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October 11, 1984     The Ponchatoula Times
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October 11, 1984

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!! (1 World Tomorrow 4J [HBO] MOVIE: 'Yor: The Hunter From the Future" A warrior from the future finds himself in prehistoric society as a result of a nuclear holocaust. Reb Brown, Corinne Clew, John Steiner. 1983, Rated PC. ll Robert Schuller I1 Forward Together I Colorsounds I Methodist Hour '? Cartoon Carnival (t CiI Marvin German 7:16 1 C i Passe Partout 7:30 8 MOVIE: "The Young People' A show- business family leaves the big city and heads for a farm in New England Shirley Temple. Jack Oakie, Charlotte Greenwood. 1940 B Holy Mass (1 Roy Rogers Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood ( Ken Copeland ( Starcade  Parlez Moi 8:00 t Dr, James Kennedy Religion Rev. Lovelady Jimmy Swaggart Sunday Morning ( 1. Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] l _, Leave it to Beaver lJ Jackson Five Cartoons 8:30  Expect a Miracle -4, [HBO} MOVIE: 'Hopper" A stunt man s goaded into staging the greatest stunt of all time BurtReynolds, SallyFlelds. Jan-Michael Vincent 1977 Rated PG (] E.J. Daniets l r7 ; Andy Griffith () rli MOVIE: 'Abbott and Costello: Mexican Hayride" The boys go south of the border Ab- bott and Costello, Virginia Grey 1948 i Greatest American Hero Expect a Miracle Sunday Morning Dr. D. James Kennedy Sesame Street [Closed Captioned] L James Robison IW Tj Good News '1@ Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 9:30 ]1 World Tomorrow tl MOVIE: 'Night Slaves' In a small, seem- mgly peaceful village, a man sees all the townspeople, including hs wife, move into the dark streets and let themselves be myster- iously herded onto trucks and driven away. James Franciscus, Lee Grant. Leshe Nelsen. 1970 tl Oral Roberts I Jerry Falwell (7 MOVIE: "Marooned" After five months in space, three astronauts are unable to return t0,earth due to a technical malfunction, Gre- gory Peck, Richard Crenna, David Janssen, t969. :10 Electric Company 10:O0 ID Journal It First Presbyterian Church t1 Essence tl James Robison Ig Reading Rainbow ( 11 Wrestling II 10 MOVIE: 'Topper Returns" A beautiful ghost haunts Topper and urges him to find her rnurderer Roland Young, Joan Blondell. Den- ms O'Keefe 1941 10:30  This Week with David Brinkley (Eli First Baptist Church 4 IHBOt Fraggle Rock Wembtey becomes the most decisive Fraggle t the world Il Wall Street Journal tt Face the Nation Voyage of the Mimi lid Larry Jones Show 11:OO O NFL "84 4 IHBO] MOVIE: 'Jimmy the Kid" A 12-year- old s the kidnapping target of bunghng crooks Garv Coleman, PaulLeMat. DeeWal- lace 1982 Rated PG O Wally English Show Dateline: New Orleans Il Perspective li Dr. Who Movie I Church Service ( ;11. Incredible Hulk 11:30 I Wrestling ]1 NFL Football: Teamstoba Annonoed tDI Face the Nation tl New Wilderness IDI This Week with David Brinkley IOI NFL Today 9:00 AFTERNOON 12:00 12:15 12:30 tl MOVIE: To Be Announced GI Be There, Be Counted NFL Football: New York Giants at Atlanta (D This Week with David Brinkley ( tt MOVIE: "Seven Seas to Calais" Sir Fran- cis Drake plunders treasure-laden Spanish ships with the secret consent of the Queen of England. Rod Taylor, Kelth Mitchell. Irene Worth 1963 t0' Constitution: That Delicate Balance Crmrmal Justice A Defendant's Right to a Fair Trial" The right of the accused to a fair tr,al s weighed against the Nght of Society tO take measures assuring pubhc safety. (60 IT11n ) [Closed Captioned] B 7 MOVIE: "Portrait in Black" A bed-ridden tycoon a dissatisfied wife and aweak-willed doctor are the ingredients for murder, Lana Turner. Anthony Quinn. Sandra Dee 1960 t1 On Tour With Lawrence Walk 4 {HaP And If