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August 21, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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August 21, 1986

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I 10:30 11:00 12:00 1:0o 1:05 2:00 2:30 4:30 6:00 6:35 7:00 THURSDAY 8/21/86 MORNING 5:15 (!) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Silent One' A lonely deaf- mute boy in a small village forms an alliance with a great white turtle. Rated PG. 7:00 (1 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Arthur' A young millionaire falls in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, Sir John G_iielgud. 1981. Rated PG, 9:00 4L [HBO] MOVIE: 'Ten from Your Show of Shows' Ten performances are selected and highlighted from the original telecast. Sid Cae- sar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner. 1973. 9:05 O ( MOVIE: 'The Pdvate War of Major Benson" A career army officer is transferred to a military school for boys, ages 6 to 15. Charlton Heston, Tim Hovey, Julie Adams. 1955. (D [HBO] HBO Uncensored Channels I1: TV Around the World With George Plimpton ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Forever Darling" The mar- riae of a scatterbrained wife and her Iong- surrenng husband is saved by the arrival of a ardian angel. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, James ason. 1956, AFTERNOON IB MOVIE: "Father's Little Dividend' A law- yer, who has almost recovered from his daugh- ter's tumultuous wedding, learns that the couple are going to have a baby. Spencer Tracy, Eliza- beth Taylor, Joan Bennett. 1951. ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Weird Science" Two young boys cause chaos when they decide to bring their science project to life. Kelly LeBrock, An- thony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith. 1985. Rated R. O  Major League Baseball: Atlanta at Chi- cago Cubs (2 hrs., 46 rain.) O National Geographic Special: Land of the Tiger (CC} The behavior of wild tigers is ex- plored up close in this special filmed in two of India's national parks. (60 min.) [HBO] MOVIE: "Silent One" A lonely deaf- mute boy in a small village forms an alliance with reat white turtle. Rated PC. [HBO] MOVIE: 'All of Me' A hapless law- yer's normal routine assumes a different per- spective after a cantankerous heiress's soul transmigrates into one side of his body. Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Richard Libertini. 1984. Rated PC- 13. EVENING O O O O O 0 I0 News (D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Sheens' An American TV producer falls in love with a jungle queen out to stop an educated native prince from usurping the throne of an African kingdom. Tanya Rob- iris, Ted Wass, Donovan Scott 1984. Rated PC. (B Jeff's Collie Q J Jeffersons I () Lassie 6:05 O C_ Green Acres 6:30 O M*A*S*H O Sanford and Son O ) Wheel of Fortune O Entertainment Tonight Shelley Hack talks about her role in the upcoming series, "Our Kind of Town". O New Newlywed Game (B World of Survival O Newlywed Game O (11) Taxi O (!0) Nightly Business Report O C7. Sanford and Son O U) (D Ripley's Believe It or Not! (CC) Learn about the world's greatest fire. see the recrea- tion of a Dublin disco fire and witness the testing of a new sprinkling device. (60 min.) (R). O ID The Cosby Show (CC) Mrs. Westlake's plans to give Theo a math test are disrupted when she goes into labor. (R) In Stereo. 0 0 Price Is Right ( Saving the Wildlife (2 hrs., 30 rain.) J 2:10 IBI MOVIE: "Incident on a Mark Street" A U.S attorney searches for a link between organized crime and corrupt city officials James Olson, William Shatner, Richard Castellano. 1972. ( INN News 2!3Q I1 America's Top Ten News 2:40 ,,LI MOVIE: 'Dead Man's Eyes' A blind ar- ttletends eye surgery restores his s ght n order to trap a killer. Lon Chaney, Jean Parker, Paul Kelly. 1944. 3:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Warning Sign' A small mid- western town is endangered when a biological experiment goes awry Sam Waterston, Kath- leen Quinlan, Ya'phet Kotto. 