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December 26, 1985     The Ponchatoula Times
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December 26, 1985

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SUNDAY 12/29/85 5:45 6:00 MORNING 5:00 8 CNN News O IB C CNN Headline News g ( INN News 5:05 ( [HBO] Rich Littie's a Christmas Carol Rich Little takes on the roles of many characters in this offbeat version of Dickens" classic tale. 5:30 8 Antioch in the New World O CNN News Im  The World Tomorrow O C U.S. Farm Report O Scared Heart O Weather O Hour of Deliverance O l.ift for Life () [HBO] MOVIE: "The Prince and the Pauper" Based on Mark Twain's story of a prince and a beggar boy who change clothes and identities in medieval England. Mark Lester, Oliver Reed. 1977. Rated PG. O Wall Street Journal O For Our Times O ( It Is Written O ( Little Rascals 6:15 O Focus 6:30 O Tom & Jerry Gospel Sing Millionaire Maker O Wild Kingdom Insight Worship Service O ( Bugs Bunny and Friends 6:45 O Voice of Goodwill 7:00 O Happy Days ]D ]1 Jimmy Swaggart 7:30 8:00 8:30 8:35 9:00 9:05 9:30 O Robert Schulier O Forward Together Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood Methodist Hour !: King Kong Cartoons O Laveme and Shirley O Holy Mass O Mail Order TV Sesame Street (CC) O Ken Copeland  The Flintstones (D  Padez-Moi O Star Trek ] James Kennedy O Rev. Lovelady ( [HBO] Fraggle Rock: Bells of Freggle Rock (cc) Jimmy Swaggart Ken Copeland (OCBS Sunday Morning News Woody Woodpecker  Sesame Street (CC) O Expect a Miracle [HBO] Life on Earth: The Hunters and the Hunted 0 Larry Jones Ministry m E.J. Daniels  Bugs Bunny Q [!) Andy Griffith O Greatest American Hero B Oral Roberts 1 CBS Sunday Morning News I Dr. D. James Kennedy tD Millionaire Maker O James Robison  Three Stooes (D @ Mr. Rogers Neighborhood O  Good News O The World Tomorrow {) [HBO] MOVIE: "Wavelength" Extrater- restrial creatures trapped by the Air Force un- dergo rigorous scientific experiments. Robert Carradine, Cherie Cume, Keenan Wynn. 19B3. Rated PG. ID Oral Roberts  Reading Rainbow Jerry Falwell m  Shopsmith Q  O TV (CC) 9:35 m C MOVIE: "inside Daisy Clover' A young girl's rise to stardom in the thirties is traced through the complications arisin 9 from her fail- ure to adjust. Natalie Wood, Christopher Plum- met, Robert Redford. 1966. lO:0O IB Sunday Joun O First Presbyterian Church ACROSS 1 "Animal --" 5 Epithet for Hemingway s vmyc 10 "-- -- Big Girl Now" 12 Weumlngton Congmsnen (clue to puzzle an,r) 15 Fall flower 18 Greek love god 20 Musical finale 21 Adjective ending 22 Later 24 Actrm Travolta 25 Daredevil Knteval 28 DMtlnguMhed service order: abbr. 31 "The --, the Gold Watch & EverytNng" 32 Water: Latin 34 "-- Sanctum'" 36 Cartoon dog 37 Pouch 39 Needleflsh 41 Engrave 42 Paradise 00000000 00000 DOIM VNBII" 3 Monogcam for Ito 4 Jo=mna on "Newht" 5 Type Idzs 6 Monogram for IVleadows 7 Dolly -- 8 "-- of the Party: The Story of Boetrtce" 11 Leaped 13 Min's find 14 sophla o "Golden Girls" 16 Slander 17 Nen 19 She wu Amyon "The A- Tewn" 23 System 26 Wine: Ft. 27 Dondrdc on "Abwolr' Robert Behran. 1984. Rated PG- 13. O 7th Annual American Black Achievement Awards O Louisiana: The State O (: MOVIE: "The Magnificent Seven' A gunfighter recruits six rugged men to defend a roup of Mexican peasants from bandits. Yul rynner, Eli Wallach. Steve McQueen. 1960. ( Washington Week in Review (CC) Paul Duke is joined by top Washington journalists analyzing the week's news. 3:30 IB MOVIE: 'Luck of the Irish' A reporter meets a lovely Irish colleen and an unpredictable lepre- chaun. Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter, Cecil Keile- way. 1947. O Tony Brown's Journal Tony Brown dis- cusses issues of special interest to the black community. O Essence ( Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser ana- lyzes the "80's with a weekly review of econ- omic and investment matters. 4:00 O Bi Valley IB Finng Une War of the Stars ( Adam Smith's Money World 4:30 O Can You Be Thinner E BJ/Lobo 5:00 5:05 5:30 ( McLaughlin Group ABC News ( [HBO] Fraggle Rock: Bells of Fraggle Rock (cc) I Fight Back With D. Horowitz B McLaughlin Group  Foks B  Undersea World of Jacques Cousu OOO News IB NBC Nightly News C [HBO] MOVIE: "Johnny Dangerously' (CC) In the 1930s, an honest, good-hearted man is forced to turn to a life of crime to finance his neurotic mother's skyrocketing medical bills. Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo, Mauraen Staple- ton. 1984. Rated PG- 13. O Adam Smith's Money World 29 "-- Pegs" (clue to 3O --- of the Blue" 33Bem 35 Comedm Little 38 Lsef of book 38 ID for Codey 40 Commercial I The World Tomorrow  ABC News o MOV,E: Am, ...... | and his assistant perform experiments on cap- tive prisoners in a eerie atmosphere. John Carra- dine, Allison Hayes, Myron Healey. 1957. " O James Robieon O MOVIE: 'Doctor Who: Leisure Hive"  Power Pro Wreling  3-2-1, Contact (CC) 10:30 E This Week Wkh David Brinkiey Fbet Bahai Church Essence O Face the Nation Larry Jones Mi.niatry g ( Timmy and I.a=de 11:00 ID O Meet the Press C) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Kidco' An ambitious youngster tries his hand at the world of big busi- ness. Scott Schwartz, Cinnamon Idles. 1984. Rated PG. IB Inside LSU El Geik/Church ( Incredible Hulk I () MOVIE: 'Long John Silver" The famous pirate finds action on The Seven Seas. Robert Newton, Connie Gilchrist. 1953. 11:30 I Mid-South Wrestling O I1 AFC Wildcard Playoff Game The AFC wildcard playoff game will be aired live. Starting times and teams were not available at press time. (3 hrs.) Face the Nation This Week W'rth David BrinkkW NFC Wildcard Game The NFC wildcerd game will be aired live. Starting times and teams were not available at press time. (3 hrs.) IB Crime File 8:00 6:05 7:00 EVENING O O Superri--The Making of tt Mov (CC) Take a behind-the-scenes look at the crea- tion of the movie "Supergld'. (60 min.) O Punky Breweter (CC) In an effort to raise Punky's Christmas spirit, Henry plays Santa Claus for her school class. (60 rain.) (R), In Stereo. 0 60 Minutes Star Search EB Owl TV (cc) ( Hollywood Reporter O  Austin City Limits: Rk:ky Scaggs / The Judd= 8 C Beat of World Championp Wreiog O O MOVIE: 'Superman II" (CC) Super- man must choose between his love for Lois Lane and his pledge to protect Earth when three criminals take over the U.S.A. Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman. 1980. 'O Amazing Stories: Vaneesa in the Gar- den An impressionist painter who has lost his wife in a carriage wreck regains her through his art. In Stereo. O O Murder, She Wrote A New Mexico ar- rCha icai dig leads Jessica on the trail of mur- a real estate scam. (60 min.) [HBO] MOVIE: 'A Soldier's StoW" (CC) To- wards the end of Wodd War II, a black Army attorney's investigation into the murder of a black sergeant at a Louisiana military base ig- nites further racial strife. Howard E. Rollins, Jr., villain out to win at any cost. Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood. 1965. 12:20 IB 0[:) MOVIE: 'Marriage on the Rodin' A 7:30 woman persuades her husband to take a  to Mexico where they quarrel andget a quckm di- vorce. Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, Dean Mar- tin. 1965. 8:00 12:30 O MOVIE: "The Bible" The story of man's creation, fall, survival of the flood and indornit bie faith in the future is told. George C. Scott, Peter O'Toole, Ava Gardner. 1966. I Inside LSU 1:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Oliver's Story" Oliver picks up the pieces after his wife's death. Ryan O'Neel, Canclice Bern.. 1978. Rated PG. O Ethiopia: The N=ghtmere Continues EB Great Perfomumces: Rossini at Versailles The Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the cho- rus of Radio France perform from the Royal Op era House and chapel of the Palace of Versailles. Stereo. 1:30 To En Frenceis Be Announced 8:30 O ( Images d Monde Francoph0ne 9:00 2:00 IWoddVimt: AWica-Contine Caught in AFTERN)91  ,, Adolph Caesar. 1984, Rated PG. i Andersu Fde 12:00 IB MOVIE: "To Be Announced' I) AWla: Bleeding Cemnent O All Creatures Great and Small ( Nature: Through Animal Eyes (CC) Spe- This Week W'h David Brinklay ciel lenses and video techniques show how ani- () MOVIE: "The Great" A turn-of-the- reals and insects see the world. (60 rain.) (R). century auto race is ..cpmpl..ed by the prea- 7.'05 0 CD MOVIE: "Gidsl Girisl Gidlsl" Elvis is ence of a lady journalist and the efforts of a chased by a bevy of beauties but can't decide 2:35 3:00 Crisis O Cue in on Culture: Three European Fa- shion Designers Giorgio Armeni, whose fa- shions can be seen on "Miami Vice', is one of three designers whose work is profiled. O ( Fidng Une 2:30 O O Ar-C-Wiildca Plyoff Game The Arc wildcard playoff game will be aired live. Starting times and teams were not available at press time. IB O NFC W'ddcard Gamin The NFC wkrd game will be aired live. Starting times and teams were not available at press time. (3 hrs., 30 min.) E) [HBO] Not Neceeaarily the Year in Review The NNTN news team takes their annual look at the pest twelve months. I Washington Week in Review (CC) Paul Duke is joined by top WaShington journalists analyzing the week's news. i C MOVIE: 'Kotch' An elderly man refuses to be put out to pasture by his children. Walter Metthau, Deborah Winters, Felicia Farr. 1971. To Be Announced ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Night of the Comet" (CC) Two Valley Gids try to auwive after a comet's radiation turns its victims into cannibeliatic zorn. bias. Maw Catherine Stewart, Kelti Maroney, which one he prefers. Elvis Presley, Ste Stew ens, Laurel Goodwin. 1962. 1 O Alfred Hitoltcock Present: The Man From the South A penniless drifter accepts a 9:06 9:30 9:35 10.'00 J O Start of Something Big I Alice I America ( Solid Gold 10:35 O M*A*S*H I ( John Ankerberg 10:45 B MOVIE: "He Walked By Night" A deter- mined investigator leads the hunt for a calculat- ing and elusive cop killer through the streets and sewers of the city. Richard Basehart, Scott Brady. 1948. 11:00 O MOVIE: "The Man" Based on Irving Was- lace's novel about a black senator who ascends to the Presidency of the United States through a fluke. James Ead Jones, Martin Balsam, Burgess Meredith. 1971. O Sunday Sports 11:05 I Keys to Success = 11:15 O 11:30 O   Tales from the Darkside O Sports Machine 0 MOVIE: "F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Last of the Belles' Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald copes with his marital problems by writing a fictional- ized version of his courtship of Zelda during World War I. Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Dan- net, Susan Sarandon. 1974. 