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Ponchatoula , Louisiana
August 4, 1983     The Ponchatoula Times
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August 4, 1983

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/ What's on TV Aug. 4-10 WEEKDAYS MORNING 5:00 8 ABC News This Morning a Mary Tyler Moore O CNN 2 O CNN Headline News lib  TBS Morning News 5:30 IDA Study in the Word 8 O CBS Early Morning News O NBC News at Sunrise I PTL Club  News 5:45   Greenlight 6:00 8 2une In l NBC News at Sunrise IDI News I Breakfast Edition ABC News This Morning CBS Morning News I { SuperStation Funtime i Jim Bekker 6:15 Weather 6:30 AM Report ( Lilias, Yoga and You I ABC News This Morning l ( Lassie 7:00 l ll I Good Morning America ]10 Today 8 CBS Morning News t Business Report t  My Three Sons t  Bugs Bunny & Friends 7:30 I MacNeiI-Lehrer Report O C_ I Love Lucy ) 1 Johnny Quest 8:00 I Morning In Louisiana I Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] I  Movie (  Popeye 8:30 t Storyland ) 11 Great Space Coaster 9:00 ID Happy Days ]l 20 Minute Workout ]11 New $25,000 Pyramid I (i Donahue Il Richard Simmons (B Electric Company ( : 700 Club 9:30 8 Laverne and Shirley 8 I Love Lucy I1 Child' Play Q Edge of Night I Joker's Wild I Reading Rainbow 10:00 I I Too Close for Comfort 1 I Wheel of Fortune ]1 Price Is Right O Edge of Night Il Price Is Right I Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood I (_7.} Catlins 10:30 8 O I Loving ll It Dream House I Varied Programs C_} People Now With Bill Tush ( _ Reachin' Out 11:00 ID Q l Family Feud I1 Facts of Life ID tl Young and the Restless t Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] ( ,rlj Good News America 11:30 I €]I t Ryan's Hope ]1 Il Search For Tomorrow (IB {?J Hazel ( ! Twenty-Minute Workout AFTERNOON 12:00 I tDt I All My Children Noon Report Il I tt News  Varied Programs CZ} Movie i Mary Hartmsn, Mary Hertmsn 12:30 ID (1 Days of Our Lives ID tl As the World Turns ) 11j Movie 1:00 I tell I) One Life to Live I) Varied Programs 1:30 ]1 (1 Another World 2:00 88 Capit°l I General Hospital Il I1 Guiding Light Q) SuperStation Funtime Rockford Files Sale of the Century IB  Heckle and Jeckle ) 1 I Dream of Jeannie I IB Edge of Night 1 Tic Tac Dough tl Movie Il Eight Is Enough tl Hour Magazine (] Lilies, Yoga and You ti .7 Ftintstones ()  Woody Woodpecker ( - Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] Pink Panther Show Il Happy Days Again Joker's Wild (l Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood ti What's Heppeningl , Addams Family Bugs Bunny & Friends I I B.J./Lobo Show ]l Laverne and Shirley ]1 Happy Days Again tl Three's Company tt Tattle Tales Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] IB 7_ Gomer Pyle ) _ Popeye (  Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood ( Jeffersons Incredible Hulk Laverne and Shirley i People's Court Tic Tac Dough ( Varied Programs Andy Griffith  Electric Company I1 t t GI News  Reading Rainbow  Jeffersons I Dream of Jeannie ( 1 Beverly Hillbillies lt l ABC News tl NBC NEONS II ID CBS News li Business Report  Father Knows Best ) ( Carol Burnett and Friends (  Untamed World r r r  r  THURSDAY 8/4/83 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 MORNING 5:30  [HBO] Little Orbit, The Astro Dog Orbit and his two-legged friends make a space voyage. Animated, 7:00 ) [HBO] Video Jukebox 7:30 C4, [HBO] Gabe Kaplan as Groucho Gabe Ka- plan stars in this one-man show about the master of one-liners 8:00 10B  MOVIE: 'Susan Slept Here" A Holly- wood scri ptwriter is given protective custody of a vagrant girl hoping her background will provide him with material. Dick Powell, Deb- bie Reynolds, Anne Francis. 