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September 11, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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September 11, 1986

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THURSDAY 9/11/86 MORNING 7:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: &apos;Electric Dreams' A young architect and his personal computer fall in love with the same gid. Lenny Van Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, Bud Cert. 1984. Rated PG 9:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Pea Wee's Big Adventure' (CC) Pea Wee Herman sets out on a cross- country trek in an effort to recover his stolen bike, Pee Wee Herman, Elizabeth Daily, Diane Salinger. 1985. Rated PC. 9:05 S (!) MOVIE: "Wives and Lovers' A strug- gling author and his wife suddenly become wealthy. Janet Leigh, Van Johnson, Shelly Win- ters. 1963. 11:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Man in the Wilderness" A wilderness scout, in the Northwest Territory of 1820, is mauled bya grizzly bear and left to die. Richard Harris, John Huston, Henry Wilcoxon. 1971. Rated PC. AFTERNOQN 12:00 a MOVIE: 'The Last Time I Saw Paris" An American writer revisits Paris, the scene of his eady and disastrous marriage to a young Ameri- can gid. Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon. 1954. 12:05 S MOVIE: 'Fort Mammcre' The sergeant of a Cavalry patrol forces his weary, bitter men onward only to run into an Indian ambush Joel McCrea, Susan Cabot. Forest Tucker. 1958. 1:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Let' Spend the Night To- ather' The Rolling Stonesperform in concert. he Rolling Stones. 1982. Rated PC. 2:30 @ [HBO] MOVIE: 'Up and Downs" Two prep school students try to violate every rule at the institution Colin Skinner, Andrew Sabiston, Leslie Hope. 1981. 4:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Jesus' The life of Christ is told according to the Gospel of Luke. Brian Dea- con, Rivka Noiman. 1979. Rated G. EVENIN G 6:00 O O IW O O O m News g ) Lassie () Jeffersons 6:06 O ( Sanford and Son 6:30 O M*A*S'H I Sanford and Son O Wheel of Fortune (t) [H80] MOVIE: 'Pea Wee' Big Adventure' (CC) Pee Wee Herman sets out on a cross- country trek in an effort to recover his stolen bike. Pea Wee Herman, Elizabeth Daily, Diane Salinger. 1985. Rated PC. I Entertainment Tonight Sissy Spacek dis- cusses her upcoming films, "Night, Mother," and "'Crimes of the Heart". a New Newlywed Game (B World of Survival ( Newlywed Game O ( Taxi 6:35 S ( Nightly Business Report All in the Family 7:00 O O O NFL Football: New England at New York Jets (3 hrs.) O O The Cosby Show (CC) The family de- cides to give a hard lesson in reality to a cocky Theo, who is certain he can handle life on his own. (R) In Stereo. O O Price Is Right IB The Dolphin Touch An exploration of the relationship between humans and dolphins. (60 rain,) ID Cil Barnaby Jones S Ct0) Wild Side Im C7 MOVIE: "Singin' in the Rain' When mo- tion pictures become talkies, a film studio must search for new stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Rey- nolds, Donald O'Connor, 1952. ID O Our House 65-year-old Gus Wither- spoon reluctantly opens his home to his recently widowed daughter-in-law Jessie and her three children. (60 rain.) PREVIEW. (tl Jim Mora Show It@ Innovation: It's a Small World The intri- cate science of microscopy is explored O g MOVIE: 'American Geisha" (CC) An American woman struggles with love and heart- break in the exotic wodd of the Japanese geisha. Pare Dawber, Dorothy McGuire, Richard Narita. 1986. () [HBO| MOVIE: "The Evil That Men Do' (CC) An assassin is called out of retirement to per- form one final assignment. Charles Bronson, Theresa Saldana. 