1985. Rated R. O MOVIE: 'Zorro' Zorro, the legendary rider and hero of the oppressed, is actually Diego, the governor of the colony of New Aragon. Alain Delon, Stanley Baker, Ottavia Piccolo. 1975 1 MOVIE: 'Graveyard of Horror' A man is captured by grave robbers and taken to a cave where he discovers that his brother has turned into a monster Bill Curran, Yocasta Grey 1971. 3:05 Im L- Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo. 4:00 O Dukes of Hazzard Q ( Big Valley 4:05 (  Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo. 4:30 O Maude O ) CBS Sports aturday Coverage of t World Swimming and Diving Championships featured from Madrid, SIpLn. (2 hrs.) (B James Cagney: .,-, Yankee Doodle ) | Dandy (2 hrs.) O () Incredible Hulk O () Gourmet Cooking 3:30 ED [HBO] MOVIE: "Romancing the Stone' i ( macho adventurer reluctantly teams up with s timid romance writer in a search for her kid" napped sister and a fabulous stone. Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito. 1984- 1! Hated PG. IB ( People, Pets & Dr. Marc 4:00 8 Music City, U.S.A. Aches and Pain Test O () U,W.F. Wrestling (60 rain.) O () Living With Animals 4:05 (  Fishin' With Orlando Wilson 4:30 I Burns & Allen O War of the Stars B () Bodywatch (CC) The relationship be" tween brain chemistry and an "addictive" Per" sonality is explored. 4:35 O ( Motorweek Illustreted 5:00 O Jeffersons SATURDAY 8/23/86 5:05 MORNING 5:00 O Mary Tyler Moore 5:10 D [HBO] MOVIE: 'National Lampoon's Euro- pean Vacation" The Griswold family takes Eu- rope by storm when they win an all-expenses- paid trip on a game show. Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Eric Idle. 1985 O Lucy Show 5:30 ' 0 Bizarre O I ( CNN Headline News #  () INN News CNN Headline News ! " 8 Bizarre Agriculture in Louisiana _t This Is the Life Between the Lines 6:00 O Voltron. Defender of the Universe Hulk Hngan's Rock 'n" Wrestling O Exciting World of Speed and Beauty SURPRISE -- Katherine Helmond (top), shown with "Who's the Boss?" co-stars (left to right) Tony Danza, Danny Pintauro, Judith Light and Alyssa Milano, thought her stint as Mona would be a one-episode job. Now, she's heading into her third season with the hit show. "Who's the Boss?" airs Tuesdays on ABC. 12:10 O Entertainment Tonight Shelley Hack talks about her role in the upcoming series, "'Our Kind of Town". O MOVIE: 'Night Moves' Private investigator Harry Moseby is hired by a former actress to find her daughter. Gene Hackman, Melanie Griffith, Susan Clark. 1975. 12:30 I1 Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Paul Sorvino and David Steinberg. (60 min.) In Stereo. 1 Hawaii Five-0 12:35 C) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Once Upon a Time in America' Childhood friends rise to the top of the underworld. Robert DeNiro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern. 1984. Rated R. 12:40 O The Rockford Files 1:05 ]) News (R). 1:30 0 News , O Mannix 6:35 7:00 (1!) Barnaby Jones (!0 Great Performances: Sylvia Fine Kaye's Musical Comedy Tonight III Top stars, including Dick Van Dyke, Elaine Stritch and Rob- I CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress erta Peters recreate classics of the Broadway  ( i( i( i( i( i( i( i( i0 Comedy Break 00=0a, =;g., ,,,in., 0 .,=,,in. News 7:05 "1' MOVIE'! H to atFg" ...... - " - .... O:IMOllE:,'The 1= D A (rmrn sophisticated computer operator is made the scientist wants to thaw out a group of Nazi elite and resurrect the Hitler regime. Dana Andrews, Anna Polk, Kathleen Breck. 1967. I1 Comedy Tonight 1 INN News O CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress ( A Perfect Match O News 7:30 ( 11 MOVIE: 'The Mystery of Marie Roget' 8:00 The mysterious disappearance of an actress leads a medical examiner to uncover murder and a plot to inherit a fortune. Maria Montez, Patdc Knowles, John LiteL 1942. I1 MOVIE: 'Children of Divorce' Three fami- lies from different social levels cope wth the problems of separation. Barbara Feldon;, Greg Mullavey, Bill Dee Williams. 