1954. 9:00 ([HBO] MOVIE: 'Force 10 From Nsvarone A group of commandos joins forces for a mys- terious mission behind Nazi lines. Harrison Ford, Robert Shaw, Edward Fox, Rated PG ( 700 Club Today's program features learning how to cope with modern social and family pressures, 11:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Haywire" The lives of the Haywards are followed through the good times and the bad ticnes, Lee Remick, Jason Robards, Deborah Raffin. 1980, AFTERNOON 12:00 ti  MOVIE: "High Lonesome" A fugitive from the law meets two men who have "come back from the grave" to kill. John Barrymore Jr,, Chill Wills, Lois Butler. 1950 12:30  ) MOVIE "Return to Peyton Place' The lives of nine people are dramatically changed when an author writes a book about her home town. Carol Lynley, Jeff Chandler, Eleanor Parker. 1961. 1:30  [HBO] Gabe Kaplan as Groucho Gabs Ka- plan stars in this one-man show about the master of one-liners. 3:00  [HBO] Video Jukebox II MOVIE: 'Dogpound Shuffle" A drifter and an ex-prizefighter get together to save a small dog from the pound, non Moody, David Soul. 1975 3:30 : [HBO} Little Orbit, The Astro Dog Orbit and his two-legged friends make a space voyage. Animated. 5:00 4 [HBO] P.T. Barnum/Hu. Oddities Richard Kitey hosts a look at the career of this show- man. EVENING 6:00 i]l]li]lii) News 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Time After Time" Jack the Ripper steals a time machine and travels to 1979 with H G, Wells in hot pursuit. Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, Mary Steenburgen. 1979 Rated PG I) MacNeiI-Lehrer Report (B  Green Acres ( _ All In the Family I  Dr. Who 6:30 Il ]l PM Magazine Sanford and Son Il Entertainment Tonight Il Family Feud Il People's Court (i Untamed World li Three's Company  ndy Griffith Jeffersons  Business Report 7:00 I Charlie's Angels "ID I Fame The students at the school of arts confront kids at another school in a history experiment and the kids suspect that Lydia and Reardon are romatically involved. (R) (60 8mll Magnum, P.I. The arrival by sea of a large crate for Robin Masters leads Magnum into a bizarre situation with a Japanese busi- nessman. (R) (60 min.) ll I Eye on Hollywood I This Old House t  Kidnapped, Part |II Conclusion. Ca- triona, the beautiful daughter of a Highland rebel falls in love with Balfour and is impri- soned on trumped-up charges, David McCal- lure, Ekkehardt Belie, Aude Landry. (R) (2 hrs.)  Gunsmoke (  Sneak Previews Co-hosts Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons take a look at the new generation of rising stars in the movies. 7:30 (11 Too Close For Comfort Henry gets Mon- roe to help him explain why a beautiful woman wearing Henry's robe is in the Rush bedroom. (R) I Wild America ( 1 Wild America "Time of the Grizzly.' To- night's program looks at the Grizzly Bear and man's attitudes toward the animal. (R) 8:00 I1 tl I Reggie After fantasizing about his secretary for years, Reggie finally finds him- self alone with her. ltl Gimme A Break Nell tries to persuade a store owner to let a girl caught shoplifting work off her debL (R) 11l Simon & Simon During a plane flight, stowaways rob A.J. of some $450,000 worth of diamonds. (R) (60 rain.) ' [HBO] MOVIE: "Force 10 From Navarone" A group of commandos joins forces for a mys- terious mission behind Nazi lines• Harrison Ford, Robert Shaw, Edward Fox. Rated PG. ti National Urban League Conference '83 To- night's program presents highlights of the 1983 National Urban League Conference in New Orleans, LA. (60 rrfln,) )  MOVIE: "Winter KIlls' The President is killed and his brother searches for the assas- sin. Jeff Bridges, Dorothy Malone, Anthony Perkins. 