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Ponchatoula , Louisiana
December 1, 1983     The Ponchatoula Times
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December 1, 1983

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Jeff East, Rod Steiger, Angle Dickinson. 8:00 (  MOVIE: "Female On the Beach' A woman marries a man whom she later suspects of wanting to murder her for her money. Joan 3:00 Crawford, Jeff Chandler, Jan Sterling. 1955. 8:30 ( [HBO] Video Jukebox 9:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Search and Destroy' An embittered South Vietnamese stalks four veter- ans in America. Don Stroud. Tisa Farrow, George Kennedy. Rated PG. 11:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Megaforce' Super soldiers armed with high tech weaponry fight for truth, justice and the American way. Barry 8ostwick, Persis Khambatta, Michael Beck. 1982. Rated PG A'FTERNOON , 4:00 12:00 ( C) MOVIE: 'Cockleshell Heroes' During World War II, a group of volunteers is secretly trained to blow up battleships in an enemy-held French port. Trevor Howard, Jose Ferrer. 1956. 12:30  ! MOVIE: 'Baby the Rain Must Fall' A .... woman is disillusioned when her husband re- turns from prison wild and untamed. Lee Re- ' .... mick, Steve McQuenn, Don Murray. 1965. 5:30 1:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Klondike Fever' Jack 6:30 London seeks his the Gold Rush 1:30 4:30 Days. Jeff East, Rod Steiger, Angie Dickinson. ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Puss in Boots' Puss and his arch enemy, Cazeau, play a poker game to the finish. Garry Q Lewis and the Children's Theatre Company and School of Minneapolis, 1982. () [HBO] MOVIE: "Search and Destroy" An embittered South Vietnamese stalks four veter- ans in America Don Stroud, Tisa Farrow, George Kennedy Rated PG. EVENING 6:00 OtJOOOOtNews [HBO] Inside The NFL Business Report I  Carol Burnett ( '! All In the Family 1i Dr. Who 6:30  PM Magazine I1 Sanford and Son O Entertainment Tonight O Family Feud O People's Court Untamea World ( Three's Company ( ,7 Hogan's Heroes ( 1i Jeffersons {!b Business Report 7:00 O O t 20/20 O Gimme a Break Nell has two stormy encounters with a high school classmate O Magnum, P.I. () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Porky's' A group of lustful high school boys tries to crash the local bawdy house Scott Colomby, Kim Catrell, Kakl Hunter 1981 Rated R t Newton's Apple ti (7 MOVIE: "The Tiger Makes Out' A co- medy concerning a frustrated bachelor madman and an equally frustrated suburban housewife Anne Jackson, Eh Wallach Charles Nelson Really 1967 ii, Gunsmoke ( fi0, Survival Special 7:30 ID O Mama's Family Mama tnes to put some new life n a retirement home ( Wild America 'Wdd Cats.' Tonight's pro- gram looks at the deadly animal family that has reached the peak of predatory evolution, [Closed Captioned] 8:00 O O I NFL Football: Los Angeles Raiders at San Diego ]10 We Got It Made Jay s sued for copyright infnngement O O Simon & Simon K) Making of Mankind 'In the Beginning.' () !i; MOVIE: 'The New Maverick' The Mav- enck brothers join forces with a cousin in tl adventure mvolwng a train robbery, stolen ge and a corrupt judge, James Garner, Jack KellY/, Charles Frank 1978, t 10 Sneak Previews Co-hosts Neal Gabler and Jeffrey Lyons spotlight films in limited re- lease that you shouldn't miss including 'Danton' and 'Kitty and the Bagman.' 