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August 11, 1983     The Ponchatoula Times
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August 11, 1983

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dill I Hy +oo++,, Ca ac trave s to annisport • " . • i Where preventive health care ; ANTOINE de la MOTHE CADILLAC crees on the route? Advertisers tion crews are working on bridges • regular check-up, a, a No.however. thefoot fed from the waist-pack into rheEDGcanlIh|.i would be glad to pay the expense, with state police narrowing traffic to • mean&apos;, of db, covering ph3 si- care profes.ional i, aided in the E DG computer fermi- cate the causes of] i!i]!l A man in the AAA office overhear- The other suggestion, Highway one lane and detouring trucks and • cal problem, or conditions the difficult task of diagno- nal. hich are alreadyi • m . • "zero" runs east and west while • at an earb Mtge. Fhe cl:is,ic si by an immensely sophis- The computer correlates ence and causinglh’ mg y request for &rectlons to Bos- , ....... busses. Governors are shown on T.V. • annual check-up Nthe den- i,ed c mputerized that information with clini- discomfort, and il. ' ton said, "Aim for Batavia, New ignway "" runs norm ann south, tapping girders with a hammer under • • ml eam. hich is lt cu-  em called the Electro- cal data and provides a dia- out incipient problmlBIVlil York, it is halfway, l should know as bo. you come to the intersection the bridges with community select- • larl mportant for oo-ng dynogram  IEDGI. gram indicating the forces ing the podiatrist.l_ - I vlslt my family in Boston every which way do you !urn north or men solemnly watching. • children to enure the I he compleit of the which affect the patiem', ',tart on averting.tM w who made out south, east or west..  Louisiana, you The other top story was His Royal • proper growth and deelop- E DG i belied b the qm gait fore they hae hadar". I] year." The oman • . . . ph,l t f t appearance and Fhen a lab techmclan lm- ,..l0n ............. l. .......... r" have a World s Fair m New Orleans Highness Prince (Randy) Andrew as menl of ,ound teeth. +-   i • ." . -. . . . . to occur. "O th,a yaia tiqat,n put u: u. ,::v y .,'-,n,, .-r-. . . . .-.  , byway in Canada. Luck,,y we found' nR ;?n "? L:;° Uta' terr s°, o r et ' e guest of honor at the British'Ameri" i i!i!: ! i;! i41h! :! i' :1!iil !:i !i ?lit( ,li!;;hu iid! ; Pal !i tad i/r:,,o2i;i!: r!: r!id,ia(i; , i i an old one that directed us on the g P P g can Callange BaH at "Beechwood." i superhighways. Morale: Don't throw way, the number, one story is..the the As!or s gilced age 'summer • - - ' " " ' g+ " g ' g ..... old Triptiks away. Lost enroute in co.napse oI.a section at L.onnecncut cottage' overlooking the Atlantic. i r 'td', exi,t hear ng prate',- intt  h..h dl i 's f " e.. . , , " dt ed dimens on to theanalsis are ,',illtakin++f'orP iyre _ I g , . " . , I)ala i amassed m the fol- the E DG can pray,de, v+ith children problelll IO' front of a highway sign with bewil- bridge? kill,ng three people (one., a The prince, who made acress "Koo" • ,ann,, ,enerdl, ,dmini,er " ..... - .... , clorina clir,,etion we wa_ro an- teamster tram ,,aen, La4 ann injur- Stark famous, and his mother the I h::irnnX'enae t';tT;':it:ge lo,,,ng ta,hlon. Using all of this the doc- .celved earl, ma!,,l .. pr-oachecLby;midleagedCanadian ing three others on June 28, 1983, Queen very angry, arrived at the • ,.o;..;:;,,k .lid izlqcrll.l F-ii%[. c,rl