1980. t1 MOVIE: "Superargo" A team of automated men begin robbing banks. Guy Madison, Ken Wood, Liz Barrett, 1967. t [._ World at Large t C7-) Beverly Hillbillies I (fi Big Valley 4 [HBO] Video Jukebox O Maude I1 i Andy Griffith FRIDAY 8/22/86 9:00 I Entertainment Tonight ET talks to Bill Bixby about his role as host in the upcoming fall series. "True Confessions" I1 New Newlywed Game I World of Survival I Newlywed Game ( ( Taxi O Nightly Business Report ( L Major League Baseball: Atlanta at Pittsburgh (2 hrs., 30 min.) O O O NFL Preseason Football: Pittsburgh at Dallas (3 hrs.) I O The A-Team The team helps out an al- coholic ex-fighter hunted by a crazed mobster intent on avenging his brother's death. (60 rain) (R). O ID The Twilight Zone A prodigy radio prod- ucer in the 1940"s attempts to obtain 'authentic' sound effects for his adventure show, a young boy left to watch the house is terrified of his bizarre grandmother, and a hack writer suffering from writer's block encounters his personal de- mons. (60 rain.) = L) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Warning Sign' A small mid- western town is endengered when a biological experiment goes awry. Sam Waterston, Kath- leen Quinlan, YaphetKotto. 1985. Rated R. ( Informed Sources () Barnaby Jones O  Washington Week in Review (CC) ( ( () Wall Street Week O I Miami Vice Crockett attempts to find out who is shadowing him while he and Tubbs rely on a government agent to help catch a major drug smuggler (60 rain.) (R) In Stereo. O ID MOVIE: 'Missing Pieces' (CC) A woman who is marked for death turns detective to track down her husband's murderers. Eliza- beth Montgomery, non Karabatsos, John Reilly. 1983. (R). O Homefront The overall impact of World War II on ordinary Americans is examined, featuring interviews and newsreel footage. (2 hrs,) 10 MOVIE: 'Operation Pacific' A WWll submarine commander sacrifices everything for his crew and his ship John Wayne, Patncia Neal, Ward Bond. 1951 O () Great Performances (CC) Composer/ conductor Leonard Bernstein conducts soprano Kid Te Kanawa and mezzo-soprano Tatiana Troyanos in a recording session for "West Side Story'. (2 hrs.)(R)" In Stereo. 0O Riptide While investigating the back- ground of a convicted murderer, Nick and Boz are lead to a backwoods town with its own form of justice. (60 rain.) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Fright Night" A teenager finds it difficult to convince everyone that his next door neighbor is a vampire. Chris Saran- don, Roddy McDowell, William Ragsdale, 1985 Rated R. I  Gunsmoke 7:30 1:40 2:00 2:05 O Headline Chasers :!i Comedy Hour t1 Comedy Tonight I  Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo. patsy for a group of corrupt city officials. Don Knotts, Joe Flynn, Elaine Joyce. 1971. tJ t Family Ties Steven has a difficult time 2:00 accepting the fact that his youngest daughter Jennifer is growing up and becoming a woman. 2:30 (R) In Stereo. 8:00 O O I The Colbys (CC) Jason uncovers the truth behind Zachary Powers' vendetta against him, while Sable attempts a reconciliation with Jason (60 min.) (R). O Cheers Diane worries when Sam begins a serious relationship with a woman about to run for the cty council. Part 1 of 3, (R) In Stereo. 3:00 I I Crazy Like a Fox The Foxes" vacation at a dude ranch is interrupted when a corpse is dis- covered in the barn. (60 min.) (R). ) [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Warriors' A gang leader plans to unite all the gangs into an army strong enough to take over New York City. Michael Beck, James Remar, Thomas W=tes. 1979, 3:45 Rated R. 4:00 (it) MOVIE: 'Dial "M' for Murder' A hus- band plans to have his wife murdered after he 4:25 discovers that she is unfaithful. Ray Milland, 4:30 Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings. 1954, 8:30 ]1  Night Court While planning his annual Halloween party, Harry falls in love with a woman claiming to be a witch. (R) In Stereo. (tO) Paratores: Two Brothers, Four Hands The unique talents of piano duo Anthony and Joseph Paratore are featured as they perform selections from Brahms, Mozart and Strauss. In Stereo. 