1979. (  The Nature of Things 8:30 I I11 It Takes Two Lisa falls for a punk rock singer. (R) ]1 ]1 Girl's Life An actress relates the details of her life. 9:00 I I1 li 20/20 1  Hill Street Blues Belker and Washing- ton bust a stolen car ring and Joyce's disillu- sionment with the justice system threatens her career. (R) (60 rain.) II Knots Landing Mack moves in with his ready-made family and finds the change is not readily accepted. (R) (60 rain.) (i I, Claudius (]B 7 - TBS Evening News _@ Fast Forward 9:30   Major League Baseball: Atlan'te at San Francisco  Computer Programme 10:00 i ] ] ]I ]I i i) News 4! [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Inglorious Bastards' A band of World War II Allied prisoners at- tempts an escape to Switzerland, Be Svenson, Fred Williamson. 1978. Rated R. ti Sneak Previews Co-hosts Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons take a look at the new genera- tion of rising stars in the movies. () 1J1 Odd Couple  MacNeil-Lehrer Report 10:30 I ]1 M*A*S'H 1 t Tonight Show Johnny's guest is Charles Nelson Reilly, (60 rain.) t1 Soap I Barney Miller t One Step Beyond  Nightline ) Benny Hill Show ( l Two Ronnies 11:00 ID Hawaii Five.O 1 Charlie's Angels I1 Barney Miller 1 MOVIE: "The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case" Drama about the 1932 crime, capture and sensational trial of Bruno Richard Haupt- mann, the kidnapper-slayer of the twenty month old son of world famous aviator Charles A. Lindbergh, Cliff De Young, An- thony Hopkins, Martin Balsam. 1975, li Combat ( 11, MOVIE: "Killer Force' A man leads a daring attack on a desert mining compound to steal $20 million dollars in diamonds. Peter Fonda, TellySavalas, O.J. Simpson. 1975 11:30 ID Barney Miller ( Late Night with David Letterman David's guests are Grace Jones and champions from the Westminster Kennel Club Show, (R) (60 rain ) I1 Hawaii Five.O () To Be Announced 11:45  [HBO) Gabe Kaplan es Groucho Gabs Ks- plan stars in this one-man show about the master of one-liners. 12:00 t Star Trek tD Late Night with David Lettermen David's guests are Grace Jones and champions from the Westminster Kennel Club Show (R) (60 m=n.) ]1 MOVIE: "Thunder in the East" A scheming commercial pilot delivers guns to a mahara- jah, causing strife and bloodshed. Alan Ladd. Deborah Kerr, Charles Boyer. 1953 I) Jimmy Swaggart 12:30 t NBC News Overnight I1 MOVIE: "Dr. Orloff's Monster" Dr. Jekyll, with the help of his old teacher, creates a ro- bot from his dead brother's body. Jose Rufio, nes Spaak. 1965. MOVIE: 'Latitude Zero" An underwater civilization of benevolent geniuses fight to control the legions of Malic who is out to con- trol the world. Joseph Cotten, Cesar Romero, Richard Jaekel. 1970. (  Greenlight 1 Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Cat People' A sister end brother share a strange and horrible secret. Nastassia Kinski. Malcolm McDowell, John Heard. 1982. Rated R i News ]I CBS News Nightwatch JIP News MOVIE: 'Cesenova's 8ig Night' A meek tai- lor's apprentice masquerades as Casanova. Bob Hope, Joan Fonteine, Basil Rathbone. 1:00 1:15 1:30 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 1954. 1 T;.O0  FM/TV " Il News :  Charlie's Angels "  ]1 In the Know  Barney Mitter .... ]J Prayer "" ( Outdoors i  MOVIE: "Town Without Pity' An Army t Dr. Who Major in Germany is assigned to defend a quartet of Grs accused of attacking a young German girl. Kirk Douglas, E.G. Marshall, Rob: 3:30 4:30 5:00 ert Blake. 1961. 3:00 ]1 CBS News Nigh'twatch 3:15 ! [HBO] MOVIE: "Time After Time' Jack the Ripper steals a time machine and travels to 1979 with H,G. Wells in hot pursuit, Malcolm McDowelt, David Warner, Mary Steenburgen. 