en,ol.r% ;-J.r, tor is able to make an accu- bec°rrectedoutec°"lJ and his wife who seein- us stud' in- when a one hundred foot section fell height of the Newport summer ............... " ..... o. ,  y , . . • .,,.iti.ner,, e  e them applied to he) ]ocatmn, on rale and precise dlagnosls caslon pre,ente ed the man stoi'med his car in front of 70 feet into the river. At least one of season. • t'.er,;li'th',ical c\\;.tm-, the r,.itient', foot. Fhe,e and decide upon an appro- For further inf0y us and"walkel back and nave us the three other sections of the bridge Koo, dear, are you related to • In recent  cr', another '+en,,or,, arc connected to a priate course at treatment on podiatr c b olj corroct diroctit, gn+; " is in danger of collapsing as well, Conn.'s Philip Stark who is in charge • medical prtfe'.,,,inal ha', v, ait.pack v.,.hi.ch records based on quantifiable data. send for a free brocl' .................. on Joke: American tourist to Canadian saysPhilip Stark ofthe C ,n. High- of maintenance of Conn. s highway • come into hi, ov, n a', an in- meuata,uppuedt, me,en- The Langer Biomechan- titled "'When Yqfl',." • terd part of thb, prate- xor. ics Group. which invented Hurl You Hurl Al!.t, -' ,our,+, ........ .,^-- , u.-- t,,+t" .... "S "t" .... ,vou' ,v'^ wayDept. Now Governor O Neill has,, bridges? London Bridge is falling dure i more lnd more [.mton the p.itient, gdt the EDG seesit as having It's publi,hcd tL+  Hali,.9 .... 'v,.,, .to" tua: ,ha ronh, discovered that the "Snooper a down, falling down. my fair lady." : indi,,idu,d, are recognuing or foot movement, i, gath- ,remendous impact upon Langer Biom’S_ herr Relieved, the truc t wouldhav USA Today quotes a named man - im orrmce of includin ered durin • the cour,e of 't foot c're rod the treatment Orou and i,, avaU,a( .o,,++% co j__ " " • " + • " " when he heard the man say, But e lea asp s to e Corcoran. "The 'wealthies' have • in the ?, earl + roti nd at •mute or Io when the pa- o| foot and leg pain. and rit,ng: Fhe [ang’"l you are going in the wrong direc- pin and hanger, assembly that gave. been trained to turn away from the • check-up'; a podiatrist or ticnt i', a..ked to alk about, considers it to hold the im- oh.wits Group. ln’"r' otherfot, tcarc,peci.di,t. .-Xt lhe end of that period, portant position of an M.21Ea,tlndus.,, 1 " Now wouldnt it be simpler to T'way was n the garage, for repmrs. 'townies'. I can go to someone's _ Fhc,,e foot care practi- the ,en,or, and v+,d',t-pack "'EKG {Electrocardiogram) Deer Park NY II/';"I tion. house and tak n man-to-man about , tioner, are e\\;pcrt" in the | I V news were showing angry resi erect large billboards at the entran- , " "- dents complammg about big trucks ces of toll roads, freeways, etc. . . " " . " . his t'ques, d at the golf course • field of biomcchanic,, the - " - ::.: ...... cletounng through their remdentlal showing for examples all the roads to " the next day, he'll turn and pretend • ,cicnce ,,hich rel,ltc, bod. -. :'; A , I I streets, not to see me if he is with a friend." • tructure to movement. .,--_ - . -.  Newport's Mayor Paul L. Gaines, it's • rhe arc ,killed in detecting --  ul+ I • ,ari+ation, in foot or lc +  first black mayor, credits Doris Duke • ,,tructt re , hich ma,. cau',c . mE for setting up, in 1969, the Newport • problems for the ,clool-ae.e  1   I1 Restorian Foundation, which has • child, inhibitin+z hi., or her :;-" It ,  i, restored 78 historic houses to date. . participationin,port',.both 7  Most of [amous houses are on . ,,,ithin lhe confinc, ofa y .I,  J- r  I PI +o,o ++ o.,++ ,o m+o. : i7, t, IJ and the girls will map out the route •  " .' " ," ,+ ..