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October 13, 1983
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[Closed Captioned] O .3f1 MOVIE: "Welcome to Herd Times" A .. mayor of a small town is forced into a show- -,, down Henry Fonda, Janice Rule. 1967. (  Sneak Preview== Co-hosts Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons take a look et "Lonely Lady" and "Brainstorm.' O  (iD It's Not Easy ) ( Cheers Carla's younger sister takes her place at Cheers and decides to go after every man in the place.  This Old House 0 0 0 20/20 I I Hill Street Blues A demented man goes , on a rampage in a gay bar and the police try to catch a man who thinks he is "The Cisco Kid." 0 min.) I Knots Landing (] Opportunities 1( Nature 'Forest in the Sea." Tonight's program explores the vast kelp forest which lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean near California. (60 sin.) 4 [HBO] Inside The NFL (g Wildlife Safari 9:45 B  TBS Evening News 10:00 ( I ]1 ]1   I New== Monty Python O  Odd Couple @ MacNeil/Lehrer News=hour 10:30 O ]1 M*A*S'H as wild foxes fight for survival. Rated G. 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(: [HBO] MOVIE: "Fhm Day== One Bummed A women ind her uncle examine their love for each other while climbing the Swiss Alps. Seen Connery, Bet Srantley, Limber Wil- son. 1983. Rated PC. I Wa==hington Week/Review Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists analyz- h== week's news. MOVIE: "Reue From Gllligen'a Island" The shipwrecked cestaw==ys are rescued after 15 years on their uncharted desert island. Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr, Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, 1978. (]]) Guhsmoke O 0 Tonight Show "" , [HBO] SAD: Olivia Newton-John in Concert " Olivia performs her biggest hits. ( Laugh-In 11 Barney Miller ( Dark Shadows ( Nightline  WKRP in Cincinnati 10:45   Ca:sins 11:00 (  Charlie's Angels O Barney Miller ( Superfan ( Combat (  Starsky and Hutch O  Odyssey 11:15 (  MOVIE: "The Nanny" A disturbed child and a strange nanny blame each other for the" death of his sister. Belle Oavis, Wendy Craig, Pamela Franklin, William Dix. 1965. , 11:30 O Barney Miller ( Thicke of the Night ( Mannix ( MOVIE: To Be Announced 6:45 7:00 " 7:30 O Jetsons [HBO] Sugar Ray's All.Stars Sugar Ray Leonard hosts this show where kids get a chance to work out with sports superstars. O Thundarr O Children's Theatre IB Andy Griffith O  Romper Room and Friends O  Greenlight ( O (0 Best of Sooby Doo 8 8 BiskittsFlintstne Funnies 4 (HBO] MOVIE: 'Taps" CadetS, threatened with the closing of their school, incite a stu- dent rebelhon. Timothy Hut:on, George C. Scott, Sean Penn, 1981, Rated PC. (g G. E. D. O  Starcade (  Baptist Church I Tom & Jerry I I Shirt Tales I I Saturday Supercade I I Monchhichis/Little Rascals/Richie Rich I G. E, D. O ( MOVIE: 'This Savage Land' A widower and his family leave their Ohio home to esta- blish new roots on the hazardous frontier. George C. Scott, Andrew Prine, Glenn Cor- bett. 1968.   Baptist Church 7:45 Parlez Moi 8:00 ) O Smurf== Woodwright'== Shop ( GED Course O ( Pac-Man/Rubik Cube Hour 8:30 O ( Dungeons and Dragons O ( Garner Ted Armstrong O ( GED Course 9:00 ] ( Dukes ( [HBO] Inside The NFL ( Fight Back O ) Jimmy Swaggers t i Housewarming/Charlie Wires 9:30 O Littles Alvin & the Chipmunks Charles Brown & Snoopy Everyday Cooking ( MOVIE: "Tripoli" In 1805, the U.S. bat- tles with the pirates of Tripoli as the marines fight to raise the American flag. John Payne, Maureen O'Hara, Howard da Silva. 