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The Ponchatoula Times
Ponchatoula , Louisiana
June 13, 1985     The Ponchatoula Times
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June 13, 1985
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SOCIETY THE PONCHATOULA TIMES. JUNE 13. 1985, PAGE FoUR % _ tJ Artisans Wilma Lamp (left) and Dot Shivi, Anniversary Banquet. were on hand for the Artisans&apos; Tenth GROWING CHILD How do you know your child is gifted? How do you know if your child is "gifted?" And if he is. how do you help him develop his talents? "'Giftedness" is expressed in many ways. according to Growing Child. the monthly child development newsletter It is not just academic excellence or artistic ability One child might be gifted in using his hands to make things. Another can be gifted in her ability to understand other people's feelings, or to remember things and events. There are many children whose special gifts go unnoticed because their talent lies in unexpected areas, or because they seem ordinary in other ways It is your challenge, and your responsibility as a parent, to discover your child's special gifts and give him the chance to develop them. How? Children are naturally drawn to activities that help them develop their gifts. But they need encouragement and opportunity. For example, you might notice your child singing along whenever he hears music on the radio or television. Your encouragement, plus some records of his own. might give him a chance to expand his interests and skills. A child also needs to develop basic skills before he can use those skills effectively. For example, he needs to know how to cook before he can combine ingredients in new and interesting ways to invent his own recipes. \\; \\; ** *********************************** **************************** Your child also needs to use her gifts ;  in order to develop them. : - .... '"  -- ** oo e.,,o., ou, c.,,.,o.o Widowed. ,.Deo"de something, and then become impatient when she doesn't do it "correctly right : /leginning in June : away?lt'softeneasiertotakeoverfora :  its important to take the to oraanie : En glis h S m ockin g : try things until she can do them well. I ],-k,x. I- Learning perseverance is,an important ;: J . li i[/! Tole'-wood Painting lt takes a while to leam a new skill, and H  part of learning to use ones special gifts. 1 ?'-" / F ",[!A  your child needs the chance to practice Tuesday at SLU ** [ \\;+ Q'"<" -'-'--"-].MtI[L For further information  it until she masters it. A child shows potential giftedness by , ,\\; Contact: Country NIarket . how often and for how long he is interested in an activity. He will naturally be attracted to cer- The National Association for Wid- tain activities and will want to engage in owed People, Inc., the only national them whenever he gets the chance. For organization designed specifically for example, your child might especially the widowed person, invites you to enjoy pretending to be people he sees attend an organizational meeting at on television, or in books. Or he might SLU's White Hall, Room 114, on West be very interested in being with you Dakota between North Pine and North when you're taking care of your plants Magnolia, Tuesday, June 18, at or gardening. Whatever his interest, 6:30 p.m. you can best encourage It by: Make plans to join us. We're a group Noticing and commenting on his of your peers with the same concerns interest. '1 see you like to be with me and problems as you. Of course, we're when !,m fixing something that's there to be your friends; but we're also ........ broken.' there to give you a better perspective Giving him the opportunity for and to provide you with pertinent involvement. "Would you like to try to information that will help you deal with fix this yourself?." your loss. A chapter is forming in this The Growing Child newsletter follows area--we want you to join us for our a child'sdevelopmentmonth by month, first meeting and make your own For more information, write to Growing decision as to whether or not this is for Child, P.O. Box 620N, Lafayette, IN you. We will be looking forward to 47902. Include child's birthdate when meeting you. For more information, writing, call 294-5888. Keri Lynn wins top talent award On May 4,1985. the Tangipah Parish Farm Bureau held its annU, talent contest. Miss Keri Lynn Girard' age 10, won first place in the jr Division. and went on to becor overall Jr./Sr. Division competiti winner. Keri Lynn will represent Tangipa Parish in the State competition in No# Orleans later in the summer. She i presently studying ballet and jazz und# Marie Rogers and Kathy Rogers of Natalbany. Keri Lynn is the dauqhter of Phillis I) and Paul J. Girard Ill, of Loranger. proud gradparents include Mr. Mrs. Phillip Ditta ol Loranger. Mr. ar Mrs. Paul J. Girard Jr. of Han and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson A. Punch  of Marrero. La. Keep up the good work Keri Lynn. we're proud of you. Six permits requested for Bingo '* r .m,,.. o, oo,. mo.,, " ti Times Reporter Pep|tone said, "The Board of Health sad| the water is good. it is trouble free, Any organization planning to operate the reason the water smells bad is the + +'+ar'+'- games in Ponchatoula to raise money in the future must have a permit. The council received six requests for bingo permits at last Thursday night MY GARDEN SECRETS f  P e and School Association, I The National Feline Survival By V1OLETCOLLIER around them. Mulch them with __ 1 Organization and the American Legion. Garden Editor leaves, so the roots will stay cool. .,.,....,.