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December 26, 1985     The Ponchatoula Times
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December 26, 1985

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THE PONCHATOULA TIMES, DECEMBER 26, 1985, PAGE THIRTEEN ]qational security forum ........................,.., at the American Legion Post and re ame )ii Jan. 2. 1986. Speakers will be Capt. Chairman, National Security oo went to e e em flier ness. Ponchatoula. Lal 70454 , (and there, i wished to stay) All members and interetA nartie .... t I " He said "'Oh Mama Mary  I :hi I wanaerea in an cas ern and .... .... :..,  By WINONA KERNAN CHAMPAGNE Somehow ! lost the way. I note fo teu you so.  m on an arid desert day It's best that you not know I D ........... ", , . uid  .. rs ]or me nrist niio steeping in the hay. be ' " r " "1  H is for the Happy Hearts that Honor Him today My tired head I rested Then He spoxe to ne quize salt y - R He Is the Rt hteous One what r " I 1 " " "g a p ecious rosy face beside o leanin wall. "'1 regret what I have done.  , ......... " ...... . . , . . .g . ".. . ,. . __ _L_ L_ ........ n^..,in  , cur,no remove mysel]from this aeserplace: na I cnensn per me words I nearcl fur ,,uu,, wuy ,y  ,w  l S is for th o . , .. ,, . , . . " " " " " .... I .  e opecml otar nepneras watct tonight. within that rental stall ne was a noy une a T this town o" .......... ' "  ! )emlenem mat glows by lantern light. " " " r r nth  M is/or the Wise Men with gifts beyond compare A light beamed through a knothole "'Morn I went to ]ina an a na a  -n ............... ' " " .... "" -" " '" r"  ori n o u...tslorrTisrqotner., anathismanwholingersthere I and - I aared to peep within., rna. wm neue laae a e:  A is ,for the A n,,,..Is ..................... ,,,h,,, h,,,- al ,, . " r  . Y ), , For a moment I felt gudty It s such a louely flowe  n"  " "" ' " ....... " ' " hr"  a a...  is lor the Ammals: ths smple scene they share. . of. a lonely hobo's sin! ana your brmaay s arawmg mg m  S a Special Story o/Serenity and care: II . . .........  and.. it shall live forever "m. forever, evervwherel m I-irst. I saw a little angel ..And don t you fret. dear morner.  - " w. .ith a halo 'round his head; 'i snall.alwayscare lo[ youc,_  Oh I dreamed I went to Bethlehem and there I wished to stay; I "" I heard His mother scoaing rlim: ,,u.  , u, U ,t, ui[y, ,  I knew the spell o/Christmas on this December day. )1t "'Why aren't You in bed?" ] you snoua as me o,  CHRISTMAS 1985 . She responded in a whisper.  "'" 7 ! - "'1 must take care at this!" lii.,=,-. 0 , C 0  0 , Then. she tapped Him with her withy stick: .......................... , And- her face grew pale and sick. | h  H  ' /']/'/"1 | 1 She had paddled Baby Jesus: .:i!! ' .... .................... Im ,. His httle heart was shaken: ": ii:, m . . "Now. angels must obey the rules:   v':')::,:::,, .... m ths Christmas Letnotthatbem,staken. c"'a__ii  ] "" "'Morn. ! hate to be a problem:  i ' ..... :!i The holiday season often presents ! don't mean to bother ,,ou- :/! I great )emptation to those watching !heir But. my Father always tells" me 'iiii k )i m " waistlines. We,ght gam can be avoided l,o,d o ho,, , o,. i m by exercising regularly and cutting back " .""!) m calories when you can " . . "'For a lady needs a/lower. ((//k$)'#;/' I .. It's not. a good idea to starve betore a Especially one like you t. Tr | big hohday meal because you often end ! shall build for ,,oua tower :  ('1/// | up eating much more than you should And I'llalwavsDe near you i'" ! I at dinner, says nutritionist Dr. Beth -'... " ..... " o .... i. | Reames But you can eat fewer calories .................. i!il |   .  throughout the day so you have some  " m ,,__ tsparefrtheb)ghlidaymeal:.Andtimewentby...and, thistraveler-I m Preparing the holiday meal differently was 'walkin down a road. /:: l can save you calories adds the Louisiana -n " I met a man in sandals !i: m Cooperative Extens,on Service food He was corr in- a load : ,. m " expert You can cool broths and gravies Y  ' )? J' l  and remove the hardened fat. Drain fat "'What have ..ou there'"l asked him. ".F,f")'llll:::  m from cooked ground meat before using "'A Book "" he nroudlv'said " J iv ,t m other dshes Instead of serving  h r t r s .