1979. Rated PG. 3:30 I MOVIE: "The Bellboy" A bungling bellboy turns a plush Miami hotel into shambles. Jerry Lewis, Alex Gerry, Bob Clayton. 1960 4:00 t  Varied Programs FRIDAY 8/5/83 MORNING 5:30  [HBO] Wild River Two families challenge the Salmon River in Idaho's wilderness. 6:30  [HBO] MOVIE: "Arthur' A young millionaire falls in love with a girl from 'the wrong side of the tracks," Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, Sir John Gielgud. 1981. Rated PG, 8:00 IB  MOVIE: 'Convicted" A young man, un- justly sent to prison for an accidental homi- cide, is aided by the new prison warden. Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford, Dorothy Ma- lone. 1950. 8:30  [HBO] Fraggle Rock Visit the world of Frag- pie Rock underneath the basement of an eccentric inventor. 9:00  [HBO] Howard Hughes: The Inside Story The life of this eccentric millionaire is exam- ined.  700 Club Today's program features a businessman who gained greater success through his son's imprisonment. 10:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Barberosa" An aging bandit- hero befriends a farm boy on the run. Willie Nelson, Gary Busey. Rated PG. 11:30  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Gregory's Girl" An awkward teenager falls in love with the first female member of his high school soccer team. Gor- don John Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Jake D'Arcy. 1982. Rated PG. AFTERNOON 12:00 lib  MOVIE: 'Naked Prey' A safari guide watches his party killed by a tribe who take his weapons and clothes and hunt him like a lion. Cornel Wilde, Gert Van Der Berg, Ken Camper. 1964. 12:30 ). MOVIE: "The Sound and the Fury' A girl from an old Southern family tries to find a social life. Yul Brynner, Jeanne Woodward, Margaret Leighton. 1959. 1:00  [HaO] MOVIE: 'Mommie Dearest' Against the glamorous background of Hollywood, Joan Crawford's real life role as a mother is revealed• Faye Dunaway, Steve Forrest, Diana Scarwid. 1981. Rated PG. 3:00 I MOVIE: "Tarzan and the Valley of Gold" Tarzan joins the chief of police ands profes- sor to find a kidnapped boy, whose murdered guardian was believed to be from a gold-rich valley. Mike Henry, Nancy Kovack, Manuel Padilla, Jr. 1966 , [HBO] Wild River Two families challenge the Salmon River in Idaho's wilderness. [HBO] Fraggle Rock Visit the world of Frag- pie Rock underneath the basement of an ec- centric inventor. [HBO] Howard Hughes: The Inside Story The life of this eccentric millionaire is exam- ined. EVENING 6:00 Ill]lllllllli News Nightlicm )  MOVIE: "Killer Force" A man leads a daring attack on a desert mining compound to • steal S20 million dollars in diamonds. Peter Conda, Tally Savslas, O. J. Simpson. 1975 1 1: MOVIE: "Limbo'.-T&e tortert ,and strain, th emotional and physical, Suffered by the wives of soldiers missing or known prisoners in Vietnam. Kate Jackson, Katherine Justice, Stuart Msrgolin, Hazel Medina. 1972 11 "0 1 Barney Miller [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Deer Hunter" Three men's lives are affected 1by the trauma of the Vietnam War. Robert DeNim, Meryl Streep, John Savage. 1978. Rated R. Friday Night Vide (D Hawaii Five-O 12.'00 1 Friday Night Vido B MOVIE: "Thlr Country Girl" A Broadway and recording star, lost in self pity, nearly ;misses his chance at a comeback. Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, William Holden. 