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October 11, 1984     The Ponchatoula Times
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October 11, 1984

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's on THURSDAY 10/11/84 MORNING [HBO] MOVIE: "GizmoY Amateur daredevils, with their zany and sometimes disastrous ex- ploits, are featured in this documentary [HBO] MOVIE: 'Hooper" A stunt man fs goaded into staging the greatest stunt of all time. Burr Reynolds, Sally Fields, Jan-Michael Vincent 1977 Rated PG t j MOVIE: 'Golden Boy" A boy wth dreams of the concert hall is turned mid a prize fighter William Holden. Barbara Stan- w4ck, Adolphe Menjou 1939 [HBO] MOVIE: "Centennial" Part 1 Frst of 12 parts French-Canadian trapper Pasqumel rescues a Scot fugmve, McKeag, from the Pawnees and then returns to St Lous where he marriesLtse, a silversmith's daughter Rob- ert Conrad, Richard Chamberlain, Sally KeH- erman, Raymond Burr 1978 "4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Space Raiders" Breaching galaxy security, outlaws m outer space huack a starshJp Vmce Edwards Rated PG AFTERNOON "4 {HBO] MOVIE: "I Go Pogo" Pogo Possum s railroaded mid running for President Am- mated Voices of Vincent Price. Ruth Buzz. Jonathan Winters Rated PG I 7 MOVIE: 'Return to Paradise" Prior to World War )1. an American on a South Seas Island marnesa natvegJrt Gary Cooper. Rob- erta Haynes 1953 4 iHBO] MOVIE: 'The Promise" Two young college students vow to love each other, but a Strange fate intervenes Kathleen Qumlan. Stephen Colhns Beatrice Straight 1979 Rated PG 4 IHBOI MOVIE: 'Gizmo!" Amateur daredewls, with their zany and somet,mes d=sastrous ex- ploits, are featured m thfs documentary 4 [HBOi MOVIE: "Hooper" A stunt man s goaded mid staging the greatest stunt of all time Burr Reynolds, Sally Felds, Jan-Mchael Vincent 1977 Rated PG EVENING  ]11E]t O (1 tell t News Nightly Business Report ] 7 Gomer Pyle 1 t Taxi 10 Untamed World PM Magazine Dill'rent Strokes ([ Wheel of Fortune Entertainment Tonight t[ Family Feud Untamed World ( 11 Jeffersons 7 Andy Griffith ( 10 Nightly Business Report ]D () People/Do Craziest Things Bert Convey and Lou Ferrlgno try to determine =f a bhndfolded woman can identify parts of her husband's body by touch alone I1 Cosby Show Cliff is proud that Theo- (lore makes the school football team. untd he Sees him play II O Magnum P.I. Magnum seems to be Walking a thin llne between reality and fan- tasy when he is convinced that he has seen an Old frfend who dled m a car explosion (60 rain ) 4 IHBOI Inside the NFL Lea Dawson and Nck Buomconti review this week's NFL action  Justin Wilson La. Cookin" 7 MOVIE: "Yon Ryan's Express" An Ameri Can Air Force colonel leads a group of prison- ers of war in taking control of a Nazi freight tram Frank Smatra, Trevor Howard, Brad Dexter t965 tl Hart to Hart t 10 Sneak Previews ]) (} Nho's the Boss Angeta steams When her sorority sister invites Tony to attend their sorority reunion [Closed Caphoned] ]I  Family Ties Jennifer's reunion wlth an Old friend turns sour when ile gives all hs attention to her older sister Great Chefs/New Orleans  10 On the Money I11 Glitter Kate and Sam uncover , Iong forgotten movie star's secret (60 ram) losed Captmoned] It t1 Vice-Presidential Debate Covecag t)f the debate between Vice-President dush and Representative Ferraro s presented from Ph ladelohla PA (90 min) IE]) I Vice-Presidential Debate Coverage or the debate between Vice-Presldent Bush and Representahve