5:00 9:00 O O I 20/20 (CC) (60 min.)  Hill Street Blues LaRue finds a courier's satchel full of cash. Buntz appears on a TV courtroom drama, and another cop on the hill es down. (60 min.) (R). 7:00 1 Trapper John, M.D. Militant protesters against the use of animals in medical research break into the hospitars animal lab, (60 rain.) (.!9) I, Claudius 9:15 (  MOVIE: "The Last Picture Show' A 9:00 small Texas town in the 1950's prepares for the closing of the only theater. Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Clods Leachman. 1971.  [HBOJ HBO Uncensored Channels Ih "IV 9:05 Around the World With George Plimpton ( Wild America (CC) O 1 ) O O O O News 4 [HBO] On Location: Steven Wright (60 11:00 min.) S Leo Buscallia " ( WKRP m Cincinnati 9:30 10:00 10:30 O () Dad's Army O O Best of Carson Tonight's guests are Phil Collins, Louie Anderson and Magic Johnson. (60 rain,) (R) In Stereo. Benson 12:00 Taxi Jeffersons () Quincy  Monty Python's Flying Circus M*A*S*H 12:05 L [HBO] MOVIE: "Weird Science" Two young boys cause chaos when they decide to bring their science project to life. Kelly LeBrock, An- thony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith 1985. 1:00 Rated R. 0 Sanford and Son O Night Heat Lt. Hogan returns to detective work when he and O'Brien resume their investi- i0tion of a seven-year-old bank robbery case. 2:30 rain.) (R). Nightly Business Report O ASC News Nightline I Bonanza O Trapper John, M.D. I ( MOVIE: 'Time for Loving' The story of 4:30 an attic studio in Paris and the three very differ- ent kinds of love affairs it's sheltered. Mel Fir- rer, Joanna Shimkus, Britt Ekland. 1971. 10:35 11:00 11:05 11:25 11:30 !B Barney Miller I Love Boat t ABC News Nightline 6:00 ( SCTV Network ( Ufestyles of the Rich and Famous O () MOVIE: 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' In order to collect his inheritance, a man must res- tore the famous train and make one final run 6:05 from Pennsylvania Station. George Kennedy, 6:30 Barbara Eden, Joe Namath. 1984. 9:05 10:O0000OOOlNews ( Leo Buscaglia ( i WKRP in Cincinnati  Evening at Pops Comic pianist Victor 12:00 Borge joins John Williams and the Boston Pops for an evening of musical entertainment. (60 rain,) In Stereo. 10:05 I  Night Tracks PowerhPlay In Stereo. 10:30  O Best of Carson Tonig t's guests are Joe Williams, Ana Obregon, Fritz Coleman and Cath- erine Costello. (60 min) (R) In Stereo 0 Benson O Taxi I Jeffersons ) '11 Quincy 10:35 O O M*A*S*H 10:50 C4-) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Creepshow" Five episodes each depict different kinds of horror. Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook, E G. Marshall. 1982. Rated R. 11:00 It Sanford and Son 12:15 0 Barnaby Jones I MOVIE: 'Doctor Who: The Frontier of ace" Part 1 of 2. 12:30 ABC News Nightline 11:05 O Phil Collins Special (65 rain.) O Trapper John, M.D. 11:30 I O Friday Night Videos John Stamos and Stepfanie Kramer co-host. (90 rain.) In Stereo. O ABC News Nightline 1:00 I FTV ( Llf MOVIE: 'Catch' 12:00  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous O MOVIE: 'Billy Two Hats' A gnzzled Scots- man and a young half-breed team up for a wild ride across the rugged frontier Gregory Peck, 1:15 Desi Arnaz Jr. 1973. 12:05 O It Takes a Thief I (, Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo 12:10 O Entertainment Tonight ET talks to Bill Bixby 1:30 about his role as host in the upcoming fall sends, "True Confessions". 2:00 12:30  Hawaii Five-0 12:50  [HBO] Training Camp: The Bulls Are Back 1:00 I Fridays 1:05 O News (R). ]  Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo. 1:20 @ [HBO] MOVIE: 'Key Exchange' A New Yorker swaps apartment keys w0th her Iongtime 2:05 boyfriend in hopes of a Iongterm commitment, but doesrt know that he s terrified by the mere thought of monogamy. Brooke Adams, Ben 2:15 Masters. Rated- R. 1:30  Mannix 2:30 3:00 MORNING (4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Warriors of the Wind' Fan- tastic creatures, along with a princess and a pilot iniabit a futuristic world where the clean air valley of the 'Wind" is threatened by outer space invaders 1985 Rated PC. 