l'm Elected.,. The Smothers Brothers play host to this program about the selhng of candidates and causes, I1 MOVIE: "Escape" A young American Is lailed m the notorious Lecumbern Prison m Mexico Cty on drug charges Timothy Bet- toms. Kay Lenz, Colleen Dewhurst 1980 Carter Country Sneak Previews 1:OO 4 [HBO} MOVIE: "Foolin' Around' An Okla- homa ranch hand enrolls tn college, but learns more about life outside the classroom, Gary Busey, Annette O'Toole. Eddie Albert 1980 Rated PC. 11 Eight Is Enough Constitution: That Delicate Balance 'The President vs Congress: War Powers and Coy- art Action" The powers of the president to order covert military act.ons or to send sol- diers into action without a formal declaration of war from Congress is discussed (R).(6O ram.) [Closed Captioned] Wild Kingdom (! En Francais 1:30  Star Trek Lucy Show L Images/Francophone 2:00 Wonder Woman ASPN Film: A Question of Hunting Let the'Children Live } 1  MOVIE: "Warriors' This costume melod- rama is full of kings, knights and noblemen, Errol Flynn. Jeanne Dru. Peter Finch, 1955 (] tj Firing Line 2:30 I! MOVIE: "Destination: Inner Space' A crea- ture emerges from a device found on the ocean floor and terrorizes the oceanauts who found it. Scott Brady, Sheree North, Gary Mer- rill. 1966. NFL Today 1984 World Series: Game 5 At press time, the starting time and teams had not been de- termined. If this game is not necessary, alter- nate programming will air. (3 hrs.) t First Edition 2:45 B  MOVIE: 'Back Street" A woman refuses to give up her love for a man who has married another worn an Susan Hayward, Vera Miles, John Gavin, t961. 3:00 l I NFL Football: Dallas at Washington 4_) [HBO] MOVIE: "The Promise' Two young college students vow to love each other, but a strange fate intervenes, Kathleen Ouinlan, Stephen Collins, Beatrice Straight. 1979. Rated PG. ] MOVIE: 'The Last Picture Show" Academy- award winmng drama about life in a small Texas town in the 1950's, Timothy Bottoms Jeff Bridges, Cloris Leachman, Cybill She- p_herd 1971 I Folks At The Movies ! Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser ana- lyzes the '80s with a weekly review of economic and investment matters. 30  1984 World Series: Game 5 At press time, the starting time and teams had not been de- termined, If this, game is not necessary, alter- nate (3 hrs,) Paul Duke 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 is joined by top Washington journalists ana- ing the week's news. Puttin' on the Hits I Firing Line Jim Carmody Show  MOVIE: 'The Man in the Iron Mask" A man is forced to wear a terrible iron mask because he closely resembles his twin brother - King Louis XIV of France Richard Chamber- lain, Louis Jourdan, Jenny Agutter 1976  McLaughlin Group M*A*SOH t Emery Bellard Show (1 Tony Brown's Journal I ABC News !41 [HBO] MOVIE: "Yet: The Hunter:rom the Future" A warrior from the future finds himself in prehistoric society as a result of a nuclear holocaust. Reb Brown, Corinne Clery, John Steiner. 1983. Rated PG I1 News I McLaughlin Group I Billy Brewer Show I "_, Portrait of America: Maine ( !0 Folks I News I1 I ABC News I Money World (  Adam Smith's Money World EVENING 6:00 I  Ripiey's Believe It or Not It ligl 60 Minutes I1 Silver Spoons Edward s concerned when Rick's mother decides to marry a football layer and move next door to the Stratton's Star Search (i Bobby Jones Gospel Show I 7 Best of World Championship Wrestling t tl Solid Gold ( 10 Austin City Limits 6:30 4 [HBOt Fraggle Rock Wembley becomes the most decisive Fraggle n the world I Punky Brewster () World War I 7:00 I I1 t Hardcastle and McCormick Hard- castle's sister-m-law finds bg trouble when she surreptitiously J/allows a pohceman as he sets up a drug buy, (60 ram) [Closed Cap- tioned] I]1 knight Rider Michael puts K I.T T's pink slip on the hne in a showdown drag race ainst an ultra-futuristic car. (60 mm) Murder, She Wrote Jessca Fletcher travels tO a wedding in San Francisco where she discovers the bridegroom must first be cleared of a murder charge. (60 rain.) 4 [HBO] Countdown to Looking Glass From the point of view" of a telewsion news team, this drama presents a chilling real-life scena- rio leading up to the outbreak of World War III, I Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau ( ?