Ferraro s presented from Phi- ladelphia, PA (90 rain) 4 {HBOJ MOVIE: 'Richard Pryor Here and Now" F mad in New Orleans Richard Pryor Once again pokes fun at anything and every- thing 1983 Rated R I 10 iV1ystery! Rumpole of the Bailey HUmpoles Return" Finding that hes not suited to retirement, Horace Rumpole returns to London and pursues the case of a religious cult murder {60 ram) [Closed Captioned] 11 MOVIE: 'Two Lane Blacktop' Two driv- ers engage in a cross-country race in their Cats wth a teenage girl as the prize Warren ates. James Taylor. Dennis Wilson 1971 O I) 20/20 ([]1 Debate Analysis Ir  CBS News Debate Summary Dan ather hosts ths summary and analyss of the V_=ce-Presldent=al debate .7 MOVIE: "The Villain" An incompetent Outlaw. trying to prove that he has what it takes to be a mean desperado, rides into one Jisaster after another Kirk Douglas, Ann- jarqret Arnold Schwarzenegger 1980 ll E] (1 (]1 ]1 (] News 4 [HBO] Joe Piscopo Special This former Sa- Vrday Night Live" comedian performs his eDetoire of famous impersonations L Lillian Hellman: Profile 31" WKRP in Cincinnati 1 J' Dr. Who Jeffersons I ( Tonight Show Tonight's guests are ayoral candidate Bud Clark, Buddy Hackett d RosemaryCIooney (60 min.) M*A'S'H Sanford and Sen Taxi Best of Gleason Three's Company Bob Newhart Show Latenight America Rockford Files CHharlie's Angels BO] MOVIE: "Carny" A teenager looking runs away with a carnival but finds litter is superficial. Jody Foster. Robbie Robertson 1980. Rated Bizarre Barnaby Jones MOVIE: "Man In a Cocked Hat" A bungling Britain's foreign office is sent as Spa- Ambassador to an ex-cotony. Terry- omas, Peter Sellers, Luciana Paoluzzi, 60 t Nightiine i( Gunsmoke  Barney Miller lloyd Boat 1 Hawaii Five-O Eye on Hollywood t Chadie s Angels Night with David Letterman Tonight's are actor Harry Dean Stanton and mas- of disguises Barry Bremen. (60 rain.) MOVIE: 'A Touch of Larceny" A former commander falls for his pal's fiancee IIs his memoirs to gain money and mar- James Mason, Vera Miles, George San- 1960. ecves Swagga MOVIE: 'Move" A New Yorker, who is a dog walker, pornography writer playwright seeks inspiration for artistic Elliot Gould, Paula Prentiss, Gene- Waite. 1970 MOVIE: "Shoot the Sun Down' An unu- alliance exists among four off-beat TV 12:30 12:45 characters, one of whom has a treasure map ChrlstopherWalken. Margot Kdder, Geoffrey Lews 1980 Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are actor Harry DeanStantonandmas- ter of disguises Barry Bremen (60 ram) MOVIE: "Shadow in the Streets" A paroled convict's efforts to succeed on the outside are comphcated when he takes a job as a parole agent Tony LoBanco, Shared North, Dana Andrews 1975 4 [HI]O] MOVIE: 'Private School' Two youn 9 women we for the same guy Phoebe Cares Betsy Russel, Ray Walston Rated R 1:00 CBS News Nightwatch 1:30  News 1:45 ()  INN News 2:00 ]1  News I Judy Garland t 1!, MOVIE: 'Sergeant Rutledge" Proud cav- alry soldier, former slave, accused of rape and murder. s defended and cleared during COurt martat JefferyHunter. Constance Tower, Bd- he Burke 1960 2:15 4 {HBOI MOVIE: "Space Raiders" Breaching galaxysecunty, outlawsm outer Space huack a starsh,p Vmce Edwards Rated PG ( 7 MOVIE: "The First 36 Hours of Dr. Durant" During ms hrst 36 hours on call, a young surgical resident confronts the harsh reahhes of medical ethics Scott Hylands, Lawrence Pressman. Katherine Helmond 1975 2:30 O In the Know 2:45 O Prayer 3:00 O CBS News Nightwatch MOVIE: "The