-,_ ' taken by the sightseeing busses. So youcan driveat your own speed and • Ph"ical act]"'t+ i" ct m  '+ ’ ' +' ' /]/ • menccd.it b, iri:ichiM,h:',t :  '''G f ] / ,)i£ 't :i? pick the mansions you would like to • intcc,t, th:t a pot zti',t  ........ ' ', :l:I humorist (pen name: Mr. Dooley) • a'!.{bP::,le.nddcPdctlpt;,! :+I wrote in 1902 about the queen of • appropriate treatment, i'i)()'l'C%tlEl'il%i;ITl'll)%l':li.,.a,,,,tiliz,.a   + I; resorts. Newport. Dialect Irish • - fcv, veal,, back. the po- -Oldfi-lieah'd nt', ,',m,i,uh'riz,.d ,liagno.lic immigrant 1900's: ' Now, don't go • diatri,t ould hae had It) -i-h.lll. Iht. i']i,,,lrlilhnilgranli tEII(;I, h, a.- '+ . + getting cross abou th' rich, Hinnissy. • rely upon the patient, de- -i-I the,,, in id,.,,tit',il, ilw eaur-,'- off.ol all- t + II " ,/ Put up that dinnymite. Don't excite • scription of ., mptom and m,-,,i- a,.l di,.,',,ml',,rl. Th,. "'brain,." ,if ih," mBmBiB,..,,,,... hersilf about us folks in Newport. It's • hi,, ov, n cxpertNc n ob,er- ,,,,il i- l.,,-,.d i, a ,h.-k-hq, ,'otu ,uter li'rnli- ' I • ,..arian !o determine the ,,ald,.fl).i,,t,,.hi,.hi-f,.,ith,.,h, ta,,,,lh,.i,a- I always been th' same way. Father • cause ol any problem., the ii,-nl', gail. Th,' dala i- +alh..r,,d ,h, ri. a  - Kelly tells me. Says he "if a man is • patient wa, experiencing. -Ii, -i l.'ri-d in ,,,hich Ill,. paliPl,l i* a-kPd h, wise he gets rich an" if he gets rich, • lhi'; va, particularl chal- ,,alk al,oul (rihli. ,ith the aid of..n,or- al,- he gets foolish, or his wife does. That • englng v.,th regard to chtl- phed to k,., h.'ahon,.,m lh,-holhm, ,,l'lhe ira- • dren. v, ha often hav Ii+'nl'. fool..hich are in ,liril ciiiilie'l'lPd to ii 7!;- .::" S:I what keeps the money movin' • difficulty in de. cribing ,,,aii-lmekr,.,'order. ':;'- 'f" + "+'L around...F'river an'iver people have • • • • •••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • •• • •• • •• ••• ••• • • • • •• ••II been growin' rich, going down to O Hardhide n " some kind iv a Newport, making P H S band tuning up monkeys iv themselves and going • • • back to the jungle. Tis a steady splendid performance walki g Z procession. Aisy come, lazy go... by the pond Pre-school practice sessions for the Earnest Labee and. ,-q thats th' histry iv it says Father Kelly Ponchatoula. this is not Johnny Ponchatoula High School band have both trumpet, elM ani’:'J tnh's bench this is Ra,, begun, horn. Rrd, trl" an" satYrS he 'Tm glad there is a  " ' " • " • d. Newpor ." he says "It's the exhaust Allen's bench, and it looks like The mandatory sessions are held A Falgout, clarind',l the project, and the lumber, is from 8 a.m. until noon each weekday Flag corps member finally getting off the ground at thr, ouh Aug. 19 with band director _ _NatMte v0 the local lewe' Iry store. 0ann. aoin as the instructor. Corkern at"; -"l".".'ll","."l"ql".",'.'ll""., -'"--::+Im:nln° hoinoo t h e onlu, woman In other Ponchatoula High news, beth Johnson . + CLASSIFIED " in the Navv...Caro' Harper is the band has been invited to perform They were among th" the only lacly sailor in Admiral at the Oct. 15 football game between 500 Louisiana high s Archie Bonner's Sheriffs Flo- the University of Southwestern members from some -"--o. r' I tilla, here is no truth to the Tula ne theL°Uisianas uperdomeand Tula ne. University. . .in. msch°°Is g. march mgWh° s pentandthe+l, ins-ired r .... th-t ill" "an Also. several Ponchatoula High routines BoudreauxRd. offHwy51 -  u,,,, '  Y '-+ " ' d ° ° Real NiceClothes  non is running for Tangipahoa students,,t .oak part in .s,ta.te hlgh The gr.oup per{oral=el Champion's affordable o,,, Pal ,....i.,-a,,iw, he ha- scnoo, all-star event, n.la in l.tay- time at the state nig,, : l"Pg ...... + _ ...... +,, ..... +,, ette, duly zo-30, football game July . Pho__ennn00 . .,c+ Things  ...... Y°Y  ....... 