- MOVIE: "The Fighting Seabaes" A tough construction foreman and a navy man work close to the Japanese lines during World War II John Wayne, Susan Hayward. Dennis O'Keefe. 1944 ( ,!1! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous LIQ Nature 'Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind.' Different species of plant life have ev- olved mgemous adaptations to lure insects and an=reals to act as carriers of their pollen (60 mm.) [Closed Captioned] 8:00  I11 MOVIE: "Single Bars, Single Women" I1 t1 MOVIE: "V: The Final Battle" Part 1 Ahen attempts to eradicate the rebel forces and take over the earth are met by surprising res- istance from Supreme Commander John and his fi=qhters ]1 I Jeffersons Season Premiere George tres to bribe Ralph rote giving blood m hs lace [Closed Captioned] Nature 'Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind.' Different species of plant life have ev- olved mgemous adaptations to lure insects and animals to act as carriers of their pollen 0ram,) [Closed Captioned] ,if At The Movies ( 1 Lifeline 8:30  It Alice Season Premiere Alice has a dif- ferent type of dating experience when Vera and Jolene secretly place her name in the per- sonals column of a local magazine. [Closed atoned] ...... 4 [HBO] And If I'm Elected... The Smothers Brothers play host to this program about the selling of candidates and causes. ( 1i Tales from the Dark Side 9:00 I111 Trapper John, M.D. Trapper John's son a medical school graduate, shows up at San Francisco Memorial to serve his internship. creating strained emotions in Trapper. (60 rain.) 4- [HBO] Even More All-New Unexpurgated Benny Hill Britain's multi-talented comedian is back for his sixth HBO special ( 30 Masterpiece Theetre 'Private Schulz.' Germany is on the brink of defeat and Operation Bernhard is about to fall rote the clutches of the advancing Americans (R)(60 mm.} [Closed Captioned] I ,7 Sports Page tl First Person 9:30 IgB 7 Day of Discovery ( 3..! Impressions 10:O0 (1  1 I1111 News I1 Report 4  [HBO] MOVIE: "Hopper" A stunt man =s goaded into staging the greatest stunt of all time Burt Reynolds. Sally Fields, Jan-Michael Vincent 1977 Rated PG (] ( jO" Rush (]B 7 Jerry Falwell ,il Too Close for Comfort 10:15 ID Sports Journal 10:30 I I Bill Arnsparger Show I Rockford Files i M'A*S'H Championship Wrestling College Football: LSU at Vanderbitt 700 Club 31 At The Movies 11:00 I Otis Washington 1 MOVIE: "The Way We Were" Two people with totally different lifestyles love and marry as they battle for their personal beliefs. Bar- bra Streisand, Robert Redford, Patrick O*Neal. 1973 I1 MOVIE: "Katherine' A young heiress re- jects her parents and pampered life to join a group of terrorists. Art Carney, Sissy Spacek. Henry Winkler, 1975. I lfred Hitchcock ,i Open Up ) ,15 Fame 11:30( MOVIE: 'Mrs. Gibbon's Boys' h mother who doesn't know her sons are escaped con- vlcts, her weak suitor and her glamorous cousin frustrate each other in their separate searches Diana [}ors Mile O'Shea, Kathleen Harrison. 