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August 21, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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August 21, 1986

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Thursday," August 1986-5th Year, Number 47 Su00-00,.spa00h.00p.ce , And get free home delJveryl See coupon, Page Two. PONCHA TO ULA TIMES t of boats into town By BRYAN T. McMAHON / rare fleet of boats docked in down- toula this past week. the fact it took many a long hour to construct the fleet, plank and line by line, the entire in the front window of Hardy's Hardware. boat models were handmade /ears ago, most of them in the Pacific and collected by the late Poche of Ponchatoula while he working on the development of hydrogen bomb. ted the collection d me collecting them by giving the first ones," said Hollts Poche, took time from farming his experi- berry and grape fields long some background on added some of the models to collection while also working for the government in Colorado. He his were made of balsa, with small board hand fitted into place, model version of the boatbullding he had enjoyed on a full scale age 16 of the boats were replicas of full- models, a cabin cruiser, runabouts, patrol boat, hydroplanes that right out of the 1940's and early PLEASE SEE PAGE TWO From South Pacific to Ponchatoula rter months of work on an 84 page Ponchatoula ha clam In how to sefl city as an Industrial or Job-tnten- commdal location, and count. meetings with state indust local Industrialists and Interested in relocating In area, Ponchatoula was a City by .me Presa00 for the presmmaon (left to right) TIDF Director Gibson, LP&L's Ralph Director of La. Commerce & Clarke Van Sickle, S.N. Fitzmorrls, Mayor Charles IDBCP preaident Mrs. Za00d md IDBCP Se=re0000 A. Muller. (Times Photo) atizens push for jobs here, Louisiana names Ponchatoula '00eady Ohl" ofthe local schools, to the availability o[ charge of the ,Ready Cities Program told skilled workers. The Times, The program began in Staff Report to the voluntary, work of local citizens Ponchatoula is now to get state help tn Industries. Clarke Van Sickle, of the La. Department of and Industry, officially Ponchatoula a Ready City, one 27 communities who now program. state official said that 101 municipallti fit the criterion program. is the only other Ready City in Parish. of the program, the state has brfed on what Pan- to offer a  seeking in Louisiana - even/thing from to the ed standing Those citizens who have served with no pay on IDBCP (Indusal Develop- merit Board of the City of Ponchatoula Inc.) have been ained by the state as part of the program. "Basically, they taught us to be a sales team for our area so we can deal directly with the interested businesses and have the questions they will want answered," explained board vice president S.N. "Gramps" Filzmorris. Joining the city councilman on the industrial board are: President Mrs. Jeanne B. Zaleski, Secretary and Treasurer Mrs. Helen A. Muller, Helen A. Muller, J.B. Stafford, Merlin "Sam" , Robert Jackson, Greg Waddell, Robert Gal:)el, StanleyCowen and John Dardis. Department of Commerce's Clark Fattest, an Albany native who is in 1984 as a pilot program with six co,m,, munlties, Including Hammond. Though Hammond has still not won the designation presented Tuesday to Ponchatoula, Forrest said that his department had been instrumental in attracting the huge DIchamps and Eckerds warehouses there while Hammond was in the p,ilot program. Spaakers at Tuesday s luncheon held at 'Lil Johnny s Restaurant messed that the next step for Ponchatoula, after having won state assistance in attracting industrY, and created a sales force of private cltins on the industrial board, is to stress a "positive attitude" about Ponchatoula. Keynote speaker Ralph Backer of PLEASE SEE PAGE THREE Ponchatoula City Jail now open for business Staff Report the time, said he and the City Council The Ponchatoula City Jail will reopen its iron gates on Fdday, in time for any weekend business, said Mayor Charles Gideon in an interview with The Times. "! am preparing to open the jail. This will mean we will have to man it, and l plan to offer regular Ponchatoula police officers the first opportunity to make extra money as wardens. Tben we will turn to our police auxiliary forces," said Gideon. The mayor said that he has quietly and individually politicked the City Council and the police department into backthg the move, which he says is necessarY. "The governor is having difficulty with overcrowding at Angola and the sheriff is having trouble in Amite," said Gideon, who added: "But the biggest problem is that our recidivists (repeat offenders) locally know we don't have a jail and they are getting out of hand. In order to bring anyone to jail we had to start looking in Hammond, Covington, Amite and else- where for an available cell. This will save us money in transportation and will not deprive our city of the police officer and his unit that would otherwise be outside Ponchatoula hunting jail space for a prisoner." The mayor said that the recently tepainted jail houses 12 inmates. It is located behind the fire station on main meet and First Street. It was shut down half a decade ago by Federal Judge Frank Polotzola, who ordered that it be guarded 24 hours a day. Owing to its location across town from the Ponchatoula Police Department, this would have necessi- tated the hiring of five jailers and so the doors were closed. Collins Bonicard. who was mayor at Deputy slayer sentenced to die imui ilr,jlqum m LiVINGSTON---The bank robber convicted Monday in the first-degree murder of Tangtpahoa Deputy Sheriff Ed Toefield has been sentenced by the Jury to death in the electric chair. Thomas Sparks Jr. was convicted Monday of shooting Toefield three times and killing him after the deputy tried to arrest Sparks the day after he robbed a bank in New Orleans. Sparks was earlier convicted on the bank robbery charge and has been sentenced to 99 years in the state penitentiary at A la. nil Aut. D.A. Billy Quinn with assistance from D.A. Duncan Kemp OSocuted the case, transferred to ngston Parish because of publicity here. Defense attorneys were wayne Stewart and James Dukes who have indicated they will file an appeal in Sparks' behalf. The prosecution built its case on eye- witness accounts of the shooting, on