30 Come andSee ba financo Members oT tne all-Slat oana in- all-star basketball ga using  . .+ _ . With-John Kevlin's firstborn cluded John SteDhens, saxophon+; noon. + ,+..,.< +; .:_ " ..... . ..... ---'  ----'I J well on the way we know that he . . I I + ,:::I likqkkqkkk',k'kl isn't considering a life as a Manulactured h(wncs by .: i l '::::i' 2-- • • Good ale' Summer is here. ! priest. So u,hy did he conduct - ., butawlse husnmvestment - - : .'" . .- • , ................... -":""- Too hot for you? Let Carter Heat J sunrise services at AwShucks on III IP, EIrl   _ _ IlJy cspeoalb’ ct)mpared to rentln, ,-. I  JJJ iV.i,I, --.....-'k .  "%"iK, k,%. ",.' I At Chanplon we iTtantltaeturc nf  ..... and Air install a central cooling i unaay: •  - - ..... DeOI . ' , M_._.ee,...etamora, ,,,+ew,,aven, system in your Mobile Home. ! Something to make your Jewekl/ lt"r'l@'JLilVilg/ '1 '’Oll+ll'lSIlllit0d llh-ttuahIv hO llt'S "W ti'i . onL SeO ' %' • ' - Pied• ...... uo,a Sun'ew, Tamarack, grandfathers proud: the hardvare [__ p _ _-- _. - CO! name+brad. ., materials, but w,thout, the .,tan, ...... wo,venne'7" ann'" ...... woome. Call Lanelle at 504-222-4121. I is offering for sale an old timey We need h,h pnee Ui, That means a low qown .................. Financing Available. J payment anti Io mt)nthl+y paymenL ; \\;1\11 11\\;', -- 'u p8-4,11,18,25 I style iron wood stove, complete I • !'@1 --- l tar you. ,.? , , ....  ............. ., ..... ,. ......  ...... ., for $635. • laSS Rinlls x,L,Irr'/4fJl - Min. 5O' A lar,e selection ol l](>r plans offer S,,,,l<. .< ...... l,,uhh. ,< ...... H ...... , ikkkkkkk'11ll, Seen kissing: Rhonda and Pan  - [I ,d'''- "'" I up to 1 500 q. ft. of hwn space. ?his, at the Balcony House The standard features hke carlx'tlnR, draF, es ....... ' ................................ WORD PROCESSIN( " " O o Wanted All Gold Rings and a name-brand range and reli'igerator help make your aflbrdable housing dream come mw. Let us put you in totlch with your closest retailer. \\;Vc have over 1.51,)0 coast-to-coast. Our home brands are. Atlantic, Champion, Concord, Huntington, cHamPion HOME BUILDERS CO. Mad to; Chan*pl<)n Honw [,utidcrs Co,, Dept. 15C, 5573 North Street, Dryden+ Mi_k. 48428 ....... ..J COMPUTER SERVICES Letters/Sales/Reminders Documents all Styles Filing & Billings P.C. Computer Calculations Rt.1 Box 644 ,Ponchatoula, La. 70454 1386-5961 dn cage, Rhonda, the gator cage... not the Balcony House• If you make it over here quick I might take you to the August 13 dance at the K of C Hall with the Southern Spice band, and only forty gator quarters off the back for admission, and bring your own pond water. Diamonds TOP PRICES New ] 4kt. Gold Choins $]7.00 per Hrs. 9 till 4 on. Thru Fri. Vutera Plaza 1501 S. W. R.R. ,54: I H P US HELP JEFIFIY'S KIDS i I 1! o.,,, I so.,c w,<\< oo.... =. +o.o. v - I FO" EACH TUM'LI=" "URCHA$1D i'i 4 1 I s.....o..= / I t00BOll $1.39 ] / I BAttOON I:I:SIIVAI }' r.p00 _ss00-Ilil ! 7 5 $ W. Pine