8:30 I10 Cheers Carla persuades Sam to take her to her ex-husband's wedding ( (!0, All New This Old House 9:00  O Hill Street Blues Lt. Hunter becomes devastated by the disclosure that he was a bag rnan for corrupt detectives, and Coffey and Bates feel they have a good case against a taxi cab company owner until a wtness springs a surpnse (60 min) O O Knots Landing 1-,  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Four Friends' Three young men and a free-spirited woman come of age during the 1960's. Craig Wasson, Jodi Thelen, Jm Metzler 1981 Rated R. Opportunities i) Nature 'The Flight of the Condor,' Se- cond of3parts Tonght's program takes a look at the beauty of the Andes Mountains as seen through the eyes of the condor. (R) (60 rain.) [Closed Captioned) 9:30 t Hanukkah . 10:00  I O  News  Dragnet ('7-') All In the Family ( (i0 MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour 10:30 I10 Tonight Show Guest host Joan Rivers is joined by Priscilla Presley and Marilu Henner. (60 min.) O M*A*S*H O Barney Miller ) Dark Shadows ( ( Catlins .t WKRP in Cincinnati 1:00 O O ( News Charlie's Angels ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Monsignor" An ambitious Catholic pnest employs controversial methods in his rise to power in the Vatican, Christopher Reeve, Genevieve Bujold. 1982. Rated R. O Superfan ) Combat (  MOVIE: 'The Mark of the Hawk' An educated African, elected to the legislative council, seeks equality for his people by peace- ful means. Sidney Poitier, John Mclntire, Eartha Kitt. 1958. (!i Starsky and Hutch ( @ Odyssey 11:30 O M'A*S*H } Barney Miller O Thicke of the Night O Laugh-In O MOVIE: 'Rooster Cogburn' A minister's daughter helps a former deputy marshal win back his badge, John Wayne, Katharine Hep- burn, Richard Jordan, 1075. Nightline 12:00 t Late Night with David Letterman Guests to be announced. O MOVIE: 'Great Northfield Minnesota Raid" Jesse James and Cole Younger team up to rob the biggest bank west of theMississippi. Cliff Robertson, Robert Duvall. 1972. O Barney Miller Andy Griffith (! MOVIE: 'The Young Lions' This is a powerful story of three young men, two Ameri- cans and a German, in the campaigns of World War 11. Marion Brando, Dean Martin, Montgo- mery Clift. 1958. 12:15 O Thicke of the Night 12:30 O Mannix ( Jimmy Swaggart 12:45 ( ( MOVIE: 'Dust Be My Destiny' After starting a new life with his bride, a bitter ex-con is arrested for murder. John Garfield, Priscilla Lane. 1939. 1:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Force: Five' Agents are sent to rescue the daughter of a US, senator from the island fortress of a religious cult leader. Joe Lewis, Pam Huntington. Rated R. O MOVIE: 'Seventh Dawn' O MOVIE: 'Spy Killer' A private eye looks for a mystenous notebook containing the names of secret agents in China. Robert Horton, Sebas- tian Cabot, Jill St John 1969. O CBS News Nightwatch JIP ( i Greenlight News In the Know ( [HBO] Video Jukebox  Prayer ( MOVIE: 'Deep Valley' A mountain girl falls in love with the escaped convict she is hid- ing. Ida Lupino, Dane Clark, Wayne Morns. 1947. CBS News Nightwatch () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Porky's' A group of lustful high school boys tries to crash the local bawdy house. Scott Colomby, Kim Catrell, Kak= Hunter. 1981. Rated R. O MOVIE: "Beat the Devil' A tramp steamer, bound for Africa and carrying international swim dlers as passengers, is wrecked by an explo- sion. Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer H Jones, Gina LoUobrigida. 1954. O News @ Maverick (  Varied Programs FRIDAY 12/2/83 MORNING ( [HBO] Portrait of a Teen-age Shoplifter [HBO] MOVIE: 'Absence of Malice' A labor leader to when an rzeat- OUS Sally Field, Melinda Dillon 1981. Rated PG, 8:OO t ,, MOVIE: 'Help On My Terms' David Hartman, Samantha Eggar. 