1984 Rated R. tB Mystery: Agatha Christie Mysteries II (CC) Parker Pyne does it again when he bails out a retired Major who gets into more than he bar- 0ned for. (60 rain.) (i1 MOVIE: 'The Seven Year Itch" A hus- band sends his wife and son off for the summer and returns to their apartment to find a lovely blonde has sublet the apartment above him. Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes. 1955, i 0 Nature of Things (60 min.) IDI O Night Court Harry and the staff find themselves delivering babies when a hurricane strands a birthing class in the courthouse. Part 2 of 2, (R) In Stereo. lal O Today at Night Volume II The "Today" show broadcasts live from Universal Studios' back lot for an examination of television. (60 rain.) IB  10 I, Claudius IB  Major League Baseball: Atlanta at San Diego (2 hrs., 30 rain.) () [HBO] Moviemakers O Ul G]I O O O iD News I [HBO) Inside the NFL Highlights of the NFL games, including commentary by Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti. (60 min.) IB Nightly Business Report :!] WKRP in Cincinnati O ,10 Dad's Army 1 I1 Tonight Show Guest host Billy Crystal welcomes Connie Chung, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Howard Cosell and Richard Lewis. (60 rain.) In Stereo. 1 Benson Iml Taxi I1SCTV I Jeffersons (]i") Quincy ]0 Monty Python's Flying Circus 10:35 IB I1 M*A*S*H 11:00 ( [HBO] HBO Showcase True saga of a Soviet agent who defected in the 1960's, and the true reasons behind his defection are chronicled. (90 rain.) It Sanford and Son ID Night Heat A sailor's murder leads O'Brien and Giambone on the trail of a revenge-bent fe- lon who has swindled $30 million. (70 rain.) (R). Im MOVIE: 'Louisiana Story' Feature film by world's outstanding producer of documentar- ies, Robert Flaherty. 1949. ABC New Nightline Bonanza Nightlife Barney Miller Love Boat ABC News Nightline Ufetyles of the Rich and Famous ( MOVIE: 'The Joker Is Wild' The life of nightclub comedian, Joe E. Lewis, from his be- ginning career as a singer in speakeasies and burlesque, is portrayed. Frank Sinatra, Jeanne Crain,Mitzi Gaynor. 1957. IB ( MOVIE: 'River of No Return' An enter- tainer and a widower with a son travel down- river on a raft, menaced by rapids, Indians and a gambler Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe, Rory Call'un. 1954. Trapper John, M.D. Late Night with David Latterman Tonight's guests are singer KK. Lang and film critics (3ene Sisket and Roger Ebert. (60 min.) In Stereo. E Lifeatyles of the Rich and Famous The Rockford Files MOVIE: 'The Long Dark Night' A family vacationing at their remote summer cabin is at- tacked by a pack of wild dogs, Joe Don Baker, Hope Alexander-Willis, Richard B. Shull. 1979. C) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Last Winter' Two women identify the same blurred photo as their hus- band, Yona Elian, Kathleen Quinlan, Stephen Mecht. 1984. Rated R. 1 Late Night with David Latterman Tonight's guests are singer K.K. Lang and film critic ene Siskel and Roger Ebert. (60 rain.) In Stereo, Hawaii Five-O I News i To Be Announced ( Comedy Break News Wonder Woman Nightlife () INN News 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:05 11:30 11:35 12:00 12:10 12:30 12:35 1:10 1:15 1:30 1:45 games, including c on.nntery by Lan Dawson Dime (4 hrs.) A and Nick Buoniconti. I60 rnin.) O  Inside Look j = -i= 2:00 O Comedy Tonight I Uving Wild (CCI A look st one of the L 2:15 (INN News lhnmtenedanimaisinthewodd, the giant omll  2:30 IAPerfsctMatch ldnl()uz'Fu ......... lt " (l News O Nightlife York anke o Cind  , ( Jus Wilson s tJnooor G0o4d. =,V :35 I ( Night Trscks Power Play In Stereo. 2:1B OOyIVlajor I.gue Basebl: -stnAng 2", m ( MOV!E: 'The  .Me."  hrs., 45 rain.) " owners or a aancing schor>i oecome involveo In (D [NIle]  in the Name of love (60 h 1 a strong-arm accident policy. Start Laud, Oliver 2:30 Hardy, Robert Mitchum. 