-. v - wth us' ! . ..... "'Mama likes to read t e Sc "p u e ..... ;" "'m',ill ,ql " -- l "' L'I - " | o vegetables with rich butter sauces n ' n " v r " --" " =.. t m  m ......... ' _ndlll,_ut,tb. he bed ""   I I  1 . season mem wm nerosana spices. _ I-L mm I " l Serve a light broth instead of cream r c  w,  -- ; ....... "'Now. the goat milk here is ve y s ant. 11 m ,  soups. erve ,lads wlt ,ow-.c, alo.n]e But. she needs thebigcontainer  wreath of Yuletime happiness to I aresslng or small amoums oI Oll wltn to cultivate her amaranth ,,,- . ,. ,.. m you. tnanKs ior your connoence ill |Is. I  i. i vinegar or lemon juice, and. we must not detain her!'" Serve skim milk, tea or coffee to m @ " drink If wine is to be served, choose a ,, ' h ! . . . . For. soon III ave to go away dry white wme or wme coolers. Wme to help my Father'scause;'" Wolfe Lumber & Supp.y I coolers have fewer calories becau," Th,, handsome lad lmetthatda" .,, t, n:-- I they m m n t I ,,,qder who he was "" y .... q.uu vv rlH CO b" e wine and carbo aed " | 4, water, Reames notes, adding that ...... I mineral waters can lend a calorie-free ii festive touch. ' m i I New Years Eve -DANCE December 31st, 1985 :30 p.m. till 1:30 a.m. $2 per The Blue Room 0000CREOLE Tickets Available At B.Y.O.L. Hayride Building Setups Ponchcrtoula Video Furnished The Poncha00oula Times Peace on Earth ,..:., i/ "For unto us a child is born."  oo from the Staff of Jackson's Medi-Thrift Drugs 240 W. Pine Turkey, the traditional holiday main course, is lower in fat than most other meats when eaten without skin It is a 'good source of protein. Remove visible fats from other meats and serve baked or broiled instead of fried to save calories. Choose such brightly colored vegeta- bles as broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes or spinach to provide vitamins and fiber. Steam vegetables or cook in a small amount of water. Any good weight control diet contains breads and cereals, Reames says. Whole grain rolls are a good source of fiber and B vitamins. Current recommendations suggest that 50 percent of calories should come from carbohydrates. Try a fruit compote for dessert, she suggests. This not only looks beautiful but also is perfect for those trying to watch their weight. Use fresh fruits in season. Canned or frozen fruits also may be used. Top each serving with a dollop of yogurt mixed with artificial sweetener and ginger Garnish with kiwi or a mint leaf If a high calorie dessert is on your menu, serve smaller portions or share your serving with someone else. Also, avoid going back for seconds. If you're not feeling full when you've finished, wait 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to get the satiety signal. To help your fellow waist-watchers when hosting a holiday party, serve vegetable and fruit trays, unbuttered popcorn and dry-roasted, unsalted nuts. Many people are on diets and do appreciate being served foods that won't tempt them off their weight control plans. One attractive way to serve a vegetable tray is to make a centerpiece of a hollowed-out cabbage, use a yogurt dip in the middle and place raw broccoli, squash, carrot and celery sticks around it. Yogurt dips are lower in calories and more nutritious than sour cream dips. Fruit also may be served with a yogurt dip made of low-cal gelatin mix added to plain yogurt. When you're a guest at a party, eat a light meal before going to the party- especially if you think the hostess will serve foods that are not on your weight control plan. You'll be able to resist them better if you're not hungry. The key to avoiding weight gain during the holiday season is keeping your eating and exercise patterns as close to normal as possible. Also, take a walk about 45 minutes after you eat the big holiday meal. Some studies have shown th=,t exercise at this time stimulates the metabolism to help you burn calories at a faster rate. If you enjoy holiday baking, freeze or give away your baked goods. Don't leave them around to tempt yourself. 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