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Threshold' A heart surgeon must withstand the pressure of performing the first artificial heart transplant. Donald Suther- land, Jeff Goldblum, Mare Winningham 1981. Rated PG, r4) [HBO] MOVIE: "Six Weeks" A politician be- friends a widowed cosmetics tycoon whose daughter dreams of an ideal family. Dudley Moore, Mary Tyler Moore. 1982. Rated PG. t ' MOVIE: 'Flame of the Islands" A New York career g=rrs dreams of recreating raptu- rous romance are fulfilled. Yvonne De Carlo, Ho- ward Duff, Zachary Scott. 1955. (4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Secret Places' A young German girt comes of age and learns the lesson of love when she is sent to a gnrls' school in England during World War II. Maria-Thirds Re- Inn, Tara McGowan, Claudine Auger 1985. Rated PG AFTERNOON O Kids Jamboree () Jimmy Swaggart i 6:05 O ( Lost in Space i 6:30 B Bullwinkle [HBO] Blunders Show ,( 8 Spiderman 7:00 wpa 0 Snod(s Panther and Sons (CC) O O The Wuzzles (CC) () [HBO] HBO Family Playhouse: Sometimes I Don't Love My Mother (60 rain.) ( Rod & Reel () New Home Baptist 7:05 O ( Wrestling (60 rain_) 7:30 O O O Littles (CC) ] O Gummi Bars (CC) O O Berenstain Bears I Motorweek O  The World Tomorrow 8:00 O O O Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour ) O Smurfs O O Muppet Babies ( (HBO] MOVIE: "To Catch a King' Two expa- triate Americans in neutral Portugal try to foil a German scheme to capture the Duke and Du- chess of Windsor. Robert Wagner, Teri Garr 1983. O Victory Garden ( Greater St. Stephens O  Magic of Oil Painting 8:05 ( ( National.Geographic Explorer 8:30 o This Old House (CC) I MOVIE: 'The Strange Love of Martha Ivers' A wealthy woman s trapped in a loveless marriage to a man who had witnessed her com- mitting murder as a child. Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin. 1946 t Li MOVIE: "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd' Abbott and Costello discover they have Captain Kidd's treasure map. Bud Ab- bott, Lou Costello, Charles Laughton. 1952. -4_ [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Mysterious Stranger' A printer's apprentice daydreams himself into a European castle and meets a magical friend. Christopher Makepeace, Lance Kerwin, Fred Gwynne. 1982.  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Warriors of the Wind' Fan- tastic creatures, along with a princess and a pilot inhabit a futuristic world where the clean air valley of the 'Wind" is threatened by outer space invaders. 1985. Rated PG. (;! [HBO] MOVIE: 'St, Helens' An 80-year-old outdoorsman refuses to leave his resort when a geologist predicts a volcanic disaster. Art Car- ney, David Huffman, Cassie Yates. 1981, Rated PG EVENING O ( Joy of Painting 9:00 O Jem O Popeye & Pals O O Laff-A-Lympics (CC) Hulk Hogan's Rock "n" Wrestling French Chef 1 Charles Green 9:30  g Living Wild (CC)(R). O Ewoks/Droids Adventure Hour O O Punky Brewster ) Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin" (CC) 10:00 ]10 Alvin & the Chipmunks ]10 Richie Rich C4 [HBO] MOVIE: "The Four Seasons' The change of seasons marks the changing relation- ships of three married couples. Alan Alda, Carol Burnett, Len Cariou. 1981. Rated PG. I Great Chefs of San Francisco Lll) Fame (60 rain) (!0 Nature of Things (60 rain.) 10:05 I  MOVIE: 'Dial "M" for Murder" A hus- band plans to have his wife murdered after he discovers that she is unfaithful. Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings 1954. 10:30 O O I Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians O t Kidd Video O 0 Dungeons and Dragons O Gourmet Cooking 11:00 O O ( ABC Weekend Special: Valentine's Second Chance (CC) Reformed safecracker Jimmy Valentine must rescue a boy trapped m- side a time-locked safe. (R). IB I Mr. T O ]t Pole Position I Frugal Gourmet LI! Soul Train O (Id) Nova: Goddess of the Earth (CC) The controversial Gala theory, which defines the earth as a living organism, 0s explored. (BO rain ) (R). 