1943. i Colhge Football: Ohio State at WasMnq'   l 2:50 D[HBO]MOVIE: 'BadBoys' Jailedfor anaci- t(2ton hrs., 30 rain.) dental killing, a young hoodlum struggles tO the O(] Frug Gourmet top of the prison snake pit. Seen-Penn, Af 3:00 O Nova:  Wonder Drugs Don't Sheedy, Reni Santoni 1982. Rated R, (CC) A hospital must figm an 3:00 O MOVIE: 'Nightmare at 43 Hillflint' An in- by the spread of an infection resistant nocent family is victimized in a false narcotic biotic. (60 min.) (R). 3:30 3:35 4:00 4:30 4:35 charge by an unscrupulous police deputy com- missioner and his assistant. Jim Hutton, Margot Kidder. 1974. O MOVIE: "Don't Look inthe Basement" Hor- ror rules at Greenpark Asylum, masterminded, 3:30 by one of the inmates. William Bill McGhee, Anne Macadams, Rosle Holotik. 1972. I MOVIE: "The Man Who Loved Cat Danc- ing" An ex-cavsiry officer involves himself with  woman fleeing her husband. Bun Reynolds,, aran Mies, George Hami|ton. 1973. ( Night Tracks Power Ptmy In Stereo. O  Big Vaiky O Maude B ( Night Trel Power Play In Stereo. SATURDAY 9/13186 MQNING 5:00 IB Mary Tyler Moore (]D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Ghoatbuste' (CC) A trio of misfits goes into business to rid homes of evil spirits, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Herald Remi. 1984. Rated PC- 13. 6:00 'i i : 6:30 MIKE HAMMER RETURNS -- Stacy Keach is back as Mickey Spillane's hard-boiled detective, Mike Hammer, and Lindsay Bloom plays Velda once again. "The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer," a two-hour CBS, movie, will be rebroadcast Saturday, 7:00 Sept. 20, and the regular CBS series, now called 'The New Mike Hammer," will air on subsequent Saturdays. 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 3:30 8:00 Comedy Tonight yone that he's the new principal in this-preview CBS News Nightwatch of NBC's new Saturday morning schedule. [HBO] MOVIE: 'Terror in the Aisles' Ex- I[]111 The Twilight Zone A financially strapped cerpts from "The Exorcist," "Psycho," "Hal- couple are presented with a wooden box and a Ioween" and "Carrie" are among some of the bizarre offer for quick cash, and a historian from filns featured in the greatest terror films of all the future travels back in time and inadvertedly time. Donald Pleasence, Nancy Allen. 1984. prevents John F Kennedy's assassination. (60 Rated R. rain.) (R) I  MOVIE: "Blondie Takes a Vacation'  [HBO] MOVIE: "Secret Admirer" (CC) A Blondie schemes to save a friendly resort hotel love letter falls into the wrong hands and creates from bankruptcy. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, havoc in a suburban community. C. Thomas Donald Meek. 1939. Howell, Lori Laughlin, Fred Ward. 1985. Rated O  MOVIE: 'Kidnapped" Based on the clas- R. sic by Robert Louis Stevenson. A young boy is  Informed Sources kidnapped and sent to sea by an evil uncle at-   Bamaby Jones tempting to steal his inheritance. Warner Baxter,   Washington Week in Review (CC) B:30 Freddie Bartholomew, Nigel Bruce 1938. 7:05 I ( MOVIE: "Duel" A highway motorist be- 2:30 ID Forgotten Children of the 8O's comes engaged in a game of death with a truck 9:00 O News driver, Dennis Weaver, Lucille Benson. 1971. 3:00 O MOVIE: "1 Love You..= Goodbye' A house- 7:30 I111 Taking It Home A young Italian ne'er-do- wife, frustrated by the roles of wife and mother well returns home after a two-year absence for a which have been forced on her, decides to reject shaky reunion with his family. those roles and leave her family. Hoe Lange, I  1 Wall Street Week Ead Holliman. Michael Murphy. 1974.  ( Jim Mora Show (HBO] MOVIE: 'The Cold Room' (CC) Reluc- ]10 Miami Vice Crpckett and Tubbs track a tantly joining her father on a trip to East Berlin, a deadly dru 9 kingpin to his secluded island base. rebellious student finds herself caught in a peri- (60 m*n.) (R) In Stereo. Ious time warp. George Segal, Amanda Pays.  