0 Time: Man of the Year ( Power Pro Wrestling 11:35 O Dukes of Hazzard 12:00  Entertainment This Week Interview with Jackie Gleason. (60 min.) (O America (1_ At the Movies 12:05 I EE) The World Tomorrow 12:30 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'Touched' Determined to make something of himself, a mental patient es- apes and assumes a new identity. Robert Hays, athleen Bailer, Ned Beatty. 1983. Rated R. Miracle Revival Hour (: Christian Science Monitor Reports 12:35 I1 America This Week (: Larry Jones Ministry 1:00 O Puffin' on the Hits 1:05  () Christian .Ch_ildren'$ Fund 1:30 O Music City, U,S.A, CBS News Nightwatch Joined ,in, Progress 1:35 . ( MOVIE: "Blondie's Big Deal Dagwood invests m a fire-proof paint and uses the boss' house to demonstrate. Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan. 1949. 3:00 3:30 3:55 1:45 O Flair for Living 2:00  CBS News Nightwatoh ( ABC News 2:05 C[HBO]MOVIE: "The Seduction' ATVnews- caster is pursued by a deranged photographer whose obsessive devotion turns the woman's life into a nightmare. Morgan Fairchild, Andrew Stevens, Michael Sarrazin. 1982. Rated R. ,Ariculture U.S.A. :) It s Your Business (: [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Evil That Men Do' (CC) An assassin is called out of retirement to per- form one final assignment. His target: a Central American torture specialist protected by an American agency. Charles Bronson, Theresa Saldana. 1984. Rated R. I ( Get Smart I ( Beverly HillbiHi 4:00 4:30 minal illness and a painful reunion with his es- 4:30 tranged son. Jack Lemmon, Robbie Benson Lee Remick. 1980. O Scarecrow and Mrs. King Amanda at- tempts to help when the leader of an environ- 5:00 mental group is framed for murder. (60 min.) (R). C [HBO] MOVIE: "The Muppeta Take Man- hattan' (CC) While Ken'nit and company try to take their college variety show to Broadway, Miss Piggy's jealousy of a friendly waitress threatens her wedding plans for the frog. Kermit 6:00 the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear. 1984. Rated G. bizarre winger from a mysterious old man. In Stereo. O O MOVIE: "Behind Enemy Line=' (CC) During World War II, a Harvard history profes- r masterminds espionage activities of Ameri- cans and British in the London Office of Strategic Services. Hal Hoibrook, David McCallum, Ray Sherkay. 1985. 0 O Crazy Like a Fox When the cousin of Harrison's secretary is found murdered, Harry becomes involved in a smuggling plot. (60 min.) O Nature: Thnx Animal Eye= ICC) iat lenses and video techniques show how animals and insects see the world, (60 min.) (R). 1:00 I () At the Movies ( In Performance at the White House President and Mrs. Re.. an join Leontyne Price at Shiloh Baptist Church m Washington D. C. for a program of gospel music. (60 min.) " 3:00 O () Tales from the Dmkside O O Trapper John, M.D. Trapper rekindles a wartime romance when he returns to North Ko- rea to bring back the brother of a kidney tren- 4:00 nt patient. (60 min.) BO] Harry Bebfonte: Don't Stop the Car- A look at Belafonte, the man, through his music and exclusive interviews. (60 min.) O O (  Theatre: Bkk Hou (CC) Port 5 of 8 Mr. Gappy questions Lady Deal- 6:00 lock about her past. (60 rain.) t (]]) INN Yew in Review O O O O O O O New= 6:05 (]D [HBO] Not Necessarily the Year in Review 6:30 The NNTN news team takes their annual look at the past twelve months. Gboat Story 8( What's Happening 0  Blake's 7 10:15 tAB(: News ( (HBo] MOVIE: "Reunion at Fairborough' {CC) A disillusioned American hero returning to England for an Air Corps reunion, searches for his love of long ago. Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr, Red Buttons. 