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October 16, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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October 16, 1986

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Subscribers pay half price And get free home delivery! Thursday, October 16, 1986--6th Year, Number 3 S00co.po.-Pa.erwo / THE PONCHA TO TIMES 50c Log Cabin found unsafe, hew one will take its place By BRYAN T. McMAHON Editor & Publisher Ponchatoula's Log Cabin in Kiwanis Park will have to be taken down, so extensive is the damage done over the rS by termites. embers of the Ponchatoula Kiwanis say the club will build a new log n, about the same size, on the red site. e have done everything we could Ii 0, tearing it down piece by piece to see I we could save something. It is a fight e cannot win," Kiwanian John Mollere d during an inspection of the building Monday. p City Building Inspector Kenneth emn confirmed what the service club s n committee had discovered, that b.e damage to the structure is nearly mplete. Mayor Charles Gideon asked n-in to prepare a full report based on inspection for presentation to the city :0uncil Thursday night. Perrin and Mollere showed the mayor Monday that the wood-eating insects d hollowed out even those logs which k substantial at first glance. Inside, y inspected termite damage that had en away the vital support beams ding the building together. Using a chete as a probe, Perrin showed how wood at the building s foundation sily crumbles because of the many /ears of infestation. Everywhere the logs are pitted with elltale tiny holes that hint at the termite mage in the wood. The building inspector said that he had been keeping tabs on the demoli- tion that had already removed two old additions to the building where termite damage had been found, saying the more you looked the more damage there was to find. He pronounced the building unsafe. And no one felt anything but remorse at the report. The LOg Cabin is a Ponchatoula landmark whose history has been shared by everyone in the city; home of dances, parties, club meetings, com- munity get-togethers, stumping politi- cians, and pancake breakfasts. Only the Kiwanis Club's plan to retain what it can of the style of the original building when it builds the new log cabin appeared to offer relief to those who heard the news. Mollere said the new log cabin would be constructed on a concrete slab, modern log cabin with materials that have been treated to withstand termites. The history of the Log Cabin was best put in print by Times Garden Editor Mrs. Violet Collier. Mrs. Collier compiled a his'toW of the Community Garden Club published here in 1983, in which the Log Cabin figured prominently. Some excerpts: "...the idea for a building of their own came along and the Log Cabin was the answer. "Mrs. A.M. Edwards worked diligently to get this building and to include the country people in the project she asked them to donate logs to help build the building. "Harry Gabriel Sr. drew up the plans for the Log Cabin. This was about the year of 1934. The WPA was formed about this time and most of the work was done by the WPA workers. The Depression was on and many people were glad to get the work. "Our former (poliCe) chief Ed Tucker used his truck to haul many of the logs to the building site. Bill HaJtom and a black man who worked for him got the job to build the Log Cabin. These are the same men who built the log cabin in Hammond to auction the strawberries, which grew so abundantly in and around our town. "For several years after the LOg Cabin was built it was used as a primary school... "During the year 1949 the Men's Garden Club was organized...Paul Wil- liams, James Barranger of our town were very active members. Dr. E.E. Puls was president of the Tangipahoa Parish Men's Club. They held their meetings in the LOg Cabin. Speakers from the Reuter Seed Co. came over and gave lectures on what to plant and how to take care of your plants and bulbs, etc. "The mayor at this time was Smith Guther and he gave them a welcome speech and of course our club ladies cleaned and decorated the Log Cabin and were hostesses to a delicious dinner... "Along about this time two parks to care for (the Community Garden Club had taken on the task of beautifying Memorial Park) was getting too much for the ladies and that is when the .ocal man Ivictim of hit-and-run Staff Report Ponchatoula medics rushed to the X>rner of Pine and South Fifth Street arly Tuesday to give emergency rtedical treatment to Monroe Jackson of Ponchatoula, the victim of an parent hit-and-run. Times reporters at the scene heard ackson tell paramedics with the onchatoula Volunteer Fire bepartment that he had been struck by Jl car in the vicinity of Ponchatoula nior High School and thrown to the lvement. | Confused and bleeding, Jackson was Iable to give a description of the hicle before collapsing in the arms of amen. He had apparently managed walk nearly three blocks from the point of impact to the front of Robert Troyer's law office where firemen came to I aid. Volunteers transported him via stretcher to the Ponchatoula Clinic a few feet away, where he was treated before being transported to hospital by Acadian Ambulance. Those who know the elderly man say that he has a history of cataract and other