O MOVIE: "Deathtrap' A noted Broadway 1984. playwright is so desperate for a box office hit D MOVIE: 'Dark Night of the Scarecrow' A that he resorts to murder Michael Caine, Chris- group of vigilantes are haunted after they kill art topher Reeve, Dyan Cannon. 1982. innocent retarded man. Chades Durning, Robert  Washington Week in Review (CC) F Lyons, Claude Earl Jones. 1981. I  MOVIE: "Bus Stop' While snowbound at an Arizona bus stop, a motley collection of trav- I C World at Large elers arrive at some truths about themselves. I  Beverly Hillbillies Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O'Connell. I 5 Big Valley 1956 O Maude   Television's Vietnam: Impact of Media  Andy Grlffith (90 rain.) 8:30 9:00 3:40 4:00 4:30 FRIDAY 9/12/86 MORNING 5:30 ( [HBO] In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle...Woo (60 min.) 7:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Grey Fox' A stage coach robber, after 30 years in San Quentin, finds himself baffled by the new railroads of 1903. Richard Farnsworth, Jackie Burroughs,  Wayne Robson. 1982. Rated PC. 9:05 B:30 ) [HBO] Step Too Slow A high school athlete 9:30 fakes an injury after being dismissed from the team for lacking the necessary speed. 9:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Turk 182' (CC) A young graffiti artist fights City Hall when his brother is 10:00 denied his pension. Timothy Hutton, Robert Ur- ich, Robert Culp. 1984. Rated R. 9:05 I ( MOVIE: 'Appointment With Danger' A post office investigator gets some aid from unexpected sources while foiling a mail robbery, Alan Ladd, Phyllis Calvert, Jan Sterling. 1951 11:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Rio Bravo" A sheriff outs- 10:05 marts a powerful rancher who wants his killer- brother released from prison. John Wayne, 10:30 Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson. 1959. AFTERNOON 2:00 I MOVIE: 'In Which We Serve' A British des- troyer and her men are depicted during crucial moments of World War 11. Noel Coward, John Mills, Bernard Miles. 1942. 12:05 I ( MOVIE: 'The Runaway Barge" Three Mississippi boatmen find themselves embroiled 10:35 in a kidnapping plot. Bo Hopkins, Nick Nolte, Jam 10:40 Davis. 1975 11:00 1:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'No Big Deal' A young stu- dent, who is rescued from luvenile hall by a counselor and his English teacher, finally learns to trust his new friends Tammy Grimes, Kewn Dillon, Christopher Gartin. 1983, 11:05 3:00  [HBO] In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle...Woo (60 rain ) 11:10 4:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Dreamscape' While work- ing with a scientist who has discovered a way to 11:30 project one's consc0ous thoughts into another's dreams, a psychic stumbles upon a plot to use the method for political purposes. Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Max Von Sydow. 1984. Rated PG-13. EVENING Capitol Journal I10 Fast Copy The best stories from 'Fast Copy's' last three specials are featured. (60 min.) [HBO] MOVIE: "Grandview, U.S.A." (CC) An independent-minded raceway owner battles small-town corruption to retain control of her track, while embarking on an affair with a youn- cjer man. Jamie Lee Curtis, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze. 1984. Rated R. ID Remembering LIFE LIFE magazine and the effects that it had on our lives is examined. (60 n Cousteau (60 rain.) 0 Apprentice to the Gods: Reuben Nakian Eighty-seven-year old sculptor Reuben Nakian explains his work, which combines con- temporary art with classical themes. (R) I tD at O I News I1 Nightly Business Report C1_ WKRP in Cincinnati  Alive from Off Center (CC) Adolescent love and the romantic movies of the 40's and 50's are brought to life in a 1950's style doo- wop opera. I  Major League Baseball: Atlanta at San Francisco (2 hrs., 30 rain) O O Tonight Show Guest host Billy Crystal welcomes Paut Shaffer, Teri Garr, Chaka Khan and Don King. (60 rain.) In Stereo. ]10 News O