1962 Otis Washington One Step Beyond I New Faces in Country Music 11:45 Igl Tales from the Dark Side , [HBO] MOVIE: "The Final Option" A radical anti-nuclear group, who takes over the Amen- can Embassy in London. threatens to kill their high-ranking government hostages Richard Widmark. Judy Davis, Lewis Cothns 1983 Rated R 12:00 I Children Between Life and Death  Fugitive  MOVIE: 'Moonrise' The son of a hdlbilty murderer is goaded into a fight with his tor- mentor. Dane Clark, Gail Russell. Ethyl Barry- more. 1948.  MOVIE: 'Prudence and the Pill" A comedy of the not so very merry-go-round of uncontrolled birth in the pill society David Niven. Deborah Kerr, Judy Geeson, 1968 12:30 t B.JJLobo Show 12:45 8 ABC News 1:00 CBS News Nightwatch 1:30 II Mary Tyler Moore 1:45  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Foolin" Around' An Okla- homa ranch hand enrolls in college, but learns more about life outside the classroom. Gary Busey, Annette O'Toole. Eddie Albert, 1980 Rated PG, New= I MOVIE: "The Men" A paralyzed war ve- teran struggles to adjust to his disability. Mar- Ion Brando, Teresa Wright. Jack Webb. 1950 ( Editor's Desk In the Know Prayer CBS News Nightwatch JIP [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Promise  Two young 2:00 2:30 2:45 3.0 3:30 8 i 12 J 23 m ..... 25 I 4 i I r OOOOO O OOOO000 ACROSS DOWN I "Sikwood'" co-star 2 Actor Duff (clue to 5 Natalie on "'Facts puzzle answer) of Life" 3 Printer's mealure 9 "Mobile --" 4 She's Mbm Ellie 10 University in Dallas 5 Rumn ruler 12 Emmy, e.g. 6 Role for Klugman: '. 15 Co-star of "The 7 Tab or Kim (due to Virginian" puzzle answer) 18 Uncommon 8 Actor Sha 21 Establishment: abe. 22 A Great Lake 24 Late actor David 25 Pot 28 "'WKRP'" new=man 31 To drus in 32 Seed covenng 34 Electrode 36 Cogzant 37 Speech: abl-. 39 Ted McCnley role 41 -- Beach. Fla, 33 Prop: pl. 42 Co-star of "Tin A Big 35 Rwer in N. Spare Girl Now" 36 Shghtly open 38 EIImt Gould ser 40 "Cassm & --" ( 19a4 Com J Stephen Collins, Beatrice Straight. Rated PG 4:00 I  It's Your Business 4:30 I 7 Jimmy Swaggart 10:30 t979. MONDAY MORNING 5:30 4 [HBOI The Living Sands of Namib Burgess Meredith narrates this visit to one of the world's most inhospitable environments, a home to exotic reptiles and insects 6:30 4 [HBO] We Think the World Is Round Three stops respond to King Ferdinand's challenge to fred a new route to the East. Animated. 7:00 4 IHBO] MOVIE: "Gizmo!" Amateur daredevils with their zany and sometimes disastrous ex- ploits, are featured in this documentary. 8:00 I ? MOVIE: "Angel Face" A spoiled heiress s responsible for the death of her parents, her boyfriend and finally her own Robert Mit- chum Jean Smmons. Herbert Marshall 1953 9:00 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Blue Skies Again" A girl as- pires to break the sex barrier in professional baseball. Harry Hamhn. Robyn Barto, Mimi Rogers. t983 Rated PG 4 IHaO] MOVIE: "Still of the Night" A psy- chiatrist =s drawn into the murder mystery of one of his patients, ieryl Streep, Roy Schei- der 1982 Rated PG 12:00 130 4:00 5:30 10:00 10:30 AFTERNOON 4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Space Raiders" Breaching galaxy security, outlaws in outer space hijack a starsmp Vmce Edwards Rated PG I[]B 7 MOVIE: 'The Bedford Incident" An Amecan destroyer that comes in contact wth a foreign submarine finds itself in tbe center of a fateful controversy. Richard Wid- mark Sidney Poitier. Martin Balsam. 1965. 4  HBO! MCI11tlE: "Oklahoma!" A cowboy's girl goes to a dance and falls in love with a hired hand Gordon McRae. Shirley Jones, Eddie Al- bert 1955 Rated G 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Gizmor Amateur daredevils, with their zany and sometimes disastrous ex- ploits, are featured l this documentary. 