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October 23, 1986     The Ponchatoula Times
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October 23, 1986

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/ Subscribers pay half price And get free home deliveny! Thursday, October 23, 1986--6th Year, Number 4 See co.PO. - Page Two PON CHA TO TIMES 50 calls for grand jury heriff's investigation underway By BRYAN T. McMAHON Editor & Publisher Detectives from the office of Sheriff J. Layrisson were called to the ula City Hall by Mayor Gideon to investigate charges 0( public thievery levelled by a district COuncilman. Gideon told The Times on Tuesday hat he plans on requesting a grand jury into the matter and will D.A. Duncan Kemp to subpoena Danny Pepitone as the star witness. "1 want Councilman Pepitone called grand jury so he can tell them names of those he accuses of from the city. 1 want to move stone to find the theft he says is place because I have investi- gated this and I have found nothing remotely connected to thievery," said Gideon. "If his allegations are not true, 1 want him to apologize to all the city workers," added Gideon, noting that the thievery charges have hit the workers very hard. Pepitone had raised his unsubstantiated charges initially at a special council session earlier this month and had left the impression he would go public with the names of those he said were stealing when the council met in regular session this past Thursday. Challenged to come forward with the names and facts to back up his charges, however, Pepitone on Thursday revealed nothing to give credence to his claims, saying he was "still investigating" the matter. Gideon laressed him none- theless, reminding him of the serious- ness of his charges. Then Gideon announced his own decision on the matter, saying he would call in investigators from the parish sheriffs office and take other action to respond to Pepitone's accusations. He now says he wants the former Frank Edwards auxiliary deputy to be ordered before a session of the parish grand jury to be made to reveal any substance behind his charges of criminal behavior at City Hall. "1 will have a room set up, the city council chambers for interrogations and interviews with any and all of our city workers, l have instructed City Clerk Mary Methvin to cooperate fully with the detectives and to furnish them all records they may need," said the mayor. Gideon identified the detectives assigned by Sheriff Layrisson to the case as Lt. Norman Davidson and Deputy Larry Westmoreland. "They have just left my office," he said in Tuesday's telephone interview with The Times. "I have asked them to speak with anyone they like, to see if these allegations are true," Refering to published reports that Pepitone had c}aimed a thief or thieves had stolen copper, shells and other materials from the city, Gideon expressed mystification: "We sat down and pondered this thing - missing copper. We haven't even used copper in a year. l want the proof, l want a grand jury investigation following this police investigation because calling anyone a thief is a very serious charge." homecoming new high school zd this Friday By TERRY ANN McMAHON Times Reporter The first Ponchatoula High School ing in the new school will be Friday, October 24. A "mini-parade" will circle the school 9rounds at 8:10 a.m., followed by a rally in the new gym. football game in the evening will tee the Green Wave battle Slidell. Half IIe festivities will include the presenta- lion of the Homecoming Court and the of the queen by Principal A.J. Mrs. Carol Clark has been named Chairman of Homecoming rm Bureau lawsuit ended? Staff Report it appears that the recent decision of state Court of Appeals will put to a longstanding legal fight involving lhe 1986 Ponchatoula High Ponchatoula Farm Bureau. School Homecoming Court Includes: .rccording to Ponchatoula attorney (Back row, left to right) Junior Maids est G. Drake Jr., the decision in the Miu Lisa Kraemer, Mlu DonJah Case Joe Ebrecht vs. Ponchatoula Farm West, and Mi Carla Foster; (Center PLEASE SEE PAGE TWO row) Freshman Maicls Miss Mella : r .! \\; 1986 Ponchatoula Homecoming Court Lavigne, Miss bhana block, and Miss Valancla Pines; Sophomore Maids Mi Wondearla Foster, Miss Susan Bohning, and Mi. Wendy Miles; (Front row) Senior Maids Miss Vandeila Ltvers, MI. Wanda Dotey, Miss Sandi Bridges, Miss Karin Mollere, Miss Amber Gregoire, and Miss Robin Lemoine. (Photo by Terry Ann McMahon) Cleanup blitzers pick up Ponchatoula Ponchatoula looked brighter and cleaner Monday morning than it has in a long time. thanks to the weekend volunteer