Pirate' A lonely grt on a ro- mantic sland n the Caribbean dreams of her magmary hero Judy Garland Gee Kelly. Walter Slezak 1948 3:45 I 7 World/Large 4:00 4 [HBOJ Joe Piscopo Spec=al Ths former Sa- turday Nght Lve comedar, pareD'ms " S re petore of famous mersor-at '., s I1 7 Agriculture USA FRIDAY MORNING 11:30 5:00 4 IHBO Robbers. Rooftops and Witches A,J thor Washington [rwnj recounts the hstory of the short story using examples from works b/ 0 Henry, Borden Pea! and Ray Bradbury 6:00 4, [HBOJ We Think the World is Round Three ships respond tO King Ferdinand's challenge to fred a new route to the East Ammated 6:30 4 IH8Ot MOVIE: "Foolin" Around' An Okla- homa ranch hand enrolls m college t)t -arrs more about hfe outside the classroom ary Busey Annette O'Toole. Eddie Albert 1,80 Rated PG 8:00 I ? MOVIE: 'The War Between the Tales' A small-town prof,ssor tries tO resolve the crtss when hs wfe learns of hs affair wth one of hs students Rchard Crenna, Ehzabeth Ash- ley. Granvdle Van Dusen !977 8:30 4 IHBOJ And If I'm Elected.. The Smothers Brothers play host to ths program about the selling of candidates and causes 9:00 4 tHBO! MOVIE: "Oklahoma!" A cowboy s grl goes to a dance and falls ,n love with a hred hand Gordon McRae Shirley Jones. EddeA! bert t955 Rated G 4 }HBO) MOVIE: 'Krulr A yurg warr{or ]t tempts to resole his bride fro'q evil Sp.tCt invaders Ken Vlarshall Lysette Anttoy Freddie Jones t983 Rated PG AFTERNOON 12:00 1:30 2:30 3:00 3:30 5:00 I1 7 MOVIE: 'Colossus and the Headhunters" The survvO of a spectacular ;trtfq,lk pledf]es hs ad tr a dethroned queen Krk Morris I aura Brown 1960 4 !HBOJ Pat Benatar in Concert Ths four hme (rammy winner was wdeotaped at the New ;tven Veterans Memorial Cohseum 4 iaBO} We Think the World is Round Three hqs reSpOnd tO King Ferdinand's challenge t {t(1 a new route to the East AmmaterJ 4 !HBOi Fraggte Rock Wemb)ey becomes the most (lecsve Fraggle n the world 4 IHBOJ MOVIE: 'Misty' An orphaned t)ro!her and sster try to tame a wdd pony for a t)j race Dav=d La(|d Arthur O'ConneH Pare Sm=th 1961 4 {HBOJ Remember When ,Page One st Dck Cavett examines the American free press EVENING 6:OO O II II I ]I I li News 4 IHBOJlnsidethe NFL Lea Dawson and Nck Buomcont re..qew ths ,eek s NFL achon Nightly Business Report 7 Gomer Pyte ( 11 Taxi t 10 Untamed World 6:30 O PM Magazine ] Dill'rent Strokes O  Wheel of Fortune ( Entertainment Tonight ] Family Feud lib Informed Sources (1 ( il Jeffersons (B  Andy Griffith ( i Nightly Business Report 7:00 O {]1 (i Benson Benson's routine physical turns up some disquieting news t1 t1 1984 World Series: Game 3 At press tme the teams had not been determined (3 hrs )  The Dukes of Hazzard Boss replaces Rosco with a stolen robot he purchases from a pair of crooks (60 rain) 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Oklahoma!" A cowboy's girl goes to a dance and falls in love with a hired hand Gordon McRae, Shirley Jones, Eddie Al- bert 1955 Rated G ( Washington Week/Review Paul Duke s joined by top Washington journalists analyz- the week's news MOVIE: "The Trouble with Angels' Two new students create an uproar at a private school, Rosahnd Russell, June Harding. Haley Mills 1966 ( 1'i Hart to Hart ( 10 Louisiana: The State 7:30 O ( (D Webster Websters efforts to boost the spirits of the school jamtor balloon into an attempt to restore his former career as a magi- cian [Closed Captioned]  {0 Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the 80s with a weekly rewew of economic and