11:30 O O ( American Bandstand ]1 Black Gold O O Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show O Kids, Incorporated O Pledge Break AFTERNOON O The Rockford Files O Perspectives in Black [HBO] MOVIE: 'A Piano for Mrs. Ci' An elderly widow fights for the right to control her own life. Bette Davis, Penny Fuller, Alexa Kenin. 1982 O Little House I Thunderbirds 2086 I Nova: Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales (CC) The latest research in animal com- munication is examined. (75 min.) Ltl; MOVIE: 'Chamber of Horrors' Con- victed and sentenced to hang, a homicidal man- iac makes his escape and returns for revenge. Patrick O'Neal, Suzy Parker, Wilfred Hyde- White. 1966. (: Victory Garden I  MOVIE: 'Dakota' Crooks are trying to burn out wheat farmers. John Wayne, Vera Ral- ston, Walter Brennan. 1945. Racin Mary Tyler Moore O Wonder Woman O Greatest Sports Legends Fabulous Fifties ,I.i Painting With Pittard O Big Valley ]I I Inside Look O O World Series of Golf From the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, (2 hrs.) I Power Pro Wrestling (60 min.) ,1.0 This Old House (CC) O I1 Major League Baseball: California at Baltimore or Cincinnati at Chicago Cubs (2 hrs.. 45 min.) I Survival Special (60 min.) Greatest Seorts Le_qends French Chef O Charlie's Angels ( [HBO] Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird O World Vision ( Here's Lucy S ) Kung Fu Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin' ( ( MOVIE: 'Rock Island Trail' A man bat- tles against the completion of a stage coach line. Forrest Tucker, Adele Mars. 1949. ( Wild America (CC) North America is home to an array of animals found nowhere else on earth. ( Essence  Frugal Gourmet 0 . Wide World of Sports Coverage of the Little League Wodd Series Championship is featured from Williamsport, PA. (2 hrs.) O ll O O O O ( News ( Jeff's Collie :11 Jeffersons =,10) Lassie Yj Green Acres M*A*S*H Sanford and Son 12:00 O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's O 0 Wheel of Fortune guests are Paul Sorvino and David Steinberg. ( [HBO] Ray Bradbury Theater: The Town L (60 rain.) In Stereo. Where No One Got Off A man who dreams of a I Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous rural paradise finds that it is not what he ima- gined .. i Lum/Show Mary Tyler Moore OI News Star Search (60 rain.) Hee Haw (60 min.) .4 O Health Matters Z @ What's Happening Now 'I ( The Tripods O ( WWF Championship Wrestling (60 min.) O Rodgers and Hammerstein: The Sound ol American Music Mary Martin hosts this trill_ e to the Broadway songwriting team of Ric : Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, featuring kn, terviews with Shidey Jones, Yul Brynner anu- Gordon MacRae. (110 min.) (R). O I ABC News O O NBC Nightly News O CBS News ) [HBO] MOVIE: 'National Lampoon's Eu_ pean Vacation' The Griswold family takes E rope by storm when they win an all-expens paid trip on a game show. Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Eric Idle. 1985. @ Alice EVENING 6:00 6:05 6:30 |-wwffONew, All-Star Wrestling (60 min.) O VV/F Wrestling (60 min) O Dance Fever () Jeffersons I :7- Major League Baseball: Atlanta Pittsburgh (2 hrs., 30 rain.) O What's Happening Now O O Wheel of Fortune I]t Small Wonder I Alice ( it Jim Mora Show 7:00 O 0 ( Dill'rent Strokes (CC) The Drum" mond household panics when Sam is kid" napped Part 1 of 2, (R) O O The Facts of Life (CC) Natalie decides to' run for mayor of Peekskill (R) In Stereo. O O Adams Apple New York private eye Tor Adams investigates a clienrs claim of false dr- rest on a rape charge and uncovers the truth behind a supposedly successful fur companY- Ill Z Ena Jn fo lit 7:30 8:00 8:30 8:35 9:00 (60 mln ) kl n 4 |HBO} MOVIE: "Tightrope" A homicide de-m ( tective tracks down a psychopathic killer in the ' New Orleans French Quarter. Clint Eastwood, | Geneveve BuIold, Alison Eastwood 1984-i Rated R ' m Great Peormances Hosted by her