1954, I Saturday Night 12:30 t1 MOVIE: "Fangs of the Living Dead" A young woman in Rome inherits a castle which she discovers is haunted by vampires. Anita Eck- berg. 1969 _ Night Tracks 1:O0  NBC News Overnight Andy Griffith 1:30  Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Real McCoys  Greenlight 2:00 ( News 2:15 1 ]1 News 2:30  MOVIE: "Castle Of Fu Manchu" Scotland Yard assigns its most skillful man to thwart Fu Manchu's plan to dominate the world with a secret weapon he possesses. Christopher Lee, Maria Perschy, Richard Greene. 1972. 2:45 I1 MOVIE: "The Desperate Hours" Three es- caped convicts select the home of a depart- ment store executive as a hideout. Humphrey Bogart, Frederic March, Martha Scott. 1955. '[HBO] MOVIE: 'Mommie Dearest' Against he glamorous background of Hollywood, Joan Crawford's real life role as a mother is revealed. Faye Dunaway, Steve Forrest, Diana Scarwid. 1981. Rated PG. 4:00 L  Prop cont'd 4:30 I=11 MOVIE: "Girl in the Wo- Lumberjacks find out about the fury of a women scorned. "Forrest Tucker, Barton IlieLane, Maggie Hayes. 1957. SATURDAY 8/6/83 I . . MORNIN( ....... ,, 5.0 ]J Mary Tyler Moore [HBO] MOVIE: "Time Bandits" A small boy travels back in time for e˘iting adventures with a host of strange characters. John Cleese, Michael Palin, Shelley Duvall. Rated PG. I CNN Headline News IB  TBS Morning News 5:30 1 Infinity Factory t CNN 2 Agriculture In Louisial 6:00 tB Weather ]1 Dudley De-Right ]1 ( Captain Kangaroo ( Health Field (] Real McCoys t ( Between the Lines ( News and Weather - 6:30 8 Lone Ranger Jetsons - 4 Kidsworld .... - r [HBO] MOVIE: "Arthur" A young millionaire "" falls in love with a girl from 'the wrong side of the tracks.' Dudley Moore, Liza, Minnelli, Sir John Gielgud 1981. Rated PG, , . i MacNeiI-Lehrer Report I "7_ Green Acres _1  All In the Family 3 Dr. Who 6:30 IBI I1 PM Magazine I1 Sanford and Son I1 Entertainment Tonight t1 Family Feud I1 People's Court I Untamed World I Three's Company I  Andy Griffith  Jeffersons (  Business Report 7:00 I  I Benson Benson, the governor and other men at the mansion have a night of poker and tall tales. (R) [Closed Captioned] 1 t Powers of Matthew Star A camping trip turns into a nightmare when Matthew and his friends sense they are being watched• (R) (60 8nl Dukes of Hazzard A discovery of stolen credit cards leads Be and Luke into the center of another of Boss Hope's scams. (R) (60 rain.9 t Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists analyz- the week's news• _ MOVIE: "Ten Tall Men" This adventure concerns ten Foreign Legionnaires and their escapades as they undertake to stop a Riff attack on Tarfa Burt Lancaster, Gilbert Ro- land, Jody Lawrence, 1951. (  Gunsmoke ( ( Louisiana: St. We're In 7:30 I t I Too Good to Be True Eight teenage boys invade an all-girt prep school, I I  Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the '80s with a weekly review of economic and investment matters. 8:00 I  I Feel the Heat ( Knight Rider A female detective frus- trates Michael's bid to solve a case of video me piracy. (R) (60 mm.) I1 Dallas Miss Ellie faces a hard decision when she must dec=de tor tarnish Jock's me- mory or see her family disintegrate because of his will. (R) (60 min.)  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Body Heat' The love affair of a lawyer and a married woman unfolds into a crime of passion. William Hurt, Kathleen Tur- ner, Richard Crenna. 1981. Rated R. ti Summer of Judgment: The Watergate Hearings Tonight's program looks at the 1973 Senate Watergate hearings featuring an interview with Sam Ervin, former chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Presiden- tial Campaign Activities and Chief Counsel Sam Dash (2 hrs.) 1 MOVIE: 'Winter Kills" The President is killed and his brother searches for the assas- sin. Jeff Bridges. Dorothy Malone. Anthony Perkins. 1979.  