investment matters 8:00 I  () Hawaiian Heat The dscovery of a body on the beach prompts Major Oshira to send Mac and Andy undercover as high. rolling gamblers (60 min) ] ( Dallas Another attempt s made on Bob- by'stifeand JR fears that someone may still be after him, too. (60 rain ) I ( J Great Performances "To the Light- house" The Ramsay family spends one last summer by the sea before death and the out- break of World War I change their world for- ever _(2 hrs) () 1_31 MOVIE: "Georgy Girl" A girl named Georgy marries a wealthy older man so that she can give her roommate's illegitimate baby a home James Mason, Lynn Redgrave, Alan Bates. 1966 9:00 O I  Matt Houston Houston thinks that C.J's new flame might be involved in a kd- napping (60 rain.) [Closed Captioned] ] Ialcon Crest A celebration turns into a nightmare when Maggie discovers startling news about her past. (60 rain,) 9:30 ; [HBO] And If rm Elected... The Smothers Brothers play host to this program about the selling of candidates and causes. (] Breaking the Chain tab ' MOVIE: "The Thing" A US. research sta- tion in the Arctic is terrorized by a strange creature from another world. Kenneth Tobey, Dewey Martin, James Amass. 1951. I0:O0   I I II I ( News [HBO] MOVIE: "Under Fire" Three journal- ists on the front lines of war-torn Nicaragua find their lives and convictions threatened. Nick Nolle, Joanna Cessidy, Gene Hackman 1983. Rated R. ) Lilllen Hellman: Profile I ( WKRP in Cincinnati | (] Dr. Who 10:30 O Jeffersons ] ( Tonight Show Tonight's guests are Burt Reyno;ds and Dora Deluise (60 rain.) M'A'S'H Sanford and Son / Taxi " ([] Best of Gleason t[ Three's Company ! Bob Newhart Show () Latenight America 11:00 O New York Hot Tracks Charlie's Angels Bizarre Barnaby Jones () Dr. Who Movie ) Nightline i1 Gunsmoke 11:15 rIB  Night Tracks 11:30 ]} t[ Friday Night Videos i[ Hawefi Five.O ABC Rocks 12:00  MOVIE: 'The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" A Canadian Jew in the mid-40s tries to make his fortune by fair means or foul Ri- chard Dreyfuss. Jack Warden. Micheline Lancton t974 MOVIE: 'Inspector Clouseau" Bumbling In- spector Ctouseau s called in to help Scotland Yard Alan Arkin, Frank Finlay 1968 f Tracks & Facts t) 1 MOVIE: "Peyton Place" The secret life of a small New England commumty is revealed, Lane Turner, Lloyd Nolan. Hope Lange 1957 12:15 4 [HBO} Not Necessarily the News 12:30 O Star Trek (1 MOVIE: "Fangs of the Living Dead" A young woman m Rome inherits a castle which she dscovers is haunted by vampires Anita Eck- berg 1969 12:45 4 [HBO} MOVIE: 'Krull' A young warrior at. tempts to rescue his bride from evil space invaders Ken Marshall. Lysette Anthony. Freddie Jones 1983 Rated PG 1:00  Wrestling 2:00 11 New York Hot Tracks II News 2:15 O News 2:45 O MOVIE:'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' A slave m ancient Rome continually gets miD trouble as he attempts to .-- hs freedom from a domineering mistress a,d her husband Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers. Buster Keaton 1966 4 [HBOJ Inside the NFL Lea Dawson and Nick Buomconh rewew this week's NFL action ( 1i INN News 3:30 (1 Sgt. Preston ) 1-1 MOVIE: "Horse Feathers" The Marx brothers turn collegiate, with Groucho as a college president Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo Marx 1932 3:45 4 [HBO] Remember When -Page One Host Dck Cavort examines the American free press 4:00  7 Night Tracks Cont'd 4:30 I tl Gomer Pyle SATURDAY MORNING 10:00 10:30 5:00 I[]} Laverne and