daugh Ib ter Lo)rna Lur 0t. th s retrospective about JudY 1 L Gartand's life and times features rare perform"  ance footage and remm0scences by Tony Ben- nett. Alan Kng and Nelson Riddle (2 hrs) .y ( It Barnaby Jones Z t t0! Peter, Paul and Mary O O O Benson Benson runs nto several COm" I " plications when he attempts to set an innocent l]re man free from prison I O O 227 Mary attempts to reform her friends from enlenng the lottery--untd she gets garn- t I bhng h:ver herself (R) In Slereo ' e O 0 0 MOVIE: "Dark Mansions" (CC) A 13 young! woman is drawn into a world of dark ,p forcfs when sh, enters the windswept mans0on of th,! Drake famdy Joan Fontaine, Michael l} York, Llnda Purl 1986 P I, O O Golden Girls Blanche's father decides to 'throw t all away' and become a country singer (R) In Stereo O NFL Preseason Football: St. Louis at Chi- cago (3 hrs ) O NFL Preseason Football: New Orleans vs. Houston (3 hrs.) I t MOVIE: 'Backtrack" A cowboy, on his way to I)ck up a bull n iex0co, is confronted bY outlaw, Newlle Brand, James Drury, DoUg Mc(lure 1969 O ([ All Is Focgiven A young woman attempt,, s Io cope with her new soap opera producing l ou as well as her new marriage (R) I r 7  Portrait of America: Wyoming (60 mini O O Hunter Hunter s robbed of the only haru .evidence hnMng a suspect to the murder of a woman found a'n Hunter's apartment. (60 mnn) 4 IHBOI MOVIE: "Volunteers" A ne'er-do-We" playboy running from a gambling debt escapes o Thadand to serve in the Peace Corps. To anKs, John Candy, Rita Wilson 1985 Rated H O In Concert: Johnny Mathis ( 10 MOVIE: 'Woodstock" Three days of rn sic. low: and peace became history in 196. ,Jm Hendnx, Joan Baez, The Who. 1970 (R) In Stereo 9:35 I 7; Sanford and Son 10:00 O ]10 O I News H Tales from the Dad(side 10:05 ( i 7: Night Tracks Chartbusters In Stereo 10:15 I MOVIE: "Show Boat' A group of entertar ners travel the Mississippi on a show boat in tl, early 1900's Kathryn Grayson. Howard Kee=. Ava Gardner. 1951 I ABC News 10:30 O Dance Fever Soul Train 8 Saturday Night Live Catherine OxenLi;  hosts, with musical guest Paul Simon. (90 rn O Maude ( U.W.F. Wrestling (60 min ) ,J O  MOVIE: "The Masque of the R, Death" A tyrannical 12th-century prince 0s,,'o trigued by a young girl and takes her to ,w amidst the immorality of his court Vncent price, Nigel Green, Jane Asher. 1964 10:50 [HBO} Whoopi Goidbarg Direct w,,-;. Broadway The star of "The Color Purple" pe forms her own one woman show. (65 ram4 11:00 O Puttin' on the Hits 0 News . . MOVIE: 'Battle Zone" Two Manne phO raphers quarrel over a girl, but team up :,,, behind-the-lines mission in Korea. John Ho(l" Linda Christian, Stephen McNally. 1952. ^ 11:05 O ( Night Tracks Chertbusters In Ster' 11:30 O America's Top Ten O Black Gold I The World Tomorrow O Dukes of Hazzard 11:35 O U.W.F. Wrestling (60 rain.)  Ct 11:55 [ [HBO] MOVIE: "The Big Score" A tough ,e cago narcotics cop is dismissed from the Te in a scandal and goes looking for rev.;ra, against the drug dealers responsible. Frill v.,,_. iamson, John Saxon, Rmhard Roundtree. ]= Rated R. 12:00 Abbott nt O and Costeilo O Saturday Night Live Catherine Oxe hosts, with musical guest Paul Simon. (9ui'l Superstars of Wrestling (60 rain.) Jimmy Swaggart _,, 12:05 O [ Night Tracks Chartbusters In sierra'" 12:30 O Abbott and Costello N in) [ MOVIE: "The Creature Wasn't trepid space voyagers land on a cre:Paien  and pick up a talented but muroe o _^, form. Cindy Williams Bruce Kimmel. 191.iid Si'ilian 12:35 O MOVIE: 'The Clan' When a . p escapes from a police van he hides out w tO Pad=an based Mafia family while planni.ng_..l skyjack a shipment of precious jewels I:',, flown from Orty to New York. Jean Gabin, '' Delon. 1969, 1:00 O MTV Top 20 Video Countllown B Route 66 Bizarre Calvary Baptist Church - eo. 1:05 Q () Night Tracks Chartbusters In.,t='. 1:25 fJ[HBO|MOVlE: "The Seduction" AlVL., caster is pursued by a deranged photogr''f whose obsessive devotion turns the WOnV life into a nightmare. Morgan Fairchild, A Stevens, Michael Sarrazin. 1982. Rated H. L