Washington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists ana- Iin the week's newS 8:30  'lq0 Faces of Medicine 9:00 I II I ABC News Closeup 1t1 Eischied Eischied learns that a psycho- pathic gunman plans to bring his killing spree to a halt by shooting into a crowd at a reli- gious festival, (R) (60 rain,) 1 I1 Falcon Crest The Globe's headlines about Cole fathering Melissa's baby send a wave of shock and anger through the valley. 60 ram.) _7' TBS Evening News  All Creatures Great and Small 9:30 IB  Major League Baseball: Atlanta at Los Angeles 10:00 IID ID t t111 t News [HBO] Standing Room Only: Billy Joel This rock superstar performs on television for the first time (i Best of Gleason  Odd Couple !3 MacNeil-Lehrer Report 10:30 I  M*A'S'H 11 Tonight Show Johnny's guests are Rob- err Klein and artist Howard Finster. (60 min.) I1 Soap Barney Miller Monty Python IB PGA Championship Coverage of the PGA Championship golf tournament is presented from the Riviera Country Club, Los Angeles, CA. Benny Hill Show Two Ronnlas " Dr. Snuggles (]DAndy Griffith ( Baseball 6:45  ( Greentigl unch *7:00 - Tom & Jerry )  Flintstone Funnies  Popeye/Olive Comedy Show [HBO] MOVIE: "The Music Man" A fast- talking traveling salesman promises to organ- ize a boys" band in Rivet City, lowa. Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Buddy/Hackett 1962. i Super Frims 1 ( Stercade  Baptist Church 7:30   t) Pac Man/Lit1RascalS/Richie Rich 8 8 Shirt Tales Pandemonium I  MOVIE: "The Life and Times of GHzzly Adem" A fur trapper finds Ille in the moun- tains where he befrieeds a massive bear. Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle, hankll. 1974. 7:45  Psrlaz Mei 8:00 i i Smurfe • ] ( Meatballs & Spaghetti ( Time Management  Decorative 8:30 1 I Bugs Bunwy/Remd lunrmr Show i Lap Quilting (1 Garner Ted Armmm ( All About Trains 9:00  i  Scooby, Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour () Woodwright's Shop  Jimmy Swaggart  This Old House 9:30  ( Gary Coleman Show • ]J i The Dukes [HBO] MOVIE: "Firefox' A Vietnam veteran tries to steal a Russian jet fighter from its han- IK,.= ,,er" Clint Eastwood, 1982. Rated PG. lille saga of the mew who built the Union Pacific Railroad,. lint 9 Jllteast and west. ,uarbara Stanwyck, Joel M, Robert Pres- Zon. 1939. " "  WoodwgtWs Shop, 10:00 t Mork & Mindy/e & Shirley/ Fonz Hour I Incredible Hulk imd the Amazing .SePidpopeermen - ye & Pals 1 Bugs Bunny/Road Runmlw Show Wine, What Plaasum .  Numero Use "Eddy Merckx," Tonight's program profiles Belgium's champion cyclist. 10:30 Gourmet Cooking Putt Putt Golf S a Justin Wilson La. Ceokin" 11:00 ABC Weekend ,l,,lal Thunderr - tt Gilligan's Plafmt a Julet Show " Soul Train  : • ", Magic of Oil PIdting '  Outer Undts  Gourmet Cooking 11"301 ID  Bandstand Black Gold New Fat Albert [HBO] MOVIE: "Looker" A plastic surgeon investigates the mysterious deaths of his pa- tients. Albert Finney, J41ntJoburn, Susan ,De. 1981. Razed PG. - - t Roed te L Ani " .-:. - I of  Magic of k 12 No Bamm I Bieokster Dimensions Soul Train Victory Garden ( MOVIE: 'Stoweway ti Moon" A boy hides aboard a command calsule before it blasts off for the mool. Llpd Bridges, John Carradine, Peter Conrad. 1974. 