1950. O (] Victory Garden 10:00 ( O Q Puppy/Scooby Doo Show OO Mr.T O Popeye & Pals j [HBO] Video Jukebox Wrestling W oHd of Cooking ( MOVIE: "The Jungle Book" Mowgli, a boy who was raised by wolves, encounters greedy humans. Sabu, Joseph Calleia, Rose- mar DeCamp. 1942. ( ( Gourmet Cooking 10:30 O O Amazing Spiderman/Inoredible Hulk ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Treasure of the Four Crown==' Fortune hunters attempt to steal magical jeweled crowns. Rated PC. O Gourmet Cooking O ( World of Cooking 11.'00 O ( NCAA Football/or World Series Game @4 At press time, the games" starting times had not been determined. Should the NCAA Football game air at this time, then the World Series Game #4 will air from 4:00 p.m. (EDT) to 7:00 p.m. (EDT). o NCAA Today Superfan (B Oil Painting Magic of ( Understanding Human Behev. 11:30 Black Gold ( NCAA Football: Team== to be Announced O Pop'n'Rooker O NCAA Football/or World Series Game #4 t g Loulakme: St. We're In "7:30 Coneheed== The Conehe==ds, on a mis- sion for the High Master of Remulak, face the possibility of having to live among the Ear:hi- s indefinitely. O ( Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the "80s with == weekly review of economic and investment meffers, 8:00 O( Manimal Chase must.transform himself on stage in order_to investigate a death that has occurred m t-iHulioiat's lot, (60 ms.) E O Dell== Greet RalhNsy Journey== (]]) MOVIE: 'Shahs" A former gun:fighter, determined to establish == peaceful isle, must strap on his gun ago=in in defense of the ho- mesteaders. Alan Ledd, Jean Arthur, Van He- flin. 1953. ( ( Weshingto Week/R Paul Duke is joined by top, Washington jounlalists ana- ti,it,.-.o- :. 8:30 Lawmekem - "9.) For end Honor A r6sl alert is called during the unit'S celebration party and Sat. Allard end Cpt. Engel hmm a serious qua .ft..el which leads Allard to a fling with Cpl. PavliK. 60 sin. O F)al0m Croat Baby Joseph recovers, while Ch==so'l condition worsen==.(SO min.I ( [NED] MOVIE: My Favorite Year' An alcoh- olic movie hero must be kept sober Ion 9 an- . ough to appe==r on live coltedy show. Peter O'Toola, M==rk Linn-Beker, JeMlic& Harper. 1982. Rated PC. Nature "Forest in the Sea." Tonight's pro- gram explores the vast kelp forest which lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean near Cali- fornia. (60 rain.) O( Six Great Idea== 'Equality.' Dr. Mortimer ( Andy Griffith 11:45  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Ghost Story' An unforgiving Adler looks at the issues of biological inferior- At press time, the games' stsrtingtimes had not been determined, Should the NCAA Foot- 3:00 ( NCAA Football/or World Series Game #4 Should the NCAA football qame air at this time, then the World Series ame :4 will air from 12:30 p.m. (EDT) to 3:30 p.m. (EDT). ]1  CBS Sports Special Today's program features the Jockey Club Gold Cup Tho- roughbred race and the Champagne Stakes horse race. (60 sin.) O  Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ( ( Six-Gun Heroes 3:30 8 Pumoja High Chaparral 4:00 ) Popl Goes the Country ]} Bum Phillips Show [HBO] Video Jukebox (1 How the West Was Won Tarzan , Kung Fu (  Father Dear Father 4:30 ]1 Burns & Allen ) Mary Tyler Moore [HBO] Sugar Ray's