Shirley 4 H8OI MOVIE: "Trails End" Cowboy finally {jets to the end of the trail Johnny Mack Brown 1949 t[  rIB 7 CNN Headline News ) 11 INN News 2:00 530 ]I Rebop Agriculture In Louisiana ( 11 This Is the Life 6:00 I1 Weather ]1 Ruff n Ready IE]) Pole Position 2:30 ]1 Muppet Show Kds Jamboree I 7 Between the Lines 11 Jimmy Swaggart 6:30  Kdsworld 3:00 t1 Jackson 51ve Show  C;,taln Kangaroo 4 IBc" FraggleRock Wembley becomes the ' . , ,. Fgt)IH the world Splderman O Kd A-LITTIes I[ Lucy Show (] 7 Starcade 7:00  Tom 8, Jerry ]} [ Snorks O  Shirt Tales J, HBO[ MOVIE: 'The Golden Seal" A logan la,y goHen sea} that once protected the Ateu 3:30 ' , islands surfaces to befrlenda young boy See Radsl)ack Penelope Mdford Rated PG 4:00  Puppy's Great Adventures (] Ldlas, Yoga and You (t 7 High Chaparral it Baptist Church 730 O GI, Joe 4:30 ) Pink Panther and Sons O (OI Get Along Gang ( ( Superfriends Calligraohy 11 World of Tomorrow 7:45  10 Parlez Moi B:OO O t1 t Mighty Orbots  Smurfs 5:00 } I1 Muppet Babies (DE} iotorweek (] 7 Championship Wrestling from Georgia ) tt 700 Club 10 Understanding Human Behav. 8:30 O ( (D Turbo Teen O 1 Saturday Supercade 5:15 4 [HBOt Investigators -Crusading Reporters 5:30 of the Air Ths parody features in depth roves. atons and satlrcal exposes Frugal Gourmet ( 10 Understanding Human Behav. 6:00 9:00   I Dragon's Lair 4 [HBO; Inside the NFL Len Dawson and Nck Buomcont review this weeks NFL achon I Dinner at Julia's "Designer Duck The menu tomght includes duck breast m Madeira sauce and lemon souffle crepes wth fresh 6:30 strawberry sauce (R) [Closed Captioned] 7 MOVIE: "Carson City' Opposition to budding a railroad results in murder and plts brother against brother Randolph Scott, Ray- mond Massey, Lucdle Norman 1952 11 Reaching Out () !0 New Literacy, 9:30 ( (1 (][ Wolf Rock TV ] ( Alvin & the Chipmunks O Popeye & Pals Pole Position 7:00 (] Justin Wilson La. Cookin' ( ) New Literacy O  (D New Scooby Doo Mysteries t t Kidd Video 4 [H80] MOVIE: 'A Boy Named Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown wins the class spelling bee and then gets a chance at the national elhng title 1969 Rated G Dungeons and Dragons rIB World of Cooking 11 Two Way Street O Do-It-Yourself Show O (]) Littles ]) ( Mr. T Pryor's Place Super Fan (] Gourmet Cooking 7:30 ( i! Impressions ( 1 Magic of Watercolors 11:000 I))-College Football: Teams to be 8:00 Announced At press time, teams and starting tme had not been determined If the game rts at 330, alternate programming will air. SEC Football or World Series Game 4 O i Local Programming. ( Going Bananas () Magic of Oil Painting rIB . College Football: Teams TBA ( .1.1_ Wild, Wild West (  Pat Action Line 11:30 , {HBO} MOVIE: "The Chosen" A Jewish teen. ager finds conflict between old and new ways Maximilian Schell, Rod Steiger, Robby Benson 1982 Rated PG. ( Kids, Inc. ) Lap Quilting  Gourmet Co..oking  8:30 .... AFTERNOON .... 9:00 12:00  1984 World Series: Game 4 At press time, the starting time and teams had not 6den de- termined (3 hrs) Victory Garden 3_Y' MOVIE: "Stowaway to the Moon" A boy hides aboard a command capsule before it EMMY WINNER -- Bruce Weitz recently won an Emmy award for his portrayal of scrungy but lovable Detective Mick Belker on "Hill Street Blues," which airs Thursdays on NBC. 12:30 1:0O 1:30 blasts off for the moon Lloyd Bridges, John thorities (60 mm } Carradine, Peter Conrad 1974 4 [HBOl MOVIE: "The Hunger' A survivor of an ( ! Frugal Gourmet ancient race endowed with