1985. O Chem wre Billy Graham Year End Report Great Chefs of Chicago  To Be Announced ( Wonderworks (CC) A youn 9 gid's life is profoundly affected by the civil rights movement that has come to her sleepy Mississippi town. (60 rain.) 7:05 ( ( MOVIE: 'Zarak' Driven from his village, a man becomes a ruthless outlaw leader. Victor Mature, Michael Wilding, Anita Ekberg. 1957. 7:30 lid Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin' (CC} 8:00 O 1 Kate 8= Allie Kate and Allie find them- selves left alone on New Year's Eve. (R). ( Terry Fox: I Had a Dream  MOVIE: 'Julia' The friendship of two women becomes an international incident dur- ing the second World War. Jane Fonda, Va- nessa Redgrave, Jason Robards. 1977. ( Golden Years of Television Christmas Comedy 6:30 tO Newhart (CC) Michael follows Dick's ad- wce and finally stands up to Stephanie. (R). 9:00 I O American Almanac A cover story profile of White House Chief of Staff Donald P. Regan is featured. (60 min.) O 1 Cagney and Lacey (: [HBO] Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton  (: Treasure Houses of Britain: Recap- turiog the Past (CC) Pies Newydd and Wigh- twick Manor are explored. (60 min.) 9:05 I  Billy Graham Crusade 10:00 IB O O I1 News 1:35 (]) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Fortress' (CC) Rachel Ward O NewsCenter 1:45 2:00 2:30 MONDAY 12/30/85 MORNING 5:30 ()[HBO]HBOFamilyPieyhouse: BeatChriat- ma Pageant Ever Six unruly kids muscle their way into the church Christmas pageant. (60 min.) 7:00 (]D [HBO] MOVIE: 'Wholly Mmra' Holy Land tourists stumble on a lost text and become transformed into its characters. Dudley Moore, Laraine Newman, Richard Pryor. 1980. Rated PG. 9:00 () [HBO] MOVIE: 'Just the Way You Are" (CC) A young lady discovers that her feelings ano spirits are as strong as her imagination al- lows. Michael Ontkean, Kristy McNichol. 1984. Rated PG. 9:05 0 ( MOVIE: "Gentle Giant' A small boy be- friends a bear cub who grows into a 65g-pound bear and must be sold to a circus. Dennis Weaver, Verb Miles, Ralph Meeker. 1967. 11:00 C) [HBO] MOVIE: 'Breakin' 2 Electric Booga- log' Break dancers fight to save their community center from the clutches of greedy developers. Adolfo Quinones, Micheal Chambers, Lucinda 6:30 Dickey. Rated PG. ............ RN AFTEI OQN 12:05 t  MOVIE: "The UtUeat Hobo' A German 7:00 Shepherd rescues a lamb from the slaughter house when his tearful youngownar is forced by the orph. anageto sell him. Buddy Hart, Wendy 8:30 ttuart, London the _D. 1958. f,_4..) [HBO] MOVIE: "Where the Boy= Are Dur- idn  Easter vacation, hordes of college kids from all over the nation descend on Ft. Lauderdaie. George Hamilton, Delores Hart, Yvette Mimieux. 1960. 9:05 C [H_BO] HBO Family Playhouse: Best Christ- mas;Pa, ageant Ever Six unruly kids muscle their way into the church Christmas pageant. (60 rain.) . [HBO] MOVIE: 'Oliverl' A young orphan, taken in by a wealthy benefactor, is kidnapped _by his old gang. Mark Leater, Oliver Reed, Ron Moody. 1968. Rated G, EVENIN(  00OONews NewsCanter Entertainment Tonht 1:00 O Sanford and SUn O O Wheel of Fortune ( [HBO] Fraggle Rock: Grapes of Generoty 1:30 C)New Newlywed Game 0 World of Survhei eed Game ) Barney Miller 7:00  0 Gator Bowl: Florida State vs. Olda- 3:30 3:00 3:10 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:30 homa State O O MOVIE: "Tribute" (CC) A Broadway press agent must deal with the reality of his tar- S Nightly Business Report WKRP in Cincinnati ( Agony 10:05 B  Portrait of America: Kentucky 10:15 O I News 10:30 O O The Best of Carson Tonight's guests are George Segal, George Miller andBuddy Rich. (60 min.) (R), In Stereo. O Benson O Barney Miller I SCTV Network  Quincy ( Monty Python's Flying Circue 10:35  M*A*S*H 10:45 O ABC News Nightline 10:50 O M*A*S*H 11:00 O Sanford and Son O Remington Steele (R). Lone Star: A New Republic Texas declares its indepedence and becomes a sovereign na- tion. (60 rain.) 11:05 El Trapper John, M.D. I ) MOVIE: "Breakfast at Tiffany's' A young girl lives by her wits and charm and chases the blues by visiting Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal. 1961. 