All-Stars Sugar Ray Leonard hosts this show where kids get a chance to work out with sports superstars. (0B  Motorweek Illustratad ( j Computer Programme 5:00 ]J Nashville on the Road Laverne and Shirley [HBO] MOVIE: 'Taps' Cadets, threatened with the closing of their school, incite a stu- dent rebellion, Timothy Hutton, George C. Scott, Sean Penn 1981. Rated PC. II News II Hee Haw (DE) To Be Announced L__; Scoreboard O  Wrestling (  Matinee at the Bijou Td Give My Life.' 5:15 O  World Championship Wrestling 5:30 t NBC News Happy Days Again .,-,, EVENING , 6:00 (O News O Fame Louisiana Living () Jacksonville and All That Jazz ( (  Solid Gold 6:30  Inside Area 2 PM Magazine ( Airwaves (1 People's Court Carter Country. 10 Wild America 7:00 (]1 (1  T.J, Hooker Hooker's link to an Eura- sian girl leads him to a ring of gun-running cr=minals in Chinatown, (60 sin.) [Closed Captioned] ) O Diff'rent Strokes Arnold is stunned on his first day of junior high school when he is shunned for not measuring up to be Willis's brother, [Closed Captioned] IE]}  Cutter to Houston t4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Love Child" A prison inmate, seduced by a prison guard, must fight to keep the unborn child of that union Amy Madigan, Beau Bridges 1982. Rated R. B  NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Baylor ( -1] Fame ( 0 Civilisation 7:30 )  Silver Spoons Ricky goes along with Derek's scheme to find some older girls and 'have a good time' 8:00 ( ]1 (g[ Love Boat Gopher is held captive by a woman captain, a couple is shocked when they see their pal with a young woman and a retired policeman learns some information about Vicki's friend. (60 sin.) [Closed Cap- tioned] ]} il Rousters The Earps set a trap for a mer- cenary who is after a carnival worker. (60 on11 MOVIE: 'Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer' A New York City detective tries to solve the sadistic murder of a young school teacher. George Segal, Shelley Hack. 1983. (  MOVIE: 'Empire of the Ants' A crooked real estate lady is annoyed when a colony of ants, the size of giraffes, start munching on her clients. Joan Collins, Robert Lansing 1977 (]B _ MOVIE: 'He Walked By Night' In a story based on Los Angeles Police files, a deter- mined investigator leads the hunt for a calcu- lating and elusive cop killer through the streets and sewers of the city. Richard Base- hart, Scott Brady. 1949. 9:00 IO} Fantasy Island A wife wants her hus- band to learn what it is like to be a woman and a prostitute wants to become a "normal" woman. (60 min.) [Closed Captioned]  Yellow Rose Oilman Hollister accuses the Indian Strongheart of murder and Chance rescues Roy from a trap set by the real killer. 646)0 min.) [HBO] On Location: Eddie Murphy Delirious Eddie performs his solo concert for the first time on TV. 9:30  () MOVIE: "The History of Mr. Polly" Drama about a romantic, sensitive soul who is unable to adjust to the realities of life. John Mills, Sally Ann Howes, Finlay Currie. 1949 10:0O O  ]1 I1 ]t ( ) News [HBO] MOVIE: "Halloween Ill: See=son of the Witch" A physician uncovers a bizarre plot to mass murder children. Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O'Herlihy. 