, Paul O Start of Something Big l 5:00 McCartney, Stevle Wonder and other mus=c su- O Hee Haw | perstars perform hve from London and Phdadel- I Profiles in Nature i 5:30 pha n this benefit for world hunger.  Health Matters | ( Wonder Woman (  World Championship Wrestling | t ?' Baseball Bunch  11  Solid Gold ii( I ( ,1-1 Jimmy Swaggart ( 10 Evening at Pops 'Judy Collins.' (R)Iv" i 6:30 O Kidsworld mn ) i Jackson 5ive Show 5:30 O ] ABC News (CC) i Spiderman  ]t NBC Nightly News l 5:45 O Roy Rogers Jeffre' L,Sneak Previews Fdm cnt,cs Neal Gabler  6:00 (  Get Smart J y yo examine the acting careers | 7:00 O Tom & Jerry  Mep and Robert De Nro. "(R)  Snorks O Biskitts EVENING [HBO] MOVIE: 'Electric Dreams' A young 6:00 O O O O News | 7:30 8:00 8:30 CIA agent is recruited by the brother of the Pres- ident for a high-security operation. Joanna Cas- sidy, John McCook, Henry Jones. 1984. O O Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg's henct- men steal the General Lee and pack it with dy- namite, with plans to crash it into a train loaded with gold. (R) (60 rain.) ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Risky Business" (CC) A 7:30 straightqaced teenager gets involved with a prostitute while his parents are on vacation. Tom Cruise, Rebecca DeMornay. 1983. Rated R. ) Informed Sources ( 11 MOVIE: 'Patton' Gen. George S. Patton is seen as one of World War II's most colorful and controversial officers. George C. Scott, Karl Malden, Stephen Young. 1970. ( C-0 Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists in analyz- the week's news. O ( Comedy Factory (  LY@ Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the '80s with a weekly review of econ- omic and investment natters.  ' O I1 ( Benson (CC) The governor and his staff crowd into a fallout shelter during a nuclear attack exercise. (R) O O MOVIE: 'Hear No Evil" (CC) A San Fran- cisco police detective becomes deaf when a motorcycle gang he tries to arrest attempts to kill him. Gil Gerard, Bernie Casey, Wings Hauser. 1982. ( Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists in analyz- the week's news. 1- Great Performances "Life of Verdi.' Part 4 of 5. Verdi is commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt to compose 'Aida' in celebration of the e ining of the Suez Canal. (R) (90 rain.) ( People Do Craziest Things (CC) ( Capitol Journal Congressional experts and journalists join host Hodding Carter in examining the week's ews from Capitol Hill. 9:00 O t  Matt Houston (CC) C.J.'s relaxing weekend at a club is shattered by the presence of a murderous extortionist. (R) (60 rain.) O O Miami Vice Switek and Zito use two favorite snitches to set up a deal with a major league fencer of stolen merchandise. (R) (60 rain.) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Purple Rain' (CC) A per- former overcomes a troubled home life and fierce rivalries to become a major rock star. - Prince, Morris Day, Apollonia Kotero. 1984. Rated R. Alive from Off Center The frontiers of video-dance are explored in "Parafango" and "Maasai: Pages from the Book of Rain.' 9:15 I ( MOVIE: 'The Gorgon' A young man in- vestigates murders in a mid-European village where the victims turn into stone. Peter Cush- ing, Christopher Lee. 1965. 9:30 ( From/American Film Inst. "The New Wife.' When a young immigrant wife is reunited with her husband, she is shocked to find he is not the manager of a Chinese restaurant that he claimed to be. (R) j) In Open Air (CC) "A Portrait of the Ameri- can Impressionists/ This film explores the growth of Impressionist painting in America in the late 19th century. 10:00  ] O O (:11 1  News  Nightly Business Report @ Saturday Night  World of Cartooning 10:30 6  Jeffersons 1}  Tonight Show Host Joan Rivers' guests are Tyne Daly and Roger Miller. (60 rain.) ]) M*A*S*H (1 Benson 1 Taxi I SCTV @ Quincy (.!