11:15 ( Eye on Hollywood 11:20 O Bonanza 11:30 O Entertainment Tonight Interview with Mar- tin Sheen. O Love Beat O ABC News Nightline (: MOVIE: "The Maverick Queen' The female owner of a hotel works with a notorious outlaw gang until a Pinkerton detective arrives on the scene. Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, Scott Brady. 1955. 11:35 (: [HBO] MOVIE: 'Just the Way You Are' (CC) A young lady discovers that her feelings and spirits are as strong as her imagination al- lows. Michael Ontkean, Kristy McNichol. 1984. Rated PG. 11:45 I Here's Lucy 12:00 O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's uests are Lisa Eilbacher and comic magicians enn & Teller. (60 rain.) (R), In Stereo. O Star Search It MOVIE: 'Second-Hand Hearts' After an evening of intoxication, a man wakes to find himself married to a saloon singer. Robert Blake, Barbara Harris, Collin Boone. 1980. 12:05  It Takes a Thief 12:25 O The Rockford Files 12:30 O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's uests are Lisa Eilbacher and comic magicians enn & Teller. (60 rain.) (R), In Stereo. 1:00 O News 1:05  Heedline Chasers 1:15 ( [Hag] Video Jukebox 1:30 O Comedy Tonight t CBS News Nightwatch Joined in Progress i ( Comedy Break News ( MOVIE: "The Fat Man" A detective, in- vestigating a dentist's murder, learns that a former convict's x-ray has been stolen. Julia London, Rock Hudson, Emmett Kelly. 1951. (: [HBO] MOVIE: "Goin" All the Way" A teen- age couple are kept apart by their friends. Dan Waldman, Deborah Van Rhyn. 1982. Rated R. O Love Connection ( INN News CBS News Nightwatch O NewsCenter () MOVIE: 'Sergeant York' The story of Alvin York, a backwoods pacifist who became one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II, is portrayed. Gary Cooper Walter Bran- nan, Joan Leslie. 1941. O MOVIE: 'To Be Announced' ( World at Large [HBO] MOVIE: Carnal Knowledge" Two Amherst roommates compete for the affections of a Smith co-ed. Jack Nicholson, Candice Bar- n(, Art Garfunkel. 1971. Rated R. Get Smart S  Bob Newhart C Beverly Hillbillies 0 ( Gentle Ben TUESDAY 12/31/8 5 MORNING 5:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'The Lion, the Witch end the Wardrobe" (CC) Lucy and Edmond travel to an enchanted kingdom ruled by the evil White Witch. (D [HBO] For Better or for Worse: The Beslr41t Present Micheal's plan to recover his sister's lost bunny brings the family closer together dur- ing the Christmas holidays. I (H, BOJ MOVIE, "Oliver's Stow' Oliver picks up me o=eces aner nis wne's death. Ryan O'Nea=, t.anoice uergen. 1978. Rated PG. (: [HBO] MOVIE: "The ' {-n9 the famous 18th-century South Seas voyage., an of- ficer of the English sailing ship "'Bounty "leads a mutiny against Captain Bligh and fags in love with a Tahitian princess. Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins. 1984. Rated PG. C MOVIE: 'Abbott and Coeilo Meet Captain Kidd' Abbott and Costello discover they have Captain Kidd's treasure map. Bud Ab- bott, Lou Costelio, Chades Laughton. 1952. 