1982. Rated R () Paul Hogan O ! At The Movies 10:15 B - Finite World 10:30 O  Dance Fever 1 M*A'S'H O Saturday Night Live O MOVIE: 'Burnt Offerings" A haunted house with a will of its own casts a fearful pall over a t : ity end the struggle between the "haves" and Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood ghost returns after 50 years to punish those the 'have nots," (R) (60 sin.) ball game air at this time, then the World Ser- Starcade . responsible for her death. Fred Aataire, Mel- ies Game #4 will air from 4:00 p.m. (EDT) to Scooby Doo vn Douglas, John Houseman. 1981. Rated R. " S:15 ( TB$ EvenirJl NeWS young family's well-being. Bette Davis, Karen 12.0 I! Thicke of the Night 10.'00    O O  ( News 7:00 p.m. (EDT). Black, Oliver Reed. 1976 Boat O Late Night withDavid Lottorrnan  Mnd .' S Magic of Floral Painting  Louisiana Showcase ( MOVIE: "Legend of the Lost" Two men ( MOVIE: "Return of the Seven' A former ]1 MOVIE: "Act Of The Heart" A young soul - ' and a girl search for treasure and a lost city in q( MooNall/Lehrer Nowshour member of the "Magnificent Seven" is kid- Court searching girl becomes romantically invoived;, the Sahara desert. John Wayne, Sophia relent Tonight with a Catholic priest. Genevieve Bujold, Don-" - 10:30 (1  M'A$'H napped by a band of outlaws, Yul Brynner, : Company aid Sutherland, Monique Leyrac. 1970 . IB( Tonkiht Show Loren, Rossano Brazzi. 1957. Robert Fuller, Jordan Christopher. 1966. ,, Happeningl ( Jimm- Swe--art - ( [HBO] Not Nooellerily Tht News This O ( Understanding Human Behav. , ( B.J./Lobo Show : --  ---Y--'- "" --'" M-----r ..... h n show promise, to be everything the current . AFTERNOON ) ( Benny Hill Show : Beverly Hillbillies I1  MUVII::: Ranses tiny e w news is not. " 10:45 B  Night Tracks = Good Times an F B agent transports a ganster, an am- =m = ,,_,- , 12.'00 O Noon Report 11:00 ( America's Top Ten  :,l ) Electric Company " ' " Robertson, Bo H " " ,-=,,t .... Ten Train  1 bush is wasteS. Dale opkms,  =,.,,,,, mn,... (l America'== Top ) Soul  l I I1 11D Nows Robert Walden. 1975. "r  ' .. I Victory Garden ]1 Video Trax  %:l acNeil/Lehrer Newshour 12:30 ( MOVIE: Neb of Violence" A man wit-  Night:line -- 0  MOVIE: "The Mummy"== Ghost" An an- ]1 Rex Humbard : l fersons nesses the kidnapping of his ex-fiancee and   P,H;,, cient curse keeps a mummy alive 3000 years O ( Wrestling .... Little House on the Prairie " " " Br ...... starts his own mvestgatzon, ett Halsey,   tJrilCDO ;n IPJeP_innlJ tO defend a princess reincarnated in an Ameri- 11:30 ( MOVIE:'The Killer Who Wouldn't Die"/ne B.J./Lobo Show Margaret Lee. 1969. 11.0Ei ..................... can girl. Lon Choosy, George Zucco, John 3-2-1, Contact 1.)0 ( MOVIE: "Tortilla Flat" The Mexican peas -r '  Charlla'a Angels " -- search for the killer of an undercover agent [HBO] MOVIE: "the Ert1' A'foung lirl Carradine. 1943 leads a detective into a network of intrigue ( ABC News ants portray their life of poverty in California. "" becomes the victim of demonic possession 2 ( Focus on Society which almost costs him his life. Mike Connors, NBC News Tracy Spencer,Hedy Lamer, John Garfield." from which no one can awe her. Linda Blair, 12:15 Kids Corner Samantha Eggar, Clu Gulager. 1976 ) MOVIE: "The Car' A mysterious driverless CBS News Alice Untamed World THURSDAY 10/13/83 MORNING [NED] Incredible Book Escape An 11 year- eets clever characters who bring books 2.)O IBO] Time of Our Lives This documentary 2:30 azine's 60th anniversary. 2:45 IBO] SRO: Olivia Newton-John in Concert 3.0 her biggest hits. 