1974 8:30 4; [HBO] HBO Coming Attractions 9:00 .4* [HBO] MOVIE: 'Table for Five" A divorced father tnes to get reacquainted,with his children 6:45 by taking them on a Mediterranean cru=se John 7:00 Vo*qht, Richard Crenna 1982 Rated PG. 11:00  HBO] Men's Gymnastics: "83 Csar's Palace InOitational USA National Team rrn- bers Bart Conner, Jim Hartung and Phd Cano"- compete, AFTERNOON 12:00 j [HBO] Rich Little's 'A Christmas Carol' 7:30 I  MOVIE: 'Captain Lightfoot' Rebels bat- tle against the Enghsh during the Irish Rebelhon Rock Hudson, Barbara Rush 1955 12:30 ( :1i MOVIE: 'Lilith' A young man employed n a mental institution for the very rich be,omes emotionally involved wth a patient Warren Beatty, Jean Seberg, Peter Fonda 1964 1:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Absence of Malice" A labor leader vows to get revenge when an overzeal- ous reporter ruins hs reputation Paul Newman, Sally Field, Mehnda Dillon 1981. Rated PG 3:00  [HBO] HBO Coming Attractions 7:45 3:30  [HBO] Portrait of a Teen-age Shoplifter 8:00 5:00  [HBO] Men's Gymnastics: '83 Caesar's Palace Invitational USA National Team mem- bers Bart Conner, Jim Hartung and Phd Canoy compete 8:30 ]1 Jetsons O Thundaar, The Barbarian O Children's Theatre Andy Griffith I  Romper Room and Friends ( : Greenlight O O ( Best of Scooby Doo O O Biskitts [HBO] MOVIE: "Right of Way" An aging cou- ple makes a decision to control its own destiny. Belle Davis, James Stewart, Melinda Dillon. O Flintstone Funnies tiI G. E. D. (  Starcade ( i!f Baptist Church O Tom 8= Jerry O O Shirt Tales O  Saturday Supercade O () Monchhichis/Little Rascals/Richie Rich t G. E, D. t1  MOVIE: 'Revenge of the Gladiators' After freeing the emperor's daughter from bar- banan Mdnappers, the mighty gladiator is cap- tured Mickey Hargitay, Jose Greco, Renato Baldn 1962 ( 11" Baptist Church (  Parlez Moi O O Smurfs () 11-Impressions (  GED Course O O I Pac-Man/Rubik Cube Hour O O Dungeons and Dragons EVENING 6:00 O]1OOOt News [HBO] Inside The NFL ( Business Report ( j Carol Burnett ( 'i-i All In the Family (] i01 Dr. Who 6:30 O O PM Magazine ]1 Sa,fford and Son Entertainment Tonight O Family Feud O People's Court ( Untamed World ( Three's Company ( ;'" NBA Basketball: Atlanta at Detroit (} i Jeffersons  Business Report 7:00 O O I Benson Benson inadvertantly plays cupid when the governor meets a high school cheerleader he once had a crush o'n. O t1 Mr. Smith When Bo Bo is hired to do a TV commercial. Mr. Smith comes to his rescue. O O Dukes of Hazzard [HBO] MOVIE: 'Table for Five' A dvorced father tnes to get reacquainted with his chddren by taMng them on a Mediterranean cruise. John Vought, Rchard Crenna 1982. Rated PG Ii Washington Week/Review Paul Duke =s joined by top Washington journalists analyzing the week's news ( (1i MOVIE: 'Green Berets' A cynical war correspondent whose paper doesn't believe the U.S. should be involved in Vietnam goes on a special assegnment with an Army career man who leaves for the war zone with two Green Beret detachments. John Wayne, David Jans- sen, Jim Hutton, Aldo Ray. 1968 ( ! Louisiana: St. We're In 7:30 O O ( Webster O Jennifer Slept Here When a movie di- rector for whom Jennifer once had feelings for comes to visit the Elliots, Jennifer inhabits Su- san's body for one little kiss, ( ( 1 Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser analyzes the '80s with a weekly review of econ- omic and investment matters. 8:00 O IBI li Lottery! O O MOVIE: "Looker" A plastic surgeon in- vestigates the mysterious deaths of his patients Albert Finney, James Coburn, Susan Dey 1981. O O Dallas I} High Schools The world of the high school classroom =s analyzed, (60 min.) (1 Luciano Pavarotti in Concert 8:45 I  TBS Evening News 9:00 O O  Matt Houston Matt enlists the aid of psychic Peter Horkos when a clairvoyant leads police to a kidnapped teenager for a $3 million reward, I O Falcon Crest [HBOI MOVIE: "Absence of Jaliee" A labor leader vows to get revenge when an overzeal- ous reporter rums his reputation. Paul Newman, Sally Field, Melinda Dillon. 