10:00 I () Golden Year= of Television Christmas Comedy 11:00 ( [HBO] MOVIE: "Mass Appeal" (CC) An idealistic young deacon disrupts the peaceful parish of a comfortable middle-aged priest. Jack Lemmon, Chades Durning, Zeljko Ivanek. 1984. Rated PG AFTERNOON 12:00  ( Laurence Olivier's King Lear William Shakespeare's tragedy is presented. (3 hrs.) 12:05  C MOVIE: "thief of Baghdad' A young thief meets a genie in old Baghdad. Sabu, June Duprez, Conrad Veldt. 1940. () [HBO] Not Necessarily the Year in Review The NNTN news team takes their annual look at the past twelve months. O O Peach Bowl: Army vs. Illinoia Live from Atlanta, GA. (3 hrs., 30 min.) ( [HBO] MOVIE: 'A Soldier's Story' (CC) To- wards the end of World War II, a black Army attorney's investigation into the murder of a black sergeant at a Louisiana military base ig- nites further racial strife. Howard E. Rollins, Jr., Adolph Caesar. 1984. Rated PG. ( [HBO] We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song A behind-the-scenes look at the mak- ing of the best-selling record, "We Are the World'. (60 rain.) ) {HBO] For Better or for Worse: The Be=test Present Micheal's plan to recover his sister's lost bunny brings the family closer together dur- the Christmas holidays. [HBO] MOVIE: 'the Bostonians" A beautiful woman is torn between a militant feminist and a handsome lawyer. Vanessa Redgrave, Christo- pher Reeve, Madeleine Potter. 1984. Rated PG. EVENING O O  O I News 0 NewsCenter It Newsline 9 I Lassie 1_ Jeffersons (] Timmy and Lassie 6:05 C Mary Tyler Moore 6:30 ( O Entertainment Tonight ill Sanford and Son O O Wheel of Fortune O New Newlywed Game World of Survival I Newlywed Game  Barney Miller 1 Nightly Business Report 6:35 ( ( Sanford and Son 7:00 O O ( Who's the Boss? (CC) Mona receives an inheritance from a mysterious benefactor. (R). O  King Orange Jamboree Parade Barbara Eden and Joe Garagiola host the annual parade from Miami, FL. (60 rain.) 1 O Stir Crazy When Harry and Skip search for an honest person to cash in a winning lottery ticket for them, they encounter a woman with multiple peronalities. (60 rain.) (: [HBO] MOVIE: "The Woman in Red' (CCi An otherwise happily married San Francisco bureaucrat becomes obsessed with a gorgeous model and tries desperately to initiate an affair with her. Gene Wilder, Kelly LeBrock. 1984. ( ( () Nova: Antarctica: Earth's Last Fron- tier (CC) Antarctica is a wilderness of ice larger than the United States and Mexico combined. (60 rain.) (R).  Barnaby Jones 7:05  (: All-American Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Michigan State Live from Birmingham, Ala. (2 hrs., 55 rain.) Live. 7:30 O 1  Growing Pains (CC} Carol's hopes to be a writer are crushed by Maggie's honest criti- cism of Carol's work. (R). 8:00 O O I Moonlighting (CC) Maddie seeks re- venge on her former financial adviser and winds in a high-stakes card game. (60 min.) (R). O The A-Team {CC) Murdock poses as an evangelist and leads a group of hobos in a scheme to rescue Hannibal, who has been marked for death by a paramilitary goon squad. (60 rain.) (R). 1 I MOVIE: "Night Shift' A mild-mannered supervisor runs a call gid ring from the city morgue. Henry Winkler, Shelley Long, Michael Keaton. 1982. ( Stephane Grappeili in New Orleans (R). (: MOVIE: 'One on One' A basketball star clashes head on with love while battling the col- lege athletic establishment. Robby Benson, An- nette O'Toole, Gad Strickland. 1977. (: Evening at Pops Sarah Vaughan and Wynton Marsalis join John Williams and the Boston Pops for an evening of music. (60 rain.) (R). 8:30 () [HBO] Not Necessarily the Year in Review The NNTN news team takes their annual took at the past twelve months. 