eye illnesses that have left him nearly blind and that he is often seen in his eaststde neighborhood tentatively stepping off curbs and cautiously crossing streets because of his poor eye- sight. Any witnesses who can identify the automobile involved are urged to contact Chief Ernest Peltier at the Pon- chatoula Police Station, 386-6548. Damage Inspected Kiwanis Club asked to take over the LOg Cabin. This was the year of 1950. Mrs. Ann Edwards was reluctant to give up the Log Cabin but due to the fact her health was fa!Jil and many of the ladies were g older and not able to take care of so many projects, the Kiwanis Club took over the Log Cabin. "It is a place of many activities. They (the Kiwanians) have done a fine job. The city has added a swimming pool and a fine baseball field for the young baseball fans. There is a lovely place just to sit and relax and meditate..." Drude family thanked PVFD medics treat hit-and-run victim dnemlay, October 8, at the St. At bequeeted by the late Carl Drude h Home and School Aamxtation St'., a $5,000 tuition scholarship fund ly meeting Ft. Dan Davlu ha= been givers to St. Joseph School. putor of St. Joph Church, llm'l(ltorlght)m,e:Mr.&Mrs. City Hall thievery charges ted Mrs. Carl Drude Sr. and Rannond Dru St., Mrs. Carl Drude with a plaque in sppm:iabon of Sr., David Dmde and Fr. Dan Davies. support of Catholic Education. (Photo by Terry Ann McMahon) l00leanup Blitz is Saturday to be subject of council meet Staff Report Citizens and local organizations are allenqed to give Ponchatoula a roug fall cleaning Saturday, pro- Simed Ponchatoula Cleanup Blitz Day cleanup, day targets all residential areas as weu as the Ponchatoula business district. "I, Charles H. Gideon, mayor, chal- lenged all civic, service, church and any other organization, and private citizens, to join with me to participate In a clean- the mayor. Part of a parishwide effort, the PLEASE SEEPAGETHIRTEEN J ph g ff" l'ght . ose ets tra | Staff Report tmffl., c..,sl, goal  the comer of Ninth Street iA and west l'-me, and the state also t the" request of the mayor's office, aeed the remove the blinking caution Ii'e Highway Department has erected a light at the corner of Fourth and East ic signal at the corner of Eighth and. Pine. Iiest Pine, a high traffic area because of . Gideon said the caution light, which oseph School. was needed when Fourth Street was the same time, the Highway heavily used for school traffic before LUepartment a!so answered Mayor Ponchatoula High School was relocated les Gideon s request to remove the PLEASE SEE PAGE THIRTEEN Staff Report Mayor Charles Gideon said he Ilans to call upon Councilman Danny Pepi- tone to make public facts to back his charge that there Is a thief or thieves at work in City Hall at Thursday's meeting of the city council. Papitone raised the undocumented accusation at the Wednesday, October 1 special meeting of the city council, saying he was workin on figures to prove Ponchatoula was suffering from waste and theft. Gideon immediately challenged pepitone on the point but the council- man refused to go any further than to make the accusation, indicating he would be ready with facts and figures to name names, presumably at this week's public meeting - 7 p.m. Thursday at City Hall. Reaction among City Hall workers, and their families, ranged from incredu- lous to indignant. The complaint was made that Pepltone's accusations have put a weeklong cloud of suspicion over everyone working for the city, without any proof to-date to support the charge. "Nobody can figure out what he's talking aleut," said the mayor in an interview Tuesday. "And if there is any fat in the budget, as he claimed, I'd like to know where. All i can see are bones." Gideon said that he has imposed stringent requirements in every depari i. ment to .quard against any thett c: supplies: "=rwo years ago the city was buying numerous shovels and brooms month after month. Now you can't get a broom or a shovel from the city yar I without signing for It, and that goes fc myself or (Street Suntendent) Doug O'Bannon. I just don t know what he (Pepitone) is talking about." MY PONCHATOULA By OLE HARDHIDE The Alligator Hey Gordon Burgess, our president-elect, how about springing for lights at Manchac's boat launch as an inauguration gift to the parish? What better monument could you seek as symbol of an illuminated government? What better way to win the instant praise and admiration of sportsmen, boaters and yummy skiers everywhere? As it is the situation is truly dark and dangerous at the most-used landing in the parish, while downstream in St. John the Baptist Parish (in other words, out in the middle of nowhere) the Ruddock Landing is well-lit and Ruddock hasn't even exled for 71 years! Besides, my gator cousins down in Wanda Cortez Land say they get in each other's way scrambling in the dark for a taste of Plnchpenny as he repeatedly topples off the bows of boats, jumping short of the darkened dock. A little candlelight, if you please! (There my pestering yachtsmen Now about those chickens to be delivered weekly to my new brick bastion...) I am truly touched by the outpouringof brickbats aimed in the direction of my new home by so many prominentPonchatoulans, and I hope our tubby editor yields to my request to publish all the names this week. My Ponchatoula, you