1981. Rated PG Nature 'The Flight of the Condor.' Second of 3 parts Tonight's program takes a look at the beauty of the Andes Mountains as seen through the eyes of the condor. (R) (60 min.) [Closed Captioned] 10:00 O  O 0 0 0 ] News ) Phil Silvers 1  All In the Family @ Odd Couple  MacNeil/Lehrer Newsbour 10:30 O O M*A*S*H O O Tonight Show Guest host Joan Rivers is joined by Andy Gibb, Lauren Hutton and Dick Cavett. (60 rain.) 0 Laugh-In O Barney Miller ( Dark Shadows Nightline lid  Catlins ( @ WKRP in Cincinnati 11:00 O  Charlie's Angels [HBO] Hitchhikers: Morning Comes A woman changes the weekend plans of a play- boy producer O Barney Miller O Outdoors I Dr. Who  Iight Tracks  Starsky and Hutch  River of Sand 11 : 15 O Soul Train 11:30 ]1 Friday Night Videos [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Boat" Men in a maraud- ing German U-boat in 1941 are shadowed by death and fear, Jurgen Prochnow. 1981. Rated R. O Thicke of the Night O MOVIE: "War of the Gargantuas" Two monsters meet, and a destructive battle be- tween them takes place. Russ Tamblin, Kumi Mizuno, Kenji Sarara. 1966. I Andy Griffith 12:00 IO MOVIE: 'Ben Hur' A Judean aristocrat de- fled the paganism of ancient Rome in the early days of Christianity. Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, Stephen 8oyd. 1959  MOVIE: "Sink the Bismarck" Air and sea forces are combined to trap and sink the Bis- marck Kenneth More, Dana Wynter, Carl Moh- net. 1960 12:15 O Thicke of the Night O Rock TV O Friday Night Videos O News '3! Greenlight [HBO] Inside The NFL t}  Maverick O MOVIE: 'Till the Clouds Roll By' An all-star cast brings the life and music of Jerome Kern to life Judy Garland, Robert Walker, Van Heflin. 1947 3:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "Table for Five" A divorced father tnes to get reacquainted with his children by taking them on a Mediterranean cruise. John Vought, Rchard Crenna 1982. Rated PG 3:30 O News 4:00 O Rockford Files (  Night Tracks Cont'd 1:00 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:30 SATURDAY 12/3/83 ....... MORNING 5:00 O Mary Tyler Moore [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Chosen" A Jewish teen- ager finds conflict between old and new ways. Maximilian Schell, Rod Steiger, Robby Benson, 1982 Rated PG 0 0 CNN Headline News t  TBS Morning News 5:30 O Infinity Factory O Health Field O Agriculture In Louisiana 6:00 O Weather Dudley Do-Righ 0 Captain Kangaroo Sta'rcade I  Between the Lines 6:15 ) 1-! News and 6:30 O Lone ) How to Build a Knife () 1! Garner Ted Armstrong (]B 1 GED Course 9:00 O  Plasticman [HBO] Inside The NFL I Fight Back ( .f Jimmy Swaggart ( 1 Housewarming/Charlie Wing 9:30 O O t Littles 8 Alvin & the Chipmunks Charlie Brown & Snoopy q} Kathy's Kitchen I  MOVIE: 'Torn Curtain' An Amencan physicist pretends to be a defecter n order to learn a secret equation wtal to an =mportant new weapon Paul Newman, Juhe Andrews, L=la Kedrova 1966 (i !0  Victory Garden 10:00 O O I Puppy/Scooby Doo Show OMr. T O Popeye & Pals [HBO] Barbara Mandrell - - The Lady Is a Champ Country/Pop singer Barbara Mandrell performs at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center n Nashville 0 Wrestling World of Cooking t} 1.1" Wild, Wild West ( :1 Gourmet Cooking 10:30 O O Amazing Spiderman/Incredible Hulk I Justin Wilson La. Cookin" t 1 World of Cooking 11:00 O NCAA Football: Division III Championship or Division II Semifinals O I NCAA Today O Great Bear Scare q} Magic of Oil Painting (} ARC Weekend Special The Secret World of Og " First of 3 parts Five brothers and sisters discover an underground world of small green people who love games of make-believe (R) [Closed Captioned] ( 3  Dance Fever (  Understanding Human Behav. 