Benson IE} SCTV t Jeffersons ( 1" Quincy ( i0 Monty Python's Flying Circus O M*A*S*H ii [H80] Training Camp: The Bulls Are Back O Sanford and Son Taxi ) MOVIE: 'Dr. Who: Planet of the Daleks" Part 2 of 2 I ABC News Nightline I MTV Video Music Awards (2 hrs, 5 rain.) O M*A*S'H  [HBO] On Location: Rodney Dangerfield It's Not Easy Bein" Me (60 rain) I10 Friday Night Videos Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron co-host (90 rain) In Stereo. ABC News Nightline It Barnaby Jones I FTV ( :t MOVIE: "Let's Make Love' A billionaire, about to be satrazed in a musical rewew, is not recognized by the producer and is hired to im- personate himseff Manlyn Monroe, Yves Mon- rand, Tony Randall. 1960 ]t Nightlife O Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous O Trapper John, M.D.  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Turk 182' A young graffiti artist fights City Halt when his brother is denied his pension. Timothy Hutton, Robert Urich, Rob- ert Culp 1984 Rated R ) Hawaii Five-0 t MOVIE: 'Firepower' A widow seeks to av- enge her husband's murder. Sophia Loren, James Coburn, O J Simpson. 1979. (  Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo. O America's Top Ten ) New $25,000 Pyramid O City Sounds I1 Mannix I  Night Tracks Power Play In Stereo O MOVIE: 'Going Home" A six-year-old child's testimony s instrumental in securing the convicto of his father for the beating death of his mother. Years later, the boy seeks out his father. Robert Mitchum, Brenda Vacca=o, Jan Michael Vincent. 1971  Comedy Break ( [HBO] Inside the NFL Highlights of the NFL O Lucy Show O Bizarre 6:00 IB ) O O O O I News [HBO] Inside the NFL Highlights of the NFI games, including commentary by ten Dawson and Nick Buoniconti (60 rain.) 11:35 I   Lassie 12:00 1 Jeffersons 12:05 6:05 I  Sanford and Son 12:10 6:30 I M*A*S*H ID Sanford and Son I1 I1 Wheel of Fortune 12:30 t Entertainment Tonight Veteran actor Ja- son Robards discusses his role as an overly strict father in the upcoming film, "Square Dance" I1 New Newlywed Game 12:35 1:00 i World of Survival 1:05 Newlywed Game 1:30 ) Taxi ( Nightly Business Report 1:35 6:35 I All in the Family 7:00 I t Winds of War (CC) Pug's plane is 1:40 shot down over France, Rhoda and family friend Palmer Kirby become lovers, Byron and Natalie marry in Portugal and Pamela Tudsbury ex- presses her devotion to Pug. (3 hrs.) Part 4 of 6, , 1:45 1 Alvin Goes Sack to School Alvin the 1:50 Chipmunk returns to school and convinces ever- I ( CNN Headline News INN News O C Major League Baseball: Francisco (2 hrs., 30 min.) Live. I(l ncredible Hulk Gourmet Cooking (]D [HBO] MOVIE: "Police Academy I1: First Assignment' (CC) The worst ever to 9o to a police academy graduate into worst police officers ever to walk a beat. Guttanberg, Bubba Smith, Howard 1985. Rated PC-13. O C P, Pets & Or. Marc 4:00 I Newton Apple (CC) O () U.W.F. Wrestling (60 min.) 4:30 gB Irmovmtto: Animals: Mow =mun They? Research into animal intelligence is I ('M Side 5:00 , Mtmic City, U.S.A. This Is the NFL [HBO] MOVIE: 'Gremlins' A father's sent to his son evolves from a harmless chaos and destruction. Phoebe Cares ligan, Hoyt Axton. 1984. Rated PC. News S Hee Haw (60 min.) Survival Special: Great Migration: 5:30 O Rebop CNN Headline News Bizarre 5:30 i Agdculture in Louisiana C! Between the Une= ( This Is the Life El Voftmn, Defender Of the Unhmm Kids Jamboree 6:00 ! D Cat Smart sw... ( Hogan' Heroes The Wuzzles PREMIERE |8 Kiesyfur PREMIERE  O Berenstain Bears ' [HBO] MOVIE: 'My Sien Projeat' (CC) ' Af high school student's science project gets out control. John Stockwell, Dennis Flopper, Fisher Stevens. 