9:00 O O O Spenaer: For Hire (CC) Spenser's search for two teenage lovers leads him into a otentially deadly situation. (60 rain.) (R). O Remington Steele After appearing to wtness a tycoon's shooting, two singing- telegram girls hire Laura and Remington for pro- tection. (60 min.) (R), In Stereo. - [HBO] 1st & Ten: Not Quite Mr. Right Is Diane too much in love to concentrate on foot- ball. Woodchopper's Ball Wyes production of jazz great Woody Herman in concert. (60 rain.) ( Stephane Grappeili in New Orleans (R). 9:30 (: [HBO] George Burns in Concert 10:00 O 1 O O O I News O NewsCenter I  ) New Year's Eve Jazz Celebration ( ( MOVIE: 'The Benny Goodman Story' Benny Goodman's life from his youth and includ- ing his courtship of a girl who didn't like jazz is depicted. Steve Allen, Donna Reed. 1955. ( WKRP in Cincinnati 10:30 O M*A*S*H I10 The Tonight Show Tonight's guests are Laura Branigan, B.B. King, and comedian Marly Pollio. (60 min.) In Stereo. O O Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin" Eve "88 Dick Clark and co-hosts Emma Samms and Ted McGinley welcome the new year with musi- cal guests Barry Manilow, the Four Tops and the Temptations. (90 rain.) O Barney Miller O () Quincy 10:35 O M*A*S*H" 11:00 O Dick Clark's New Year's Rookin' Eve '86 Dick Clark and co-hosts Emma Samms and Ted McGinley welcome the new year with musical guests Barry Manilow, the Four Tops and the Temotations. 190 min.) O To Be Announced O Happy New Year America AI Jarreau, Ker- mit the Frog, Sheila E. and Louise Mandrell host this countdown to 1986 from New York City, Times Square, Disney World and Texas. (2 hrs.) 11:05 1 Trapper John, M.O. 11:30 O Entertainment Tonight Interview with country music's hottest duo, The Judds. (60 min.) O Late Night with David Letterrnen Tonight's guests are Connie Chung and comedian Emo Phill!ps. (60 min.) (R), In Stereo. ( ( MOVIE: 'The Horn Blows at Midnight" A second-rate trumpet player has a dream in which he becomes an angel with a mission. Jack Benny, Alexis Smith, Guy Kibbee. 1945. 11:35 ( [HBO] Whoopi Gofdberg Direct from Broedw 12:00 O NeWaear's Eve Special O MOVIE: "Bells Are Ringing' A timid girl who works for a telphone answering servme takes a deep personal interest in all the clients. Judy Holliday, Dean Martin, Fred Clark. 1960. ( Miracle Revival Hour 12:05 O It Takes a Thief 12:30 O To Be Announced O Late Night with David Letterman Tonight's guests are Connie Churq] and comedian Emo Phillips. (80 rain.) (R), In Stereo. O C]D MOVIE: 'Night and Day" The life of com- poser Cole Porter, complete with all the sophis- ticated songwriter's music is depicted. Cary Grant, Alexis Smith, Eve Arden. 1946. 12:40 C [HBO] Steven Wright Steven Wright offers his laid-back observations on life. (60 min.) 1:00 OMOVIE: 'Sumddne Run' Outdoor adventure ensues when two men and one woman look for buried treasure in the Florida EverQlades. Chris Robinson, David Legge, Phygis Robinson. 1977 1:05 O Headline Chasers 1:30 O Comedy Tonight 0 ( Comedy Break 1:35  Eyewitness News 1:40 I [HBO] Detroit Comedy Jam 2:00 O Love Connection ( ( INN News 2:30 O To Be Announced O NewsCenter O (Y MOVIE: 'The Spiral Road' An ambitious doctor learns the importance of faith while fight- ing leprosy and supersition in the jungles ofln- oonesie. Rock Hudson, Bud Ires, Gena Row- lands. 1962. 2:45 ()[HBO]MOVIE: 'The Bounty" (CC) During the famous ltth-century outh Seas voyage, an of- ficer of the English sailing ship "Bounty" leads a mutiny against Captain Bligh and fags in love with a Tahitian princess.