=   .... _... I ,, According to ordinance number 359, , ..... Jive them the same environment 1 aroeners, th  -" - - ,Tgillllri II . The Bingo Ordinance .... " .... ey nave in me wooos and on .,,, t, ,= ,= . "- ,,-. " wasn t it wonaertul to wake up hil sides They really don t need \\; lhe member or members of the to a cool, wet morning! The rain any feilizer except what the" organization designated in the  application to hold, operate and or w welco_me g,ft,fromGod., receive from the compost. " a en rem naro to wrke Do "'ou know wh the " the . conduct the raffle or Bingo or Super garden news when everything is n ...... Yr ...... Y, y cau : :'11 _ - Bingo or Keno games applied to be held so h ...... ,,,.,we= ueen nn s Lace:  = _-- are bonafide active members of the organ|- get t'e t?:esaaWt temC:sUl;2sa.eners mT? QcU:e2nf Enngla2d 12sedsl " I zation and are persons in good moral "' ' , - ,. I character who hay . ,uHave any of you noticed the worked she pricked her finger with ,. e00e00,o00o .... j y.. . .a. e and look at the full bloom of ots o it arouno nere but i feel that Queen Ann's Lace you will see a i slrtYmgtheLdtches and shoulders small dark red spot in the center of foun ,,,gnway. destroyed,,,..,, the bloom. Thus you have the . ...,. C ,)r,,, certain" types of local organizations CaroinaSne th'ea, m   r t, n lovely story, and a true bloom of I 1 .... 11 | Little Wil k=.:, I ! I are auowed permits, them to . aa.y.wno_som Queen Ann s Lace. rtn,o " _  .- .  1" In other action: the side oetl:'; e'd'them" from If anyone would like a start of I I -. -,,,a, ------*- --=-- I I 5 f OOtSy,stem " Z__ | | e, The Council decided to open the .....  this plant see me and l will shape a I | nolobor  I 1 ii)y,S:ntjngp21Junel0toAugus t )2:encouleSanSi7oU/mh:hey plant or even some seed. l'dlove I | Missing in ,,ction I |-.---  .-. //  | I p can be rented for g to see it everywhere once again. m I I II g / ./,f.rlm, IB'l i I private activities through the recreation I I Cify' Heat | I  I UO. [\\;'=.. B I department . _Thewddflowers, Queen Ann.s lf we look around us we can see -ho ' ove=y eacn. s.,pnng, we given to us. Use it wisely and it will i" in fhe Heart |" I* :,'.'., "" i II to fuNntd1; n wasmade to continue, aeC2n..oropos,s, ap,.oer wo, rt,, so much beauty that God has {In May 3 1 st)   "' ]del,""='llllliJ'q.ilN Ii Humane Shelter ,n _,,.u, u more o, m,em...he give lots of pleasure for you and ""--'-'--' "=----e"'=lllll[J'q'|lltlu" K Hammond u.,y auen,,on may neeo is ,o  everyone to see. t -6- 8 I t 386-7 91118 | I Agreed to have some dead trees planted and use lots of compost I ! - . ][|11(t , i  q 4fd-. Pill e J, 1 I and limbs .removed from city property I ,  _ .. _ . ., .... 1 | w - .... , "-- - /. I mrougnom me city. -,L__._:::_:: ..... --- :-- ............................................. " I District I Councilman Danny I ,, -  :- ..........  " I Pep|tone said, "If your water has been An Editorial I i - - - e" .... - "| iiiii i IIIiiII F- smelling bad when you take a shower I i x h ! D.,ln elOtl for Plcn It' [ '  U U U I II II I I I l th r j ' g- - iim=i iiRr, "'P  I e e for the last few da s. ttsnothm" " to = , ,_w-' _  " !ut received numerous compints For married readers only |  the | I Ulili I | abo the smelling of the water, he i i I t l"o; You see the roadside signs: entwined hearts, stick figures of happy men m .    . .=.-,=,..\\;'a --.r_====,m = I said The Board of Health takes andwomen, .phone numbers and the cryptic words"Marriage Encounter. - w they . ome find it that way, others are introduced by friends who offer a babysitting and housesitting services. Few who venture to a weekend are at !  t I "".s;:o'M,-_ i I tirst convinced. It is so easy to be skeptical even when there are no promises. - | [ -)nl|mlted number of I | f nd the veterans t But the trickle of men and women who have vowed to spend a lifetime ogether has turned to a quiet flood, as Marriage Encounter weekends are .booked up solid, with the movement steadily growing to keep uo with the t h :2h?2e demand. All quiet. A catchy roadside sigma gentle invitation'to attend u,lmlirql'o,, In respons st ex ressed because "you deserve it" from a friend, and the movement grows, t l t ...... p,,,. i 00i,;;:Y00Cr;-Morn,;FFoT000,o00 m by several readers over last week s page You get away, together, for a weekend. Sounds simple; but of course isn' . J _IU i, Comin To O- t :L ""  ""    .  = m one story headlined E,,gle Scout finds You'come back home. Pretty soon the entwined heart window sticker is on m ]  . .  # j ,.OO-0,.1.1. O. O-ouq.l. 1. I = graves of old soldiers t " !i your rear window. , L_ "v ' - : .- .  , his to ow-up And husbands hold their wives hands like they did in the simple days ot .-.---- .......... report was prepared. ][.="_. " "1 /',-NII ,Last, week's story deait with the efforts pre-marriage, and they don t avert their eyes from the other, and their o! L/ale Brian Kuebler, 17, son of Dale neighbors notice a difference sometimes. m Hayride 11uilding Available m and Sheila Kuebler, who set out to . What happened, what subtle and profound changes took place? Can take - . m complete a list of veterans from the place? ! ! .for Reunions, leceptmns, Club Dances  hPvneChatula_, been forgottenarea WhOby hLstorv.might otherwise it, itorWOUidtry to, telling you what your Christmas presents will be to explai0 - - ,, n 1,,, I- ,=   r lne project com ieted the work of m For Fu rther Inform ation ca m= --g}-gh.Zq lm m . . ! P ifyou are convinced that love is a journey, not a destination; if you know i0 I Lu,t. ..#=v E Pmencan Legion member Mrs. Ctndv your heart that GOd does not make junk; find your own roads|tie sign  h .._ i( All I I . Ill I - SEE PAGE SIX hearts entwined-and dial the number. weather. Because of the heat wa# residents are using more and rno water. The water is being drawn out tl water tank before it is settled. I