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October 7, 2010     The Ponchatoula Times
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October 7, 2010

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Republic of West Florida Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) Pictured in the front row (left to right) are the newest members inducted into the Ponchatoula-based chapter of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) at a ceremony con- . ducted at the home of Judge Jimmy Kuhn this past week: Jim Linn, Bill Moran, and Robert Walsh. Other members present and pictured (left to right) include: President Dr. iiiiiiilil iiilil i iil)ii Martin Kearney, Henry Letellier, Chris O'Connor, Don ..................... Steadman, Judge Kuhn, Gene Helmstetter, Bryan T. McMa- hon, and Ron Crimmins. (Times Photo) MARION FANNALY Florida Parishes Vintage Car Club 1. For what was the 1907 Thomas Flyer famous? 2. In full, what did the initials on the REO stand for? 3. Which American car used the White Triangle for many years on its trim detailing? 4. The head of which automotive company was famous for say- ing that trucks did not have to be homely. 5. For many years what was the nickname for International trucks? 6. Name two American vehicles with the same names as dogs? 7. What major change was made to truck tires in the early days? 8. In what year did Chrysler promote its first hemi head engine, and at what horse power was it rated? 9. Name a street in New Orleans named for an explorer as well as for car? 10. Which American auto manufacturer was the last to make hydraulic brake systems standard on their cars? This is the first edition of the 30th year fi)r The Ponchatoula Times ANSWERS paod sv,,a saw aToW, uo paupu~;s stuo;sds o~[B:tq o.tineapdt[ orlvuz o; :to:m;ovjnuem aofum ~,s~[ oq,l, "0I I[~St~'-I 'm~(I 'uspnH "6 :totaodosaoq 081: - IC36I "9 ~toqqn:t pTios ,~u.toq oJ, posoddo s~ :tT~ ploq o~, po,~u~q~ oao,,A so:t.kL "L 0oos~m rpna~ ~P~I/kl ot[~ ,,~[~I/ki,, ~sonbo;[ :t~lndod Xq pu~) punolIdo;tD ':)odd.tq2~ "9 ~PU!lt uaoD "9 & puomm.(I Oq,L "17 uospnH "~ o[.tqomspIO .q,"q mosu~H "g "~06I u.i s.t~t~d o~ }Ftox 2~oN tuo~$ dvq ~ut)I~oaq paooo:[ sg,[. aoj snotu~j s~ :toid s~tuoqEL, L06I oqj, "I JACKSON-VAUGHAN AGENCY INC. Celebrating 90 years of service to Tangipahoa Parish 121 West Pine - Ponchatoula 386-3511 Call Us For All Your Insurance Needs SPARKY WELLES - President & Manager- 985-386-3242 II I IIIII I 386-8802 61.0 W. Pine - Ponchatoula Tune Ups Brakes Electrical Computer Air Conditioning Engine Service Fuel Injection Carburetor Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Talking politics Buddy Pugh, Bill Johnson, and Mike Whitlow interrupt, ed their discussion regarding Saturday's election to pose for this photograph. (Times Photo) ~UNITEDST~TES Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation POST/~L $ERVICE~ (All Periodicals Publications Except Requester Publications) t Pu~llon Title 12 P~t~it~li NUnCzer 3. F~ng ~ The Ponchat vul a T~ rues [ 666 73O 10/0~/2010 * I~e Frequercy 5 Numbe of ~$~* ~bl~heo AnnUally 6. ~u~ ~bscr~Uon ~e V~ekl y 52 $25- $3O 7. Com~eta M~n~ A~are~ of Known Of~e of ~ (NO( printed (S~mof, c~ c~unt~ aofo. a~dZIP* ~ Icnmct Persrm The Ponchatouta T~rm~ ~~Y~n T Mc~hon PO Box 743 ~ek~h~*e(~na~d~area~Je) Ponchatoul a Ln 7O454 6. C or~t)ete M~ling Address of Headquad~ ts ot Genet~ BU~S Office of P~b)isher (?