11:30 I Black Gold O O NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida [HBO] MOVIE: 'Still of the Night' A psy- chiatrist is drawn into the murder mystery of one of his patients. Meryl Streep, Roy Scheider. 1982 Rated PG 0 Pop'n'Rocker O Brady Bunch I Magic of Decorative Ptng I American Bandstand (  Gilligan's Island  Understanding Human Behav. AFTERNOON 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 5:15 5:30 12:00  Noon Report O America's Top Ten O Wonder Woman Victory Garden  Sport Goofy  Focus on Society 12:15 1 Kids Corner I  MOVIE: 'The War of the Worlds' An unexpected and surprising event saves the world from an invasion by Mars. Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne. 1953. 12:30  Inquiry O Muppet Show ( All New This Old House ( Wild Kingdom  Focus on Society J O NCAA Basketball: UCLA at Notre Dame [HBO] MOVIE: "The Chosen" A Jewish teen- ager finds conflict between old and new ways. Maximilian Schell, Rod Steiger, Robby Benson. 1982. Rated PG. 0 MOVIE: "Street Gangs of Hong Kong" A man takes on the street gangs of Hong Kong in revenge of his father's untimely death. Wang Chung, Lily Li, Betty Lu Ti. 1972. ( Opportunities Sports Legends ( Contemporary Health Issue ( New Tech Times Lucy Show (! Contemporary Health Issue Sanford and Son Computer Programme Sportsbeat ( ( MOVIE: 'The Americano' A Texas cow- poke attempts to deliver prize Brahma bulls to South America. Glenn Ford, Cesar Romero, Frank Lovejoy. 1955. () MOVIE: "Journey Back-to Oz" Dorothy pays a return visit to the Emerald City, now threatened by the wicked witch, Mombi. Voices of Liza Minnelli, Mickey Rooney, Milton Berle. 1976. ( - En Francais O O (i NCAA Football: Alabama vs. Auburn t Louisiana: St. We're In SportsWorld Today's program features World Finals of Drag Racing, the International Pro Ski Championship Race and the Women's World Professional Pocket Billiards Champion- ship. (2 hrs) O NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Kentucky ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Enigma' An American in East Berlin becomes embroiled in a scheme to kill Soviet dissidents. Martin Sheen. Derek Ja- cobi, Sam Neill. Rated PG O U.S. Nationals ( MOVIE: 'Anastasia" A girl, after spending two years in an asylum, declares she is Anasta- sia Romanov, sole surviving heir of Czar Nickolai tl. Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Helen Hayes. 1956. Cl1 Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries  Six-Gun Heroes 3:30 (  High Chaparral 4:00 O How the West Was Won  Kung Fu  Father Dear Father 4:30  AI McGuire's NCAA Special AI McGuire presents a preview of and predictions about the commg college basketball season. Motorweek Illustrated . I;ew Tech Times 5:00 I Music City, U.S.A. O Bum Phillips Show [HBO] MOVIE: 'Right of Way" An aging cou- ple makes a decision to control its own destiny Belle Davis. James Stewart. Melinda Dillon. 0 News O Hee Haw VQB I  Scoreboard  Wrestling  Dr. Who Movie (  World Championship Wrestling I O NBC News O Happy Days Again EVENING O Carter Country Ii Sneak Previews Co-hosts Jeffrey Lyons spotlight films in that you shouldn't miss "Kitty and the Bagman." 7:00 O ( T. J. Hooker An unnamed tim's beauty makes Ho killer be caught. O Dill'rent Strokes Mr. cond thoughts when he presents K=mberly for her birthday. O 0 Rudolph, the [HBO] Barbara Mandrell - - Champ Country/Pop singer performs at the Tennessee Center in Nashville. O I Remember New Orleans O News ( National Geographic Special (  NCAA Football: Teams TB ( ,i! Fame (1 J0" Survival Special 'Sharks: Predators." Peter Benchley, author narrates this look at the diversit species (60 min.) [Closed 7:30 O O Silver Spoons Rick tells a favorite music group, Menudo, hs upcoming party O People's Court 8:00 O 0 I Love Boat O O Manimal O O MOVIE: 'Quarterback fights