4 [HBO] The Living Sands of Namib Burgess Meredith narrates this visit to one of the world's most inhospitable environments, a home to exotic reptiles and insects. EVENING 6:00 (Eli Igl E]I I) I11 ti News Nightly Business Report I 7 Comer Pyle 11 Taxi (1 10 Untamed World 6:30  PM Magazine ]I Dill'rent Strokes It Wheel of Fortune 4 [HBO} Fraggle Rock The Fraggles decide to pack up and move to the promised land. t1 Entertainment Tonight Call to Glory (i Untamed World I t 11 Jeffersons It 7 Andy Griffith ( 10 Nightly Business Report 7:00 11 ( World's Greatest Mysteries It tt T-V's Bloopers and Practical Jokes IE]I I1 Scarecrow and Mrs. King An ex-spy with a deadly grudge =s out to expose every cwhan employee of the Agency, including Amanda (60 min.) 4 IHBO] MOVIE: "Blue Skies Again" A girl as- pires to break the sex barrier in professional baseball Harry Hamhn, Robyn Barto. Miml Rogers 1983 Rated PG (i  10 Wonderworks 'Who Has Seen the Wind? First of 2 parts A boy comes of age in the harsh environment of rural Saskatche- wan (60 ram.) [Closed Captioned] (]B  MOVIE "Hurry Sundown' A ruthless Southerner is determined to buy up his cous- ins land and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal Michael Caine, Jane Fonda. John Phillip Law t967 ( 11 Hart to Hart 7:30 1 On Sports 8:00 t1 t1 t NFL Football: Green Bay at Denver I1 (I MOVIE: "V: The Final Battle' Part 2 Don- ovan jo,ns a network of resistance forces to rescue Juhe from the ahens before she is kdled by brainwashing techniques and Robin prepares to bear her half-human, half-alien child I11t Kate & Allie Kate and Allie decide to hve a he in order to avoid paying an enormous rent increase I Wild America ( tt MOVIE: "Little Ladies of the Night' The struggle of Lyle York. a one-time pimp, who now works with runaway teenagers who turn to prostitution David Soul, Lou Gossett, Linda Pur t976 ( 1"0 Odyssey 8:30 1 1 Newhart Season Premiere. When Dick saskedtosetIKrk'scafe he is also asked to do a tacky promo for his talk show IHao] Not Necessarily the News I Risking It All 9:00 1 t1 C_,agney and Lacey Season Premiere. Cagney and Lacey lock horns with a widowed lawyer whose seven-year-old daughter is mo- lested by her babysitter. (60 rain,) ,_4 {HBO] MOVIE: 'Space Raiders' Breaching galaxy secunty, outlaws m outer space hijack a starsh=p Vmce Edwards. Rated PG ( ]B 1 Heritage C v izat on and the Jews: The Crucible of Europe." The evolution of Jew- ish life In the Middle Ages s chromcled, cul- minating with the exputson of the Jews from Western EuroPe m the 14th and 15th centu- ries (60 min.) [Closed Captioned] El  O O Pews Best of Gleason (]B_: MOVIE: 'East of Eden" Part I From John Stembeck's classic, ths is the epic drama of the turbulent lives of four men and the beauti- ful woman who haunted their lives for two generations. Timothy Bottoms. Jane Sey- mour, Bruce Boxleitner. 1981. _1 WKRP in Cincinnati 'Dr. Who I Tonight Show Tonight's guests sre Ed- die Murphy. Jennifer Richards and Reggie Joule. (R) (60 min.) It M'A'S'H __- [HBO] MOVIE: 'Richard Pwor Here and Now' [Closed Captioned] Filmed in New Or- leans, Rchard Pryor once again pokes fun at everything. 1983 Rated R. I Taxi t  = Latenight America 1J " Bob Newhart Show 11:00 ( I1 I News Charlie's Angels Simon & Simon A J. and Rick become in- nocently involved in a counterfeit ticket scare when rock star Rick Brewster arrives in town for concert dates. (R) (60 rain.) ;1 Gunsmoke 11:30 ( Jeffersons Barney Miller (D Love Boat  Hawaii FivO Monty Python Flying Circus L Nightline 12:00 I Rockford Files Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are the Rev. Jesse Jackson and actress JoBeth Williams. (60 min.) ) MOVIE: "Rope of Sand" An adventurer fights off a corrupt police chief in his efforts to reclaim a cache of diamonds in South Africa Burr Lancaster, Corinne Calvet. Paul Henreid. 1949 At ; [HBO] MOVIE: 'Still of the Night" A psy- chiatrist is drawn into the murder mystery of one of his patients. MewI Streep. Roy Schei- der. 1982. Rated PC. ( McMillen & Wife "Cop of the Year." Ser- geant Enright quarrels with his ex-wife and is later arrested for her murder when she is found shot by his gun. (R) (60 min.)  