~ p~n~ The P~nchetoua~ Ti n~ LLC 145 W~ne St F~nchat oul a ~A 70454 9. FI~ N~ ~na Commie Ma~n9 A~es of Pu~h~ F~to~ ~nd M~tng ~r (Da ~/~(w~ ~ yah ~ ~bho~ F~ BC~ 743 PCI~C~TCIJLA tA 7O454 t~yan T f~tf~hon PO BOx 743 Hanch~touia L~ 7O454 ~ C~,~'~r (Do m~ ~e~ ~ fftl~ ~ti~n ~ o~t~J ~ 8 e~~. ~ ~ ,,~,e m~ ~ss c~ ~ coW, catkin ~.~'~/~1 ~ Full Name I Com~ V~N~ A~I~ 145 W~ne ,~ ~nch~tou! a La 70~64 Bryan T ivt,~hon ~1 Knov, n 8O~dt',c~ders, Mortgagees, and OUlet Secu~y HC~dem Owning or H~ng 1 Pe.r~e ~t c~ Mote of Tc):al~,~unt cf 8c~es. Me~I~. Ott~,Secu~ ffmc,~,ceeckho~ ) No~e Full Name C~mp~te M=allng Addre~ 2 "lax ~a~s (~br ~n~e~on by aenprotit ezgan~z~Uons aulh~'Lted to metl at nonpm~t raW~t (Check ~e) T~e ~mose, f~nc~oa, a~ nonptO~t s~al~s of ~s ctga~'~ and the exemp~ sta~s 1~ taceral ~nco~e tax ~tmoses: ~1 Ha~ ~et Changsd O~g Preceding ~2 ~'~r~ ~3 Has Cha~Jed Danng Preceding ~ 2 Months {P(~t~r mu.~ suOm# ex#~n~iot~ o~ ~ange w~ #~s s~) PSFo~m3526. Se~lember2007(Page~of3(/nsvuct~onsPage3)) PSN rS30-01.~00.993 ~ ~VACY NONCE: See our pnvacy p~cy o~ w~.usp~com ~3 P~VI~a~ T~le ~4 ~suo Date ~r Cirr~l~on Data 8~ow The Ponchat oul ~ 33 ne.s 09t 30/2010 15. Exumt ~n# Ratu~ of CinCUlWdon Average No. Cop~ ~a(h h~ul N~ Copta~ of ~mg~ ~ue O~Rag P~e(ed~r)B 12 I#~mth= ~utafahed Num=t to FII~ O=te a. ~z~ N~lmber of Copk~ (Ne~ mea~ ~m 4301 6O 13 Polly Ray rocked Paradise One of a continuing series of hot musicians playing live at Paradise, 230 West Pine, Polly Ray belted out her tunes Janis Joplin style, playing with an all-male band on one of the four nights per week of live music featured at Paradise. (Times Photo) The Truman Holland Band One of the fine locally-based bands playing (Johnny O & Becky Faye's) Paradise, 230 West Pine is the Truman Hol- land Band starring (left to right) Scott Icenegle on standup bass, Martin Turlington on drums, and Truman Holland on guitar. When not performing in Ponchatoula, you can often catch these musicians individually or as a group playing in Nashville. (Times Photo) M~k~ Ou~!a-Counly Pa~ Su~,sca~o~s ~ate~ ~n PS F(rm 3541 f P(Jude pa~ ~tt~ufltm above t~0m~ nai ram, ~ver~s~s proof cop~. ann e~change Ce.V~ ) ~-~ ~) P~ r~l~m ~l~e the ~ls I~i ~l~s e TO=I Pa~ ~u~on (,~um ot fSh (1), (~), (3L a~rJ (4)) Free or ~l P~e ~tslde.~ d, ~or ............ Nc~nal ~ree or N~I Rate In ~=our~y Copes I~u~ed Rate c~ PS Fc~m 3541 ~ ~ ~1T~Jff~ tl~ t~P,g (e.g. F~I~ i~1) e, Tolal F~ee or Nominal Rate ~.t6boiic~ (St~ of I f~ (~}, (2), (3) et~f ((t)) f Tol.~lDis)~,b~(S~tmoffScandfS~) g, Coples~mDistr~ute~(Seelnst~toPu~lsher$#4fpage~311 i P~,rcent P~ ~ (15c ~v~fJ ~ y 15frames 1~0) 157 148 1343 1635 Short story of the travels of the hairy hat The hairy hat of Hardy Richardson got away from him and Coach Bill Johnson was tagged to be the first to model it, in what was to be a long series of personali- ties and locations to be pho- tographed, but Richardson reclaimed the hairy hat and spoiled the fun after it had just begun. (Times Photo) "Among the rich you will never find a really gener- ous man even by accident. They may give their money away, but they will never give themselves away; they are egotistic, secretive, dry as old bones. To be smart enough to get all that money you must be dull enough to want it." G.K. Chesterton 2966 3127 150 149 128 90 0 0 958 2547 ~233 2786 Welcome to Rockefeller's Pretty Fallon Schilling greets diners upon their ar- rival at Rockefeller's. (Times Photo) 4201 59~3 100 100 4301 6013 71 53 ~y ii :i iiii ii ii R NEEDS "iNo Studio, i Come r(: You" Photographer- Derick Hingte : .,} ~ ..... 5: (: I: I [ I S P(:) R I S, !)l)I N (i S P () R" I' R A I F S &, I N S ! R A N C: E P ! i R P ()S S ...............I : R