'Ski Lift to Death" The fate of people trapped in two derailed ski lift hangs in the balance as they await Howard Duff, Deborah Raffin, Clu Gu- 1978. "A Cry for Love" Two lovers, and an addict, discover that re- is not easy. Powers Boothe, Susan Gene Barry. 3:30 Club Today's program features Lulu Roman, 4.'00 MOVIE: 'Taps" Cadets, threatened the closing of their school, incite a stu- rebellion, Timothy Hut:on, George C. Sean Penn. 1981. Rated PG. ]) MOVIE: '3:10 to Yuma" A farmer takes of bringing == notorious killer into so he can collect the reward. Glenn 5.0 Van Heflin, Felicia Ferr. 1957. MOVIE "Arise My Love" A lighthearted " treatment in a ==tory of foreign cor- 6:30 and romance, Claudette Colbert, Walter Abel. 1940. MOVIE: "Coin" ull" An outl==w is 7:30 to hang unless a respectable marries him. ,J==ck Nicholson, John Danny DeVil0. 1077. mated PC.  .... 1942. 1:15 (B  MOVIE: 'It's Love I'm After" An ego- " struck actor's fiancee/co-star explodes when he becomes involved with an admirer. Bette Davis, Leslie Howard, Spring Byington. 1937. 1:30  CBS News Nightwatch JIP O ( Greenlight 1:45 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "The Bell Jar' A young" woman searching for her own identity bottles up her emotions and withdraws into herself. Marilyn Hesse:t, Robert Klein, Julie Harris.. 1979. Eli I News ' Max von Sydow, Ellen BurstYn. 1976. Rated . 12:30 R. IMrney Miller -. Outdoors Dr. Who O ( Nil Trlmk== (]) $torsky end NotCh (3 Survival Special 11:15  Soul Train 11:30 Ill Friday Night Video= ImP Thicke of the Night B Menn(x O ) Maverick In the Know Prayer ]1 CBS News Nightwatch ( MOVIE: "Houseboat" An Italian symphony conductor's daughter, concealing her ident-  ity, becomes a widower's family maid, Gary : Grant, Sophia Loren, Mar:ha Hyer. 1958. O  MOVIE: "Trouble In the Glen' A Scottish lad returns from South Americ== to land in the middle of a feud over a closed road. Margaret '  Lockwood, Orson Welles, Forrost Tucker. 1954. ( [HBO] Time of Our Lives This documentary : celebrates Time magazine's 6Oth anniversary. :  12:16 (  Varied Programs . Andy Orffflth "" o Thio.. of *. Nig., O MOVIE: "DeadlyHoro" When a policeman shoots ==nd kills == mugger, he pleads with the dead man's intended victim to help him cover 1:30 up the incident, Don Murray, Oiahn Williams, James Earl Jones. 1976 Saturday N t MOVIE w,e After .tte.di.g the funeral of hil wife, who died from an over- FRIDAY -!" 1.o 10/14/83 .1:18 , 1:30 MORNING I  ( [HBO] MOVIE "Glacier Fox" Arthur Hill n==r- ",:, 2:16 rates one of nature'&mestii jOmYl as wild foxes fight for ==ul. Rated  -G. ( [HBO] Flashback: Fire at Coeoanut Grove The fetal fire in Boston's Cocoanut Grove 2:30 htclub is examined. [HBO] MOVIE: "it Came from Hollywood" Clips of some of the worst movies ever made * in Hollywood are shown. Dan Aykroyd, Joho b, "(;im/, Gilds Radner. 1982. Rated P. Inquiry ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Legend of the Wild' A man flees civilization in the 1830's to live in the wilderness among wild animals. Dan Hag- getty, Denver Pyle. Rated PC. ( MOVIE: Terzan'== Fight For Life' After a witch doctor steals the medicine intended for a young chief Tarzan battles the tribesmen in desperate attempt to save the child. Gordon Scott, Eve Brent, Jil Jarmyn. 1958. ( This Old House 0  Focus on seiety - 1: 0 MOVIE: 'The Big Lift" Two G.I/s assigned ,- to the Berlin airlift fall for the same German l. Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas. 1950. uare Foot Gardening Contemporary Health Issue To Be Announced ( ( MOVIE: 'Phantom of the Rue Morgue" This horror mystery is based on Poe's story of a psychopathic killer, his fiancee-assistant and their many cold.blooded murders. Karl Malden, Patricia Medina, Steve Forrest. dose of heroin, on ex-Grn.aorel captain de- ) 1954. clarol an lit=Out war On t drug mob in :: I (: Contemporary Health Issue . Harlem. Paul Winfield, Carl Lee, David Down- 1:45 ( ( MOVIE: "The Black Whip Two brothers rescue four dance hall girls ==nd encounter . 1973. Rock TV 12:30 r MOVIE: 'Cemtte of th Lhddg Deed" A mys- terious count who has discovered == liquid for petrifying living things becomes a victim of 2:00 his own evil diSCOvery. Christopher Lee, Gaie Germani, Philippe LarDy. 1961 l Friday Night Vidooo ": t [HBO] Inside The NFL , I  Mevedek t lHIlO] MOVIE: *SO Fine' A college professor , ;. 2:30 becomes == lU',,afuI fesht deaigltar by ac- , cidlm. Rylm O'Neel, Jsok WMde, Ri(h==rd Kiel. 1981. Rated R. 80 New= MOVIE: "Gho in the InvlEIble Bikini' A man in his coffin is bffsred a llanos to enter heaven if he _prforltte one ood.. deed. De- borah Wsllay, Tommy Kirk,. B0s Rethbone. ,; 1 gor, .... trouble with a whip-snapper gangster. Hugh Marlowe, Coleen Gray, Angle Dickinson. 1956. ( MOVIE: "The Three Musketeer==' The Three Musketeers serve King Louis XlII with the help of their new friend, the dashing 0'Artag- nan. Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Re- el Welch, 1974 Jacksonville and All That Jazz En Fr==ncais [HBO] MOVIE: "Toll Me A Riddle' A woman comes to grips with her own mortality as she faces the traumas of old dg==. Lila Kedrova, Melvyn Douglas, Brooke Adams. 1980. Rated PC. ( I NCAA Football/or World series Game #4 Should the NCAA football game air at this time, then the World Series Game #4 will air from 12:30 p.m. (EDT) to 3:30 p.m. (EDT). O (] En Frencets Special automobile terrorizes a small Utah town. James Brolin, Ronnie Cox, Kathleen Lloyd. 1977. O World Tomorrow ( Lucy Show 11:45 ( [HBO1 MOVIE: 'Jinxed" A blackjack dealer and a nightclub singer plot to kill her gam- bling boyfriend. BaSte Midler, Rip Torn, Ken Wahl. 1982. Rated R. 12:00 O Saturday Night Live O America Rocks  Ebony/Jet Showcase Saturday Night Live ) 1 MOVIE: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' An alien advises earth to stop aggressive con- quest of outer space or risk annihilation. Mi- chael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe. 1951. 12:30 ( Entertainment This Week 12:45 O Hee Haw 1:30 _ [HBO] MOVIE: "Prince of the City" A double- agent exposes corruption in his depsrtment and becomes the number one target of the mob. Treat Williams, Jerry Orbach. 1981. Rated R. ( MOVIE: "The Mindbendera' When a scien- tist jumps from a moving train to his death, security officials investigate possibility of his having sold secrets to foreign agents. Dirk Bo- pards, Mary Ure, John Clements. 1963 1:46 I MOVIE: "The Glenn Miller Story" The life of Glenn Miller is traced through his musical car- eer. James Stewart, June Allyson, Charles Drake. 1954. ABC News 2:00 Movie Cont'd O ( MOVIE: 'Corriders Of Blood" A surgeon is appalled at the suffering patients endure due to lack of anesthesia. Boris Karloff, Be:to St. John, Christopher Lee. 1960. 3:30 ( MOVIE: "Tower of Terror' 4:00  News 4:15 [HBO] Video Jukebox 4:30 Rookford Ftla==