MOVIE: "Justine" A beautiful but ruth- less woman uses her family and friends m her schemes to send arms to Israel. Anouk Aimee. Dirk Bogarde, Robert Foster. 1969. 12:15 I .7 MOVIE: "Murder or Mercy" An attorney aids his son in the defense of a doctor ac- cused of, taking the life of=hit terlltinaUy ill wife. Bradford Ddlman. Denver Pyl, Melvyn DouglaL 1974 12:30 I Late Night with David Letterman Tonight" s guests are the Rev. Jesse Jackson and actress JoBeth Williams. (60 rain.) O Star Search 1 :OO  Charlie's Angels 1:30  ] News CBS News Nightwatch JIP 1:45 4 IHBO] MOVIE: "Private School" Two young women vie for the same guy. Phoebe Cates. Betsy Russel. Ray Walston, Rated R. U 7 MOVIE: "Sweet Killing" A New York pro- secutmg attorney seeks to prove that a mur- der was ordered by the Mafia. Andy Griffith, Bradford Dillman. Harry Guardino. 1976. 2:00 8 News MOVIE: "Act One" Moss Hart's story about his love affair with the Broadway theatre George Hamilton. Jason Robards Jr, Eli Wal- lach 1964 !1 INN News 2:30 In the Know ] 11 MOVIE: "The Lives of a Bengal Lancer" Thrdhng adventure stow of the Bengal Lan- cers Gary Cooper. Sir Guy Standing. Fran- chot Tone. 1935. 2:45 8 Prayer 3:00 cas News Nightwatch 3:15 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Hanna K" An attorney m Jerusalem finds herself pitted against the forces of the very old life she finds there Jill Clayburgh, Jean Yanne. Muhamad Bakri. 1983 Rated R  Rat Patrol 4:00 lad 7 Children's Fund 4:15 8 Three Stooges 4:30  Jimmy Swaggart i-I Comer Pyle TUESDAY 3:30 5:00 MORNING 5:30 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" Charlie Brown wins the class spelling bee and then gets a chance at the national s4Pelling title 1969. Rated G. 7:00 _ [HBO] MOVIE: '1 Go Pope" Pope Possum is railroaded into running for President. Ani- mated. Voices of Vincent Price. Ruth Buzzi. Jonathan Winters. Rated PG 8:00 (] : MOVIE: "1 Love You... Goodbye" A housewife, frustrated by the roles of wife and mother which have been forced on her. de- cedes to reject those roles and leave her fa- mdy Hope Lange, Earl Holliman, Michael Murphy 1974 8:30  [HBO] Investigators -Crusading Reporters of the Air This parody features in-depth inves- t=gatlons and satirical exposes. 9:00 4- [HBO] Pat Bonater in Concert This four-time Grammy winner was videotaped at the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum. 10:00 _ [HBO] MOVIE: 'Never Say Never Again" [Closed Captioned] A ring of terrorists steel nuclear warheads and then hold them for ran- son. Seen Connery. Max von Sydow, Kim Bas- nger 1983 Rated PC, AFTERNOON 12:00 ( [ MOVIE: 'Stunts" A man sets out to find the killer of his stuntman brother, Robert Fors- ter, Joanna Cassidy, Fiona Lewis, 1977. 12:30  [HBO] Remember When -Go Teem GO! Host Dick Cavett examines America's love of sports. 1:30  [HBO] MOVIE: "The Chosen" A Jewish teen- ager finds conflict between old and new ways. Maximilian Schell. ROd Stoiger, Robby Benson, 1982. Rated PC. [HBO] MOVIE: "A Boy Named Clmrlie Brown" Charlie Brown wins the class spelling bee and then gets a chance at the national selling title. 1969. Rated G. [HBO] MOVIE: "1 GO Pogo" Pogo Possum is railroaded into running for President. Ani- mated. Voices of Vincent Price, Ruth Buzzi, Jonathan Winters. Rated PC. 00ENING 8.'oo ||=IIII Nightly Brininess (J Untamed World 6:30 L PM Magazine im Difrrent Strokes 1  Wheel of Fortune () [HBO] Investigators of the Air This parody tu ir ations and satirical exposes, Entertainment Tonight I1 Family Feud t Untamed World  ( Jeffersons ( (: Andy Griffith 7.'00 89 Nightly Business RepOrt ( Foulups/Bleep s &  1984 World series: Game 6 time, the teams had not been this game is not necessaw, ammingwill air. (3 hrs.) AfterMASH Colonel Potter psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman cribes the problems at General pital, including Klinger's latest [HBO] MOVIE: 'Porky's" Lustful hi boys tW to crash the local bawdy Colomby, Kim Cattrall, Kaki Rated R. ( Nature of Things _ MOVIE: "Law and Order" I American cop learns that political ethical compromise and family part of his job Darren Robert Reed 1976.  