1985. Rated PC-13. " 6:30 I streemskle i chem= wr (s0 rain.) New Home Baptist 7:30 O  Care Beans Family PREMIERE I Gummi Bear=  W'ddfire PREMIERE Motorweek 7:00  ( The World Tomonow 8:00 II I  Flinttone Kids PREMIERE O O Smurfs 7:30 8:00 O Muppet Babies S rmtory Garden ( Greater St. SteMten= ( Eonomi USA (CC) This Old House (CC) O ( Economic= USA (CC) il  0 Real m PREMIERE Popeye & Pads ( [HBO] Inside the NFL HigNights of the NIL , games, including commentary by Len Dawson, and Nick Buoniconti. (60 rain.) IO Galaxy Hieh PREMIERE I French Chef  Charles Green 9:30 S Fcus n Sciety O Pound Puppies PREMIERE O O Punky arewster O Teen Wolf PREMIERE Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin" (CC) ( ( Focus on Society 10:00 O O  Bugs Bunny and Tweaty Show PRE- MIERE l) O Alvin & the Chipmunks ]10 Pea Wee's Playhouse PREMIERE ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Cat' Eye" (CC) Stephen King presents a trilogy of terror based on his short stories. James Woods, Robert Hays, Drew Barrymore. 1985. Rated PC-13. I Great Chefs of San Francisco I () Gunsmoke ( Fame (60 rain.)  New Literacy (CC) 10:30 O O I All-New Ewoks PREMIERE 10 Foofur PREMIERE .-8:30 9:00 ]l O Puppy's Great Adventures PREMIERE I Gourmet Cooking I  Gunsmoke () New Literacy (CC) 11:00 O O  ABC Weekend Special: Cop'n e.G. Readmore Meet= Dr. JdwII mKI Mr. Hyde SEASON PREMIERE (CC) Articulate cat Cap;n e.G. Readmore sets out to rescue a friend who is kidnapped into the story of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. '. Black Gold 9:15 0 Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wreatling O Lazar Tag Academy PREMIERE. . O LSU Football Report Frugal Gourmet GD Motorweek Illustrated ( Soul Train   The Sh.=ure Hour Hoat by Wai- i., ter Matthau: A Midsummer Night's Dream The Fairy King frees his wife from the spell Puck has cast. (60 min.) 11:30 I O  Uttles il College Football (2 hrs,, 30 min.) ) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Girl= Just Want to Have Fun' (CC) The winners of a dance contest will become the hosts of the nation's hottest dance 10:15 show. Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Montgomery. 10:310 1985. Rated PC. the WiMebeesto the wiidebeeste on the East plains is charted in this portrait narrated by chard Widmark. (60 rain.) 1 What's Hq.pning Now ( Sneak Prmnew In Stereo. NBC News CBS News ( Wild. Wild World of Animals O ( Alice O  The Tripods EVENING 10 O News 0 VVVVF WresUing Challenge (60 min.) O VVVVF Wrestling (60 rain.) ( Cats and Dogs (CC) Here's Lucy ( College Football: Illinois at USC (3 hr 15 min.) t) Jeffersons (10) Survival Special: Great Mi, of the Wildebeeste (CC) The of the wildebeeste on the East Afri, plains is charted in this portrait narrated b chard Widmark. (60 min) I Countdown to Kickoff 00 Wheel of Fortune O Small Wonder Wild America (CC) Host Marty Stauffer monstrates the secrets of wildlife I I Alice 0 (11) Puttin" on the Hits O ( Winds of War (CC) While Pug panies a naval movement to England, Natalie 0s trapped in Europe with her Uncle ron and Hitler moves closer to his 'Final tion'. (3 hrs.) Part 5 of 6, (R). I 0 Facts of Life Natalie and Tootle some dlscover0es when they move *nto alDrtment together. (R) In Stereo. Melba Melba and Susan nervousl' their high-school reunaon. (4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Ghostbusters" A trio fits goes into business to rid homes of evil s its. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold 1984. Rated PC- 13. Austin City Limits (11) Bamaby Jones (10; Outdoor Magazine t 227 Calvin develops a crush on (R) In Stereo. O IO MOVIE:"Raging Bull" A champ finds himself unable to keep his and violence contained in the ring. Robert Niro. Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pescz. 