cleanup drive. Singled out for special mayoral thanks for a job well done were the Boy Scouts of Scoutmaster Leonard Kraft's Troop 101, City Beautification head Mrs. Violet Collier, some citizen volun- teers and Sheriff J. Edward Layrisson. The sheriff on Sunday transported 13 prisoners on his prisoner work program to Ponchatoula, where they filled litter bags with refuse collected from the city's residential neighborhoods. Mayor Charles Gideon said that the sheriffs help stretched Ponchatoula's participation in the parishwide municipal cleanup to a two day event. @ Frank Castjohn honored Secretary of La. Department of ,ortation and Development G. Grave= presents a spedal tertite of achievement to Pumpkin Center's Frank CastJohn for his Invention of a trolley car wetem for Inspecting the state's tallest bridges. mpkin Center man uilds trolley to the sky Staff Report How do you get to the top of a huge supported interstate bridge over River? You take a trolley. As unlikely as the idea sounds, that is how .Pumpkin Center's Frank won the praise and acclaim of nation's engineers and of highway the length and breadth of the Most motorists would get dizzy just up to the top of bddges like the span crossing the Mississippi at but bridge inspectors must visit eagles would feel comfortable order to insure the safety of thousands. That was the situation at the new span in Luling when engineers detected cracks in the polyethylene sheathing that protects the thick cables that support the four lane interstate bridge. Someone had to get a closer look 250 feet above the roadway. How to accomplish that feat was the challenge put to Castjohn, Statewtde Bridge Maintenance Superintendent. The Pumpkin Center man soon found out that the old method of hiring a crane to lift an inspector that high costs a pretty penny indeed - $20,000 per inspection, or $100,000 to hire consultants to do the tob. PLEASE SEE PAGE TWO The Ponchatoula Cleanup Blitz Saturday morning consisted of Byron Randolph, Thomas River==. Troop 101 Scoutmm,ter Leonard Kraft, Boy Scout= Shannon Chestmolocz and Michael Stone, and City Beautification. director Mrs. Violet "Flower Lady" Collier. They took time out from cleanup duty so the scouts could raise the American Flag over Colilnswood Museum. Mayor and Mrs. Charles Gideon donated the flag. (Tim Photo) Stop and Look By VIOLET COLLIER Garden Editor We have another new and beautiful flower bed in town: around the flag pole at the post office. I think all the citizens of our town need to know that the soil and all of the plants were paid for and presented as a gift from Postmaster Richard Palisi and the employees of the post office. All Charlie Dixon and I did was the work. Thank you to these fine people. We need more like you and maybe the Beautification Program could continue to function in our little city. If not, well, it may be over. i i ii ! MY PONCHATOULA By OLE HARDHIDE The Alligator Whewt l got Shorty Rogers to drive me by the site of my old cage just before writing this and at first glance I thought the mysterious City Hall thief had stolen all the building supplies to complete my cage. Just then, who should drive up accompanied by a big Southern Pride concrete truck but Ronnie Perrtn and Al Courouleau, both armed with trowels. The concrete mixer started churning and the second phase of my new reptile luxury condominium began to begin. Say Doug O'Bannon, is my new gator cage fountain still safe or has the elusive City Hall thief taken it? (Easy now, big fella. I know the good pie girls and boys at the berry-topped-bunker are beyond reproach - just, heh-heh, kidding). But where's my promised (get this Ponchatoula) petrified wood fountain (Yept). Prediction: Councilman Danny Pepitone's mysterious City Hall thief is what our revered former Ponchatoula Mayor "Buddy" Dufreche would call (1 can hear him) "a big shoo-shoo," a firecracker that won't ever go off, a dud. The Ponchatoula City Hall Shoo-Shoo. Ah but when ! get back to main street how I'll whip them all into line. It is obvious that in my absence certain of our erstwhile leaders have been allowed to run amuck. That is why last week we began talking about who should be approached (by you) to encourage them to run for political office, precisely for the reason that (A) they are not politicians, and (B) they re so busy making a sucr-.e out of private te that they shou|d be called on todo some public =rdce;u they sure don t need the job Just to have something to write in the:Occupation space when they re filling out a oan application: folks like Lloyd Ballard, Bobby Zabbia, Lawrence Kluka, Bootsy Thibodeaux or Harry Gabriel. And how about a councilwoman-at- large this time, like, say, Jeanne Zaleskl, who has proven she cares about Ponchatoula and is willing to do something about it? How about baseball commissioner Al Courouleau? Wouldn't he make it to the slate being prepared by the Clean Sweep Party? Do you know that Steve Bahm has got to be the last area building* contractor still motoring about town In a Mercedes. Randy Norred tells me that stripping his acres of mustard greens this year is bringing in more money than stripping furniture. (He stopped for gas at Tucker's on his way to market and nearly caused a food riot that emptied his truck, filled his pockets and sent him home for more green leaiys. 