-( Latenight America 10:45 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Humongous' Shipwrecked teenagers find themselves on a mysterious is- land. Janet Julian David Wallace, John Wild- man. 1982, Rated R. 11:00 O New York Hot Tracks i Rockford Files I Sanford and Son Bamaby Jones 12:00 ( MOVIE: 'The Creeping Terror" A monster from another planet terrorizes the population and efforts to destroy it are almost impossible. Vic Savage, Shannon O'Neil, William Thoudby. 1964. ( ABC News Nightline (iD Night Tracks 11:30 (]J Friday_Night Vid.s 12:15 Start of 5omething tsig 12:30 ABC Rocks MOVIE: "Foolin' Around' An Oklahoma ranch hand enrolls in college, but learns more about life outside the classroom. Gary Busey, Annette O'Toole, Eddie Albert. 1980. 1:00 (  Star Hustler 12:00  MOVIE: 'All the Way Home' A young Ten- nessee boy must grow up quickly after his father is killed in an accident in 1915. Jean Simmons, Robert Preston, Pat Hingle. 1963. O MOVIE: 'Report to the Commissioner' An idealistic rookie cop becomes ensnared in the complexities of big-city police politics. Michael Moriarty, Yaphet Kotto, Susan Blakely. 1975. 12:30 O Star Trek 1:30 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Porky's I1: The Nxt Day' Hiqh school students, recruited to appear in the 8:30 architect who falls for a cellist finds he has a rival in his computer. Lenny Van Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, Bud Curt. 1984. Rated PG. O Superfriends } Lilias, Yoga and You ( Puppy's Great Adventures (  Cimarron Strip () i! New Home Baptist O Transformers ]} t1 Pink Panther and Sons Get Along Gang Superfriends } Under Sail (CC) !1 World of Tomorrow 7:45 ( ! Parlez Moi 8:00 O O ( Mighty Orbots O O Smurfs O Muppet Babies O Live-Aid Concert Cont'd Motorweek ( t! Greater St. Stephens Baptist Church ( t0 Decorative Painting 00  Turbo-Teen Eli Dungeons and O,'agon$ Aloha China "  T Championship Wrestling from Georgia ( 1 Acrylic Painting 9:00 O J I Rubik the Amazing Cube O Popeye & Pals [HBO] MOVIE: "Sahara' A young woman promises her dying father that she'll drive his last creation in the first Sahara International Rally. Brooke Shields, Lambert Wilson, Horst Buchholz. 1984. Rated PG. O Alvin & the Chipmunks ( Kathy's Kitchen () Charles Green ( LI0 Joy of Painting 9:30 O  t New Scooby Duo Mysteries (CC) ]J Alvin 8= the Chipmunks Justin Wilson La. Cool(in' I  MOVIE: "The Last Safari" Conflicts arise between a white hunter, plagued by guilt over the death of a friend, and an American playboy as they seek the killer elephant. Stewart Gran- r, Kaz Garas, Gabriella Licudi. 1967. LI Woodwright's Shop 10:00 O O I Scary Scooby Funnies O ([]J Kidd Video O CBS Storybreak (CC) "Hank the Cowdog. Hank gets to the bottom of some cold-blooded chicken murders. (R) O Live-Aid Concert Cont'd } Great Chefs/San Francisco } (1 Impressions (1 Do-it-Yourself Show 10:30 O O  tittles (CC) OOMr. T I Land of the Lost ( Gourmet Cooking ( 1 Puttin' on the Hits ( (0 Frugal Gourmet 11:00 O O  ABC Weekend Special (CC) "Horatio Alger Updated: Frank and Fearless.' Part 2 of 2. A young boy is driven from his rightful home by his mean stepmother. (R) O Amazing Spiderman O Bugs Bunny/Road Runner [HBO] Not Necessarily the News O Kids, Inc. ( Joy of Painting ! Fame (  Aloha China 11:30 O ( American Bandstand ]1 Black Gold ]1 Saturday Supercade (HBO] MOVIE: "Cross Creek' An ambitious young writer trades her hectic New York life for a quieter existence in a rural Florida orange grove Mary Steenburgen, Rip Torn, Malcolm McDowell. 1983 Rated PG. O Incredible Hulk O Soul Train ) Decorative Painting  Gourmet Cooking 11:45 I  MOVIE: 'Wheel of Fortune' A country lawyer exposes a girl's father for the crooked politician he is. Frances Dee, John Wayne, Ed- ward Ellis 1942. AFTERNOON IB O Inside Look O Live-Aid Concert Cont'd I 8  Victory Garden LI- MOVIE: 'Lover Come Back' An adver- tising man, who think, nothing of stealing other agencies' accounts, tangles with a beautiful competitor. Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Ran- dall. 1962. ) O Baseball: Los Angeles at Chicago Cubs or San Francisco at Pittsburgh O Rockford Files ) Perspectives in Black Dimensions ( 3 Square Foot Gardening ( Wild Kingdom qB MOVIE: 'The Ape Man' A scientist, experi- menting with various mixtures, turns himself into a murderous ape. Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford. 1943 O Wonder Woman Tennis: $100,000 Volvo-Newport Hall of Fame Greatest Sports Legends  Living Green O Odd Couple ) [HBO] MOVIE: "Thank God, It's Friday" A married couple discovers the world of disco. 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:15 9:30 I Fame O Wild Kingdom I Jean Shepherd America (CC) "1 Love So There, Ralph Nader!' Jean look at car fanatics. I Alice ) (!1) Dance Fever Llb Undersea World of Jacques 6:30 O M'A*S*H IB PM Magazine [HBO] Video Jukebox eJ This Week in Country Music Family Feud O Carter Country ( Innovation 'Unearthing the Past." program examines how new technology advanced the development of archeology- ( Jeffersons ( ( Major League Baseball: Atlanta tl) Puttin' on the Hits 7:00 O IBI I Live Aid: An All-Star Concert Hunger Relief Dick Clark is the host for age of performat¢es in by maffy of the world's music superstars. hrs.) ] O Diff'rent Strokes (CC) When their f has an epileptic seizure, Arnold and Sam know what to do or how to feel. (R) , O Airwolf Caitlin, Santini and school students are stranded in a Central American desert. (R) (60 min.) ., () [HBO] MOVIE: "Electric Dreams" A architect who falls for a cellist finds he has a  in his computer. Lenny Van Dohien, Virg € Madsen, Bud Curt 1984. Rated PG Project XX (!13 Fame 10 Nature of Things )  It's Your Move the kids to celebrate a traditional stead of going bowling. (R) O I1 Gimme a Break The chief faces situation when an argument with everyone moving out of the house. (R) ]10 MOVIE: "Second Hand Hearts, misfit Texans make their way to search of fame and glory. Robert Blake, Harris. 1981 I Happy Jazz Tonight's special features from Pete Fountain in New Orleans and the Cullum Jazz Band in San Antonio. ( 9 MOVIE: "The Legend of Hell gripping story of occult phenomena when four researchers agree to spend a a haunted house Ruddy McDowall, Franklin, Peter Bowles. 1973 (  Capitol Journal Congressional and journalists join host Hodding ining the week's news from Capitol Hill. O D Mama's Family Mama learns a lesson when she buys a car from an car dealer (R) O O Hunter Hunter and Dee Dee infiltrate own police organization to apprehend a gade parole officer. (R) (60 rain) () [HBO] Hitchhiker: Videodate A modern matchmaking to prey lonely women's desires. Combat  MOVIE: To Be Announced  Monte Carlo Tennis [HBO! MOVIE: "The Pope of Village' After pulling off a major heist, small-time hoods find themselves their lives. Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, dine Page. 1984. Rated R. 10:00 O   O I 1 q News ( Dr. Who Movie 10:15 ( ABC News (CC) 10:30 8 O NightDanceTracks-Fever -Chartbusters M*A*S*H O Saturday Night Live Tonight's host ii Asner. (R) (90 rain.) O MOVIE: 'Hank Williams: Never Gave' Country star Hank trayed in a performance he might New Year's Eve 1952. Sneezy Waters, Seatle. 1984. O This Week in Country Music I Mid-South Wrestling ( Sarnaby Jones 11:00 0 Puttin" on the Hits 0 Soul Train MOVIE: 'Breakout' When her framed and sentenced to in woman hires a Texas bush to stage s copter raid on the prison. ert Duvall, Jill Ireland. 1975. O Alice 11 : 15 I ) Niht Tracks 11:30 O Amenca's Top Ten () [HBO] Not Necessarily the News O World Tomorrow Heatwave 'Paquito D'Rivera.' sax player PaquitoD'Rivera is featured examination of contemporary American ( Here's Lucy () MOVIE: 'To Have and to Hold' A sergeant is sent to investigate threats on t of a young, attractive widow. Ray Barrett, erine Blake, Nigel Stock. 1963. 12:00 O MOVIE: "Girlsl Girlsl Girlsl" A erman falls in love with a heiress. Stella Stevens, Laurel Goodwin. 1962. O Saturday Night Live Tonight's host Asner. (R) (90 min.)