1980. {10) Justin Wilson's Outdoor Cooking O The Golden Gids Dorothy in while taking tap dancing lessons and is fully afraid of her upcoming surgery (R) Stereo. The Saint O (-) MOVIE: "The Big Trail' A youn undertakes the job of scout for a wagon "John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill, Power St. 1930. (10) Mystery: Agatha Christie Mysteries (CC) Parker Pyne does it again when he bails a retired Major who gets into more than aned for. (60 min.) Easy Street A former Las Vegas invites her uncle and his best friend to the beautiful mansion she inherited I O 33rd Annual Miss America (CC) Gary Collins hosts the annual telecast AtlenticCity, NJ. (2 hrs.) () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Rambo First Blood Part II (CC) Rambo returns to the jungles of Vietnam locate American MIA's. Sylvester Stallone, chard Crenna, Charles Napier. 1985. Rated 8- The Avengers (10] Tenko .1 ( College Football: izona State (3 hrs.. 15 min.) ::10:00 0  O O News l MOVIE: 'Meet John Doe" A creates a story of a John Doe who will suicide on Chnstmas Eve as a protest to state of wodd conditions. Gary Cooper, Stanwyck, Edward Arnold. 1941. ABC News (CC) ( Tales from the Darkslde ( Great Performances: ductor, Soloist and Teacher displays his many talents in this special ning his creativeness as a leader to hiS as a musician. (90 rain.) In Stereo (R). Dance Fever Maude O Kidd Video . " O_  College Football: Mississippi State at Tennessee (3 hrs.) " ,- Kathy's Kitchen AFTERNOON 12:00 O I  American Bandimmd 10:35 ]) Black Perspective 10:45 O IAAF Grand Prix Track ChmnPionahip Coverage is featured from Rome, Italy. (2 hrs.) French Chef  MOVIE: 'Cruise into Terror' The discov- ery of an ancient sarcophagustumSa Caribbean  11:00 pleasure cruise into nightmare. Ray Milland, Hugh O'Brian, John Forsythe. 1978.  Victory Garden 12:30 I Sanford and Son 1:00 1:30 2:00 Rock and Roll ABC News () MOVIE: 'Death Moon' A Hawaiian vacation is disrupted when a curse turns him into a werewolf. Robert worth, Barbara Trenthem, France Nuyen. 1   U.W.F. Wrestling (60 min.) [HBO] Comic Relief Billy Crystal, rg and Robin Williams host performance featuring today ans in an effort to fight poverty. (95 min.) i To Be Announce<l Puttin' on the Hits News MOVIE: "One Man Jury' A zealouS tskes his job past the limits as he criminal he's marked for murder. Mary Tyler Moo . Christopher Mitchum, Arvgel Tompkins. I Private Ben)r.n. in . IJ U.W.F, Wrestling (60 min.) All New Pat|,ting Ceramics 11:30 i America's Top Ten Fabulous Fifties Black Gold  Painting With Pittord "  Night Live Dudley Moore is t MOVIE: 'Call It .Couq' Haunted by " night's host. (90 rain.) In Stereo (R). dreams of his father's death m shark-infested  The-World Tomorrow waters, a boy leaves his native isle tO hK:e hiS 11:35  MOVIE: "The Seven Percent Solubon worst fears and become a men. 1973. :, covering that Sherlock Holmes is CBS Sport= Special: MeKle= ,Mime on cocaine, Doctor Watson lures him Fifth Avenue Coverage of the one-m race meet Sigmund Freud. Alan Arkin featuring top male and female runne is fea- " Laurence Otivier. 1976. tured from New York City. 12:00 I Abbott and () [HBO] MOVIE: 'As Summe Die' (CC) A I aturdlf Night Uvo Dudley Moore is lawyer with a passion for justice goes up egain=t night's host. (90 rain.) In Stereo (R). a powerful family trying to tleize property be- I Dukes of Izzerd longingto a poor black woman. Scott Glenn, 12:20 (]D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Pale Rider" An JamieLee Curtis, Batte Davis. 1986. _gltmman comes to the rescue O You Write the 8ongs m 9 town being threatened by an evil All New Painting  lmt Eestwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie l Power Pm Wrestling lL,_.5. Rated R. 0  Th Old F==e (C) , 12:20 1 and Co=V College Football: Ohio state at Wmohlng-  Il Night Track= Chmlbumtm In ton (3 hrs., 30 rain.) ! I MOVIE: LSU Football Report Heklt' Hoknes stops an attempt to Neon: An Electric Memoir The history and Crown Jewels of England. Basil Rsthbone, development of neon i traced through the eyes Bruce Ida 1939. of a flcticious showgirl. i Pow Pro w II II Coaege r-ootl: Mk=tm at Nmm e, ida Lupino. I MTV Top 20 Video Countdown I  Of Wmatang ( 6o rr- )