Hart to Hart (  Wild America 7:30  O  Three's A Crowd Jack's reunite VIcki's divorced parents disaster [Closed Captioned] I 1 E/R 1 Risking It All 8:00 ( t1 I Paper Dolls 1 I MOVIE: "Sentimental cessful couples" lives are changed eight-year-old orphan enters their clyn Smith, David Dukes, Jessica roll. 1984. (  ,-0 Nova "The National ScienC.'i Art Fleming hosts this science quiz turing celebrity panelists. (60 n Captioned] Jf MOVIE: 'Breezy" A nessman falls in love with a teena his misgivings. William Holden, 1973 9:00 IllJessie A bomb blast at a sends Jessie and Ascoh Iookin [ f rad=cats who may be sl Captioned] 4 [HBO] MOVIE: "Porky's I1: The High school students, recruited to the school play. wreak havoc pranks Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knig Hunter 1983 ad R Q  10 Frontline "Welcome to This documentary. the lives of Polish imml( America in search of a better [Closed Captioned] 10.' tB Igl E) IB IB IB I News I Best of Gleason ( 11 WKRP in Cincinnati t0 Dr. Who 10:15 I 7 MOVIE: "East of Eden" Part shifts to shortly before World War I generation of Trask brothers mily crises =n this John Timothy Bottoms, Jane Se 1981 10:30 I Jeffersons O Tonight Show Tomg expert Jm Fowler (60 ram) M'A'S'H 0 Sanford and Son ID Taxi I)  10 Latenight America ( Three's Company (1 11 Bob Newhart Show 10:45 4 IHBO) MOVIE: "Never Say [Closed Captioned] A ring of nuclear warheads and then hold son Sean Connew. Max yon roger 1983. Rated PG 11:00 I Rockford Files Charlie's Angels Bizarre I Campaign "ll. Dan at the latest news on the ;it aign trad Nightline It Gunsmoke 11:30  Barney Miller t Love Boat O Hawaii Five-O Fall Guy Colt and Howe, worker cover m prison, are stuck on an accomplice warden has a heart O min.) Verity Python Flying Circus ( Eye on Hollywood 12,'00 I Charlie's Angels Late Night with David guests are Dick Cavett. Bob :f chard Clayderman (60 ram) ] MOVIE: "Too Late Blues' A jazz steals the affections of a blonde friend and ruins his career Bobb Stella Stevens. 1961 tt MOVIE: "Kid Blue" A raunct trying to go straight is wife of his friend. Dennis HoPP er, Dates. Peter Boyle 1973 12:30  Late Night with David guests are Dick Cavett. Bob : chard Clayderman. (60 min.) I1 MOVIE: 'How the West This western adventure film base tion picture of the same name, is t ' salt westward-bound family. James Marie Saint 1977 I Coiumbo "Playback," Margaret tempts to fire her philanderinc. from the family-owned business t _J MOVIE: richest man, an obsessive in a pocket of time without pursued by a primitive tribe, cl Joan Van Ark. 1977. 1.'00 4:j [HBOI MOVIE: luctant warrior from an old himself pitted against the Japa thur Roberts, Ashley Ferrare. 1:30 t News 2:00 8 News MOVIE: "The Wild mg developments m after two scientists fh ness. Granville Van Ousen, Lmda CBS News Nightwatoh JIP  INN News 2:15   MOVIE: "Welt Point StorY" musical director goes to the stage a variety show. Virginia Cagney, Doris Day, Gordon Me Nelson. 1950 2:30  In the Knew 1 [HBO] Pat Bonater in Grammy winner was videota Haven Veterans Memorial Col IB New= 2.'45 I Prayer I  MOVIE: "Night Creature", to conquer his fear of p__ard which once attacked him. 3,'00 I CBS News Nightwatch 3:3 (]DIHBO] MOVlE:"lorky'e" Lusff II boys try to crash the local bawd f I Colomby0 Kim Cattrall. Kaki Flu R.