everlasting life ) Do-It-Yourself Show desperately seeks help for her rapidly aging ( !0 Square Foot Gardening lover Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Su- () Square Foot Gardening san Sarandon 1983 Rated R ( :10 Do-lt-Yourse f Show 9:30 ( Alfred Hitchcock 4 [HBO] Not Necessarily the News ( 10 Sweet Sixteen (] New Tech Times 9:45 rIB 7 Night Tracks- -Chartbusters ) ] Calligraphy w/Ken Brown 10:00 O ]1 O (1 ( t (][) News [HBO] Remember When -Go Team Go! Host  Commanders Dick Cavett examines America's love of  10 Brain 'The Enlightened Machine Mo- orts dels, mcrographs and computer ammation This Old House help demonstrate the mystery of the workings ( 11 Kung Fu of the brain (60 rain) ( 10 Great Chefs/New Orleans 10:30 O  Dance Fever O O College Football: Illinois at Ohio State/ O M'A*S*H or Washington at Stanford  Saturday Night Live (]) Louisiana: The State I1 MOVIE: To Be Announced 7 Cimarron Strip ] Alice (lIB 10 Justin Wilson La. Cookin" (][ Mid-South Wrestling OlSportsbeat 10:45 4 IHBOlMOVIE:'Porky's'Lustfulhighschool 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Golden Seal" A logan- boys try to crash t'he local bawdy house Scott dary golden seal that once protected the Aleu- Colomby, Kim Cattrall, Kaki Hunter 1981 tlan Islands surfaces to befriend a young boy Rated R Steve Railsback, Penelope Milford, Rated PG  7 Night Tracks SportsWorld Coverage of the lightweight 11:O00 Puttin" on the Hits bout between Cornelius Boza-Edwards and ]lSoul Train Charhe 'Choo Choo" Brown and the feather O Video Trax weight bout between Barry McGugan and O Rex Humbard Angel Mayor is presented (2 hrs) Combat Supersoccer ) 11 Puttin' on the Hits 11 Incredible Hulk 1130 ( America's Top Ten (1 10 This Old House  World Tomorrow O lid To Be Announced (] New Faces in Country Music 10 Untamed World 12;O00 MOVIE: "The Man" Based on Irving Wal- To Be Announced lace's novel about a Negro senator who as- rIB Pet Action Line (,ends to the Presidency of the United States 7 Fishin' w/Orlando Wilson throuhafluke James Earl Jones, MartinBal- () 11 Wrestling sam, Burgess Meredith 1971. ] 10 Vietnam: A Television History ]) Saturday Night Live 4 {HBOI MOVIE: 'Table for Five' A divorced O MOVIE: 'Escape from the Planet of the father tres to get reacquamted wth his chdd Apes" Chimpanzees from the year 3955, with renbytakmgthemonaMedterraneancruse human intelligence, arrive on earth and be- John Volght. Richard Crenna 1982 Rated come celebrities When it is learned that apes PG wdt one day rule and the earth wilt be des- To Be Announced troyed by a nuclear blast, a German scientist I View from the Stoop vows to destroy them Roddy McDowall, Kim I[ 7 Motorweek Illustrated Hunter. Bradford Dillman, Natalie Trundy, OTo Be Announced Eric Braeden, William Windom, Sal MineD ] Black Gold 1971 News ([ Rock 'n America Varsity Quiz Bowl  Jimmy Swaggart rIB 7 Scoreboard ( 11 MOVIE: "The Blue Max' During World ( 11 Solid Gold War It, a young German awator competes () t0 Matinee at the Bijou 'La Cucaracha " with other members of hs squadron for the rIB 7 World Championship Wrestling coveted 'Blue Max' flying award, George Pep- ]1([ NBC News pard, James Mason, Ursula Andress 1966 () Dateline 12:30 4 [H80] Investigators -Crusading Reporters " ' E/EIIIN'G ' ..... of the Air This parody features in-depth inves- , t!gations and satirical exposes, ]1 ABC News O O (]1 (Eli News It Fame (l B,J./Lobo Show ([ This Week in Country Music 1:00 4 [HBOJ MOVIE: "The Chosen" A Jewish teen- rIB Good