evidence bullets from a pistol found when Sparks was arreed matched those three that cut the deputy down, and on testimony that Sparks linked himself to the crime in comments to deputies after his capture. According to reports, the court- appointed defense attorneys are con- sldeflng appeals filed on the basis that the racial makeup of the jury did not allow for a fair trial. It was all white; Sparks and his victim were black. Attorney Stewart was quoted following the trial opining that the case was too familiar to the jury pool, another pos- sible argument in an appeal. The jury were shown autopsy photo- graphs of D,eputy Toefteld as part of the prosecutions closing address to the JU'he- 12 member panel stayed out two hours and fifteen minutes in the first part of the bifocated proceeding. Their finding Sparks guilty of first degree murder led to the second part of the proceeding, the determination of sentence, and it was during this one hour and ten minute determination that the jury decided to sentence Sparks to death in the electric chair. A new plan District Days Staff Report Mayor Charles Gideon has launched a new city program aimed at Poncha- toula's four councilmanic districts - Council District Day. He explained: ' Each Monday l am going to have my city crews concen- Irate on an individual dlstrlct, handling only the priority items in that district. Once eech month the establtd00 by the council member in each district will be those worked on by the city crewS. - explored several avenues in an attempt to keep the jail open, including one plan to hook up closed-circuit television monitors to the police station, but that option was turned down Gideon said he planned to get around the obstacle to reopening the }all by staffing it only when in use (generally the weekends or after a city court hearing), and to use part time law enforcement officers and auxiliary members. "It will be manned," said Gideon. He added that the jail can be a money saver for the city in one other way common to the city when the Jail was open previously; "We will continue the practice of offering those sent to the Jail the chance of cuffing their Jail time in half by working on our city streets," said the mayor. In Ponchatoula a "Mayor's Court' is used to determine the guilt or innocence of accused offenders of small crlmas. Attorney Joe Singerman has been appointed by Gideon to serve as city judge for Gideon. ) MY PONCHATOULA By OLE HARDHIDE l wouldn't mind going back to school tf they promised to send me to a school of tasty fish! You could have convinced me a hurricane was blowing out of the coffee fields of Columbia Wednesday morning as morns all across My Ponchatoula kissed little boys and girls goodbye and breathed a huge sigh of relief before making that long-awaited second pot of java. Another summer survived I hope you school bus drivers got a nice long quiet rest on some abandoned beach for three months. You'll need ffi And I hope the teachers themselves are braced for another onslaught of scholars, those well- behaved little ladies and gentlemen turned over to them for education (but teacher's never learn, they keep coming back year after year. Thank goodness). Ah yes, lot's more pencils, lot's more books, and maybe even not too many dirty looks. Speaking of looks, rest assured, while you are experlendng the agony of being issued a traffic ticket by a Louisiana state trooper who has Just caught you without seatbelt or worse, you are in the presence of a mighty'slick dresser, featured mind you, in the 1986 "Best Dressed Police Department" competition. Kinda makes you proud, eh? Congratulations Buddy Pugh, elected president of the P.H.S. Boosters Club last Tuesday. With Charlie Watts for vice president, Linda Disher for treasurer, Sandra Wells reporter, and Carol VItter secretary. I know the green team of all my dreams will be boosted high as the flag atop my new cage (have I got a new cage yet, Ronnie Perrtn?). Anyway, boosters who want to join the Century Club and really help out can peel off a cool $100 bill and hand it over to Buddy Pugh or Carol Vitter (would you take four hundred pond-rusted quarters?). l just hope Coach Sidney does not follow the bad example of those refrigerator types from Chicago who came down here to feast on unholy pounds of my cousin alligators, bragging to the whole world what fine properties alligator meat brings to a Superbowl championship contender (thanks, we really needed thad). So long as you promise Alligator Charley or sweet Rebecca Reptile won't be on the menu, I'll try to get Shorty Rogers to drive me from my summer camp to the big football kickoff dinner the boosters ar holding Tuesday, August 26 at 7 p.m. in the P.H.S. cafeteria, i hear everyone's invtted Sheriff Eddie will probably come to, so long as they don't serve spaghetti. Ever since the finicky prisoners did evervthin but complain to the chef at the parish Jail (including dot and rampage) Just the smell of tomato sauce has been enough reason to turn down a dinner invitation. Fresh from their court fight in Livingston, Duncan Kemp and Jimmy Dukes are ready to go at it again, this time with the legendary Rubs Rogers' fate hanging in the balance, starting Monday, in a parish courtroom near you. (Will he be a great source for tickets to the Angola Rodeo, or will he walk? With the attorneys already close to actual combat over the question of how political the pickup of the onetime Juror really was, who can tell?). What is this new dance called The Electric Quig? Ken Quigley, does this have anything to do with you? Don't suppose you heard it was The Appliance Giant himself who spoke at Rotary this past Thursday.,. Hey Mltchel Lessard of Mlddendorfs fame, is it true what 1 heard, that you've been really cleaning up in the restaurant business all summer (bet you're ready to go back to P.H.S., eh?). Speaking of restaurants, what nationally do you suppose the famous chef of Carl Lind's Tin Lizzie Restaurant is? How about It Chef P," .Mclntosh, has it been a bonnie, bonnie day? And hoot man, [ love your cooking. Though [ mostly go the way of wildly struggling live fowl, your savory sauces, scrumptious fish dishes, and tenderly done cow is enough to make me pass up even that great looking gaggle of Camp Watergate geese. So long as you cook cow, fish or fowl may you and Lind make a pile; Just don't i cook reptile!