to become quarterback schoors football team. Helen John Stockwell 1983. q} Dr. Who ( = NCAA Basketball: UNO vs i From Star Wars to Jedi: Saga This documentary takes the-scenes to show the magic nng of the 'Star Wars' tritog 8:30 LJ [H80] MOVIE: "Still , psychiatrist iS drawn into the one of hs patients. Mer 1982. Rated PG 9:00 O 0  Fantasy Island A dying wants someone to give his money to and a dvorced mother wants to II' 0 Big John A mid-western New York to nvestgate the (60 mn ) 9:30 I Monty Python Flying Circus 10:00 0 0 0 0 0 0  News [HBO] MOVIE: "The Chosen" ager finds confhct between old Maxmdan Schell Rod Steger, RobbY 1982 Rated PG I Paul Hogan ( 1i At The Movies ( '1: Fawlty Towers 10:15 I '" Finite World 10:30 O O Dance Fever O M*A*S*H O Saturday Night Live O MOVIE: To Be Announced O Louisiana Showcase MOVIE: 'Curse of Bigfoot" A school students dscover ! mtfied beast smdar to the man The monster suddenly terrorizes a small Cahforna town monsen, Robert Clymre 1972 I Mid-South Wrestling ( !i Benny Hill Show 10:45  ,,7 Night Tracks 11:00 O America's Top Ten Soul Train O Video Trax 0 Rex Humbard ( il MOVIE: 'An Evening of Poe' Vincent Price stars n tour 'The Telltale Heart, 'TheSphnx, Amontdlado " and 'The Pt and 1971 11:30  MOVIE: "The Underground Man' seeks the help of a prwate detectWe husband dsappears whde father Peter Graves. JackKlu( rell. 1974 O MOVIE: "Duel' A hghway comes engaged n a game of driver. Dennis Weaver 1971 0 World Tomorrow I Lucy Show 12:00 O Saturday Night Live  IHBO] MOVIE: 'A Little Sex' A newlywed finds it hard to gwe up Matheson, Kate Capshaw, E 1982 Rated R. 0 America Rocks O Jimmy Swaggart ( 1i MOVIE: "Tomb of Li, tombs hs first wife Vincent Shepperd, John Westbrook 1965. 12:30 O Entertainment This Week 1:00 OHee Haw 1:30 O MOVIE: "The Wild And The Trapper meets up with ill-kempt running away from home Joanne Dru, Jim Backus, L* [HBO] MOVIE: 'Enigma' An A East Berlin becomes embroded in a kill Sower dissdents Martin Sheen, cobi, Sam Neill Rated PG. O MOVIE: "Cotter" A Soux ble awatng hem wherever he CarolLynley 1972 O Movie Cont'd 0 ARC News [HBO] MOVIE: "Still of the chiatrist is drawn into the of his patients Meryl Streep, RoY 1982 Rated PG 0 MOVIE: "Here Comes Mr. killed n a plane crash decides hs yet so lhe celestial powers find him Robert Montgomery, Claude Rains, son 1941 O News E]} MOVIE: "Fire Over England' A avenges hs father's death by b for Queen Ehzabeth Laurence Leigh, Flora Robson. 1937. 6:00 6:30 O  0 News O Heisman Trophy 1983 Special Former Hesman winners John Huarte, Joe Bellino, Johnny Rodgers and Doak Walker host the 1983 award-presentation ceremony. O Louisiana Living ( Good Neighbors I  = Solid Gold O Inside Area 2 PM 0 Airwaves 2:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 SUNDAY 1: MORNING 5:00  [HBO] MOVIE: "Final Assi chance meeting of a telewslon and a Russian journahst leads to tngue Mchael York, Geneweve PG t O CNN Headline News  News 5:15 ( j Week/Review 5:30 I ( TBS Morning News 5:45 O Sacred Heart 6:00 O Weather Chapel of the Air O Welcome Back Kotter O Kid's Jamboree (  World Tomorrow 6:15  4 News 6:30 O Directions Gospel Time O Lift for Life O Cafecito Dominical Directions Sunday Worship ( Children's Theatre  It Is Written 6:45 ]I Goodwill Focus t ;!:. Greenlight 7:00 0 Rifleman I O Jimmy Swaggart I World Tomorrow ( [HBO] Emmet Otter's Ju( Kermit the Frog hosts this love and self-sacrifice. O Robert Schuller O Forward Together Reading Rainbow Cartoon Carnival 7:15 7:30 7:45 @ Esta es la Vida  Passe Partout 0 MOVIE: "Wee Willie Winkle' wins the hearts of all India as well wear the plaid of the Queen's Temple, Victor McLaglen, June tang- O Holy Mass That Teen Show Sesame Street [Closed CaptiOnl] I Ken Copeland Herald of Truth ) Parlez MOl f