Neighbors ager finds conflict between old and new Alice ways Maximilian Schell, Rod Steiger, Robby !i Dance Fever . Benson 1982. Rated PG. O Inside Area 2 t1 Hit City ]1 Bum Phillips Show 1:30 I America's Top Ten 4.. |HBO] Investigators .Crusading Reporters 2:00 O MOVIE: "The Matchmaker" A matchmaker of the Air This parody features in-depth roves- assumes responsibility for finding the proper ations and satirical exposes mate for a rich, tight-listed old widower. Shir- To Be Announced lay Booth, Anthony Perkins, Shirley Ma- (Family Feud cLaine, Paul Ford t958. ( Carter Country (1 Entertainment This Week (  f.. Sneak Previews  ,!:L Movie Cont'd I Jeffersons 2:45 "4 |HBO] MOVIE: "Table for Five" A divorced (  Puttin" on the Hits father tries to get reacquainted with his child- O O ( T.J. Hooker Season Premiere ran by taking them on a Mediterranean cruise. ( Dill'rent Strokes Arnold is named John Voight, Richard Crenna 1982. Rated e of the school's student court, PG, 1 Airwolf Hawke and Santini must pro.  il., INN News tact Santini's young niece from a mobster (60 3:00 I1 MOVIE: "Rampage' A trapper, a big game rain) hunter and a mistress search for rare jungle . [HBO] MOVIE: 'Revenge of the Ninja' A re- cats Robert Mitchum, Elsa Martinetli, Jack luctant warrior from an old Ninja family finds Hawkins. 19B3. hlmself pitted against the Japanese Mafia Ar- 3:15  1", MOVIE: 'It's a Gift" A grocery store thur Roberts, Ashley Ferrare. Rated R, owner with a yen for orange groves inherits (] All Creatures Great and Small money, W,C, Fields, Baby LarDy, 1934. 10B i MOVIE:'Red River" A young man rebels 4:15  News against his cattle baron foster father during 4:30 ( , Daniel Boone an important roundup John Wayne, Montgo- 4:45 O Mary Tyler Moore mary Clift. Walter 8rennan 1948.  tHBO} Not Necessarily the News ()  Fame 8 Nature of Things . Gimme a Break As a surpr,se birthday SUNDAY gift, Joey and the girls change the date on Nell's birth certificate. O  () Love Boat Isaac is drawn to a re ............................ cently widowed woman and tries to console ................... MORNING ..................... her young son over the death of his father, (60 15:00 ( (   CNN Headline Newe mm[Closed Captioned]  ( INN News ]1 ( Partners in Crime Two private eyes in- 5:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Misty" An orphaned brother herit a detective agency from the man to and sister try to tame a wild pony for a big whom both were once married and set out to race. David Ladd, Arthur O'Connell, Pare find a missing Golden Gate replica, (2 hrs.) Smith. 1961. O I Mickey Spillene's Mike Hammer Ham.  Sportsman's Friend mar iS chased by the police and the gangs 5:45 Sacred Heart when he seeks to avenge Velda's mugging. 6:00 Weather 0 min.) Lift for Life Or. Who Movie Taking Advantage  MOVIE: "Same Time, Next Year" Two For Our Times people, married, but not to each other, agree ( World Tomorrow to meet once a year to rekindle en old rom-  ( Kenneth Copelend ance. Ellen Burstyn, Alan Aide. 1978. 6:15 p Focus  Shogun II Directions C [HO] NOt Necessarily tle News 6:30  MD-W  () Finder of Lost Loves Can/is hired to I Cafeito Dominicsl find a woman's missing twin and Daisy helps I Insight a lady lawyer find her long lOSt college swee- I1 _Sunday Worship theart (60 rain,) IB  It Is Written DID Cover.Up An American woman working 6:45  Voice of Goodwill on the production of a rock video in a Latin 7:  Rose Petal Plae country is framed for murder by the local au-   Jimmy Swsgart