are the greatest (Thanks) Hey Ronny Watts, did anyone ever tell you that you were destined to be an electrician? And oh yes David Perfln, now hard at work building a home for Bucky Wet[s, did you know the oflginat 194)'s Pemn Construction Co. specialized in building palS-World Watl pre-haby boom drive in theatres? But who remembers way back then? Ailators do. Who could forget Cutrer & Cowen, Drude's Hardware, Weaver s Place (not Wolfe Lumber, mind you, but A.C. Weaver's hardware and grocery), and the Charles Meyers Jr. Grocery? Speaking of A.C.'s, A.C. Vltter of Millville better get better pretty quick. I need a cypress interior decorator for my cage and the Mayor of Mlilvlile is the only man I'!1 let In (or out) of the place. Better look for a deal, Dr. Tim, because Ace Hardy says downtown Ponchatoula {Hardy's personal Monopoly game) is going fast. A true sign of our times, this banner hung outside the DKE fraternity house at LSU: "Broadhead - The Fat Lady Has Sung" Speaking of sports, let's talk about Lucian Ordoyne. He is to the Washington RecLskins what Tiger Scarle is to the LSU football team (no comments here Green Wave fans). So Imagine his pique, think of his Ire when hated Dallas used their cleats this past weekend to mush the Redskins deep into the turf duflng one of the most helplessly m bmatched contests In television sports (a true conflict of terms). Anyway, I m sure glad It s the football team named Washington that Lucian Ordoyne decided to back and not the general. Otherwise, we'ld probably be speaking English in this country todayl Moving on to a more manly sport, it is Big Foot Bry Layrlsson tough goalie and fieldsman for the Sherman G_lass ,soccer team of Ponchatoula who is the long range cannon of Clayton Daigle s daredevil squad. (Coach, does daughter Celeste get an allowance raise for that great goal Saturday?). All the soccer fans are miffed at Michael and Sally Craig for baiting the rain at that contest with their blanket andpicnic basket. Bobby Palmer couldn t be like Oresta Pevey, her Reggte, Stan and Llnda Cowen, Made and Bob Troyer or any of the other Germanphtles who trekked nightly to the German Village at the World's Fair In New Orleans, no. He had to go to Vancouver for his Wodd s Fair (Bet they didn't have any naked mermaids or handsome gators guarding the gates!). bemoiltlons make Interesting bedfellows, eh president-elect Dave Berwick? (Say, hey Dave, is it true that your plans for the manifest destiny of Dave's  cost you a pretty penny when Hammond hit you with a "chain store" license fee for your most recent new location? Come to Ponchatoula, the oni chain stores we have here specialize in either galvanized or gold, and one s a hardware, the other a jewelry store. Now tn quick succession: Tom Waterman didn't do anything this week, Doug Johnson didn't do anything this week, and Ace Joey hasn't wrecked a truck in well over a week. (We can do better fellas). Congratulations Cinda and Rag for being Cinda and Reg. Ditto in a big way for Ani and Judith Woods who were careful not to give Plnchpenny an alligator =,kin briefcase for his 30th. (Time for our blimpy newshawk to see the same hairdresser preferred by Dan Rather or Robed Troyer). File this away you nonbelievers. Miss America will be in Ponchatoula within the next seven days. Hey, I didn't ask you to believe it. Just file it away for the day after you hear she was escorted to Rotary Hut on the arm of Dr. Ralph Maxwell (who some say told Her Majesty she needed glasses- under the circumstances a logical claim). It's all strictly hush-hush, but sore foot sore ( ) Peck Edwards is planning a big whoopdedoo Ducks Unlimited,Banquet which is going to be a come-as- you-are party if he doesn't stop fooling around that courtroom long enough to get the word out (but.hey, If Ronnle Sledge is really cooking up this scrumptuous November 13 repast for the best cause in all Gatordom at the Blue Room, then rll even wheel that medical specimen of a Dr. Michael Halght in a chair up main street to attendl) What happened, Doc, did you offer to show your PHS gridiron great a slick move or two? Do we have yet another candidate for mayor building yet another sprawling executive mansion on or near Barringer Drive. There's enough bricks set out for the layers to build a Bastille. Mayor's Row gets one more! While we're On thl tmbject,when was the last tim-e /0u-heard someone grouse over no real choice on the ballot, or being fired of the same old politicians boosting each other onto the ballot? At the bottom of my pond l have given this much thought and do you know, there are plenty of people out there who would be great mayors, councilmen and councilmen-at-large and chiefs of police if they were only asked early enough by enough people to make plans for such a campaign; to name Just a sew: John Dahmer, Charles Branch, Robert Troyer, Douglas Daigle, Duane Dyer, Clifton Trahan, Hardy Rtchardn, Bdan _Uarringer, Darrell Hill, Tony Berner Sr., or Jr,, James McKnight, Made Troyer, Carol Dahmer, Ricky Howes, Ronnie Perdn, 5tan Cowen (held have to move his residence to the Havride Building), Buddy Pugh, Johnny McGary, Reverend Dampler, Wayne Foster, George E[strott, and not to throw the baby out with the dirty water, any great npt-reallv-toliticlans like wisened PLEASE SEE PAGE TWO ii I iiii ii i