1 kin" Cheap 12,:15 Kids Comer 12:3 Memories with  Wellk Inquiry Perspectives in Black This Week In BImeball MOV 1Dyrmme" o   :' ; i Wild Ktrlem :,L=," ,, . I ( MOVI]: "The Worl|d  Arms" A sea captain romances a Russian princess amid as- capes, rescues and brawls the lawless period when fur cargos to San Gewer,/ BI An- thon y Quinn 1952. ( 10 Signing With 1:00 t1t1 Major Lea at Chicago/or Montreal ]1 Breath of Life [HBO] Gabe Kaplan plan stars in this one-man master of one-liners. Il Wrestling IB Square Foot Gardening  SDorts Legends Training Dogs 1:30 I Odd Couple 1 It Takes a Thief (i Spokesman () Real McCoys  Faces of Medicine 2:00 t I1 ti Wide World I1 Greatest Sports Legends lg Faces of Medicine I) 1 MOVIE: "The Flim-Fla tist gives a young man whoi; in flim-flamming George C. Michael Sarrazin 1967  En Francais 2:30 ]I i U.S. Clay Coverage of the women'S sented from Indianapolis, I1 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Time travels back =n time for with a host of strange Cleese, Michael Palm PG lib Louisiana: St. We're In (  En Francais 2:45 IBB  MOVIE: "Copper helps Civil War veterans the untamed west Ray Mona Freeman 1950 3.0 Ig Supersoccer @ Six-Gun Heroes 3:30 iili) PGA Cham 1983 PGA Championship (. presented from the Angeles, CA. (2 hrs, 30 4:00 I1 1983World Chain Field Today's program tak iew look at the upcom,ng ships of Track and Feld ( ( Six-Gun Heroes ()  Jaws 3D: Sharks  Father Dear Father 4:30  [HBO] P.T. Barnum/Hu. Kiley hosts a look at the man.  Motorweek Illustrated (  Bits, Bytes & 5:00 1 Nashville on the Road 1 Happy Days Again I1 News I1 Hee Haw t All Creatures Great and IB : World Cham ( 1 Wrestling  Matinee at the Bijou 5:30 11 NBC News Laverne and Shirley [HBO] MOVIE: "The talking traveling salesman organize a boys' band =n Rve err Preston, Shirley JoneS. 1962. EVENING 6:00  Eli t I1 News ID Barbara Mandrell I1 Louisiana Living I Good Neighbors I (}  Solid Gold 6:30 t Josie e PM: Special Edition t1 Wild Kingdom I1 Glen Campbell Show I1 Carter Country I Best of Gleason (  More/Nashville 7.'00 I (1 li Love Boat Capt crew present a special 'Love 11 hrs.) I1 Diff'rent Strokes Will the school tough is trying losed Captioned] NFL Pre Season Football: ! Tampa Bay 1 Walt Disney 'The Sky Florence Stone tries to the airport after a smuggle and federal agents I Paul Hogan  MOVIE: "Good Guys survivors of a POW rescue m are being mysteriously life. Chuck Norris, James Archer. 1979. ,_ Best of Midnight I , MOVIE: "Down thy South American meets a heiress who follows him bZ Betty Grable, Don 1940. 7:30 1 ( Silver Spoons Ricky when Kate joins a ski with his father. (R) t) Doctor In the House 8:00 1 ( Quincy Quincy is mugging. (R) (60 rain.) [HBO) MOVIE: 'Firefox" A tries to steal a Russian jet r. Clint Eastwood. 1 MOVIE: "Manbeast, group of adventurers travel Mountains and the Northwest in search of man. 1983. I Austin City Limits  MOVIE: 'Emergency the-scenes look at life emergency room Sarah put set, Julie Seminars• 8:30  MOVIE: "Courageous raphy of William Penn famous Quaker from his 1607 to the founding of years later. Clifford 1942. 9:00 I t1 t Fantasy Island A wants to make amends to his way to the top and a to become a human guinea P osed Captioned] Monitor ti Dr. Who 10B  Major League Baseba ll: Angeles 10:O0 IlD I 1 t1 li News [HBO] Over Here/Mr. P poses the funnier side of tics.  At The Movies  Evening at Pops 10:15 I ABC News 10:30 I (  She Na Na I1 Dance Fever [HBO] MOVIE: passionate fan Rated R. I saturday Night Live t1 MOVIE: 'A Woman The life of one of the most namic leaders of Israel the ravages of war and her war Sadat. Ingrid 1982. CNN Headline News Monty Python ( Solid Gold Special 11:00  Dance Fever Soul Train Walt Disney "The Sky Florence Stone tries to the airport after a smu and federal agents co Rex Humbard Horror of it All Jose at some of the best horror (R) (60 min.) ( Wrestling 11:30 I America's Top Ten I World Tomorrow 2.o IB massacre of his militarY Apaches due to his own Wayne, Henry Fends, saturday Night Live MOVIE: "The Un, Union cavalry unit attacks sition. John Wa ( [HBO] investigates the mysteriou-' tients. Albert Finn 1981.