1 often wondered why good-natured Pat Schmidt was promoted to management at Pon Foods. Now I've got it figured out - Ole Pat is truly valuable as a mechanic. Why, when thieves (real ones) broke In the place last week and tried to steal one of Tony Berner's big rigs they couldn't get it started and were forced to leave on foot. (Thataboy, Pat). According to Ace Hardy, Bedico's Marshal Keith Bardwell is going to form the Bedlco Globetrotters. Ask upcoming groom Danny Bordelon if he plans on horsing around after his big upcoming marriage to pretty Diana LeBlanc (hold that one in your head for a while, okay?). The Times Picayune made a big deal about Mandeville's Skipper defense ripping off the shoe of Greenle offensive great Otis Cooper and taking it back to the Mandevllle sidelines during last week's game. I don t know what the big deal is all about. They left his pants ont Doug Johnson, Tom Waterman, and Ross Reynolds, together with the two doctors they brought with them (for what is, I am sure, obvious rea!ons) all returned safe and sound from white water rafting three of North Carolina's wildest rivers. Perhaps when my cage is painted and filled (two weeks, says Councilman Ronnle Perrin - or is it Mayor Perrtn) they can give us a demomdration of their style. l'm stuck up here in Hammond and already I can catch a whiff or two of Rusty Sauls' scrumptuous Smokehouse flavor. Is it really true she's opening up her eatery just a giant inhale from my new cage next to Robert Jackson and Sparky Welles' insurance emporium? (One smoked nutria, and a smoke armadillo on the half shell wRh pond water on the side, and run it through the garden (swamp), if you please). What is this heavy correspondence the mailmen keep complaining about , between My Ponchatoula and Highland Park, Michigan, Chryskrr world headquarters, between Mrs. Linda Drake (the one who drives that lemon smelling van) and presidential refusenik Lee loccoco? Hey, Ernle! Who will have bid on the Fannaily Mansion (speaking of the above) which went on sale Wednesday of this week under the sheriff's gun handle gavel? Dr. Winkler was reportedly interested too. But who will buy this pad, second only to my pond in time spent on construion? Stay tuned. I hate to agree with folks who say the pre-holiday commercial season locally is moribund, but it has been at |east three weeks now since the Junior Tate (conglomerate, corporate, combine) announced the opening of a new company on East Pine. There are those Pass M anchac fishermen, and plenty too who cast their expensive lures to the stuck up bass of Bedico Creek and Manchac Borrow Canal, who tell tales of ferocious fish who have skillfully got away with hook, line, sinker and everything else that cost money you can tie, squeeze or attach to a fishing line - whales of powerful fish, so the stories go. But isn't Rodney Ferrant expecting us to believe a bit too much? Rodney claims there are giant man eating shdmp in our nearby lakes that would make these bait stealing bayou fish look puny and unexercbed. While other anglers have been losing hooks with rubber worms on them, Rodney has been losing entire shrimp trawls to killer shrimp (ask him how many). boBetter get master knotsman Tommy Keaghey to braid your nets to your at, Rodney. He is the best man with a rope in all My Ponchatoula, right Darrell Adams? Ask Harley Vtnyard why he brings his umbrella to work. Ask Donald "Bull's Eye" Clark if he s making his regular plans for the big -hunting season to come. And for all those folks who love the color of the newly pinked house in Wadedaoro, or the newly pinked house on Hwy. 51 near Seventh Ward, you are going to go ape over the Seventh Ward Hospital Auxiliary Bazaar thrown at Hammond Square October 25 by the Pink Ladies. ASk Bruce Kinchen i( it was he who came up with the bumper sticker message now available at University Bookstore near my cage: "Get really stoned - drink wet cement." I I III II I I I I I I II